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The apotheosis of lazhi. About the film “Chapay Passion”

Dear readers! Probably many of you have already read the multiseries TV movie “Chapay Passion”. And some - and with emotional reviews of this film. The main claims of the reviewers to the authors are to continue the ideological course of 90 for rokompot (that is, Russia-which we have lost) and anti-Soviet. The film is even accused of the fact that it is another enemy propaganda.

But in fact, this work is not enemy propaganda. It is worse.

About the artistic series "Chapay Passion" it would be right to say the following: the film itself is just as illiterate, fake-minded, as its name is.

That is, just as citizens who had not learned enough, having watched Tarkovsky's film "The Passion for Andrei", decided that this expression meant "The Exciting Adventures of Andrei", and not "The Passion of Christ as narrated by Andrei," historical sources who read Wikipedia at best.

And the rest of the space is crammed with the usual serial hack. That is, the authors reached the nearest stamp or the nearest subject “approximately on the subject” - and popped it into the frame.

... In the office of the chief of the Cheka there are chairs from the nearest "Coffee House". On his desk is a vintage 1960-x lamp from a nearby club. The Red Army men are walking in suits, cropped in the nearest dressing room about Civilian - do not care that they could not be dressed like that in the described period. The demon of the revolution, Trotsky, with a huge wax nose, behaves as if information about himself was drawn from the literature of the “Memory” society. And when, in response to his order to surrender command, Chapaev (a professional military man, by the way) begins to cry that his legs were wiped out, and to quote the Golden Calf, written by 10 years later, on the subject “Academies have not finished” - it’s not that even laughs, and fiercely boom, like some kind of psychopath.

Why? And because the most primitive demonic personality in the view of serial lazhemetchikov looks like that.

Why does Chapaev thump up and run after the women like mad, and these women — all as one in hysterics? Because the series, to think once, it is necessary to cut the loot, let's African passions about drunk Russian debauchery.

Why does Chapaev seem to be like a peasant from under Cheboksary, but speaks like a graduate of GITIS? Damn, but because he is a graduate, a serial workaholic, he has no time to retrain for peasant talk, he needs to cut the loot, and in the evening he will play with the same voice of an honest investigator.

Why, by the way, is the language of the heroes not even pretending to be the national language of a century ago? But because the screenwriter, about whom we are going to talk separately now, has no time to be credible. He has two more shows for the year, about Stalin and about Peter Leshchenko.

Why is the Cheka still just being born, and already nothing human, rapes everything, hits blood and shoots? And because it’s in all TV shows, I think this forever sexually preoccupied shaved-headed Chekist, who can only crave other people's women, shoot men at a flaky wall and beat real heroes in the balls, is always performed by the same actor.

Why does Commissioner Furmanov shoot Chapaev in the back? But because in the series the love triangle has to be intrigue, and a jealous commissioner is the same stamp as a lustful Chekist.

Why did they decide to make a film about Chapaev? And what, the untwisted brand and is bad.

... Now - about the main responsible director of this impassable lazhi is Sergey Shcherbin, and before that he had shot the TV series “Russian Double”, “Loner” and “Highway Patrol 2”, unknown to me. And the writer of this impassable lazhi is Volodarsky Edward. And over the past decade, he has presented us with such hellish breakthroughs in Russian art, such as Ordinary Bolshevism, Inhabited Island, Shtrafbat, and Life and Fate.

And last year he died.

But, despite his death, this year we will have two more shows on his scripts:

1) "Peter Leshchenko". Since the singer P. Leshchenko was sitting - there is no doubt that shaven-headed security officers would beat him in the balls, and a lot of him, the Leschenkovskys, would fight women in hysterics.

2) "The Son of the Father of Nations." If this is about Jacob Stalin, then there skinheads will beat some of his comrades, and a bunch of his former women will fight hysterically. And if about Vasily Stalin, then again a bunch of women will fight hysterically, and skinheads will probably beat the pilots and football players.

... And all this is not only because Edward Volodarsky, who died in the 72 year of life, like all the creators of his generation who were carefully nourished by the Soviet regime, was a stupid anti-Soviet.

He was hardly him when he wrote scripts for “His among strangers”, “Check on the roads” or “Ivan Lapshin”.

It’s just that a lot of water has flowed since then, and the creators, who have thoroughly traded themselves and turned, acquire something like an indifferent creative frigidity.

That is, all learned movements are repeated, but completely without taste and without involvement.

They don't care.

Therefore, the actual national history in the film "HRO" is about the same as the ancient history in the French classicist play from the life of Arcadian shepherds and naiads.

She, the story, there is presented in the form of several stilted characters from the "comedy del arte" of the anti-Soviet era. Tragic Hero-Lover - once; Merry, and at times the Evil Crowd - two; Lustful Chekist - three; Jealous Commissioner - four. Desperate to Kill a Russian White Officer - five.

At the same time, it is clear, by the way, that this time the leadership who felt the change in the wind (either the studio or the channel) explicitly asked the screenwriter and director not to go too far with the White Chimera. That is, do not overly breed admirals and ruddy gymnasium students, do not whip up the crunch of the pre-revolutionary French loaf and do not divide the sides into officers in white and unshaven sailor. In order, so to speak, to achieve historical reconciliation.

But the creators understood in their own way. That is, they grunt - and instead of devout white 1990's, they pulled out of the naphthalene brutal royal Cossacks from Hollywood musicals about pogroms. Apparently, they wanted to balance.

As a result, it turned out even worse than it was: the red “HROs” came from anti-Soviet classicism, and the whites came from anti-Russian.

That is, because of what these two kinds of negative Russians are fighting - from the picture can not be completely disassembled.

... Well, and more. All this terrible crap, I mean "Chapay Passion", to the masterpiece of the Vasiliev brothers "Chapaev" has the same attitude as to the "Passion according to John" by I.S. Bakh.

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  1. Uncle Serozha
    Uncle Serozha 22 February 2013 07: 14
    The author's indignation is understandable, but television series have never had any educational function. The very word "TV series" already means "crap".
    Yes, there were talented things like "17 moments ...", but they only confirm the rule: the genre itself provides for hastily done hack.
    1. Goga
      Goga 22 February 2013 07: 36
      Uncle Seryozha - Greetings. Sergei - quote - "... the word" TV series "already means" crap "." - well, yes, now it is. However, it was not always so - "Walking through the agony" by A. Tolstoy - what a quality work was! Nozhkin and Solomin alone were worth what! It's not about the genre - the series - it's about the complete mediocrity of those who are now engaged in this, hence the result ...
      1. Vanek
        Vanek 22 February 2013 07: 46
        Quote: Gogh
        It's not about the genre - the series is about the complete mediocrity of those who are doing it now, hence the result ....

        Even the largest million-dollar budget will not save the mediocre plot!

        Igor hi
      2. Uncle Serozha
        Uncle Serozha 22 February 2013 07: 53
        Quote: Gogh
        the word "TV series" already means "crap". "- well, yes, now it is. However, it was not always so -" Walking through the agony "by A. Tolstoy - what quality the work was! Nozhkin and Solomin alone were worth what!

        Greetings Igor! Yes it is. But the fact is that high-quality TV shows were not a commercial product. In Soviet times, they were made for a completely different purpose - educational and educational. And the state invested in this money not in the calculation of momentary commercial profit, but in the calculation of higher-order profit.
        Now, for the production of the series, a loan is simply taken and the interest on it is relentlessly ticking. There is no time for artistry ... request
        1. Vladimirets
          Vladimirets 22 February 2013 08: 01
          Quote: Uncle Seryozha
          The very word "TV series" already means "crap".

