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Bandera atrocities

Bandera atrocities

And such atrocities in the account "Heroes of Ukraine"!

We read and absorb. It is to convey to the consciousness of our children. We need to learn to interpret in a decent manner the detailed horrible truth about the atrocities of the Bandera heroes of the Zwarych-Horuzhevsk nation.
Detailed materials about the struggle of the "heroes of the nation" on this earth with the civilian population can be easily found in any search engine.

This is our proud история.

“... on the day of the anniversary of the UPA, the OPS decided to present an unusual gift to their“ General ”- 5 heads, cut off from the Poles. He was pleasantly surprised with both the gift itself and the resourcefulness of its subordinates.
Such "zeal" confused even worldly-wise Germans. The Commissioner-General of Volyn and Podolia, Obergruppenführer енеene, asked the “Metropolitan” Polycarp Sikorsky to appease his “flock” 28 of May 1943: “National gangsters (my emphasis) also show their activities in attacks on unarmed Poles. According to our calculations, today 15 thousand Poles are muzzled! The colonies of Janov Dolina do not exist. ”

In the “chronicle of the SS rifle division“ Galicia ”, which was conducted by its Troop Government, there is the following entry:“ 20.03.44.: There is in Volhynia, which is probably already in Galicia, a Ukrainian rebel who praises that he shook the 300 soul of Poles . He is considered a hero. ”

The Poles published dozens of folios of such facts of genocide, none of which the Bandera did not deny. But stories about similar acts of the Home Army will be typed by no more than a common notebook. Yes, and that still should be supported by substantial evidence.

And the Poles and examples of mercy from the Ukrainians did not ignore. For example, in Virk of Kostopil uyezd, Frantiska Dzekanskaya, carrying her 5-year-old daughter, Yaju, was mortally wounded by a Bandera bullet. The same bullet hurt the baby leg. For 10 days, the child was with the killed mother, feeding on grains of spikelets. Saved the girl Ukrainian teacher.

At the same time, he probably knew what threatened him with such an attitude towards "strangers." Indeed, in the same district, the Bandera slandered two Ukrainian children only because they were brought up in a Polish family, and the three-year-old Stasik Pavlyuk smashed his head against the wall, holding him by the legs.

Of course, terrible revenge was expected of those Ukrainians who, without enmity, belonged to the Soviet soldiers-liberators. The regional conductor of the OUN, Ivan Revenyuk (“Proud”), recalled how “at night a rural girl of 17-years was brought to the forest from the village of Khmyzovo, or even less. Her fault was that she, along with other rural girls went to the dance, when in the village was a military unit of the Red Army. Kubik (commander of the military district of the UPA "Tours") saw the girl and asked Varnak (the conductor of the Kovel district) permission to personally interrogate her. He demanded that she confessed that she was “walking” with the soldiers. The girl claimed that it was not. “And I’ll check it now,” Cube grinned, sharpening a pine stick with a knife. After a moment, he jumped to the prisoner and, with a sharp end, began to stick it between her legs, until he drove a pine stake into the girl's sexual organ.

One night, gangsters broke into the Ukrainian village of Lozovoe and killed its inhabitants over 100 in an hour and a half. In the family Dyagun Bandera killed three children. The smallest, four-year-old Vlad, chopped off his arms and legs. In the Makuh family, the murderers found two children — a three-year-old Ivasik and a ten-month-old Joseph. The ten-month-old child, having seen the man, was delighted and with a laugh stretched out his hands to him, showing her four cloves. But the ruthless thug slashed the head of a baby with a knife, and he cut his head with his brother Iwasiku with an ax.

On one of the nights from the village of Volkovyya, Bandera brought a whole family to the forest. Long mocked unhappy people. Then, seeing that the wife of the head of the family was pregnant, they cut her belly, pulled the fruit out of him, and instead shoved him into a live rabbit.

“They have surpassed even the German SS sadists with their atrocities. They torture our people, our peasants ... Do not we know that they cut small children, smash their heads against the stone walls so that the brain flies out of them. Terrible, brutal killings - these are the actions of these rabid wolves, ”Yaroslav Galan called out. With such anger, Bandera’s atrocities exposed both the OUN of Melnik, and the UPA of Bulba-Borovets, and the government of the West Ukrainian People's Republic in exile, and the Union of Getman-Derzhavniki, settled in Canada.

Let belatedly, but still some Bandera repent of their crimes. So in January 2004, an elderly woman came to the editorial office of the “Soviet Lugansk region” and handed over a package from her friend who had recently passed away from life. The guest of the editorial office explained that with her visit she was fulfilling the last will of a native of Volyn Oblast, an active bandera in the past, which by the end of her life had rethought her life and decided to atone for an irreparable sin with her confession.

“I, Vdovichenko Nadezhda Timofeevna, a native of Volyn ... I and my family ask to forgive us all posthumously, because when people read this letter, I will not be anymore (my friend will carry out my assignment).
We had five parents, we were all inveterate Bandera: brother Stepan, sister Anna, me, sisters Olya and Nina. We all went to Bandera, slept during the day at the huts, and at night we went and drove through the villages. We were given the job of strangling those who harbored the Russian prisoners and the prisoners themselves. Men were engaged in this, and we, women, went through clothes, took away cows and pigs from dead people, slaughtered cattle, processed everything, extinguished it and laid it in barrels. Once overnight in the village of Romanov, 84 was strangled to death. Older people and old people were strangled, and little children by the legs - once, hit the head against the door - and it was ready, and on the cart. We regretted our men that they were tormented by hard labor during the night, but in a day they would sleep off the next night - in another village. There were people who were hiding. If a man was hiding, were taken for women ...
Others were removed on Verkhovka: Kovalchuk Tilimon’s wife did not admit for a long time where he was and didn’t want to open it, but they threatened her and she had to open it. They said: "Tell me where the husband is and we will not touch you." She admitted that in a stack of straw, they dragged him out, beat him, beat him while they beat him. And two children, Stepa and Olya, were good children, 14 and 12 years ... The younger one was torn into two parts, and Yunk's mother no longer needed to be stifled, she had a heart failure. The detachments took young healthy guys to strangle people. So, from Verkhovka two brothers Levchukiv, Nikolay and Stepan, did not want to choke, ran home. We sentenced them to execution. When they went after them, the father said: "Take your sons - and I will go." Kalina, the wife, also says: "Take the husband - and I go." They took them meters for 400 and Nadia asks: "Let go of Kohl," and Kolya says: Nadia, do not ask, no one asked for help from Bandera and you won’t beg. Kohl was killed. Nadya was killed, his father was killed, and Stepan was taken alive, two weeks they were taken to the hut in the same linen - shirt and pants, they were beaten with iron ramrods to confess where the family was, but he was firm, did not admit anything, and last night beat him He asked for a toilet, he took him alone, but there was a strong blizzard, the toilet was made of straw, and Stepan broke through the straw and ran away from our hands. We were given all the data from the Verkhovka by the compatriots Peter Rymarchuk, Zhabsky and Puig.
... In the Novoselki of the Rivne region there was one Komsomol member Motrya. We took her to the Verkhovka to the old Zhabsky and let's get a living heart from her. Old Salivon held the clock in one hand and the other heart to check how much more the heart would beat in his hand. And when the Russians came, the sons wanted to erect a monument to him, saying, he fought for Ukraine.
There was a Jewish woman with a child, ran away from the ghetto, stopped her, scored and buried in the forest. One of our Bandera went for Polish girls. They gave him the order to remove them, and he said that he had thrown into the stream. Their mother came running, crying, asked if I had not seen, saying no, let's go look, go over that stream, me and mother go there. We were given an order: Jews, Poles, Russian prisoners and those who hide them, strangle everyone without mercy. They strangled the family of Severinov, and the daughter was married in another village. She came to Romanov, but her parents did not, she began to cry and let her dig things out. Bandera came, clothes were taken away, and my daughter was alive in the same box was closed and buried. And her two small children remained at home. And if the kids came with their mother, then they would have been in that box. Was still in our village Kublyuk. He was sent to Kotov, Kivertsovsky district, to work. I worked for a week and what’s the thing - they cut off Kublyuk’s head, and the next guy took his daughter. Bandera ordered to kill Sonya’s daughter, and Vasily said: “We go to the forest for firewood”. Let's go, brought Vasily Sonya dead, and told the people that the tree had killed.
Lived in our village I Timothy The old old grandfather, what he said, so be it, was the prophet from God. When the Germans came, they were immediately informed that there was one in the village, and the Germans immediately went to the old one to say what would happen to them ... And he says to them: “I will not tell you anything, because you will kill me ". Negotiator promised not to touch a finger. Then the grandfather tells them: “You will get to Moscow, but you will run away from there as you can.” The Germans did not touch him, but when the old prophet told the Bandera that they would not do anything to strangle the people of Ukraine, they came to Bandera, until they beat him.
Now I will describe about my family. Brother Stepan was an inveterate Banderovets, but I did not lag behind him, went everywhere with Bandera, although I was married. When the Russians came, arrests began, people were taken out. Our family too. Olya agreed at the station, and she was released, but Bandera came, took her and strangled her. The father remained with his mother and sister Nina in Russia. An old mother. Nina flatly refused to go to work for Russia, then the authorities suggested that she work as a secretary. But Nina said she did not want to keep the Soviet pen in hand. She was again met: “If you don’t want to do anything, sign here that you will issue Bandera, and we will let you go home. Nina, without thinking for a long time, signed, and she was released. Even Nina did not come home, as Bandera had already been waiting for her, gathered a meeting of boys and girls and judged Nina: look, they say, who will raise their hands to us, this will be the case with everyone. To this day, I do not know where she was going.
All my life I wore a heavy stone in my heart, because I believed the Bandera. I could sell any person, if someone says something to Bandera. And they, damned, may they be cursed both by God and forever and ever. How many people chopped up innocents, and now they want to equate them to the defenders of Ukraine. And with whom did they fight? With their neighbors, damned murderers. How much blood is on their hands, how many boxes of alive buried. People were taken out, but they still do not want to return to that Bandera.
I implore you, people, forgive my sins ”(“ Sovetskaya Luganschina ”newspaper, January 2004, N 1) ..."

