Hezbollah published footage of the destruction of an Israeli Hermes 450 multi-purpose UAV

Hezbollah published footage of the destruction of an Israeli Hermes 450 multi-purpose UAV

The Lebanese Shiite movement Hezbollah (Hezbollah) published footage showing the defeat of an Israeli Hermes 450 multi-role reconnaissance UAV. UAVs of this type are designed for surveillance, air patrol, reconnaissance and communications support in the field. In addition, according to some reports, the Hermes 450 can be equipped with air-to-ground missiles and used to carry out targeted strikes.

The Israeli drone shot down over southern Lebanon is believed to have been shot down by an Iranian-made loitering anti-aircraft missile known as Izdeliye-358.

In addition, in response to the Israeli army’s shelling of the territories of Southern Lebanon, as a result of which Hezbollah suffered some losses in materiel and personnel, the Lebanese fired at an Israeli military base in the Galilee, as a result of which the IDF also suffered losses in military personnel and military equipment.

Earlier, the Iraqi Kataib Hezbollah movement announced the resumption of attacks against the American military contingent in Iraq. According to the Western press, the aggravation of the situation in the region was provoked by the lack of progress in negotiations on the withdrawal of the US military.

In particular, the movement’s statement claims that the beginning of new attacks is the recent missile attack on an American base in Syria, carried out from Iraq. Kataib Hezbollah stressed that if the negotiation process on the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq is delayed, the attacks will continue.

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    April 22 2024 15: 51
    And south Cyprus is under attack. Give it to Dengu Boriska (or Karl?). there are no sanctions. Does the London Stock Exchange trade Iranian oil? - must. And there will be no blow from Hezbola against acritics if the United States returns the frozen
    1. +2
      April 22 2024 15: 56
      Regarding drones, we are also not standing still. In our country, the development of UAVs has appeared, the principle of the start of combat work of which begins with the launch of the carrier aircraft. Moreover, the new drone is the first loitering munition of its kind launched from operational-tactical aircraft.

      . Revealing the contents of the patent, you can find out that the attack drone operates as a “disposable prototype”, which is launched using aircraft catapults. For example, AKU-58, mounted on suspension brackets on the outside of the aircraft fuselage. But to increase maneuverability and stealth, a kamikaze drone can also be used with in-fuselage catapults - an example of such a device is the UVKU-50.The combat vehicle itself includes a turbojet power plant, allowing flight at altitudes from 0 to 8000 meters with variable speed. The attack drone flies at a wide range of speeds, with the lower range being 170 km/h and the top being approximately 750 km/h.An on-board analogue of neural networks with a corresponding database is used as a central guidance module: the drone, in independent mode, can track a potential target for attack and compare its image with data arrays and decide to attack. For this purpose, the UAV has a “daytime” camera that operates during daylight hours and an infrared sensor that allows it to detect objects at night.It is known that the desired drone can independently set a flight route or request one from the carrier aircraft.


      I think it will be something between the X-69 and the Lancet.
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        April 22 2024 16: 00
        Will such a “ukhrodron” reach Prague? May 8th is close, close and they won’t be walking in the streets
        1. +2
          April 22 2024 16: 03
          Why do we need Prague? I would fly to Kyiv, where Ze is.
  2. +1
    April 22 2024 19: 40
    Well done, now you need to copy the filling and send gifts to the Zionists.