          I don’t know, I’m from a relatively recent, "Thunderstorm Gate" with pleasure.
          1. Hleb
            Hleb 22 February 2013 08: 23
            I look like that too
            "Karpov", "Idiot", "Apostle", "
            ;A game","
            Once in Odessa "," The Island of Unnecessary People "," Black Wolves "," Truckers "," Gangster
            st Peter "," Landing. Nobody but us "," Sonya golden pen "," Hunters for diamonds "," Escape "," Taiga novel "," Lecturer "," Split "," Ahe
        2. Goga
          Goga 22 February 2013 09: 04
          Uncle Seryozha - That's right about the state. In the USSR, even later, money was really invested in works of cinema (of course, not without hackwork too), but now all this is the same "chees" as in the stage concerts under "plywood". Only a really talented person and a commercial product can bring it to the level of art - here is FM Dostoevsky - got an advance payment, got it dry, but it is necessary to work it out, sat down and wrote "The Gambler" - well, who can say that this is a commercial hack ...?
        3. ia-ai00
          ia-ai00 22 February 2013 10: 48
          Unfortunately, the younger generation will be brought up on these films, and not on the film of the Vasiliev brothers "Chapaev". Children hardly read books now. God grant that someone would explain to them that this film (as well as "Penal Battalion") is the delirium of a crazy director. And the truth must be sought in books, preferably historical ones. Already from the third episode I started to feel nauseous! And by the end of the film - sheer indignation, indignation and a dumb question: How can such heresy be released on screens, and even on Channel I?
      3. Octavian avgust
        Octavian avgust 22 February 2013 14: 41
        Or what goals it pursues! Moral revival of Russia or degradation and disposal. Zadolbali cops, bandits and capercaillie!
    2. Hleb
      Hleb 22 February 2013 08: 40
      without stopping watching "Rome" and "Game of Thrones" for example. I can not name the language
    3. Was mammoth
      Was mammoth 22 February 2013 08: 45
      Quote: Uncle Seryozha
      but the television series never carried any educational function.

      This is you in vain. Tell a man a hundred times "pig" - for the one hundred and first he will begin to grunt. This hack and current education are already bearing fruit. Kindly, right after this film it is necessary to show the old "Chapaev", which we are in childhood for 10 kopecks. went to the first row.
    4. Sirocco
      Sirocco 22 February 2013 09: 09
      The film is dangerous for the younger generation. which the history of the school are in absentia. Like all this crap about historical events, I’m sick of it, in about 30 years it will be like in a joke about Pushkin, who, after a few broadcasts, by word of mouth from grandmothers, sits our AS Pushkin on a tree and sends everyone to hell. AUUU where is the truth?
    5. Ribwort
      Ribwort 22 February 2013 10: 15
      Quote: Uncle Seryozha
      the genre itself provides for hastily done hackwork.

      I have not looked and I am not going to continue. More or less reliable information, it seems to me, is present in the analytical and documentary programs of the Zvezda TV channel. So I would recommend to be interested in them ...
      1. igordok
        igordok 22 February 2013 19: 34
        I had enough advertising.
        On February 23, the central channels are going to show the White Tiger and Burnt by the Sun-2 together with "At war as at war", "White sun of the desert". Trying to compare not comparable.
  2. Vanek
    Vanek 22 February 2013 07: 15
    I don’t know about you, but I don’t watch it. As I did not look and the last "work" in the likeness .......... well, damn it where these were reshomed "In the sky, night witches."

    I saw an advertisement for this (Passion for Chapay) and even the advertisement did not inspire viewing.

    Hello to everyone. hi
    1. Roman Skomorokhov
      Roman Skomorokhov 22 February 2013 08: 46
      And you don’t get sick!

      All these remakes and stuff (I don’t know how to call it modern) is loot-cutting.

      But I wonder how the descendants look at this matter? Son V.I. Chapaeva, artillery major general Alexander Chapaev, died in 1985, but he still had children, Arkady and Tatyana. It seems that they were obliged to ask before filming this.

      I would not leave that in their place. Grandfather, after all ...
      1. Vanek
        Vanek 22 February 2013 08: 51
        Quote: Banshee
        Grandfather, after all ...

        Again you can’t really argue.

        Do not confront the fact. Here, they say, they shot a movie. First of all (I think) relatives should get acquainted with the script. Somewhere to redo, somewhere to add. In general, get approval, but not so. Although maybe they asked .......

        Novel hi
  3. Normal
    Normal 22 February 2013 07: 23
    - And do not read Soviet newspapers before dinner
    - So there are no others ...
    - Here are not any and do not read

    Well, right word, who is watching TV now? Especially the series. Especially about the civil war. Well, you can’t take this seriously. Even if I watched TV, then one advertising trailer about this film would be enough for me to understand what kind of G ...
    1. Vanek
      Vanek 22 February 2013 07: 33
      Quote: Normal
      Who is watching TV now?

      I look. News.

      Vladimir hi
      1. smel
        smel 22 February 2013 08: 14
        I also wanted to say the same, but I’ll clarify - I FILTER NEWS
        1. sanyabasik
          sanyabasik 22 February 2013 09: 16
          Quote: smel
          I FILTER NEWS
          [media = http: // viewkey = d4180fd]
      2. Normal
        Normal 22 February 2013 15: 02
        Quote: Vanek
        I look. News.

        It's clear. I’m watching the news too (sometimes, and mainly Euronews - they don’t give rating comments)
        I’ll even say more, watch (not often too) sports channels, there is such a sin laughing But TV shows, shows and other crap can not be watched. It is bad for health and a pity for time.
  4. Khan93
    Khan93 22 February 2013 07: 38
    What else can you say ...
  5. predator.3
    predator.3 22 February 2013 07: 42
    The film is sheer bullshit, All episodes (the birthplace of Chapaev, scenes of the 1st World War, the beginning of the civil war and even the place of death of Chapay, Lbischensk) were filmed in one locality, more precisely in a separate collective farm. In general, this "director" has ever watched such masterpieces of cinema as "Quiet Don", "Adjutant of His Excellency", "Eternal Call" and so on.
    Now films are being made, only for the development of millions. And also cavalrymen, that Cossacks, that red horses are sitting on horses, well, like a dog on a fence! that is, stuntmen and extras full zero!
    1. alexng
      alexng 22 February 2013 08: 28
      You have forgotten another masterpiece shot in Transbaikalia - "Dauria".
      1. CARBON
        CARBON 22 February 2013 17: 07
        DOG ON THE FENCE is almost the name of the series, you can throw an idea)
        I also love the movie "Two Comrades Served"

  6. Kite
    Kite 22 February 2013 07: 49
    Quote: Normal
    Well, right word, who is watching TV now? Especially the series.

    - there was no time, the TV did not turn on, I can not imagine what the author was writing about. But, yesterday a message was received about the need to develop history textbooks and eliminate a lot of fiction in a lot of textbooks.
    It is worthwhile for films to make demands on the conformity of history, if they allegedly have a historical plot and heroes, or in advertising warn the viewer that the film does not pretend to be consistent, but is the author’s vision of the possible actions of such and such heroes in such and such conditions.
    PS: So I can’t watch American films on historical topics, and precisely because only the names of the characters in them correspond to historical heroes, everything else is a free and violent fantasy on a historical theme. Unfortunately, domestic cinema has followed the same path.
    NOBODY EXCEPT US 22 February 2013 08: 01
    I don’t know, I haven’t seen it myself, I don’t watch series ...
  8. Per se.
    Per se. 22 February 2013 08: 01
    Someone reads Chekhov and Dostoevsky, but for someone comics their level, well, God is with them, everything is better than nothing. Dumas also lied a lot in the same "Three Musketeers", but was it not interesting to read during his school years? Here, they will also show "The White Tiger" by Karen Shakhnazarov, there will also be critics there who will not understand the allegory of the plot, otherwise they will see harm. The Romans had, - "To each his own!", Which can be advised here, how, - well, you don't like pop music, listen to the classics, and vice versa. Yes, the film "Chapay Passion" is not without flaws, not without artistic conjectures, but this is the law of the genre. I liked the show, I think, not one of me.
  9. Gur
    Gur 22 February 2013 08: 06
    I watched the film in pieces and "wept"))))) Especially where Chapaev goes in support of the choking attack, and the fighters are all on one side and waving their hands to him, apparently the director did not suffer from sleepless nights over this episode, but simply took it from the cartoon " Madagascar "where cunning penguins" smile and wave ")))) In general, this next libel (advertised by Channel 1) compote from jokes (and can you Vasily Ivanovich drink a bucket of moonshine) pulled facts, well, where today without slander without this film is not film, i.e. This film is not about Chapaev at all, but about the sexual adventures of a certain anecdotal hero at a turning point in history. And this is a state channel that refuses to host TEFI, because you see there are no competitors, but what kind of competitors are there, well, except that tomorrow they will show on NTV, the whole epic of Barin Mikhalkov, "Tired, overheated by the sun", though the 1st in response will show nonsense "White Tiger" (it would be better if striped flight)))))). Yes, and we will only discuss this in the internet, but things will still be here.
  10. vjatsergey
    vjatsergey 22 February 2013 08: 19
    I don’t watch TV, and modern films about the war all the more. our tanks alone with painted crosses are worth something! only old films for the authenticity of the technology of those times.
    1. Roman Skomorokhov
      Roman Skomorokhov 22 February 2013 08: 38
      Yes, to hell with it, with technology, it is still possible to survive. technology is not the main thing, the essence is more important.
  11. kostella85
    kostella85 22 February 2013 08: 32
    Maybe I’ll say stupidity, but I liked the series Liquidation. Of course, from a historical point of view, complete nonsense (about executions), but the era, according to a cousin, is conveyed very well .......
  12. Baron Wrangell
    Baron Wrangell 22 February 2013 08: 36
    I watched this series! I liked that I wanted to spit! One prompted climbed into the Internet and re-read a bunch of information about Chapaev! And I’ll report to you I dug up a bunch of interesting facts! A brief analysis showed that on the sites of anti-advisers Chapaev-scum and horseradish warrior. He just drank, twisted novels, beat subordinates, and so on. On the opposite side, Chapaev is a hero, a national nugget. That it’s true that the lie and how to figure it out. The fact remains that Chapaev, a simple peasant man, created a fully-capable division and very skillfully beat the whites with their educated officers. And his personal human qualities, and who does not like to drink with us, and normal men love women too!
    And the last role of Chapaev in the civil war is an exaggeration, he was essentially one of the divisional commanders, he just had Furmanov who wrote the book!
    1. Ribwort
      Ribwort 22 February 2013 10: 20
      Quote: Baron Wrangel
      on the sites of anti-advisers Chapaev-scum and horseradish warrior.