135 torture and atrocities committed by terrorists of the OUN - UPA against civilians

Driving a large and thick nail into the skull of the head.
Peeling hair from scalp with skin (scalping).
Striking a blow with an ax on the skull of the head.
Striking a blow with an ax on the forehead.
Cutting on the forehead of the "eagle".
Hammering a bayonet into the temple of the head.
Knocking out one eye.
Knocking two eyes.
Nose circumcision.
Circumcision of one ear.
Circumcision of both ears.
Piercing children with colas through and through.
Punching a sharp thick wire through from ear to ear.
Lip circumcision.
Circumcision of the tongue.
Sore throat.
Cutting the throat and pulling it out through the tongue opening.
Cutting the throat and inserting into the hole of the piece.
Teeth knocking out.
Breaking jaw.
Mouth tearing from ear to ear.
Gagging with tows while transporting still living victims.
Cutting the neck with a knife or sickle.
Striking an ax in the neck.
Vertical head chopping with an ax.
Folding head back.
Damping of the head, putting in a vice and tightening the screw.
Cutting the head with a sickle.
Cutting head oblique.
Chopping off the head with an ax.
Striking an ax in the neck.
Putting puncture wounds to the head.
Cutting and tightening narrow strips of skin from the back.
Putting other chopped wounds on the back.
Striking with a bayonet in the back.
Breaking the bones of the ribs of the chest.
Striking with a knife or bayonet at or near the heart.
Putting stab wounds to the chest with a knife or bayonet.
Cutting women breast with a sickle.
Cutting the breasts to women and salting the wounds.
Cutting the genitalia with a sickle to male victims.
Sawing the torso in half with a carpenter's saw.
Putting stab wounds in the abdomen with a knife or bayonet.
Punching the belly of a pregnant woman with a bayonet.
Cutting the abdomen and pulling out the intestines in adults.
Cutting the abdomen to a woman with a long term pregnancy and inserting instead of the taken out fetus, for example, a live cat and sewing up the abdomen.
Cutting the abdomen and pouring boiling water inside - boiling water.
Cutting the abdomen and inserting its stones inside, as well as throwing it into the river.
Cutting pregnant women belly and rash inside the broken glass.
Tearing lived from the groin to the feet.
Investing in the groin - the vagina of red-hot iron.
Inserting pine cones into the vagina forward with the side of the top.
Inserting a pointed stake into the vagina and pushing it through the throat, through.
Cutting the front part of the body with a garden knife from the vagina to the neck and leaving the viscera outside.
Hanging victims for the insides.
Inserting a glass bottle into the vagina and breaking it.
Insert into the anus of a glass bottle and break it.
Cutting the abdomen and rash inside the feed, the so-called feed meal, for hungry pigs, which this food was torn out along with guts and other entrails.
Chopping an ax with one hand.
Chopping off both hands with an ax.
Punching the palm with a knife.
Cutting fingers with a knife on his hand.
Cut off the palm.
Cauterizing the inside of the palm on the hot stove of a coal kitchen.
Chopping off the heel.
Chopping off the foot above the heel bone.
Breaking a blunt instrument of the bones of the hands in several places.
Breaking the blunt instrument of the leg bones in several places.
Sawing the torso, lined on both sides with boards, in half with a carpenter's saw.
Sawing the torso in half with a special saw.
Sawing with both feet.
Sprinkle your hot feet with bound feet.
Nailing hands to the table, and stop to the floor.
Nailing the arms and legs in the church on the cross.
Striking with an ax in the head of the victims, pre-laid on the floor.
Striking an ax throughout the body.
Chopping the whole body with an ax.
Breaking live legs and arms in the so-called webbing.
Nailing the tongue of a small child with a knife to the table, which later hung on it.
Cutting the child with a knife into pieces and scattering them around.
Unpacking the belly of children.
Nailing a small child with a bayonet to the table.
Hanging a male child by the genitals on the doorknob.
Knocking out the leg joints of the child.
Knocking out the joints of the hands of the child.
Strangulation of the child by throwing various rags on him.
Throwing small children alive in a deep well.
Throwing a child into the flame of a burning building.
Smashing the head of the baby, taking him by the legs and striking the wall or the stove.
Hanging monk by the legs near the pulpit in the church.
Planting a child on a stake.
Hanging a woman upside down on a tree and mocking her - cutting the chest and tongue, cutting the abdomen, poking out the eyes, and also cutting off pieces of the body with knives.
Nailing a small child to the door with nails.
Hanging on a tree head up.
Hanging on the tree feet up.
Hanging on a tree with feet up and singing of the head from below with the fire of a fire lit under the head.
Dropping down from the cliff.
Embedding in the river.
Embedding by dropping into a deep well.
Embedding in the well and stoning the victim.
Piercing with forks, and after roasting pieces of the body on the fire.
Throwing an adult in a forest glade into the flames of a fire, around which Ukrainian girls sang and danced to the sounds of an accordion.
Driving a stake into the belly through and strengthening it in the ground.
Tying a person to a tree and shooting him like a target.
Removal to frost naked or underwear.
The strangling of a twisted soapy rope tightened around the neck is a lasso.
Dragging the body down the street with a rope tightened around the neck.
Tying the woman's legs to two trees, as well as arms above the head and cutting the abdomen from the crotch to the chest.
Breaking the torso with chains.
Dragging on the ground tied to the cart.
Dragging along a mother’s land with three children tied to a horse drawn by a horse in such a way that one mother’s leg is chained to the cart, and one leg of the eldest child is attached to the other mother’s leg, and the youngest child is tied to the other leg of the oldest child. and the youngest child’s leg is tied to the other leg of the youngest child.
Punching the body through the barrel of the carbine.
Stinging the victim with barbed wire.
Stitching with barbed wire at the same time two victims.
Stitching with barbed wire at the same time several victims.
Periodically tightening the torso with barbed wire and pouring cold water on the victim every few hours in order to recover and feel pain and suffering.
Burial of the victim in a standing position in the ground along the neck and leaving it in that position.
Burial alive in the ground neck and cutting later head oblique.
Bursting torso in half with the help of horses.
Torn torso in half tying the victim to two bent trees and their subsequent release.
Adults throw into the flames of a burning building.
Burning the victim pre-doused with kerosene.
Putting straw around the victim in sheaves and burning it, thus making Nero's torch.
Sticking a knife in the back and leaving it in the victim's body.
Putting the baby on the pitchfork and throwing it into the fire flame.
Cutting blades of skin from the face.
Driving between the edges of oak stakes.
Hanging on a barbed wire.
Tearing off the skin from the body and injecting the wound with ink, and pouring boiling water over it.
Attaching the body to the support and throwing knives at it.
Tying - handcuffing with barbed wire.
Mortal blows with a shovel.
Nailing hands to the threshold of the home.
Dragging the body along the ground with the legs tied with a rope.


