Congress of Traitors: Russian foreign agents in Berlin discussed the “victory” of Ukraine

Congress of Traitors: Russian foreign agents in Berlin discussed the “victory” of Ukraine

In February of this year, a congress of traitors to the Motherland was held in Berlin, who, having left the country and settled abroad, are financed by the West and are conducting destructive activities, trying to destabilize the internal situation in Russia.

The event was attended by persons recognized by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation as foreign agents, including: Mikhail Kasyanov, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Marat Gelman, Mark Feigin, Evgeny Chichvarkin and other representatives of the community that sold their country for “Western goodies.”

Victory for Ukraine, freedom for Russia...

- this is exactly what one of the slogans of the traitors sounded like.

So what is their “freedom” if they wish their country defeat: in Russia’s complete dependence on the West and its transformation into a resource appendage of the so-called “democratic world” or in the payment by the population of the Russian Federation of reparations to the openly hostile Nazi regime in Kyiv?

Actually, the above-mentioned persons do not think about the answer to these questions. After all, they act solely in selfish interests, for a salary from the West, and have no intention of returning to their country. Therefore, they have nothing to do with the future fate of Russia.

Typically, some events at the above-mentioned Berlin congress were held behind closed doors, without access to the press. The organizers justified this by the fact that people from Russia allegedly arrived in the German capital, whose identities should not be disclosed in the interests of their safety.

Consequently, despite the mass exodus from the country since the beginning of 2022, there are still people on the territory of the Russian Federation who are ready to sell their homeland, despite the consequences.

By the way, about the latter. The law on foreign agents in Russia imposes a number of restrictions on citizens convicted of prohibited activities, such as the inability to work in positions in public authorities, create information materials for minors, participate in government procurement, etc.

It is worth noting that the above restrictions seem extremely lenient considering the harm these people cause to their country. Meanwhile, in the West they accuse the Russian authorities of “persecuting the opposition” (as they call the traitors gathered in Berlin).

At the same time, the first country to adopt a law on foreign agents was the United States. This happened in 1938. Moreover, they adopted a law to counter the spread of the ideology of fascism and Nazism.

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  1. +6
    April 22 2024 11: 19
    destructive activities, trying to destabilize the internal situation in Russia.
    . Objectively... the contingent that listens to them... is a statistical error in comparison with all other residents of the country.
    Our society is heterogeneous, but now is another key moment in our history, and FOR THE MOTHERLAND, FOR THE PEOPLE.... this unites us all.
    1. +42
      April 22 2024 11: 30
      It would be funny to look at these clowns if it weren't so sad. I am a member of the SVO (volunteer, Akhmat), BUT I have a nephew and niece, who in fact are the same traitors as those who gathered in Berlin. Moreover, they both graduated from the Cossack cadet school, where, in theory, they were supposed to be raised as patriots, but they were raised... (no further censorship). Here’s your dilemma: who and who is being educated here; I’m generally silent about ordinary schools.
      By the way, why is the Yeltsin Center still standing? There should be a swimming pool, or an ice skating rink.
      1. +13
        April 22 2024 11: 38
        Quote: Alex_1973
        Why is the Yeltsin Center still standing?

        But who opened it?
        1. +4
          April 22 2024 11: 47
          Who opened it, who doesn’t close it???
          To do what?
          Nothing, FUNDAMENTALLY, changes... they lightly powder the facade and remove/hide the most odious and... and that's all, in general.
          1. -1
            April 22 2024 16: 43
            Greetings Victor hi
            To do what? ---rocket757

            And it depends on who is at what level, as I understand it. The possibilities are different. If you are an ordinary person, then it is probably more truthful to talk about this. And about the USSR.
        2. +1
          April 22 2024 16: 31
          Have a good time, Vladimir Vladimirovich hi It’s already night for you. There are those who want to rewrite the history of the country for themselves. Justify your predatory actions and give them a sublime, noble meaning. They have not gone anywhere and expect to take their place in the history of Russia as its defenders and benefactors
          1. +2
            April 22 2024 16: 59
            Justify your predatory actions

            - We will fix everything... just give it time...
            - We'll definitely give...
        3. 0
          April 22 2024 17: 21
          Wrong formulation of the question. Who is protecting him?
        4. +2
          April 22 2024 23: 14
          Seventh line from the top, second column from the left. Board of Trustees - Vaino, Shoigu... I’ve already heard these names somewhere...
      2. +26
        April 22 2024 11: 43
        Where is the Yeltsin Center? There should be a swimming pool, or an ice skating rink.