      At the same time, the St. George Knight ... This is a historical fact. So, this does not fit with the statement of the anti-Soviet.
    2. gendarm
      gendarm 25 February 2013 15: 04
      The truth is always somewhere in between.
  13. Igarr
    Igarr 22 February 2013 08: 41
    Catch a glimpse ... continuous shootings .... again Moonshine - like a diluted cologne ... decalitres.
    and understood - there is nothing to watch.
    Crap ... she is bullshit.
    Damn, a hockey box could be put in what yard. For the money.
  14. nickname 1 and 2
    nickname 1 and 2 22 February 2013 08: 47
    Looked! Shit of the highest standard!

    The people have a PEOPLE HERO! And no matter how the people themselves joke about it!

    But here humor does not happen below! I was very unpleasant.

    I thought: what about the grandchildren? How do they swim in this shit? How to grow and how to grow? What to live with?

    Need to castrate aftors!

    On and the wisest! Hardened your souls do not notice the trash in which we stuck? We must think about grandchildren! How do they feel?
  15. USAsha42
    USAsha42 22 February 2013 08: 49
    I do not get that you are up in arms against the authors of this imperishable? You can't blame a piece, sorry, shit for what it is. We should talk about the leadership of Channel I. They are far from being imbeciles, and if more and more citizens proudly coquettishly declare "I don't watch TV!" - means that it is beneficial to someone.
    1. Hleb
      Hleb 22 February 2013 09: 07
      then this is beneficial to someone.
  16. ed65b
    ed65b 22 February 2013 08: 52
    Battle scenes do not stand up to criticism at all. Full crap extras zero. What did you spend money on? Well, I’m generally silent about the sexually preoccupied Chapaev. The woman spoils left and right, all in a row and friends of wives and enemies of daughters. It remains to petition with Petka and all.
    1. predator.3
      predator.3 22 February 2013 17: 35
      Yes, and Petka some kind of Kinder, pulled his hat up to his shoulders, and this summer ?!
      In the photo: Furmanov, Chapaev, lower left, Petka Isaev.
  17. OTTO
    OTTO 22 February 2013 09: 01
    It is not a matter of genre, it is a matter of mastery, as Zhvanetsky used to say - more thoroughly, noado.
  18. sergeybulkin
    sergeybulkin 22 February 2013 09: 03
    It is unfortunate that the authors of the film did not bother to attend, at least approximately, to the observance of historical truth.
  19. erased
    erased 22 February 2013 09: 03
    I didn’t even know about such a series. But I don’t fundamentally look at them; I know which one I’m getting along with. And when will they put for lie, slander and insult, or at least punish the ruble?
  20. Sirocco
    Sirocco 22 February 2013 09: 03
    I have already commented on Shakhozarov's film "The White Tiger", one might say that all the eminent directors, in an instant, became HANDSAWS. It's a pity that we have no censorship. The animation is the same from this opera. There is nothing good. Kicks of the weak, rudeness and other indecency for children. It's a pity Shakhnazarov and his comrades don't read our comments.
  21. Z.A.M.
    Z.A.M. 22 February 2013 09: 07
    Yesterday, all day, they said goodbye to A.German ... A.German Sr. - Soviet and Russian film director, screenwriter, actor and producer, People's Artist of the Russian Federation.
    They told how OH made films about his attitude to historical facts, "little things" in everyday life, clothes ... He could have ordered to unplug the buttons from the requisite clothes, tk. in "that" time there were no such ... There it is ...
    He shot the last film about 13 years old ... He did not completely mount it, now his son, also Alexey, continues to prepare the film for release.
    The name is symbolic - "It's hard to be a god" ....
    "Twenty days without war", "My friend Ivan Lapshin", "Checking on the roads", "Khrustalyov, a car!" - these are his films ...
  22. Mareman Vasilich
    Mareman Vasilich 22 February 2013 09: 19
    What do you want? Cinema as a species was destroyed with the departure of the Soviet Union. And freaks of all stripes poured into the resulting niche. The result is obvious. Maybe someone will hurt, but all the works of the current Russian cinema are diby and anti-people. Without a twinge of conscience, I would send the whole industry to whom live, and whom the Siberian, Ural, Magadan open spaces sent to remove.
  23. saruman
    saruman 22 February 2013 09: 25
    My favorite film in my childhood was about Chapaya, another one is black and white. Talented movie. But I believe that everything was different in life.
    Therefore, I really do not understand, the fat kicking of the television series "Chapay Passion". What did you want to see? After the blatant hack "Heavenly Swallows", "Passion for Chapay" look like a "masterpiece".
    Of course, the artistic value of this series is negligible, the format is this. And you shouldn't expect that something like "Seventeen Moments .."
    But. Perhaps I disagree with the majority of this forum. The film made some of the youth think about the civil war and watch it from a slightly different, that is, from the side of the Bolsheviks, side. "Passion for Chapay" - this is probably from modern films, the most pro-Soviet, as far as possible for our television and cinema. And in general, of course, I personally expected a provocation, such as a terribly stupid, cruel and (or) drunkard Chapay. Moreover, recently there was an advertised documentary film on television for the anniversary of the Battle of Stalingrad, another anti-Soviet and anti-Stalinist vyser of Mlechin.
    So, not so scary gentlemen, comrades.
  24. sergosam
    sergosam 22 February 2013 09: 31
    My grandfather fought in the Chapayev division. When I tortured him about the death of Chapay he was silent. But not long before his death he said that they had a very beautiful "woman" in the division. And Chapay had a relationship with her. And here they are. somehow we went to wash in a bathhouse in a neighboring village, took a security platoon with us. And after a while one wounded soldier galloped up and said that Chapai was captured by the "whites". The whole division went up and searched all the surroundings and did not find anyone. in which Urals he did not drown according to him. Gone, disappeared, even the corpse was not found.
    1. Armata
      Armata 22 February 2013 11: 52
      Quote: sergosam