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  1. Alexey
    Alexey 27 November 2010 14: 16
    I don’t know ...... It’s just awful ... People don’t do that ..... How can one live after this ??? To kill children, women, old people under the guise of some kind of slogans, is it possible to build something on blood, especially on terrible atrocities ????
    1. Yoshkin Kot
      Yoshkin Kot 24 August 2013 13: 23
      and when ukrointsy became people ??? in order to become an ukrointsem, you have to kill the Russianness in yourself. and after this betrayal of ancestors, what is "terrible" in the murder of not ukrointsev?
  2. Mikhalych
    Mikhalych 27 November 2010 15: 40
    The beast, and they were made heroes in Ukraine? They deserve a fierce death.
  3. viktor_ui
    viktor_ui 27 November 2010 19: 59
    For the killed civilian population (especially children), a bullet in the back of the head, or until the end of his days in the "Black Swan" CANCER TO THE END. War bastards.
    1. Jury
      Jury 23 May 2011 06: 56
      Undoubtedly, they (Bandera) in the terrible torment of hell incomparable with earthly
      1. vlm
        vlm 13 September 2013 13: 27
        And the Russians who raped and killed peaceful Germans in 1945 where, in your opinion?
        1. Grancer81
          Grancer81 23 December 2022 14: 44
          And what about the Germans who raped and killed peaceful Russians in 1941-44?
  4. The comment was deleted.
    1. Bumerang
      Bumerang 10 November 2012 05: 26
      WHAT DOES IT MEAN DON'T CREATE INTO ITS HISTORY ??? ALIEN HISTORY DOES NOT HAPPEN! Trying to justify these atrocities ????
      1. Yoshkin Kot
        Yoshkin Kot 24 August 2013 13: 31
        and from the point of view of a Ukrainian who is accustomed to lying and being hungry, there is nothing that he does not want to recognize
      2. vlm
        vlm 13 September 2013 13: 31
        Another manifestation of Russian empire. Well, what do you have to do with the history of New Zealand, Tanzania, Easter Island .... Is everything everywhere yours, Russian?
    2. Yoshkin Kot
      Yoshkin Kot 24 August 2013 13: 26
      of course, they did not kill "people" (ukrointsev), they were just wild beasts, and why were they? they are! and deserve a fate to be reeled on tank tracks
    3. vasekk69
      vasekk69 11 September 2013 19: 20
      Why are you carrying a ghoul for me that Ukraine is Belarus that Russia is one of my homeland and one story, but if Bendera like you ghouls hung up, I would say thanks to them, but they probably were like you!
      1. vlm
        vlm 13 September 2013 13: 33
        Oh, and say that you are Russian to us Ukrainians brothers. How can this be so with the brothers?
        1. Esso
          Esso 5 January 2023 18: 55
          Quote from vlm
          Oh, and say that you are Russian to us Ukrainians brothers. How can this be so with the brothers?

          Russians, Inhabitants of White Rus'. Little Russia, Kiev region, Volhynia, Galicia, Chervona Rus, Transcarpathian Rus. This is all One People, Slavs. They were Artificially Divided and visited by Labels, first the Empire of Austria-Hungary, the Polish Nobility, the Soviets, the New Ukrainian Oligarchs, the Liberals in Russia and others. In fact, a couple of Elites from different countries under the leadership of Western Elites They began to use primarily Ukrainians and Poles to provoke the division of Mostly Citizens of Belarus, Ukraine, Russia into an internecine war. The reason is simple, the United States They said right away that they would lay down their bones and play off the peoples, if only the countries of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine would not unite in an industrial and economic union. Then the USSR, a competitor, will economically recover. And people can make money. But along the way they will unite by military means, and the Ukrainian people and partly the Russians will pay for their faith in the West. Faith and cooperation brings only grief and destruction.
    4. Yars
      Yars 2 January 2014 21: 20
      1. Vitaliy735
        Vitaliy735 12 March 2014 18: 29
        There are enough of them now to arrange a similar massacre again. And they cut not only willow, waiting and Poles. They crumbled theirs for nothing, not about what
    5. aetaranov
      aetaranov 11 February 2014 21: 08
      do not speak with the pronoun WE from the Ukrainian people. What is written by YOU is on YOUR behalf
    6. Umnichka
      Umnichka 3 March 2014 23: 47
      Su * ah ur * d hate it!
    7. The comment was deleted.
    8. Realist58
      Realist58 5 March 2014 12: 42
      Holocaust denial is a felony in most countries. The provider is obliged to transmit the data of such writers to the investigating authorities.
  5. Alexey
    Alexey 27 November 2010 22: 04
    This worries Russia because it was the murders, the murders of Russians, Poles, Ukrainians, Jews, etc. And the support ..... What ???? At first, people were killed under the Germans, but as owners they drove away over caches like rats hiding, and again they killed peasants, for allegedly cooperating with the Soviets. So do not distort, please - instead of sympathy, it was fear, instead of sponsoring an ordinary racket. And what kind of warriors are those who were used only as police officers, once they got near Kruty so they ran right to their earth burrows, that’s all the warriors ...... And if you give the NKVD calculations so completely, with the number of people killed by these cattle gender named Bendera. I looked at photos of dead children and tortured women and I can’t understand what kind of non-humans can protect these policemen ???? !!!! Even if we assume that they are Communists or Jews, IT IS SAME PEOPLE!
    1. Vitaliy735
      Vitaliy735 12 March 2014 18: 33
      This worries Russia, because we know the history of Ukraine and we know that along with the killings of Russians, Poles and Jews, Ukrainians also slaughtered, but now we hear statements about the heroes of Ukraine. We outweighed and shot our traitors and policemen. And you are heroizing your scum. Hoping to sit back? Will not work. This is fascism, but it does not tolerate any dissent and does not take into account nationality
      1. St. Bernard
        St. Bernard 1 July 2014 08: 22
        and who are you? I am a Ukrainian from Donbass, see what Banderlog do with us! Do not confuse Ukraine with Galicia!
  6. a guest
    a guest 28 November 2010 12: 34
    You forgot one very significant fact of support for the population of Bandera - the influence of the Greek Catholic Church on the population, and the entire top of the OUN-UPA - were related by kinship with this sect.
  7. The comment was deleted.
    1. Yollo
      Yollo 24 February 2014 23: 32
      Something Ukrainian political party is in no hurry to condemn them. Such atrocities are more characteristic of the Middle Ages. And those who now support their deeds are very mistaken and do not know what evil they do for their fellow citizens, or simply a stubborn and big storyteller.
    2. oldstaryi
      oldstaryi 27 March 2014 18: 52
      Quote: Kostya
      Bandera, UPA, etc. - this is the history of Ukraine, the people of Ukraine will decide who is who, I have never been a supporter of Bandera, but you cannot discard the fact that for most of the inhabitants of modern Western Ukraine they are heroes. If there were these atrocities, then the people of Western Ukraine would remember this and would never praise Bandera. This is our history, the history of Ukraine, and we Ukrainians decide who is who in our history, we will figure it out without your help.
      PSRussians deal with their reptiles, according to Soviet historians, 1 million.100 thousand fought on the side of the fascists. Russians (ROA, policemen, etc.) would you rather discuss them or did they not kill anyone?

      Most of them were XIVI, that is, voluntary assistants in the construction and road parts. People just wanted to survive. And all the ROA and the policemen were found and finished! And we don’t put monuments to them. There is no your story, it is shared. Fascists on the count! Fell like a music!
  8. Alexander
    Alexander 28 November 2010 15: 09
    A warrior is a warrior, a thug is a gangster. If a man picks up a weapon in order to protect women and children, this is a warrior. If a man picks up a weapon in order to kill women and children, this is a bandit, no matter what ideas he hides.
  9. Confucius
    Confucius 28 November 2010 17: 16
    -Torture is described- "the girls sang to the accordion" -This is the katsapi to the accordion, and the Ukrainian girls to the accordion and violin ... Do not climb into Ukraine, I will kill myself against the wall!
    1. Igor Golov
      Igor Golov 29 December 2013 00: 32
      Get in as much as you want. There are few people who will cry. 20 rock virishuvali - what virishili?
    2. Alex
      Alex 14 June 2014 00: 03
      Quote: Confucius
      Do not go into Ukraine, I’ll kill myself against the wall!