        I don't agree. There should be a museum there. In memory of the victims of the “saints of the 90s”, the genocide of the Soviet people and the crimes of the shitcrats. This must not be forgotten, otherwise everything could happen again.
        1. +4
          April 22 2024 16: 51
          Memory of the victims of the "saints of the 90s, the genocide of the Soviet people and the crimes of the shitcrats" ---- paul3390

          These are victims of liberal repression and they must be identified and counted. Villages whose cities no longer exist and those Russians who found themselves abroad of the Russian Federation died or experienced oppression
        2. The comment was deleted.
      3. +11
        April 22 2024 11: 45
        Everything is correct, Yeltsin centers and so on...
        Now I’ll write something for which the local guardians of the rich Pinocchio give minuses!
        Our power... the power of the rich Pinocchio! They are trying to raise the younger generation to be outright selfish, stupid, cattle because they are easier to manage!!!
        We, parents of boys, have to wage a continuous struggle for the minds of our children, for our common future, and this is very difficult, because all sorts of harmful influences fall on them, on us from all sides!!!
        This is a mine that will definitely explode under our statehood if the situation does not change, preferably yesterday!!!
        We haven’t lost yet, but we won’t be able to win against all of them, and this is an objective reality, alas!
        1. +4
          April 22 2024 12: 27
          Quote: rocket757
          Yeltsin centers and the like...
        2. +3
          April 22 2024 12: 27
          We would be very surprised if we found out who the delegates from Russia represent there. The game goes into several hands. Not just one game, but several.
        3. +1
          April 22 2024 13: 59
          “This is a mine that will definitely explode under our statehood.” Why do you write in the future tense? Already rushed
          1. +1
            April 22 2024 14: 18
            Assessments of what is happening vary among different groups of the population, as well as among individuals...
            In my opinion, all is not lost, but this is a personal assessment of the situation...
        4. +2
          April 22 2024 17: 24
          Victor, you noticed correctly. This gangway is not just like that, and they know and count on inadequacy (in the sense of the political impotence of the Kremlin). Which is clearly leading the country to hell
          1. +1
            April 22 2024 18: 58
            The Kremlin and theirs... those in the shadows.
            They are all rich pinocchios and the aspirations of the people... would not be important to them at all, but they cannot do without US, no matter how much they would like it...
            In general, our situation is... peculiar, the lower classes no longer want what could suit the upper classes, and the situation where the lower classes CANNOT endure any more is not so far away!!!
            While the war is going on, we are all fed up with victory and just have it taken away from us, sold, betrayed... no, no, they won’t risk it.
            And again, this is my opinion, feeling, but who the hell knows how it will turn out???
            1. 0
              April 22 2024 19: 06
              Simply based on the fact that it was the last 50 years, as far as I can remember. From any situation we were given “victories”. From our participation in the wars in BV, Africa, Afghanistan and what happened later.. Although we raked to the fullest.. And now any agreement with us will lead to victory
              1. 0
                April 22 2024 19: 20
                Let's assume that the USSR has a list of VICTORIES, and not a small one... there are also defeats... but here one event greatly spoils the whole picture... The USSR no longer exists.
                Alas, we never fully understood what we had lost...
      4. -1
        April 22 2024 22: 32
        Quote: Alex_1973
        By the way, why is the Yeltsin Center still standing? There should be a swimming pool, or an ice skating rink.