      My grandfather fought in the Chapaev division.
      At how old are you? And so good Internet in their 80-90 know? And damn cool you know the story. How many people from the Chapaev division survived? Probably very cool to carry a blizzard. You are probably in your advanced years a latent mozahist.
  25. valokordin
    valokordin 22 February 2013 09: 43
    This is not nonsense, about the grandfather of the participant in the battles of the civil war, about the woman, about the prisoner. Add that another grandfather told how he and Chapaev drank after the wound and there was a woman with them. Those who are now releasing these slops on the screen have one goal to slander the great, and our tolerant gay government speaks one thing in words and does the other — it seizes normal Soviet films, and instead makes them slop.
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 22 February 2013 10: 30
      Now anecdotes about Chapay are no longer in vogue, so they began to spread lies about him using a more "progressive method", through films! This is how enemies act to discredit our past! am
  26. baltika-18
    baltika-18 22 February 2013 09: 45
    I looked at the beginning. I don’t look anymore. In principle, I didn’t expect anything else. In our country it is a tendency to turn white to black and vice versa.
  27. Black Colonel
    Black Colonel 22 February 2013 09: 53
    Yeah ... Cossacks-bloodsuckers, shooting right and left at peaceful peasants, chopping down everyone. It was apparently decided not to show the scenes with the cutting off of the heads and sucking the blood out of the babies for humane reasons. I was overwhelmed by the credits: "Positions of the White Army. 1916". Gentlemen, the scriptwriters-directors did not even bother to think, but what was the difference between the white army and the royal one? And they don't care ... what's the difference. You know a lot - you sleep less. People grabs. Fiction can take place if. sure. the authors do not claim to be historical. But at least they worked on the reliable presentation of the material. They picked up at Hulllywood and now they are pouring stamps, right up to vomit. Apparently, "White Tiger" is genetic engineering on the theme a la "Four tankmen and a dog" in the version of a Wehrmacht ghost tank, annoying with its entire existence, at least to the front. This is purely my speculation based on the announced scenes. In Soviet times, true world-class masterpieces broke through the cordons of party editors, we were brought up on them to patriotism, concepts of human values. And what will such vyser give from fattening stupid filmmakers? Children, due to the lack of life experience, will not be able to separate flies from cutlets, respectively, and the model of behavior will be the same. Hard to say. I don't want to grumble, but somehow it becomes sad. recourse
  28. Yaik Cossack
    Yaik Cossack 22 February 2013 10: 26
    Pacific Urals

    Vasily Ivanovich in reality did not correspond much to his cinematic image.
    He respected the cavalry, but attached even greater importance to technology. Ahead on a dashing horse, he didn’t ride, but moved powerfully in the car. And he didn’t wear a burka - firstly, it was unsuitable to get into a car in a furcoat, and secondly, where, tell me, how could such an exotic Caucasian attire come from in the Volga region?
    A man of about thirty entered the office slowly and very respectfully. Medium height, skinny, smoothly shaven. With a twisted thin black mustache and a neat haircut. Chapaev was dressed not only neatly, but also exquisitely: a splendidly overcoat made of high-quality material, a gray merlushka hat with a gold gait on top, dandy reindeer fur boots outside with fur; he wore a Caucasian-style checker, richly trimmed with silver, and a mauser gun neatly fitted to one side.

    Chapaev appeared like a dandy in front of Advisor Frunze, the former general of the tsarist army Novitsky, whose memoirs I quoted.

    Apparently, he did not have long and meaningful conversations with Petka. According to the memoirs of his daughter, he was a closed man, taciturn, and deeply religious - before each coming battle he prayed long and earnestly.

    By the way, about children - even Wikipedia got a version carefully derived by breeders from the ideological sector of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b). According to her, Chapaev lived in perfect harmony with his young wife Pelageya and they gave birth to three children. And then they took two more children into their friendly family, orphaned after the death of a Chapaev’s colleague.

    It is impossible to name this version entirely from the sucked finger, since the real facts are so masterfully shuffled in it that, although you can’t dig into each of them individually, together they give a picture of reality that does not correspond.

    The first wife of the then 22-year-old Chapaev was the 16-year-old beauty Pelageya Nikanorovna Metlina. She really gave birth to Vasily three children, Alexander, Claudius (I am now based on her memories) and Arkady. The latter was born in 1914 before the war itself. Chapaev was drafted into the army, and his windy, as it turned out, wife, spitting on the children, fled in speed with her lover.
    On top of this is another romantic story. At the front, Chapaev became friends with fellow soldier Pyotr Kameshkertsev. When the mortally wounded Kameshkertsev was dying in the arms of Chapaev, he asked a friend if possible to help his wife, who was left with two daughters. Having deserted after the February Revolution, Chapaev went to Kameshkertsev’s homeland, where he found his wife - ironically, too, Pelageya. He told how Peter died on his hands, how he asked to take care of his family, offered help. Word for word, Pelageya Kameshkertseva inquired about the marital status of her husband’s husband. Chapaev bitterly replied that his wife had escaped with a railway conductor ... well, it started to spin.

    Having united children, they began to live as one family. But Vasily Ivanovich didn’t happen with this Pelagia. She, out of envy of Chapaev’s popularity, was seduced by the head of his artillery warehouse, Georgy Zhivolozhinov. Moreover, in order to sting more painfully, he deliberately made sure that the division commander found them in his house, on his bed in a position that excludes all doubts. There was a scene with beating dishes, slamming doors and a machine-gun burst through the windows of a scolded family nest at parting.
    1. Yaik Cossack
      Yaik Cossack 22 February 2013 10: 28
      Chapaev rushed off to headquarters. The next day, Pelageya II came to put up, but Chapaev ordered her not to be allowed. According to the version by Claudia Chapaeva, after that the stepmother went to the whites and gave them everything she knew about the location of the headquarters and the security system - addresses, appearances, passwords. With all due respect to Claudia Vasilievna, it seems that the last passage is nothing more than reducing old family accounts to a stepmother; an attempt to discredit her so as not to cling to her father's glory. The death of Chapaev had much more significant prerequisites than family troubles.
      After the capture of Ufa, the 25th division of Chapaev was thrown against the Ural Cossacks. The Urals did not find their own Sholokhov to sing their struggle in some “Pacific Urals”, but the resistance to the Bolsheviks here was no less heroic than in the Don. It was aggravated by the fact that the Urals were Old Believers and perceived the new godless power unambiguously as the coming of the Antichrist. Therefore, unlike the Don, there was no throwing between the red and white, unjustified illusions and "neutralities." Everything here was clear and extremely clear: they are the servants of the Antichrist, and we are the army of Christ. And what should we negotiate with them?
      Yes, and the Bolsheviks did not go here to talk. Furmanov testifies: “... it is not necessary for the Cossack troops to drive, it is not necessary to wait when they are decomposed, not to take away their villages one after another ... the destruction of living enemy forces is the task Chapaev set for himself.”
      Chapaev went to the Urals as a punisher, to implement the policy of yet another Bolshevik genocide - the Cossack. He replenished his division with squads of torch-bearers — in the literal sense to burn cities and towns — and escort — read, firing — teams.