      Well, rather kill yourself, SS escaped .. poison! If you had caught me in real life, I would have missed you through all these 135 circles of hell. It’s a pity that now in Belarus, and not in Ukraine, in my native Lugansk, I wouldn’t be sitting on the couch, but you, not-for-nothing, I’ve laid down from my stomach.
    3. St. Bernard
      St. Bernard 1 July 2014 08: 28
      kill yourself! and take friends in Ukraine will be cleaner!
    4. Aspid007
      Aspid007 9 September 2014 18: 23
      If it does not bother you, are you ready to answer honestly the following questions:
      1st Are you ready to personally kill the interlocutor, if the interlocutor is not your nationality, your skin color, your religion, and his native language is not yours?
      2nd Do you agree to kill children, your opponents?
      3rd Are you ready to use torture for those who disagree with you?
      4th If the neighbor does not agree with you, do you have to come to him with a weapon and either kill him or force him to agree?
      5th. If you want to get something from another person, which way do you personally choose: - to take away from him, to deceive him, or to honestly exchange?
      6th If violence is happening before your eyes, will you pass by or intervene? And if you intervene, how, on whose side, and for what purpose?
  10. Skiff
    Skiff 28 November 2010 18: 46
    In Russia, the Vlasovites are called traitors, bandits and murderers, and in our country, for some reason, suddenly some marginals call upon them to make heroes. What kind of heroes are these if they killed their civilians, then they fled to the west with the Nazis and continued their punitive activities there ??? Read the documents for the SS sect of Galichina and others. Again there are numerous documents (sources Polish, Abwehr, NKVD) about reprisals against civilians and ethnic cleansing. I do not understand those people who write here that this is their internal affair, do you feel sorry for those killed ???
  11. Kostya
    Kostya 28 November 2010 19: 44
    I want to say that this topic should be discussed by citizens of Ukraine and the heroes of Bendera should decide whether or not, and foreigners have nothing to climb here. We, Ukrainians, do not discuss the actions of citizens of foreign states, if they did not concern Ukraine. And in general, I am surprised by the interest of Russians in this topic, why do not you discuss the actions of other nat. resistance, but stubbornly returning to this topic?
    1. vasekk69
      vasekk69 11 September 2013 19: 28
      Yes, for one simple reason that we are all one people, and if someone says no to you then he is a traitor, for centuries we have been one people and lived and fought together. My grandfather and elder brother of Belorussia’s father died in the 41st in Belarus and was born and live in Karelia and what have they become strangers to me now.
    2. Igor Golov
      Igor Golov 29 December 2013 00: 29
      The people to virishit itself yak virishuvav 20 rock_spol? What are you doing? Zrobiti devils heroes and go to the European Union? Bulo b smіshno;
    3. aetaranov
      aetaranov 11 February 2014 21: 19
      This topic was discussed by the Nuremberg trial of war criminals and recognized Bandera criminals. No need to hide behind the Ukrainian people and the right only Ukrainians to discuss this topic. Crimes do not belong to the discussion of a group of criminals, to which can be attributed those who heroize subhuman
    4. Vitaliy735
      Vitaliy735 12 March 2014 18: 37
      Is this massacre, is it national resistance? God forgive them. They are crazy
    5. Zavjalov
      Zavjalov 10 June 2014 21: 02
      And what surprises you? How can it not come to your mind that we are Slavs, united, and the crimes of the Nazis even concern us very much, what does it mean not to get into your affairs? Actually, the USSR was one country, and Bandera were fascists, criminals of everything of mankind, who killed all nations and Ukrainians, too, you would ask the veterans of the Soviet army how they fought alongside all the nations that belonged to the USSR, and in Soviet times there wasn’t anyone blaming and elevating their nation above others, besides your Bandera and Golitsyn, what do you protect them? Do you like pictures of tormented people? Especially kids? Do you like how they burned people and killed the wounded, also mocking them? If you like, I congratulate you, you are a fascist, and you do one .Death.
    6. Alex
      Alex 14 June 2014 00: 15
      Quote: Kostya
      And in general, I am surprised by the interest of Russians in this topic, why do not you discuss the actions of other nat. resistance, but stubbornly returning to this topic?
      I’ll make a reservation right away: I am Ukrainian. Now the answer is for the rest.

      There is nothing to discuss with others, because only stupid Galician fosterlings (coupled with the same historical rubbish as the Balts) have thought of such a national shame with their underdeveloped brains as turning into heroes of bandits and sadists. And after that they are still surprised that this causes moral rejection even in the homeland of fascism. And there is no need to hide behind grandiloquent phrases about the struggle for "independence" and "independence". Since no sane person can understand how the murder of a ten-month-old child or the rape of a twenty-year-old girl (regardless of their nationality) can bring closer the sovereignty of Ukraine. Let's admit: Bandera's people are mentally flawed people who took advantage of the situation to realize their pathological inclinations. This is the kind of reaction of normal people to the glorification of sadism.

      Sorry for such a lengthy answer, I'm afraid your limited mental abilities are not able to evaluate it in full.
    7. Aspid007
      Aspid007 9 September 2014 18: 25
      If it does not bother you, are you ready to answer honestly the following questions:
      1st Are you ready to personally kill the interlocutor, if the interlocutor is not your nationality, your skin color, your religion, and his native language is not yours?
      2nd Do you agree to kill children, your opponents?
      3rd Are you ready to use torture for those who disagree with you?
      4th If the neighbor does not agree with you, do you have to come to him with a weapon and either kill him or force him to agree?
      5th. If you want to get something from another person, which way do you personally choose: - to take away from him, to deceive him, or to honestly exchange?
      6th If violence is happening before your eyes, will you pass by or intervene? And if you intervene, how, on whose side, and for what purpose?
  12. Skiff
    Skiff 28 November 2010 20: 00
    I live in Crimea, which belongs to the state of Ukraine.
    And I am surprised by your surprise - when they will post the topic of other national resistance then we'll talk about them, but now the question is posed about this article and based on the fact that it was written here it was not national resistance but ethnic and sociocultural cleansing.
  13. Kostya
    Kostya 28 November 2010 21: 37
    And why should we believe this article, which does not even have the author’s signature? Probably the author has never even been to Western Ukraine, did not talk with the people who attended those events, but simply collected photographs, invented executions, added a little imagination and a terrible article about Bendera was published. Only the question arises: Who benefits from this?
    1. oldstaryi
      oldstaryi 27 March 2014 18: 57
      My wife’s relative fought with them, and then guarded prisoners of Bandera in the camp. I told a lot about them. Especially as in the forest in winter their caches were searched. They will find a stump, and then an anti-tank grenade there!
    2. Zavjalov
      Zavjalov 10 June 2014 21: 10
      This is a fact, believe me, I can understand you, it's hard to believe that you have been hammered for years completely different, but damn, I was born in the USSR, then everyone knew about this Bandera, there are even Soviet films about the war, where Bandera’s are also included and their role in the war and after the victory, and films were also shot in Kievnauchfilm, but I don’t understand one thing how these geeks could survive and still come out in Nazi form in our time!
    3. Alex
      Alex 14 June 2014 00: 31

      I have repeatedly visited Western Ukraine (Lviv, Ternopol, Ivano-Frankivsk and Volyn regions) and Transcarpathia (they, by the way, do not consider themselves Westerners. I will not argue, God be your judge). What is striking:
      1. The complete stupidity of the adult population (both in the field of academic knowledge, at the elementary school level, and in elementary worldly logic).
      2. Religious fanaticism, fully compensating for p. 1, combined with an unlimited faith in any nonsense rushing from the lips of the same illiterate priests as they are.
      3. Cave xenophobia, obviously, as a consequence of feelings of national inferiority and underdevelopment of social consciousness.
      4. As a consequence of the foregoing, poorly concealed aggressiveness, splashing out for any reason.
      5. Complete ignorance of the literary Ukrainian language and Ukrainian literature in general, replaced by some heavy and unreadable mixture of Polish-Galician surzhik with ancient verbal turns.

      This is not a set of cliches, I personally had to use fists when such individuals tried to "educate" me. Only in Transcarpathia no one worried about my language preferences, as well as the set of genes and the shape of the nose.

      So no fantasies, dear neo-Bandera, pure reality.

      PS By the way, listen to your current fascists-Banderlog Lyashko, Miroshnichenko and Tyagnibok - these are "examples" of Ukrainian literature: they themselves do not know the language, but they are ready to kill others for this. Well, about Sashka Bely, this sadist with an unconventional sexual orientation, there is nothing to say at all: such a vivid illustration of the moral content of Bandera that they even hurried to remove their own.
  14. a guest
    a guest 28 November 2010 23: 09
    Kostya. To start:
    1. I myself live in Western Ukraine and communicate with people and not everything is so smooth - the inhabitants killed by Bandera did not forgive.
    2.- bAnderovtsy, not Bendera.
    3. The torture listed in the article is an investigation by the Polish historian Corman about the crimes of Bandera against the Polish population in Volhynia.
    4. They cleaned out the forests and the entire top of the OUN-UPA, their own, that they went over to the side of the Soviet government, including providniki.
    5. She handed over the entire infrastructure (caches and appearances) to Panі Stetsko (city of Canada and a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine).
    6. The first step was to remove all the monuments to the victims of Bandera, so that they would not callus eyes.
    7. Some UPA colonels march 60 years old with heaps of some medals and awards.
    8. Deal with the Poles - who is who and how much and for what and how - for complete Uropean tolerance.
  15. Skiff
    Skiff 29 November 2010 00: 21
    And what facts will you believe ????? Believe in executions in Babi Yar ??? In the Belarusian Khatyn burnt to the ground, (burnt along with all its inhabitants) ???? Believe in the Volyn massacre ??? I would list for a long time, but I'm afraid you will still say that this is a fraud, not true, this did not happen, etc. If you do not believe Soviet sources, read the reports of Abwehr or Polish sources.
    1. Zavjalov
      Zavjalov 10 June 2014 21: 25
      It is useless to explain something to him, the facts are a million wagons, but the brain refuses to believe))) the proverb is not for nothing, I look at the book I see a fig)))
  16. Kostya
    Kostya 29 November 2010 00: 51
    This is panov, which I sought. Discussion about Bandera, UPA, etc. we, the citizens of Ukraine must lead, this is OUR story. Only we can argue and defend our points of view, because we have the right to it. And there is nothing to get into our argument to foreigners (Russians, Poles and others). If this article was published by a Ukrainian journalist, on a Ukrainian site I would agree with its findings. But when a foreigner writes about it, I will never agree with him. This is not their business.
    1. POMA
      POMA 28 November 2013 15: 48
      Kostya, what are you doing here on a "foreign" site and writing in a "foreign" language, you are still young to discuss such things with us, when your consciousness grows, then we will talk, but Ukraine is not a foreign state for me.
    2. Vitaliy735
      Vitaliy735 12 March 2014 18: 41
      Speaking right. I am a resident of St. Petersburg, and I grew up and painted with Misty Kramenchutsi. May I discuss? Let it be affectionate.
    3. oldstaryi
      oldstaryi 27 March 2014 18: 59
      Nope. many Russians were killed there, including prisoners of war. so we have the right to discuss.
    4. Alex
      Alex 14 June 2014 00: 37
      Quote: Kostya
      If this article was published by a Ukrainian journalist, on a Ukrainian site I would agree with its findings. But when a foreigner writes about it, I will never agree with him.