        Better is a parking lot. There will be less memory when looking at her...
        1. -3
          April 23 2024 14: 17
          In memory of whom? Maybe about Russia’s huge stabilization fund, which Yeltsin took from the West, and Putin, being very cunning and far-sighted, was not going to give it back? Do you want to forget about those hundreds of billions of dollars with which Yeltsin transferred Russia’s GDP? Thanks to competent planning, that stabilization fund practically saved Russia from collapse in the 2000s. You want to forget your fucking drunken face, that’s what everyone wants, just as you want to forget Khrushchev’s corn, amnesty and Ukraine. You don’t thank Khrushchev for the fact that we have the world’s strongest missile industry and the most powerful nuclear missile shield. Learn history, citizens, be politically savvy, I beg you.
      5. +1
        April 23 2024 14: 11
        Listen, what did you dig into Yeltsin; as the leader of the country, he was not the worst. He has a very huge merit, if you don’t know, I can give you an educational lesson. Yeltsin like Khrushchev. By the way, our country owes the fact that it is alive at the moment. I’ll justify it with facts in three seconds if necessary!
      6. 0
        20 May 2024 18: 29
        Quote: Alex_1973
        By the way, why is the Yeltsin Center still standing? There should be a swimming pool, or an ice skating rink.

        This has already happened - On the site of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior there is a swimming pool - well... that now we need a place for an ice skating rink so you can’t run away from yourself and you can’t hide, and that’s who and what was there in our history!
    2. +5
      April 22 2024 12: 31
      . Objectively... the contingent that listens to them... is a statistical error in comparison with all other residents of the country.

      Victor, I - I have to listen to them! And I enter into this very statistical error.
      I listen to them very carefully in order to know the enemy by sight, to know what they breathe and what dirty tricks they are preparing for all of us. Those listed in the article are characters who at one time were unable to seize power in our country, because they did not have support from the security forces and the people, who were, to put it mildly, unsympathetic. But they really wanted it! And they still really want to, but now through direct reliance on foreign states, those that have clearly identified themselves as our enemies. This entire contingent has no political prospects, these are clowns for whom we are all still bidlo.
      But there is another category of enemies of our country, much more dangerous. Among them, I especially dislike and cause disgust, sometimes turning into hatred, such as Osechkin and Maltsev, not mentioned in the article. Osechkin lives in France and is anxiously concerned about the fate of Ukrainian prisoners of war, who are allegedly brutally tortured by our military investigators (but is not at all concerned about the real tragedy of Russian prisoners of war in the dungeons of the Ukrainian Armed Forces). And also concerned about the fate of the traitor-defectors who are fabricating false compromising evidence on our Armed Forces. You should have heard how furiously he accuses us of eliminating the traitor helicopter pilot Kuzminov - the one who killed two members of his crew so that the Armed Forces of Ukraine would accept him as one of their own.
      As for Maltsev, this “head of the Russian partisans” enthusiastically welcomes any sabotage committed on our territory by our own citizens. Like, it was us, the partisans, who blew up this and that, and set something else on fire. One day I couldn’t stand it and wrote a comment in which I called him a traitor and a scoundrel who, with the help of sabotage, was taking away jobs from Russians. But he is also proud of it!
      These are the “patriots”... You need to know their names, let them not hope to appear in white on occasion. I have a long and evil memory.
      1. +2
        April 22 2024 12: 50
        Victor, I - I have to listen to them! And I enter into this very statistical error.
        . No, no, I'm talking about something else.
        I also read, listen to a lot of nasty things, and for the same reasons, you need to know different points of view, it’s always useful, and it also helps in disputes.
        Since we have enemies and they come with their revelations everywhere, we will fight them, everywhere and always.
        Listening to believe, listening not believing... there's a big difference.
        By the way, this is how we feel about that small part of our citizens who listen to them at all, for some reason... the majority don’t sneeze at them at all, they DO NOT LISTEN.
        1. +3
          April 22 2024 14: 14
          I also read, listen to a lot of vile things and for exactly the same reasons