      It is clear that the Chapaev Horde with its armored cars and airplanes Cossacks could not resist. Chapaev took Lbischensk, Sapozhkov, the village of Slomikhinsky ... And then the Urals applied tactics to him, with the help of which their great-great-grandfathers drove Napoleon out of the Fatherland: they raided by raids, walked in raids on the rear, set fire to the steppe dead, poisoned communications, robbed of convoys vinaigrette lagged parts. Our fellow countrymen washed their blood in these fights - the Ryazan Communist Special Purpose Regiment was thrown against the Cossacks ("special purpose" means not belonging to the army special forces, but just punitive structures) and was ingloriously cut down in the very first battle on June 1, 1919.
  29. Yaik Cossack
    Yaik Cossack 22 February 2013 10: 30
    Such partisan tactics paid off so much that the Urals had a ripe plan to carry out what we would call now a “special operation” against the command of the 25th division. Her headquarters was in Lbischensk and was guarded by a four thousandth detachment with a large number of machine guns. In addition, during daylight hours, the area was patrolled by airplanes from the air.
    It was necessary, making a huge hook on the steppes, to go around Lbischensk and attack him from the rear. For this, the “special detachment” of 1192 sabers with 9 machine guns and 2 guns was formed from the best fighters under the command of Colonel Timofei Ippolitovich Sladkov. The detachment kept the strictest secrecy, it was forbidden in the course of the movement to give himself out, to make fires and even smoke.
    They performed on the night of August 31 to September 1. The forced march immediately went deep into the steppes so that the Reds did not notice the maneuver. By morning, they dived into a dry riverbed - the marshy Kushum lowland. On September 1, they spent the whole day there, in a swamp, in the reeds, hiding from airplanes hiding in the sky. At night, again at a trot, they continued their journey. On the third day, having overcome 150 milestones by night march-throws, we reached the goal.
    Having settled down in a hollow near Lbischensk, they sent patrols in all directions to capture the “languages”. One of the rides knocked out a red convoy that did not feel trouble and brought a Red Army man who agreed to show the house where Chapaev stopped. They decided to take him alive, for which they assigned a special platoon under the command of the under-guard Belonozhkin, who, under the guise of other forces, was to break through to Chapaev’s house.
    On September 5, at 3 a.m., the guards were silently removed, occupied the outskirts of Lbischensk, and launched an attack from three sides. Acted almost without shots - or edged weapons, or immediately grenades. The participant of the Yesaul attack of the 1st Partisan Ural Cossack Regiment P.A. Faddeev subsequently wrote in his memoirs: "... yard after yard, house after house" platoons "cleared". Those who resisted expected the fate of being torn apart by a bomb or a chopped-off saber. ”
    The panic among the reds was complete. In some underpants, they jumped out of the houses, not understanding where to run, because from all sides there were explosions of grenades. Those who managed to grab the weapon began indiscriminate shooting, but only their comrades suffered from it, who were nearby in their misfortune. And the bulk surrendered without resistance. They were first chopped so as not to burden themselves with prisoners, and then, like a herd, they began to drive them to the central square.
    The special platoon made its way to Chapaev’s house, but then Belonozhkin made a mistake. He was so eager to shake the laurels of the captor Chapaev that, not bothering to surround the house, he immediately rushed into the yard. After the order to leave, a man jumped out of the window in the back - then it turns out that it was Chapaev. Belonozhkin shot him with a rifle and wounded him in the arm. The wounded and unrecognized Chapaev managed to escape. And the whites understood who they had missed when they broke into the house and found only two naked ladies there.
    White competently left the Chapaevites the only escape route - to the river. In a panic, he became a trap for them:
    ... The Reds are running to the Urals, dropping clothes and boots as they go. The whole river, as far as the eye can see, is covered with floating people. Hundreds of heads and waving hands. And then the fun began. Cossacks rolled out machine guns. Lead jets cut water, and where the jet passed, people disappeared forever under the water. Of the floating, few survived. (battle participant Pogodaev);
    ... Ural stained with blood. The wounded, knocking out of their last strength, sailed, but, overtaken by a bullet, went to the bottom ... (participant in the battle, the centurion Kirov).
    In this bedlam Chapaev manages to stop and gather around himself about a hundred Red Army men. They are fixed in the headquarters building, where there is a machine gun. During the shootout, according to prisoners, Chapaev was wounded in the stomach. Under fire, he manages to be evacuated from the building and, moreover, on the removed gate turned into a raft, transported to the other side. And already there the legendary division commander died of blood loss.
    1. Yaik Cossack
      Yaik Cossack 22 February 2013 10: 32
      The battle in Lbischensk lasted until noon - the headquarters and party committee buildings were held. They hit him a couple of times with guns and the resistance stopped. And literally a few hours later the red units — the cadets of the command school and the detachment of punishers that Chapaev had prudently set about before going to the Urals — burst into the town. These were simply chopped off to the last person, until they had time to come to their senses.
      During the Lbischensky special operation, whites lost 24 people killed and 94 wounded. Apart from those who drowned during the crossing, the Chapaevites left more than one and a half thousand people dead on the streets of Lbischensk, 900 people were captured. The trophies for the winners were enormous: ammunition and food for 2 divisions, a radio station, machine guns, movie cameras, 5 airplanes. They captured a whole crowd of girls who introduced themselves as “typists” —this, probably, two of their goods printed something urgent at night personally to the division commander. And at the headquarters they found several suitcases of orders of the Red Banner - Cossacks, being lovers of such tzatzeks, immediately, of course, fastened them to themselves at once five pieces. Well, well, they deserve it, even Furmanov called the Lbischensky special operation "an undeniably talented raid."
  30. Yaik Cossack
    Yaik Cossack 22 February 2013 10: 33
    He himself was not present at the events of the pasture, shortly before that he was transferred to another place (who replaced him as commissar P.S. Baturin in that battle died - he tried to hide in fear under a bench in a house, but the mistress of the Cossack woman pointed to he and his brains were kicked out), and therefore we can confidently say that he simply fantasized the scene of Chapaev’s death. She has nothing to do with the testimonies of the prisoners about a successful crossing on an improvised raft:
    ... two sailed, were already on the very shore - and at that moment a predatory bullet hit Chapaev in the head. When the satellite crawled into sedge, looked around - there was nobody behind. Chapaev drowned in the waters of the Urals ...
    I somehow ignored one curious fact, which showed Furmanov's literary talent very succinctly: the surviving Chapaevites subsequently repeatedly tried to fill his face for his literary work. He was rebuffed by the fact that, like a great writer, he had the right to literary fiction. And he must have been incredibly surprised when his literary fiction almost turned out to be pure truth!
    4 years after the publication of “Chapaev”, not anywhere else, but in our place in Ryazan surfaced ... - khe-khe, probably not a very good term in this context; we formulate it differently.
    In 1927, an article signed by the initials “T.Z.V.” appeared in the Ryazan provincial newspaper “Work Glas”, in which the author stated that he was supposedly the very “Red Army soldier crawling into sedge,” swimming next to Chapaev :
    They didn’t shoot at us, some Cossack chased us to the coast, wanted to reach us with a spear, but the coast was high. The flattened hand did not let me swim. "Be strong!" he shouted [Chapaev] to me and slightly supported me. The current carried me an arshin one and a half lower. He began to become exhausted. One, another plunged into the water. I strained all my strength towards him, but there was no strength. Arms, legs did not move. He hid. I fainted. The course of the Urals brought me to the right bank and saved my life.
  31. Anphy
    Anphy 22 February 2013 10: 34
    I don't usually watch TV. But sometimes you still involuntarily stumble upon such "masterpieces". So this week I saw a series of this "film" with one eye. I can say one thing - the authors of such nonsense should be taken for the primary sexual characteristics and hung on the trees for them. To discourage others. For such a contamination of the brain of the population is very fraught with bad consequences, which, incidentally (consequences), are already present.
  32. Yaik Cossack
    Yaik Cossack 22 February 2013 10: 34
    By all the laws of Soviet life, the author of this article was to be found! Raise on alert all the local forces of the NKVD; to give them a reinforcement of the Dzerzhinsky division; cordon off the entire province around the perimeter; arrange departure only for special passes; sift everyone who knows how to write using the roundabout method; to attract pioneers, Komsomol members, rural activists, other informers ... to break into a cake, but find! Whether it’s a joke - the 10th anniversary of the October Revolution is in the yard, and the Chapaev hero protests in oblivion. And therefore - to get, deliver, kiss, and then shake hands from under the ground for a long time, saying: "You are our dear human being ... yes, what are we ... yes, how are you ... yes, we are not ..." ... and then, when the pioneers, having saluted for the last time, will leave, to escort him to a high office, where, with prejudice, the NKVD investigator will find out where you were and what you did on September 5, 1919 from 3 a.m. to noon and why the legendary commander drowned, and you swam out ?!
    None of this was done - even the editorial board was not arrested to interrogate the origin of the article! Her actions - the editors - are obscure. By publishing such material, the editor-in-chief should be ready to present to the most respectable public, especially the part that was already distinguished by warm hearts, cold heads and clean hands, the author - it doesn’t matter whether it’s genuine or a colleague’s “lieutenant’s son” Schmidt "(they will figure it out!). But the author was not requested, the sensation did not work, and the anonymous “T.Z.V.” and sunk into oblivion. The only ones who appreciated his revelations were the Vasiliev brothers, who staged in his film exactly the "Ryazan" version of Chapaev’s death.