      It’s good that you’ll be calmer - I, a Ukrainian, completely agree with this article and agree to acquire its copyright. Has it become easier, fascist shortage?
      1. St. Bernard
        St. Bernard 1 July 2014 08: 50
        Alex, get in line for article copyright! millions of Ukrainians and all SLAVES will subscribe under it! and Kostya is either a Troll or a descendant of these ...
  17. Skif
    Skif 29 November 2010 01: 24
    I absolutely disagree with you. At the Nuremberg trials, these actions were recognized as crimes against humanity. Look at what is being done in Asia, where Japan is in every possible way avoiding recognizing its war crimes against the peoples of Asia. How, for example, did the Jews not touch on this topic if they were systematically exterminated ???? Where double interpretation is possible there will always be speculation on this subject. Germany condemned fascism. The Communist Party of the Communist Party does not remember at which congress Stalin's personality cult condemned. There can be no disputes and defending one’s points of view, when the facts of murders on a national basis are fully proved, they cannot be justified by any ideology. By the way, Russia recognized and apologized to the massacre in Katyn. But from our orange children 3 Reichs you will not get this. By the way, watch the movie of the same name.
  18. Kostya
    Kostya 29 November 2010 01: 49
    Ukraine also recognized the fact of the massacre and apologized to the Poles, the Poles also admitted that similar cases were on their part and also apologized.
    But for some reason, a lot of speculation on this topic comes from Russia. Indeed, at that time, the inhabitants of Western Ukraine saw in Russia another occupant, respectively, and killed the Russians as occupants. Why not Russia recognize the facts of repression against the civilian population of Western Ukraine. Katyn Russia gritted its teeth, let it acknowledge this, look and ours will become more truthful.
    As I wrote above, according to the NKVD, 400 thousand people fought in the UPA, well, at least kill me, but you cannot blame all 400 thousand for crimes, well, not a single nation in the world can raise 400 thousand sadists, even Nazi Germany there were so many executioners, the bulk of the UPA warriors fought for ideals. But all this was done by moral and moral freaks, and they were everywhere in Russia and in Poland. You just need to admit this to Ukraine and Russia, and Poland.
    1. Zavjalov
      Zavjalov 10 June 2014 21: 30
      Oh, what a tight kid you are, that only one of your Ukraine suffered from repressions, eh? Didn’t the Russian people suffer from repression? didn’t die of hunger? Kindly turn off the computer and never argue and do not prove what you don’t know, but look for some particular moments to combine this into one whole, and here you are, Russian occupants ?, snot yet.
    2. Alex
      Alex 14 June 2014 00: 42
      Quote: Kostya
      you look and ours will become more truthful.
      Bravo, the first step has been taken - we already recognize that the nationalists are corny. However, for the whole world this is not Newton’s binomial.

      Quote: Kostya
      But this was all moral and ethical, and they were everywhere in Russia and in Poland. You just need to admit this to Ukraine and Russia, and Poland.
      It has long been recognized and none of these freaks of heroes does not and does not put monuments to them. Ukraine and the Baltic states are the only countries that have thought of such lasciviousness.
  19. a guest
    a guest 29 November 2010 21: 50
    Regarding Katyn -
    1. the government in exile (Polish in London) declared war on the USSR on the side of Finland, and parquet officers (who did not join the Anders army) smoothly turned from internees into prisoners of war with consequences.
    2. So there is that conversation about - as you have there - moral and moral freaks, but someone put a moronic-sadistic cruelty into these heads.
    3. I ask you, as a tolerant and wide Ukrainian, go to the city of Kalinova when negotiated food. - Well it is, in the form of a remark.
  20. Kostya
    Kostya 29 November 2010 22: 11
    1. About moral and moral freaks.
    I repeat, you cannot call all UPA warriors killers, executioners, etc., if you take such an assessment methodology, that is, blame everyone, you can also blame the entire NKVD apparatus, call all employees executioners, sadists, because some of them tortured and killed people because there was a gulag, etc. The question also arises, and who put a moronic sadistic cruelty into their heads. You can still give a bunch of facts.
    2. About mov.
    I am Ukrainian, patriot, ale rosіmskomny, also tezh buvaє.
    1. vasekk69
      vasekk69 11 September 2013 19: 37
      Kostya, and yet they were traitors and fought against their own brothers Ukrainians who paid a tremendous price in the fight against fascism and they wore their uniforms, swore their oath and fought on their side. In the USSR in St. Petersburg, even at 46, traitors were still hanging on the square.
    2. Igor Golov
      Igor Golov 29 December 2013 00: 15
      Nі, not buvaє. НNo mi is no payback. Ale yakshcho mi ocupanti - really speak our movi?
    3. Alex
      Alex 14 June 2014 00: 44
      Quote: Kostya
      I am Ukrainian, patriot,
      You are a nationalistic ulcer on the body of Ukraine. The patriot was Ivan Kozhedub.
  21. aka
    aka 4 December 2010 18: 39
    --- A crazy article aimed at people who are not able to think. A war is never beautiful. But it’s stupid to pour mud on the UPA, forgetting about the crimes of its fellow countrymen, about the million and million of their victims who died in their camps after their victory. Do you remember this ??? ..
    1. Tfnja
      Tfnja 14 March 2014 10: 19
      They temporarily forgot about it.
    2. Zavjalov
      Zavjalov 10 June 2014 21: 43
      We remember that the NKVD will also defend how you defend the Nazis, if it weren’t for the NKVD, it’s not known how many Bandera and Vlasovites would have appeared, and how many would have escaped cowardice from the battlefield, and they also kept order, the criminals rob and they kill, they did everything according to the law of wartime, and your Nazis knew what guided them, Bandera thought with the help of Hitler to cleanse Ukraine from non-Ukrainians, a patriot of course, but he was the same Nazi, only Hitler did not need Bandera like all Ukrainians, except perhaps slaves , and they sent Bandera to a concentration camp because he began to self-will, the Germans didn’t like it, and you argue at least until I use it, though she is alone))
  22. djon
    djon 4 December 2010 19: 48
    The photos are natural (but not a fact), but the text to them is very doubtful. I would like to know where, when and by whom they were made, and after what events ..... this is my country and my questions ... and the Russians should take an interest in the activities of the gulag guards and other institutions ..... although these questions are how since they relate to Ukrainians who see the peppy heroes of the great patriotic at the May 9 parade ... in the protection of which camp he fought ... because those who fought long ago died of wounds and diseases.
    1. a guest
      a guest 11 May 2011 14: 32
    2. Igor Golov
      Igor Golov 29 December 2013 00: 19
      Nationalism is the bane of Ukraine. Do you want shchob Ukraine bent?
      1. PaulRat
        PaulRat 6 March 2014 00: 44
        I don’t want shchob. Ukraine has turned up. Against that I am against the Russian nationalism. I’m friendly to you !!!!
    3. PaulRat
      PaulRat 6 March 2014 00: 46
      I agree. At the putler and Yanyka, too, a bunch of pictures where they have holes in the forehead. And these go
    4. oldstaryi
      oldstaryi 27 March 2014 19: 03
      figures in the studio, especially about the millions and millions in the Gulag. There were not only white and fluffy sat.
    5. Alex
      Alex 14 June 2014 00: 46
      Quote: djon
      at the May 9 parade of peppy heroes of the great patriotic
      I can say the same thing about stumps from nowhere taken the form of the OUN-UPA with some orders and other pieces of iron.
  23. see17
    see17 4 December 2010 22: 57
    and that there is such a country "Ukraine"?
    1. PaulRat
      PaulRat 6 March 2014 00: 43
      There is no friend for those who live in a fool for them their own reality. Therefore, do not worry, you can sleep peacefully. There is no Ukraine.
      1. Alex
        Alex 14 June 2014 00: 49
        Quote: PaulRat
        Therefore, do not worry, you can sleep peacefully. There is no Ukraine.
        Interestingly, how do you sleep now, after the Crimea has fallen off and Donbass will soon make you a pen? And where will YOUR Ukraine be after that? Mine, unfortunately, died in 1991 when you came to power.
  24. Skif
    Skif 5 December 2010 20: 34
    So I am surprised at you: all of you are trying to blame Russia. In Russia, Vlasovites are considered bandits and traitors, and in Ukraine, monuments are put to punishers. It’s useless to try to conduct a dialogue with you, about Kuzma and you about Ivan. Some suggest here not to climb, that these are intra-Ukrainian problems. This is absolutely not the case. Firstly, the activities of punishers formed from the inhabitants of Western Ukraine (they included not only Ukrainians, but also captured Red Army soldiers of various nationalities.) Went far beyond its scope. I remind you of the Belarusian Khatyn, anti-partisan activities in Yugoslavia and France. In addition to the war with the Red Army (and there was only one battle, near Brody, the result of which is known), the ethnic question was solved - the massacre of non-Ukrainians. Moreover, as one of the members of the forum indicated above, Ukraine recognized the fact of the Polyakov massacre. And who shot the Jews at Babi Yar? About the murder of the local population, read the Polish archives, the NKVD archives, Abwehr reports. The question is very simple: why are such actions all over the world considered a crime and in Ukraine a part of the population (much smaller, mainly the population of Western Ukraine) heroism ??? Does the end justify the means ???
  25. Mikhalych_75
    Mikhalych_75 5 December 2010 23: 56
    You are Ukrainians, especially "zapadentsy", a very cool people: you constantly stick out to Russia, like in this forum - "none of your business" despite the fact that this COMMON history and everything happened in a COMMON state, so this issue can be discussed all ex. But, in this regard, you work in the Russian Federation, especially the female component of your people, earn money for the life of your families in the non-profit Ukraine, etc., etc. Cool symbiosis)
    Here someone bleated about "400 thousand Bendera people" with the support of the population. I agree with you. On this occasion, one can recall the anecdote about the Ukrainians and the partisan detachment. (similarly with your today's friends - Georgians and their attitude towards Saakashvili (Bandera of the 21st century))