          I’ve never understood why Mein Kampf and other Nazi works are banned in our country. HOW can you explain to young people that fascism is bad if there is no possibility of access to primary sources?? And so - the same Banderlogs clearly did not read it. This is where all the problems come from. Because it is clearly stated there that they are subhuman. How can one voluntarily enroll as an Untermensch? But they signed up? Obviously due to illiteracy...
          1. +2
            April 22 2024 14: 20
            In the library/reading room, with comments, you can read...
            Reading for everyone, a terrible drag...
            Question... how will you educate the pan-heads???
            They have faith, but there is no logic at all.
            Although, it looks more like there is STUPIDITY there, at its highest level...
            1. +3
              April 22 2024 14: 22
              I agree - the literary merits are extremely doubtful. But the enemy must be read. To understand why you are right and not him.
              1. +1
                April 22 2024 14: 31
                It must be admitted that among the enemies there are smart, talented personnel and the works they have written that are much more dangerous than the advertised drudgery.
                You have to be able to deceive using, not even the truth, but something that looks like the truth!
                In general, there are works that are absolutely evil, dangerous in their logic, attractiveness... alas, there are those too.
                1. +2
                  April 22 2024 16: 32
                  Quote: rocket757
                  You have to be able to deceive using, not even the truth, but something that looks like the truth!

                  There are developed rules and guidelines for this, such as:
                  - hide the positive and broadcast only the negative in all its embellishments
                  - speak the true, but dry truth and insert a lie in the right place
                  - speak without much emotion, showing that what is being said is the truth and generally accepted opinion, especially if you substitute words such as “generally recognized”, “well known”, “everyone knows”, “everyone says”, “we know”, etc. similar.
                  - speak quickly without allowing you to think and analyze the lie told and continue to say the following facts, and at the same time what was said before is swallowed and attention is already diverted to other meanings, and in the subconscious it remains without proper criticality and understanding.
                  - and many more different techniques for working on a person’s consciousness and subconscious by introducing their attitudes there.
                  Immature minds (youth) are precisely susceptible to such manipulations because their heads are empty and not filled with true information about life and the world order. This is the material from which you can sculpt anything, but this is our future.
                  1. +1
                    April 22 2024 18: 49
                    So it is known... you need to study or have talent, a speaker, a writer, etc.
                    I watched Nino Burjanadze’s interview with the younger Navalnaya... it was funny and revealing!!!
                    This is who the Westerners are promoting in... politicians, leaders fool
                    Nino smeared it like... it’s clear how.
                    This is what a seasoned professional means!
                    It was nice to see/listen...
                    By the way, the conversation was about GDP wink
                    You need to respect such people so that you don’t end up smeared like that little fool.
              2. +2
                April 22 2024 16: 18
                Quote: paul3390
                But the enemy must be read.

                How can you do this, through force? I associate such reading as putting on fresh shit and sitting there sniffing it until I vomit and still continue to sniff it.
                1. +3
                  April 22 2024 16: 39
                  For example, I also really didn’t want to read the tax code, but it’s still a pleasure - but where to go?
                2. +1
                  April 22 2024 23: 11
                  Quote: Irokez
                  How can you do this, through force? I associate such reading as putting on fresh shit and sitting there sniffing it until I vomit and still continue to sniff it.