    Or maybe the Olympic calmness of the representatives of the popular people's commissariat is well-known, and this is due to the fact that they themselves carried out the “stuffing of information” into the third-rate provincial newspaper, which, carefully preserved, miraculously caught the eye of the namesakes Vasilyev seven years later. But then it turns out that he asked the Ryazan security officers about this small service, someone very respected, since they could not refuse him.
    Although, in principle, there is nothing supernatural in this story! Recall the Cossacks chopped down the Ryazan Communist Regiment - after its death, the surviving Ryazans could indeed get to other units of the Chapaev division, find themselves in Lbischensk on September 5, survive in the meat grinder there and then return to Ryazan. Then it’s all business — to raise the regiment’s lists and see if there is a person with the initials “T.Z.V.” in them. Here you are, Ryazan local historians, another Temko for your electronic almanac! I give an idea - go for it!
    Against the canonized version of the death of his father, only the same Klavdia Vasilievna rebelled. Towards the end of her life, she simply turned into a generator of speculation on the topic of Chapaev. Already in the 50s, she said that she had received a letter from Hungary in which two Hungarians, who allegedly served with Chapaev, informed her that they had taken part in the evacuation of the wounded commander on an impromptu raft. He managed to cross the Urals, but on the shore he died. With their hands (under the fire of machine guns from the other side!) They dug up the grave, buried their beloved commander in it and camouflaged the grave with reeds (otherwise it was not visible with binoculars that the reds were burying someone!).
    A detailed plan for the location of the grave was allegedly attached to the letter. However, the attempt to find her was unsuccessful - by that time the river had changed its course and the proposed burial place was flooded.
    You know, there is something mystical about it: the Urals did not just kill Chapaev - he dematerialized him. The real Chapaev from flesh and blood did not just die, drowned, he completely ceased to exist, annihilated, sunk into oblivion, so that a virtual incubus came to us from there, which we know from Furmanov’s novel, Vasiliev’s film and a lot of jokes, the authorship of which belongs to the people.
    1. Yaik Cossack
      Yaik Cossack 22 February 2013 10: 36
      Replacing Chapaev as commander I.S. Kutyakov will avenge the death of his predecessor on a grand scale by Tamerlane, having killed all prisoners and ruined all settlements within a radius of 200 miles from Lbischensk. For the capture of Guriev, he will receive his first Order of the Red Banner, and by the end of the Civil he will have three. At the peak of his career, Kutyakov will be the deputy commander of the Volga Military District. His immediate boss will be the odious P.E. Dybenko, who was dribbling from the Germans from near Narva together with his red punks on February 23, 1918 (we still celebrate this “glorious” event as the Day of Defenders of the Fatherland). On May 13, 1937, right in the Dybenkov’s office, Kutyakov will be arrested by NKVD officers hiding behind curtains. But his career and life will end on July 28, 1938, by the chipped wall of the shooting basement - wasn’t Chapaev waiting for such a fate, did he drown in a timely manner in the Urals ?!
      But the Uralites did not break Kutyakov’s atrocities. They were defeated by another enemy - typhoid. The troops of the Turkestan front transferred here brought an epidemic to the Urals and it became their involuntary ally, mowing up to 90% of the personnel of the Cossack regiments. It was because of this, and not because of the general talents of Kutyakov, that the ataman of the Ural army Vladimir Sergeyevich Tolstov decided to leave Guryev.
      On January 5, 1920, all that remained of the Ural Cossack army - about 15000 people - embarked on a 700-km hike to Fort Aleksandrovsky, which was the most difficult in winter conditions, with the goal of moving across the Caspian to Denikin. The conditions under which the campaign took place can be judged even by the fact that 13000 people died in it: "... a chain of corpses over thirty miles stretched continuously ...". And those who got to Fort Aleksandrovsky learned that the Volunteer Army had been pushed back to the Crimea and that it would not be possible to get to Denikin. In May, Tolstov and the 162 Cossacks who remained loyal to him left for Persia. If you happen to hear the piercingly sad “Song of the Cossack fate”, then know that it tells about this “Persian” outcome.
      But even in a foreign land for the Cossacks, Civil did not end. In Persia, they found a friend and patron - the local aristocrat Reza Pahlavi. In the World War, he served as a volunteer in the Russian army, in the Plastun brigade, where he met with the Cossacks and heartily fell in love with them. And therefore, in his homeland exiles, he received with open arms. And did not lose ...
      When the Communists, sick of the idea of ​​fanning the world revolution, decided to swiftly bless the “working people of Persia” and make them happy with the Soviet regime, it turned out that Pahlavi had not just the most combat-ready unit in the entire Persian army, but fanatical haters of Bolshevism. The Cossack detachment of Pahlavi defeated the puppet Gilan Soviet Republic and expelled the Reds from Persia. Since then, the Cossacks became the personal guard of Pahlavi, relying on which in 1921 he would overthrow the degenerate Qajar dynasty, and in 1925 he himself would become a shah.
      Unlike Persia, Cossacks could not save Russia from the "red plague". In general, during the Bolshevik genocide (let's call a spade a spade! ) 75% of the population of the Ural Cossack Army Region were destroyed. What, comrades commies, say Hitler is terrible and terrible ?! Yes, he is a dove of peace in comparison with you!
      The fate of the Ural Cossacks in the post-Soviet stage of history was most cruel. Their ancestral lands ended up on the territory of artificial education, which had never existed before 1991 - the state of Kazakhstan. Under the sly masks of friendship with Russia, the government of this malignant neoplasm pursues a nationalist policy, the ultimate goal of which is the creation of a mono-ethnic Kazakh state. Of course, in such conditions, one does not even have to dream about some kind of revival of the Ural Cossacks,2
      1. Black
        Black 22 February 2013 13: 46
        ANY !!! Brother, you're right. And the amount of "-" that the community will expose you, do not let you upset. The truth is more important. You conveyed this truth, a very bitter truth, to the forum.
        You did not say that he did not start his "revolutionary" experience with the command of a brigade. It will be later. In the beginning, there will be a detachment to suppress peasant riots during the food appropriation.
        1. Pelican
          Pelican 22 February 2013 15: 51
          I have a different story. Half of the ancestors are Kolchak, half are red partisans. Everyone made their own choice. And Kolchak's punitive detachments are present in legends. Each has its own truth. After the civil war, Franco created a memorial with the inscription "Those killed on both sides of the barricades." We would be like that, at least in our own head.
      2. Baron Wrangell
        Baron Wrangell 22 February 2013 15: 22
        you yaitsky Cossack 90% lied, wrote a whiteguard lie from an Internet and poured as if for the truth!
        Lbischensky raid, of course it was such a fact, I agree, but you have a lot of lies! In Llebesky itself there were Reds — two platoon of escort (raster), plus a communications company, and a commandant company, and headquarters soldiers. all for sure, as well as about 300 cadets! but fictional whites, information was about 400-500 troops! At the same time, the attackers were 2000 sabers! let's go further The Reds gave a real battle to the Cossacks, the raid commander Borodin was killed in the battle, the whites described his death heroically in a battle, on a dashing horse, in real life he was killed by a wounded handsome soldier!
        and this information that the Yaitsky Cossack laid out here at one time was described by the ardent anti-adviser Balmasov, on the website of the monarchists., and this lie went for a walk around the Internet, and even here they posted this nonsense. Then Commissioner Baturin did not hide under the bench, but heroically fought from the house where he was a political activist and a party member, and died in battle!
        Further, about trophies, but there were not so many trophies there! Cossacks have always been distinguished by exaggeration of their merits!
        And finally, for you, the Yaitsky Cossack, according to the declassified documents of the Cheka (NKVD-KGB), according to the interrogations of your favorite Cossacks, Chapaev didn’t drown, but he died in the headquarters, in battle, with all members of the headquarters. After that, the Cossacks in the spirit of the SS team gathered the dead and wounded, among them was the body of Chapaev and burned including the living, and by the way they did not take prisoners, all were killed, including civilians! The commission conducting an investigation of this fact confirmed the fact of burning people!
        And especially I was touched - the Cossacks lost thanks to typhus! you yourself believe it!
        1. Yaik Cossack
          Yaik Cossack 22 February 2013 17: 19
          Baron Wrangel certainly knows better than the descendant of eyewitnesses. This is not my article, but here is generally true. If you have documents confirming your innocence lay out. You’d better nick Chapaev approached with such a look at history.
      3. predator.3
        predator.3 22 February 2013 18: 14
        Yes, they fought in the Urals for glory, and they shed a lot of blood!
        for example, the Bashkirs in 1912-13. lived approx. 1,2 million people, and according to the census of 1925 approx. 600 thousand i.e. half of the people (here we must take into account the 1st World War and the famine of 1921)
  33. Gur
    Gur 22 February 2013 10: 52
    But all these anti-Christes must have gathered in the Chapaev’s division, are there different Wahhabis, something like Syria and Libya? So write that the Cossacks are really white and fluffy. And the whole Urals just got up against red genocide, and there were no workers in the Urals, some Old Believers Cossacks?
    1. Yaik Cossack
      Yaik Cossack 22 February 2013 11: 00
      Note, I specially laid out an article by the Ryazan historian, i.e. an outsider, because I had foreseen the fall under the blue flag.
      1. Igarr
        Igarr 22 February 2013 22: 42
        I'm flying my flag ...
        but such nonsense ... I see for the first time.
        Funny ...
      2. Cynic
        Cynic 23 February 2013 13: 01
        Quote: Yaitsky Cossack
        those. outsider