    Threat. I am not Russian, and in general is far from incl. and hegrafiski from Russia. It’s just that I talked to you about the Makovka - you’re a kind of people after all.
    1. Kate
      Kate 11 May 2011 14: 34
      Freaks Bandera !!!!
      1. PaulRat
        PaulRat 6 March 2014 00: 40
        Where are Bandera? Show me at least one. That they in Kharkov beat up defenseless ???
        1. Alex
          Alex 14 June 2014 00: 55
          Quote: PaulRat
          Where are Bandera? Show me at least one. That they in Kharkov beat up defenseless ???
          Yeah, still looking through the posts! It is understandable: in mentally unhealthy people (such as Sasha Bely) masochistic inclinations very often manifest.

          Bandera killed people in Odessa, now they bombard houses and kindergartens in Slavyansk and Lugansk with cluster and phosphorus bombs, pulled out their Russian-speaking nails on Maidan in Kiev ... Do you want more facts? Set a time and a meeting place - I’ll come and add. It will be easy to recognize me - I will be with a big club in my hands.
  26. Mikhalych_75
    Mikhalych_75 6 December 2010 00: 15
    and one more thing: your land is virtually irrelevant - the West, and the East - the Russian land, there are still most Russians there, despite the new Ukrainization. time. Plus Crimea, donated by the UkrSSR by J. Pogolovoy Mikitka the jester. Those. if you also add disputed Polish territories, such as Lviv, it turns out that by growing most of the land you owe the same Russians, but to your own valiant warriors) If you had at least some gratitude, but no. Having set aside the incidents of the Second World War, when there was a large percentage of Ukrainian policemen and Galicia, burn it in hell, and a bunch of shifters among you Westerners, I want to recall the cases when you Christians fought on the Muslim side - for the Turkish sultan against the Poles, for the Chechens against the Russians and Azeris against the Armenians. And I do not care that it was a small part of you - the Cossack or Una-Unsovtsy, but the fact that many of you are ready to give a shit about the centuries-old inter-religious confrontation and go to wet your people for strangers - also speaks of your high morality.
  27. a guest
    a guest 10 December 2010 23: 21
    Kostya. - read and get comfortable. /viewtopic.php?p=30689#30689
  28. Vlad
    Vlad 11 December 2010 11: 07
    All banderlogs are in the oven with his grandchildren, and western Ukraine is under Russian tanks, eastern and so on in fact ours. I am sure the tank will quickly enlighten these morons of nationalists. They will be like silk)))
    1. Donbass
      Donbass 16 May 2011 00: 42
      Sit in your rush and don't blather. You don’t have enough money for 6. Starving man.
      1. Alex
        Alex 14 June 2014 00: 57
        Quote: Donbass
        Sit in your rush and don't blather. You don’t have enough money for 6. Starving man.
        But you have in bulk - your mother, I suppose, earned money at Okruzhnaya in Moscow.
    2. PaulRat
      PaulRat 6 March 2014 00: 39
      Well, yes, our brother, in our opinion, is fascist in their furnace. Glory to the new Führer Putler. Heil Putler ...
    3. oldstaryi
      oldstaryi 27 March 2014 19: 22
      better to give the Poles. they will quickly restore order there.
  29. Diadia Vasia
    Diadia Vasia 12 December 2010 15: 32
    Vlad, bravo. Everything is true there, both in films and in the photo. My grandmother taught there over the years, so she said that both schools were burned and teachers were cut. I talked with a woman who, in front of her, killed her whole family. She was Russian. So why can't the Russians now express their opinion? But when the Poles were dissatisfied with the Volyn massacre, for some reason no one ran into them like what are you getting into here. With Yushchenko, it all came to such nonsense that Bandera was forced to celebrate children at the DR school. I know firsthand And, you know that, after that I am ashamed that I am Ukrainian
    1. PaulRat
      PaulRat 6 March 2014 00: 37
      Are you sure you are Ukrainian ?????
      1. Alex
        Alex 14 June 2014 00: 58
        Quote: PaulRat
        Are you sure you are Ukrainian ?????
        And you?
  30. Igor
    Igor 25 December 2010 14: 15
    Such was the intensity of the struggle - all the peoples in those days did just that - (Serbs-Croats, Poles, communists-Ukrainians ...)
    Terror he is terror - who started will not stop.
    BUT! Everything described here is on the Ukrainian ethnic territory, where the invaders climbed from all sides, climbed and stomped, bent by the whole colossus of empire states. And that explains a lot to me.

    A local historian wrote, and not a zombie komunyak, Bandera, Jew, Lyakh, fascist (underline as necessary)
    The methods are the same for all - the terror of the peaceful population in the first place. We do not discuss the "quality" of terror - a dirty and bloody matter in all cases. Massiveness-komunyaki ahead of the rest.
  31. Russian
    Russian 25 December 2010 21: 41
    Even Kuzma Prutkov said: look at the root. Apparently our people have not learned this wisdom. I mean Russians, and not all Mordovians, Tatars, Mongols and other evil spirits that have stomped Russian land for centuries, and now they are tearing their ass so hard Slavs for us.
    For those who are especially stupid, I want to remind you that Russia was always only Kievan. Moscow won this title only thanks to Peter 1 (despite the fact that Katka was far from the first one)