                  How else? If you are an adult and remember the USSR, then you must remember that not to mention the higher levels, but even at school political information the following technique was widespread: they read some passage from the enemy press - and then exposed the lie, while at the same time proving this news in the correct, Soviet context.
                  It is necessary to know what “they are there” write and say. Because in addition to the powerful machine of ideological propaganda, there simply must be an equally powerful machine of counter-propaganda! Propaganda is for putting the right ideas into people's heads. Counter-propaganda - to combat hostile propaganda (for example, the Antifake program on First, this is a typical example of counter-propaganda as it should be).
                  Unfortunately, during the times of liberalism and wild capitalism in the 90s and 00s, we completely destroyed these powerful institutions of love for our Motherland. Such fermentation of minds as now was simply impossible in the USSR!
                  I hope that it is not too late, and if we take force and stop being afraid of the word “ideology”, then we will be able to revive in new generations a literally fanatical love for our country and contempt for the “free democratic universal” West with its Russophobia, rottenness, lies and Satanism.
            2. 0
              April 23 2024 03: 28
              You don’t read it anymore. It was because of the law that libraries were the first to be raked. I still remember the high-profile case in Petro-Kamchatsky regarding the Krosheninikov library. An FSB investigator came, took Mein Kamf (a unique copy, 1938 published in the USSR!!!!) from the reading room, invited witnesses, drew up a report and opened a case. And despite the reference to the library law on rare and rare copies - the book was destroyed, the librarian was fined and fired.....
              1. +1
                April 23 2024 05: 32
                This suggests that FSB investigators are not investigators from the KGB of the USSR. The people there were much more literate.
                1. +1
                  April 24 2024 10: 39
                  To be fair, there were also “figures” in the USSR. One Zhavnerovich from Belarus was worth something. But he was an investigator for particularly important matters... And this seems to be almost the highest rank in investigators.
              2. +1
                April 23 2024 06: 27
                They have written about “zealous fools” more than once and... this could also have happened, but he acted according to the instructions, the governing documents of the department, according to the law... he did not write the laws himself. What claims could there be against him?

                In fact... there are books/documents that you don't need to have everywhere and always.
                In a certain place, there are specialists for work and this is enough. For a very curious layman... a special issue, with comments... will do just fine. If you want to study specifically, become an expert in a specific area of ​​knowledge/knowledge.
                Regarding the rarity, the value of the object.... a rarity of dubious value, but this is not my field, not my interest, an outside opinion...
      2. +1
        April 22 2024 22: 54
        Quote: depressant
        Victor, I - I have to listen to them! And I enter into this very statistical error.

        No... we all listen to them one way or another, we all read the enemy’s resources, we all roughly understand what the mood is “out there.” This is necessary, this is necessary, what the enemy breathes - you always need to know...
        But if I (you, millions of other normal citizens) when watching nonsense from foreign agents like Galkin, Akunin, Lazareva and other scoundrels, nothing but a gag reflex appears (although from the slobbering Galkin I had it even before his escape: ))), then the materials published by professional ukrosmi must be taken much more seriously! They carry rare paranoid delusions - but they do it aggressively and persistently. And of course, in every country there are unconscious immature minds. They are potential victims of tsipsochny ukrofiction. And to the question asked in this thread, “what should I do?” I can only answer one thing: EDUCATE immature minds in the correct paradigm and patriotic picture of the world. And in difficult times, this can and should be done harshly, assertively, constantly and in large quantities... and with mandatory responsibility for defection. From calling parents to school - for schoolchildren, to calling an investigator - for adults! Then the second law of dialectics comes into play - and the tsipsota can wipe itself off!
        And then you don’t have to be afraid of her squeals and their invisible resources like Unians and other ukromediya shit! All this garbage will cause nothing but laughter in everyone!
      3. +1
        20 May 2024 18: 34
        Quote: depressant
        I listen to them very carefully so that I know the enemy by sight

        You just need to carefully look at yourself in the mirror and not look around!
  2. +7
    April 22 2024 11: 19
    Meanwhile, in the West they accuse the Russian authorities of “persecuting the opposition” (as they call the traitors gathered in Berlin).
    Your affairs are interesting America, in Russia they are the “opposition”, but for some reason they consider their former President Trump an enemy.
  3. +16
    April 22 2024 11: 36
    The guys have done a great job there - they're scamming the West out of money by posing as the opposition, which can influence something and has some kind of reach. In fact, the influence of these people and the leverage actually available to them is negligible; in fact, they are advanced ordinary people who threaten Curzon from their sofas.
    Many of them have not been to the Russian Federation for a long time, their information is outdated and their connections have degraded.
    The real harm they can cause is harm to the wallets of Western taxpayers, and even then, it will be a fairly modest damage.