        What an outsider ?!
        What kind of strangers during the Civil War? !!!
        According to the comments, it feels great that almost 100 years have not cooled the past. It hurt a lot of blood was shed then, oh a lot.

        Nothing personal, but anyone calling for a revolution is essentially
    2. Black
      Black 22 February 2013 14: 06
      Cossacks are not fluffy, no, but the Cossacks did not come to the villages of Ivanovo weavers to cut the weavers and burn their houses.
      The whole Urals did not rebel, the working class was mainly on the side of the Reds, for that it was also Civil.
      Quote: GUR
      to the Chapaev division, all these anti-Christes must have pulled together from all over the world

      Yes, in fact it was. There were no Wahhabis in the Red Army, but their grandfathers, with the direct instructions of the Reds (Ordzhonikidze, for example), cut out entire villages
      and now, there, in their place, villages; Red Chinese, Hungarians, famous Latvians, world Zionism .... So that a kind of Syria is visible.
      1. Igarr
        Igarr 22 February 2013 22: 48
        When ... it enters the brain ...
        Yes, there can be no orders for ... cutting ... N E .... M O F E T ,,, !!!!!
        Initiative - willingly believe ...
        Frenzy - I also believe ...
        Themselves .. friend-friend .. stop ... - SURE ...
        and there are plenty of examples ... in modern history.
        Two days ago ... the article was - how the Amer army pisses and shit ... a man cannot kill ...
        Can. How else can ...
        But - like a wolf in a shepherd, like a ferret in a chicken coop - never behaves.
        It stops.
        Strangely enough to whom.
        1. Cynic
          Cynic 23 February 2013 13: 10
          Quote: Igarr
          Yes, there can be no orders for ... cutting ... N E .... M O F E T ,,, !!!!!

          More truly Igor must not be !
          So it goes .
          Hmm. Almost a hundred years have passed, and how flared up in the comments.
          The worst thing is that both are right! It was in our history, it was!

          So, what are we going to find out which way the grandfathers fired at?
      2. Gur
        Gur 1 March 2013 10: 06
        Do not like my brain, on the side of the whites there was no less than a "volunteer" from over the hill, and the French and Americans, the Japanese, the British, the Czechs and the same Hungarians, both hung and shot and burned no less red in the locomotive furnaces ...
    SPIRITofFREEDOM 22 February 2013 10: 55
    Dull Shit *
  35. Yaik Cossack
    Yaik Cossack 22 February 2013 10: 56
    We, the Ural Cossacks, living in different places in Kazakhstan, Russia and the whole world, keep in touch and discuss issues concerning us. The release of these "passions" is offensive to us. Chapaev is worse for us than Hitler. For some reason, no one wants to illuminate this story from the other side. My ancestors died in these events. Mikhail Chesnokov in 1919 fell in battles with the Chapayevites near his village. How do you think my grandmother, who was 5 years old, felt when they brought their bloody father to bury, and she was the eldest of three children. My other grandfather, 8 years old, the village of Mergenevskaya, Goryachinsky village (20 km from Lbischensk), retreated with the whole family, his decrepit grandfather took them out, when the whole village returned, it was burned, and it was autumn !!! His father was shot in '38 as a White Cossack.
    1. Per se.
      Per se. 22 February 2013 12: 15
      That is the tragedy, Alexander, that the Russians fought against the Russians. There is no white truth or red, the truth is that they both loved Russia, everyone wanted the best. What they would forgive a German, they will not forgive their own, because there is one step from love to hate, because one is perceived as a traitor. No, the series "Chapay Passion" is not messy, the spirit of the tragedy of the damned civil war is reflected correctly. Here is the episode where the captain left the machine gun, he killed Chapay, but this American YES is not there (I did it!), But there is grief and devastation of the Russian man. It's sad that there are many here, like that old maid who did not have sex, because I read about it, but she did not like it. They didn't even "read", didn't look, opinions on announcements, on scraps, on bias. It is also sad that I have sympathy for many, as allies in understanding other topics.
      1. Baron Wrangell
        Baron Wrangell 22 February 2013 15: 28
        Quote: Per se.
        No, the series "Chapay Passion" is not messy, the spirit of the tragedy of the damned civil war is reflected correctly

        I completely agree! there is no truth, neither red nor white! Russians killed Russians! it was a terrible time!
        1. Igarr
          Igarr 22 February 2013 22: 54
          We will share ...
          cinema ... and life ... eh?
          They killed each other - 90 years ago ...
          and POISON ... to shove into fragile souls - today will we?
          Or ... have already been forgotten - Chechnya, Transnistria, Ossetia?
          Who remembers the evil - out of sight. Those who forget will both.
          1. Per se.
            Per se. 23 February 2013 00: 13
            Quote: Igarr
            and POISON ... to shove into fragile souls - today we will, right?

            What are you talking about, Igarr, poison, this is "HOUSE 2", "Vacations in Mexico", all the vulgarity that young people are loaded on TV. The majority did not watch the series at all, or saw excerpts, but "someone shouted from the branches" - "HAFNO!", And everyone knew better ... There are no bad reds and good whites, there is a tragedy of our people, which should not be repeated , and for this it is necessary to realize it. It is in order to realize that Chechnya, Transnistria, Ossetia are not repeated by the new geography in Russia. In childhood, we roared with the boys for Chapaev, clutching toy pistols, watching a film by the Vasilyev brothers. Many years have passed, but, as then, in "Passion for Chapay" my heart sank on the final scene, which means that this is not bullshit, not crap. Yes, the series is not perfect, but you have to watch and think, watch and feel, crap everything for the company, to the delight of the grateful audience (+++), the easiest way. I wrote what I thought, what I felt, this is my opinion.
  36. Yankuz
    Yankuz 22 February 2013 11: 21
    I didn't even intend to watch this "G ..." It was clear in advance that from the first to ... the anal can still be seen.
  37. 123321
    123321 22 February 2013 11: 27
    I would give the name of this product not crap, but vomit. Like all series for the past 20 years.
  38. Larus
    Larus 22 February 2013 11: 42
    For a long time I have not watched anything from the domestic at all, because. there is not only that the script is shit, so also mediocrity in mediocrity in the face of "actors" screaming at the camera. Well, about "historical" films and TV series, I am not surprised at what they draw. And I am not surprised about a stupid NKVD and about the fact that our troops in the Second World War did not scatter just because the detachments of all were firing and about stupid commanders who are rescued by smart prisoners. And the worst thing about this is that young people believe this and leave normal reviews for such shit like "the last armored train" , although there is an old Soviet film about this, made in an era when there were still witnesses of that war and the patriots were still alive.
  39. knn54
    knn54 22 February 2013 16: 10
    Lev Davidovich recalls ... I gazed steadily at Chapaev's face. Tightly pressed lips, piercing cornflower-blue eyes, mustache are magnificent and very well-groomed. Says "o." It’s built. Tightened up. Neat. No, that’s not how I imagined him. Not at all like that. Imagination painted a rollicking and impudent upstart gangster. And here - collected and insightful. From this, perhaps, you can expect what you want. Moreover, behind him, behind Chapaev, soldiers blindly follow. Yes, there is hypnosis. So he almost succumbed ...
    Chapaev at the age of 30 BEFORE EVERYONE in the Red Army realized that in modern wars it would not be the horse that won, but the equipment. He managed to equip his divisions with the most modern equipment and weapons of the time.
    For example, in the 17th armored detachment of his rifle division, Chapaev was armed with a 10-ton land battleship "Gasford", powerful vehicles of the English company "Austin", as well as several armored cars specially assembled for him in St. Petersburg. In total, there were over 50 chapapa divisions -the units of cars and armored vehicles of various brands and modifications.
    In addition, the telegraph, telephone and courier-motorcycle communications (company or even a battalion) functioned perfectly in all parts of it. Chapaev also had his own air detachment in the amount of five airplanes. Chapaev flew to Moscow, as a rule, by plane.
    That's what you need to shoot.
    1. Yaik Cossack
      Yaik Cossack 22 February 2013 16: 49
      The Ural Cossacks fought for the Russian state in 35 wars, a victory was won in 33! What do you think about making films? The Ural Cossacks categorically did not accept Soviet power; for this, Soviet history gave them oblivion. And the Soviet government transferred our lands to the Kazakh SSR. To please the allies of the Eurasian Union, they betrayed us once again and signed the demarcation of borders. Now we do not exist in either Kazakh or Russian history because we are neither comfortable with either. And about our executioner it is necessary to make films and make of him a super hero on whom children should be brought up ?! I just goof off with you
  40. Cynic
    Cynic 22 February 2013 16: 33
    Did not watch !
    Not going to watch!
    And he didn’t allow them at home!
    Jammed even from commercials!