    To our great regret, of course, we won’t know the true story. But what this bogey-eyed Khazar Vovchik said doesn’t go through any gates at all. The KGB, which was served by faith and truth by Putin, knows better than anyone who actually he loved (and even now uses these methods against his people) the so-called 135 methods, hiding under the guise of Bandera and Vlasovites. Those who are not afraid of the TRUTH will not destroy original documents or block access to them. How many more noodles should be hung on our people’s ears so that we finally see clearly !!!!
    1. ariy_t
      ariy_t 21 February 2014 11: 39
      You would have learned a story ... Under Peter the capital just migrated to St. Petersburg ... But Kiev went by the wayside even with Vsevolod a big nest .... And don't lie anymore.
      1. PaulRat
        PaulRat 6 March 2014 00: 35
        I look at your face and can’t understand the roofing felts European or Asian ???? Ahhh guessed probably dbilianets. You yourself then learn the story. Or are you generally from the third grade in shantrapu enrolled. Then it’s clear what’s wrong with your face. This disease is called dibilism.
    2. oldstaryi
      oldstaryi 27 March 2014 19: 26
      Alas, alas. Historical studies show that NEVER KIEV RUSSIA HAS BEEN. But Novgorod and Moscow and Lithuania were. And Kiev was the outskirts, so she stayed.
    3. Zavjalov
      Zavjalov 10 June 2014 21: 57
      Oh troller, what a Russian stuffed agent you are.
  32. Orion
    Orion 7 January 2011 02: 37
    ubivali bandy nkvdistov pod marku banderovcev, eti foto provokaciya ... slava ukraine i uvazhenie vsem umnym lyudyam
  33. ren
    ren 17 February 2011 15: 41
    and who told you that this is the work of Bandera’s hands. I’m Russian and I am ashamed of it. All of the above is crude vile, vile Bolshevik propaganda. All these photos are all acts of the hands of the Bolsheviks, or rather the hands of the NKVD-KGB. They’ll be damned by these red dirty FSB officers. Glory Ukraine. Glory to the heroes of the UPA. Russia’s shame for repressions in Ukraine.
    1. Vladislav 777
      Vladislav 777 8 June 2011 01: 09
      State security has no color - neither red, nor yellow-blakite, nor stars and stripes. What shame are you talking about? About the disputed Polish territories - donated by the Great Country as a gift, or Crimea - again donated). Yes, not a single country gives territory to "brothers" like that. Ashamed of him))). You're not ashamed of that.
      1. Zavjalov
        Zavjalov 10 June 2014 22: 07
        I support, Russia created Ukraine and expanded the land for them, but these dogs are yapping now))) Shameless fascists, there is no limit to arrogance) They don’t know how to not bite the hand that fed them)
  34. Sergei. Leningrad
    Sergei. Leningrad 21 February 2011 04: 59
    Bandera, all these UPA, OUN - fascist underdevelopment. I have a father and half a family from Western Ukraine, Stryi district. Great-grandfather was brutally killed by Bandera and I know very well about all the atrocities of these fucking "heroes". These are not the affairs of Ukraine - these are our common affairs, because we are one people, no matter how the nationalists want otherwise. As a matter of fact, Ukraine has never existed as such and does not exist - if we go into history that is not so distant.
    And Bandera was financed first by Germany, and in the postwar years by the United States and Great Britain, because they held on for so long, although in the end they themselves passed them when they saw that the UPA and OUN were just overseas whores.
  35. Evdokia
    Evdokia 27 February 2011 19: 41
    My life is closely connected with Ukraine. Relatives still live there. In my birth certificate, all parents are, therefore, I am Ukrainian and I attribute some character traits to Ukrainian. I remember how my great-grandmother, after talking with relatives from western Ukraine, already in the 80s, was very sorry about those fears and experiences that they had I had to survive. And about the help and support to the "forest brothers" I know from there, if in the middle of the night they knock on your house and force them to give everything that you have how you behave and they still have something to feed your family or not. It is now that we can flutter our tongue whatever we want, we haven’t been there and have not experienced such trials as our parents had to endure.
    Relatives of Bandera in order to justify their deeds and will repeat about their patriotism and heroism. (Let's not forget what they survived after)
  36. Special
    Special 16 May 2011 00: 41
    What a chase !!! The author is a stupid person !! Where did he dig these pictures ??? This is similar to the victims of the NKVD or concentration camps. Or maybe earthquakes. And stories from a finger are sucked !!! In western Ukraine, THOUSANDS of living eyewitnesses and participants in those events confirm that this article is LITTER !!! In general, the left site is clearly living on Vova Pukin’s money - someone would hack it !!!
    1. Peter 1
      Peter 1 28 November 2013 15: 09
      His mouth is still open
    2. Tfnja
      Tfnja 14 March 2014 10: 43
      They are all zombie Putin propaganda
      1. Health care
        Health care 26 September 2014 02: 09
    3. oldstaryi
      oldstaryi 27 March 2014 19: 32
      Only a sick person or the last villain can come up with the idea of ​​making the heroes of the country criminals against all of humanity. But such a person in Ukraine was found to be Viktor Yushchenko (the name of this villain doesn’t turn around). Assigning a hero to the murderer and war criminal Shukhevych, this political corpse seemed not enough for him, in agony decided to be consistent and assigned another criminal Stepan Bandera the title of hero of Ukraine. With the same success, Yushchenko, if consistent, should have been awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine for the liberation of Ukraine from Soviet power, as well as financial support and armament to the teeth of bandits and killers from the OUN-UPA. Before committing his crime, Yushchenko had to turn to the facts of the crimes of the OUN-UPA, which are stored in the archives of the SBU of Ukraine, in the archives of Germany, in the archives of the countries in which the “warriors” of the OUN-UPA committed their crimes of Poland, Russia, Belarus.
      These archival facts convincingly testify to the mass atrocities of the OUN-UPA under the leadership of the Nazis:

      In Ukraine, 5 million 300 thousand civilians died at the hands of the fascists, 2 million 300 thousand able-bodied Ukrainians and Ukrainians were stolen to Germany.
      850 thousand Jews, 220 thousand Poles, more than 400 thousand Soviet prisoners of war and another 500 thousand peaceful Ukrainians were killed at the hands of the punitive Banderaites. Killed 20 thousand soldiers and officers of the Soviet Army and law enforcement agencies, about 4 - 5 thousand of their own "warriors" UPA, not enough "active and nationally conscious."
      1. oldstaryi
        oldstaryi 27 March 2014 19: 34
        June 30, 1941 The battalion "Nachtigall" under the command of R. Shukhevych, which burst at dawn together with the German forward units in Lvov, in the first days destroyed more than 3 thousand Lviv-Poles, including 70 world-famous scientists. And within a week, the battalion "Nachtigall" R. Shukhevych brutally destroyed about 7 thousand civilians, in particular children, women, the elderly. In the courtyard of the Holy Jurassic Cathedral, Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky held a service in honor of "the invincible German army and its chief leader, Adolf Hitler." With the blessing of the head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, the mass extermination of civilians in Ukraine began by Bandera, Nakhtigalevites, upovtsy and soldiers of the Galychina SS division.
        Created at the beginning of World War II by an Abwehr agent, member of the Chernivtsi regional OUN wire, Voinovsky, Bukovinsky Kuren (about 500 people) arrived in Kiev on September 22, 1941, where he took part in the massacre of innocent people of different nationalities in BABY from September 28 YAR. Then 350 thousand people were killed, including 160 thousand Jews, of which 50 thousand children! And not just took part, but was the main performer of this bloody battle. For these atrocities and cannibalism, for their zeal in serving fascism, Voinovsky was awarded the rank of SS major.
        Among 1500 punishers in Babi Yar there were 1200 policemen from the OUN and only 300 Germans!
        At the beginning of 1942, the Nachtigall battalion was reorganized into the 201st SS police battalion and, led by Captain Shukhevych, was sent to Belarus to fight the partisans. It was the Nakhtigalevites who wiped out the Belarusian village of KHATYN, the Volyn village of KORBELISY, where over 2800 civilians were killed and burned, mainly children, women, old people and the sick.
        9 February 1943 g. Bandera from the gang of Peter Netovich in the guise of Soviet partisans entered the Polish village of Parosle near Vladimirets Rivne region. The peasants, who had previously assisted the partisans, warmly welcomed the guests. Having amassed enough, the bandits began to rape women and girls. Before the murder, they cut their breasts, noses and ears. Then they began to torment the rest of the villagers. Men were deprived of their genitals before death. They finished off with blows of an ax on the head.
        Two teenagers, the Gorshkevich brothers, who were trying to call for real partisans to help, cut their bellies, chopped off their legs and arms, plentifully covered wounds with salt, leaving the half-dead to die in the field. In total, 173 people, including 43 children, were brutally tortured in this village.
        In one of the houses on the table among the scraps and unfinished bottles of moonshine lay a dead one-year-old child, whose naked body was nailed to the boards of the table with a bayonet. The monsters stuck an unfinished pickled cucumber into his mouth.
        March 1943. In the outskirts of Guta Stepanskaya, the commune of Stepan, Kostopol County, Ukrainian nationalists tricked and stolen 18 Polish girls who were killed after rape. The bodies of the girls were laid nearby, and a ribbon was placed on them with the inscription: “So the Lyashki should die.”

        vojny / 1-1-0-63

        What are Ukrainians? Continue?
    4. Health care
      Health care 26 September 2014 02: 06
      Read, stupid bastards:
      Here are pictures and everything else. Here's another movie to watch:
      Now you can quietly hide in a corner and suck (what you suck there - you know better) to wait when they come for you. Better kill yourself, clean the planet.
      No matter how you, hohloupiri did not try to deny their abominable essence - it will not work. You have all this abomination in the blood and it looks like it is inherited, genetically. So you are not people at all, you are NOT PEOPLE!
  37. melanie25
    melanie25 17 May 2011 04: 10
    Bandera = fascists = killers, murderers. Damn you and your followers.
    It doesn’t fit my head, since they fought against the Soviet regime, and here the children are. Children, this holy thing doesn’t matter who the Russian German is Japanese or Ukrainian, because the child is a clean sheet. You are fighting with the Soviet regime, so fight with soldiers, and not with women and children. A SHAME!!! I don’t understand how to mock children and after giving birth, there are simply no words. There, in Western Ukraine, people went crazy about how these creatures can be considered heroes. They are murderers of children’s killers. Damn them, they fought against the Soviet regime, but now is another time, now it’s not Stalin, now what they want. Well, you don’t like to be friends with Russia and you don’t need to, cut off our gas and live, be friends with your America, but it doesn’t need you.
    Ukrainian leaders powdered the brains of young people in order to whitewash their relatives, who were Bandera members. In particular, Yushchenko's father was in the detachment of Bandera murderers, so he is for the nationalists. SHAME !!! But one good thing is that these creatures are in the minority, the normal inhabitants of Ukraine are against them, the Ukrainians hate Bandera. Banderovtsi are fascists. I do not defend the Soviet regime, there was a lot of blood on it, but I despise the Banderaites, since "these" are simply not worthy to be called people !!!!
  38. melanie25
    melanie25 17 May 2011 04: 25
    How can we always be friends with Ukraine. Why does western Ukraine hate Russia, I don’t understand? Well, you didn’t like the Soviet regime, but didn’t it have time to present it, no, it was necessary to drive the Nazis from our borders. Why do you blame Russia, many people fought, fought not for the Soviet power, but for their homeland. So that you and I are free, so that we can live, love.
    Well, you don’t like it, well, fight the soldiers with the government, and here civilians, and here the children. There are no words, only tears.
  39. Novel
    Novel 30 May 2011 12: 14
    Axis, how to write history, archival documents and cheap statistics. Do we know the truth in them and read them?
    1. Alex
      Alex 14 June 2014 01: 03
      Quote: Roman
      Do we know the truth in them and read them?
      And I just asked my own while he was alive.
  40. Novel
    Novel 30 May 2011 12: 32
    Proof of what scholarship is history is a fact that cannot be summed up.
  41. roompitioda
    roompitioda 12 June 2011 06: 06
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    Gansreliot 25 June 2011 02: 44
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    ????? ?????!
  43. irsha
    irsha 12 January 2012 16: 25

    Your question:
    "... I can't get it right, since they fought against the Soviet regime, what have the children to do with it ..."