    The main lever of Western influence is not fugitive “orators with their mouths” like Gudkov - it is the local bourgeoisie, who still has real estate in the West and conducts highly profitable business with him. Unlike some Khodor or Chichvarkin, these people have funds and connections within the country, and the West has leverage on them outside of it.
    So I regard the activation of this foreign talking shop as a diversionary maneuver or as another round of disbursement of funds by those who in foreign countries create a picture of successful influence on the Russian Federation in the infosphere.
    1. 0
      26 May 2024 00: 42
      Knell wardenheart
      You shouldn't underestimate your enemies. The same Hodor does a fair amount of mischief. It was he who led the Libyan bandits who captured a group of our sociologists (the film "Shugaley")
  4. +8
    April 22 2024 11: 46
    It’s a pity that the meeting was not on the ship.
    It would be according to the old anecdote: “For a long time I... (prohibited by VO rules), gathered you together! On the other hand, there are lists of participants...
    1. +4
      April 22 2024 11: 53
      A glass of Novichok in the air conditioning would solve the problem, but just chase them around the Earth.
  5. +4
    April 22 2024 11: 51
    Quote: rocket757
    We, parents of boys, have to wage a continuous struggle for the minds of our children, for our common future, and this is very difficult, because all sorts of harmful influences fall on them, on us from all sides!!!

    I completely agree. There was a period when the youngest son, having heard enough of Navalnist nonsense, began to become interested in this topic. And thank God for coming to me to discuss this topic. It took a long time to convince him, but in the end, without shouting, without any problems, the child figured it out and the problem really went away!
    1. +4
      April 22 2024 12: 38
      Teenage maximalism, the influence of the environment, the absence of educational elements at school... they provide services and that’s it!!!
      In general, there are a lot of things and you have to fight with all of this.
      Patience, patience and more patience!!! And every victory, a boost of wisdom put into the heads of our children... we don’t need a better reward!
  6. +4
    April 22 2024 11: 52
    We should call them all simply - “children of the Kremlin towers.” It would be better to name the names and positions of who fed these coves from the budget for decades.
  7. +1
    April 22 2024 11: 55
    The Vlasovites are unfinished and underweight.
    They should have already chosen a place for the gallows for this matter.
    1. +1
      April 22 2024 13: 59
      . Vlasovites are unfinished and underweight

      Alexey, here it is!
      This conversation should have taken place long ago, it was overdue, but VO shyly avoided it. There is such a character - Caesar (Maximillian). Handsome, eloquent political instructor of the military unit "Legion of Freedom of Russia" (if I remember correctly). He speaks as he writes, and among other things, in a huge interview that you can listen to, he modestly said: “Yes, I won’t mind if my comrades entrust me with the position of President of Russia, I will take on this burden.” And then his group, having penetrated a village in the Belgorod region, the first thing they do is tear off the Russian flag from the village council, throw it to the ground (except trample it with their feet) and hang out the legion flag. Well, boy, everything is clear with you, you are such a patriot.
  8. +2
    April 22 2024 11: 55
    So Kasyanov was still under Putin.
  9. -1
    April 22 2024 12: 05
    It's time for them all to go to the crematorium. It would be great if we did it live.
  10. +4
    April 22 2024 12: 16
    A bunch of freaks, there’s no other way to call them.
    1. +3
      April 22 2024 12: 22
      And now the hunchback... I mean, cross-eyed - a major specialist - a vigorous louse. So he brought his brains out on TV about the Gulag. The sight of him on the screen made me feel nauseous. They usually chased people like that around the corners with wet rags at school. So an inferiority complex developed. Chubysu licked wherever his tongue reached. This diligence was rewarded.
  11. +4
    April 22 2024 13: 19
    When adopting the law on foreign agents, the leader assured that it was very mild in comparison with those of his partners. It's time to equalize it in terms of severity with similar ones in the USA. The crunching and squealing of the “oppositionists” should be heard from abroad. Up to and including deprivation of citizenship and property.
  12. +3
    April 22 2024 13: 30
    Russian foreign agents in Berlin discussed the “victory” of Ukraine
    . Is she really winning?))
  13. +3
    April 22 2024 13: 34
    Quote: rocket757
    Objectively... the contingent that listens to them... is a statistical error in comparison with all other residents of the country.