    No wonder, oh no wonder we remember more and more often
  41. knn54
    knn54 22 February 2013 18: 43
    Alexander. Add the support of the uprising (inspired from abroad) by E. Pugachev (the Don people, for the most part, did not support it), then they extradited him. I myself am a descendant (from my father's side) of Zaporizhzhya Cossacks, but I do not idealize them.
    The Cossacks themselves (all, without exception) have always divided themselves into Russians and Cossacks.
    By the way, the February Revolution of 1917 in Petrograd began with the fact that the Cossacks of the 1st Don Cossack Regiment not only did not disperse the demonstration on Znamenskaya Square, but also hacked the police bailiff Krylov.
    The tragedy of the Ural Cossacks is largely due to the fact that they were Old Believers. Yes, and the rejection of the equation of rights of foreigners and Cossacks (well, the Bolsheviks had nowhere to go), this was not pleasant to all Cossacks.
    On the issue of genocide is to Trotsky, Sverdlov and Co. ... and to Watsetsis.
  42. albert
    albert 22 February 2013 22: 59
    I didn’t watch the film. I thought that again there would be another dull good white bad red. Judging by the comments of the forum, I was not mistaken. However, you will never find the historical truth in the series.
  43. Black
    Black 22 February 2013 23: 14
    Quote: knn54
    The Cossacks themselves (all, without exception) have always divided themselves into Russians and Cossacks.

    What is it !!!! Name at least one Cossack who would say that he is Russian?
    Pugachev is an agent of Western intelligence services ?!
    The Pugachev uprising is a war of the poorest Cossacks for rights and customary liberties, including for the question of monopoly on salt industries.
    Quote: knn54
    The tragedy of the Ural Cossacks is largely due to the fact that they were Old Believers.

    Which tragedy do you mean? Both the Old Believers and not the Old Believers fell under the millstone of reveling. Strengthen in faith, the adherence of faith, is this a minus of the people?
  44. The cat
    The cat 23 February 2013 00: 26
    They don't know how to shoot TV shows in Russia (and even in Ukraine). Either little money is allocated, or talent is not enough, but the fact is. I tried to watch it a couple of times, but the maximum was enough for a couple of episodes. Everything is slag. I watch mainly foreign "Breaking Bad", "Sherlock", "Walking ...", "Spartacus". The difference is felt from the first minutes. So stop torturing yourself, switch to a quality product.
  45. dimas75
    dimas75 23 February 2013 02: 17
    I saw in the film what he was shooting for - genuine feelings, sympathy for the innocently killed, a slice of a controversial era, the desire to adequately illuminate the story and not take the side of white or red against the truth.
    And critics are in many ways likened to critics of Brodsky during the stagnation "I have not read the book, but I strongly condemn." Exhausted stamps about "zombie", which does not need to be watched, tk. there is the Internet, about the fact that after 1985 there is nothing to watch, etc.
    People, unfortunately, have stopped in their development at the cultural level along with the era of stagnation and are still there.
    Culture and art develops in one way or another, it developed under all the kings, and after the revolution and under Stalin, etc., and I see no reason not to develop them at the present time.
    Soviet films are good, but that does not mean that new films should be "omitted" just because they are new.
    Look "17 Moments of Spring" or "The Elusive Avengers", "White Sun" and others, believe me, there are also many "blunders" there, but we are not looking for "bloopers" there, but we love these films for what they give us - the power of artistic expression of historical events (or events against a historical background), the play of actors, the depth of feelings, coverage of the issues that arise before each of us - where is the truth, how would you act in his place, who is to blame and what to do ...
    That's why I liked the film "Chapay Passion". This is a feature film! For some reason, D. Furmanov and Boris Polevoy can, by conventionally changing one letter in the hero's surname, cover real events in a work of art ("Chapaev" and "The Story of a Real Man"), for some reason we give Yulian Semyonov the right to introduce into the historical the field of the last days of the Third Reich ("17 Moments ...") is a collective image of a really non-existent person - the main character, and at the same time we refuse the right to an artistic interpretation of events to the authors of "Passion ...".
    "Where is the truth, brother?", One would like to ask such critics who, behind the trees of inevitable "bloopers", do not see the forest - the artistic power of this film ...
    The film was watched in one breath ...
    Is it really not clear that such films are extremely necessary and important right now! We are losing the young generation who is sitting at computer games, does not crawl out of the Internet and goes crazy with all rubbish. Let them see Trotsky, Chapaev, Frunze, Furmanov, in the end, from any angle, but the film itself, by its artistic power, cannot leave anyone indifferent who watched it without prejudice. And these names will be remembered, which means there will be something to think about, what to discuss, moreover, than the latest models of iPhones, iPods, etc. differ from the penultimate ...
  46. Yaik Cossack
    Yaik Cossack 25 February 2013 20: 30
    In February 2013, with the support of Channel 1, the series of the director Sergei Shcherbina was released according to the script by Eduard Volodarsky “Passion for Chapay”.

    In addition to the terrible historical cranberries adventures sexually preoccupied V.S. Chapaya and miserable battle scenes of koi are more similar to budget development than to battles; there is nothing shown to the viewer about etching Cossack and Russian peoples, no other historical realities of that time.

    What does the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation R.Medinsky think when he skips films that incite national and social (class) discord? In the series, the Yaitsky Cossacks of the "Cossack" are shown as mass murderers of the entire living Russian population, and in no episode with the Cossacks there is a plot (motive) and some kind of logical explanation for the same "bestial fury" of the Cossacks, which the director screenwriter and producer pushed to the audience. Who benefits from a clash between the Russian and Cossack people? On what grounds did the heroes of the revolution raise to the shield through the 1 state channel, who atoned for millions of representatives of the peoples of the Russian Empire in the blood and buried other millions of “Soviet” people for the sake of their misanthropic ideas?

    Why is the Russian state whitewashing the red bandits of the Bolsheviks today and pouring blood on the foam and bogeyman of the killers and looters of the representatives of the Cossack and Russian peoples who got in the way of Russia distraught from Marxism-Leninism in the early 20th century? Why are Cossack people exposed by Kremlin ideologists as a flayer and a killer of Russian people? Or the specialists and consultants of this film do not know the national composition of the Workers 'and Peasants' Red Army and what it did on the lands that fell under its boots? Or is the modern Russian government a criminal gang of workers and peasants (RKKA) organized under the leadership of the International on February 23, 1918 - now a model of the modern Russian army? Maybe Mr. Medinsky is not aware that the regular army in the Russian state appeared during the reign of Ivan 4 the Terrible and it would be worthwhile to think about what dates to set as a model for the army of the Russian people?

    At the beginning of the 20th century, one of the few who stood in the way of the Workers 'and Peasants' Red Army was the Cossack people, all of its military territories. One of the most affected Troops was the Yaitsk (Ural) Cossack population, which was exterminated by 70% as a result of the war and rummaging. Then, the Cossacks stood up not only to protect their lands in the east of the Russian Empire, but also to protect its statehood. Judging by the KAZAKOPHOBIA that the state pushes in the series Passion for Chapai to the Russian audience, this is a fair generous pay to the “Pogo, gendarmes and murderers”.

    In light of this, it is understandable why the authorities in Moscow so openly encourage and nurture the acts of the Register as an internationalist mankurt-vile entity, into which, under the law on Cossacks, citizens of the Russian Federation who have reached the age of 18 years can enter. Indeed, in such an international education, you can warm up and then use a gang of gunners, murderers and looters calling this gang a Cossack.

    Nationalist Cossacks of the Free Cossack Movement appeal to all sensible political forces and, in particular, to Cossack organizations and communities - to respond to the informational and ideological war unleashed by the first state channel of the Russian Federation against the Cossack people, historical justice and stop the flows of Cossophobia that are splashing through the media RF

    We now understand why the state denies the Cossacks the right to national identification. This state needs an international Cossacks as a ranger and a killer without historical roots, its own national history, traditions, and customs. Some forces in Moscow need a gangster bogeyman under the ethnonym Cossacks to pit peoples.

    Press Service of the Free Cossack Movement (VKD)