    Yours and Answer:
    "... Ukrainian leaders powdered the brains of young people to whitewash their relatives, who were Banderaites. In particular, Yushchenko's father was in the group of Bandera murderers, so he is for the nationalists ..."

    In more detail: Man is a representative of the mammals of the genus Homo primates. We read about the life of animals. We get acquainted with human philosophy, genetics, botany through proverbs, sayings: about a seed and a tribe; about an apple and an apple tree; etc. We take off our pink glasses or blindfold - we look around and find that according to the Federal State Statistics Service, in 2007 the number of abortions was 1 million 479 thousand, we will think about how many performers, participants, witnesses of these legalized murders, which became a routine affair, etc., etc. P.
    1. PaulRat
      PaulRat 6 March 2014 00: 30
      So that it goes into your head, remember the Vlasovites and look at the material with evidence Bandera was sitting with the Germans and Vlasov was gone.
      1. Alex
        Alex 14 June 2014 01: 04
        Quote: PaulRat
        Bandera sat with the Germans
        Oh, that's just not necessary about the unfortunate Bandera, whom the Germans "imprisoned" as a godfather in the zone: with parcels, parcels and meals from the restaurant.
  44. Albertine
    Albertine April 12 2012 23: 59
    Hello My name is Albertin. I am very interested in this forum. - this is my site

    Hello My name is Albertin. I am very interested in this forum. - this is my site

    Hello My name is Albertin. I am very interested in this forum. - this is my site
  45. George
    George 8 October 2012 00: 25
    the whole publication with lists of torture is custom-made nonsense that has nothing to do with reality. Let’s say the list of torture is taken from the instructions for conducting torture in the NKVD, the photo is also from the archives as a report on the conduct of special operations by the MGB-NKVD punishers over the civilian population. All these fairy tales about cutting heads are just fairy tales. Most of the UPA officers were brought up in Europe and the use of Asian methods did not work for them. everyone knew that for any unlawful action against the civilian population-it was blown up on the spot .... so this order was specifically to denigrate the liberation movement of Ukrainians for their state .... and no one really doubts that this is a lie of pure water
    1. oldstaryi
      oldstaryi 27 March 2014 19: 48
      Oh! Again tales about the "cultural" Geyropa:
      "On May 3, 1941, by the order of the Chief of Staff of the Supreme Command of the German Armed Forces" On Special Jurisdiction in the Barbarossa Regions and on Special Measures of the Troops ", plans for the extermination and enslavement of Soviet people, plans of the German monopolists were expressed. The directive prescribed" complete ruthlessness to to the population: to destroy the partisans, those who resist, sympathizers, suspects. "

      “We are obligated to exterminate the population - this is part of our mission of protecting the German population. We will have to develop the technique of exterminating the population ... If I send the color of the German nation into the heat of war, without the slightest pity shedding precious German blood, then no doubt I have the right to destroy millions of lower race people that multiply like worms ”- A. Hitler taught his thugs . (see. "Nuremberg trials." Collection of materials, t.3., p.337)

      On September 6, 1941, the fascist command was forced to make changes to the terms of the Barbarossa plan and developed a plan to capture Moscow - Operation Typhoon. Speaking at the headquarters of Army Group Center at a meeting, A. Hitler said that Moscow should be surrounded so that “not a single Russian soldier, not a single resident ... could leave him. Any attempt to quit exiting by force. ” Moscow and the surrounding area will be flooded and where the city stands there will be a sea that will forever hide the capital of the Russian people from the civilized world.

      The theses of the report “On the Siege of Leningrad” dated September 21, 1941, prepared at the headquarters of A. Hitler and sent to the headquarters of the German High Command, in particular, said:
      “... in / first we block Leningrad geometrically and destroy the city, if possible, with artillery and aircraft ...
      ... d / The remains of the "garrison of the fortress" will remain there for the winter. In the spring, we penetrate the city, ... we take out everything that is left alive, into the depths of Russia, or take it prisoner, level Leningrad with the earth and transfer the region north of the Neva of Finland. "
  46. kleo
    kleo 9 May 2013 21: 09
    Hello everybody . I was born in Russia myself, but my mother is Ukrainian, I have a lot of relatives in Ukraine, and my brother lives there from childhood. Honestly reading about benders, I’m still in shock, but even nowadays I have also experienced fear of my child, when you had an orange revolution, we came to our relatives in the very peak of November 2004. Our relatives warned us in Russian in electric trains, don’t talk, and we always went with someone, well, not alone, as we were constantly in Kiev. I saw how they hate Russians; they spit orange into a Russian kid and beat him up later. The question is what have we done so that Western Ukraine hated us Russians so much
  47. knn54
    knn54 9 May 2013 21: 44
    Victor Polishchuk "The Bitter Truth. The Crimes of the OUN-UPA (Confession of a Ukrainian)", published in Toronto.
    If we described all the atrocities of the UPA against the Polish and Ukrainian people, about which there is evidence, then we would have to publish a separate book, citing only the facts without comment on hundreds of pages in small print.
    There was no UPA "war" against the Germans, nor was there a war against the Bolsheviks. This does not mean that the UPA did not have clashes with small German units or with the red partisans. Their reason and purpose was to secure a certain territory for the OUN-UPA or to obtain the necessary weapons and ammunition.
    There are no facts in the literature that would prove the actions of the UPA against the Germans with the aim of destroying them. There is no information on such sabotage as the demolition of railways, the destruction of eastbound military trains ...
    Mikola Lebed - OUN security chief. The UPA headquarters received from Swan in June 1943 the following combat missions:
    - immediately and as soon as possible to complete the action of the total cleansing of the Ukrainian territory from the Polish population;
    - Consistently destroy the internal enemy, that is, all democrats from under the flag of the UPR (Ukrainian People's Republic) and other political groups;
    Those of their own who did not agree with the methods of M. Lebed were also ruthlessly destroyed. So, Taras Bulba-Borovets, one of the organizers of the UPA, writes that when his negotiations with Lebed ended unsuccessfully, he "passed absentee death sentences to the entire headquarters and ordered the Security Council to carry out these sentences in all ways. on their side, and those who refused were shot on the spot. "
    A large-scale nationalist Zinovy ​​Knysh writes simply "The Swan is the executioner of Volyn". Now Swan lives in the USA. And in 1992 he traveled to Ukraine, took part in scientific conferences, meetings on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the UPA.
  48. FUGU
    FUGU 12 May 2013 23: 04
    I wonder if someone calls the Ukrainians invaders, what will be the reaction? again rural "tse all nonsense" or what?
  49. Dry66
    Dry66 23 September 2013 14: 17
    defenders of Ukrainian nationalism! You chtoli. You do not see that this is not a human being. what's the difference for what they did there? all who are involved - in the oven !!!
  50. Danilovich
    Danilovich 15 February 2014 11: 00
    this is the first, my, koment, and therefore I immediately turn to the moderators - I tried to ask you a question about it, it didn’t work, didn’t find a connection with you — he is a passing person or not according to your standards. if not, I apologize in advance is not my statements, but a copy of the statements of personalities from History.
    And koment-
    "We, Ukrainians are a nation of villains" Lesya Ukrainka (LP Kosach-Kvitka). "Ukrainians are a people of podzaborki, idlers and villains." T.G. Shevchenko. "The Ukrainian nation has not given a single creative idea" M.S. Grushevsky. "... Narrow Ukrainians are exclusively a product brought to us from Galicia, and it makes no sense to transplant the culture of which in its entirety: there is no evidence of success, and this is simply a crime, since there is, in fact, no culture there. After all, Galicians live in leftovers. from the German and Polish tables. Already one of their languages ​​clearly reflects this, where in five words - 4 of Polish or German origin. (...) Hetman SKOROPADSKY