    I wouldn't think so. Their propaganda is powerful and has no alternative on the Internet, the main machine of propaganda and public opinion formation. We are now reaping the fruits of the fact that for a long time we were ashamed of patriotism and love for our Motherland. Meanwhile, the potential enemy is hammering these concepts into his people almost by force, has created and is using unprecedentedly effective cognitive weapons.
  14. +1
    April 22 2024 13: 44
    you need to create a service to create problems for innnnnnnnnnoagents
  15. +1
    April 22 2024 14: 13
    The ordinary, ordinary population of Russia, in my opinion, in the current situation, has no choice. If the “bears” and the oligarchic clans and corporate structures dependent on them are defeated in this total hybrid war, then Western entities will carry out a new privatization and the most radical redistribution of property since the 90s, which will give rise to a new Troubles and a “civil” war between them and the TNC of the West, which will end with the destruction of historical Russia or its significant weakening and return to the framework of the colonial oligarchic periphery.
    If the regime of the Russian financial and commercial oligarchy wins, then it will be forced to transform from the colonial periphery into the semi-periphery and will receive the status of a regional power pursuing a policy of further CAPITALIST nationalization of property, in the interests of not only the bastard oligarchy, but also large owners of the means of production and serving it infrastructure, which will cause an increase in the influence of scientific and industrial corporations owned by large owners and shareholders, associated corporate banks and the military and intelligence power elite of “generals and colonels.”
    The further logic of the development of the industrial economy and the rapid saturation of goods and products on the domestic market will lead to the need to bring these goods to domestic markets, and to a policy of strengthening the commercial structures directly involved in this. That is, as they grow and influence, these commercial structures will again form another oligarchy, only trading not in oil and gas, but in science-intensive and high-tech goods, IN THE INTERESTS OF THE LARGE CORPORATE INDUSTRIAL BOURGEOISIE.

    PS "Something is an infection, something!..."
    The heroine's phrase from the film "Love and Doves"
  16. +1
    April 22 2024 14: 19
    I would not assign titles, but first of all deprive him of citizenship
  17. +1
    April 22 2024 14: 30
    "trying to destabilize the internal situation in Russia..."
    Oh, who is it that brings us migrants!? And they chewed through the platinum!
    1. 0
      April 24 2024 10: 44
      As I read in one book: “American spies are to blame for everything.” -yeah, they always piss on us in the hallways and shit in elevators...)))
  18. +2
    April 22 2024 16: 33
    It’s elementary to cut these people off from Russia, deprive them of citizenship. They will never come back, and let them crap in their homes in Berlin. Who listens to them? What can they do? I looked at this coven on the news, and the gozman, while getting dressed, was in a hurry to get out of there, people were there and walked back and forth in the lobby, but he fought back, as they say. Also, the people in the hall, in response to all the speeches of the city crazy people, smiled and were stuck on their phones. This is clowning
  19. +1
    April 22 2024 16: 49
    What kind of faces... God marks the rogue...
  20. +1
    April 22 2024 17: 01
    What disgusting faces!
  21. +1
    April 22 2024 18: 07
    They are all parasites from the Yeltsin Center! From a traitor to the Soviet Union! How long can you tolerate all these non-humans? A? liberals in power, how many? You continue to play along with them, carrying red roses to the center! Shame on you, your bourgeois, a disgrace from ordinary Russians and villagers!
    1. 0
      April 27 2024 20: 26
      Do you know who is on the board of trustees of the Yeltsin Center?
      When you find it, then you will understand everything.
  22. -1
    April 22 2024 18: 24
    In February of this year, a congress of traitors to the Motherland was held in Berlin, who, having left the country and settled abroad, are financed by the West and are conducting destructive activities, trying to destabilize the internal situation in Russia.
    I would like to go to their convention from the PC and the entire BC for its intended purpose... feel crying
  23. 0
    April 22 2024 18: 44
    They collected freaks, so they could be dissected for the Kunstkamera, and in the Yeltsin Center for exhibition, colleagues propose to repurpose it into a museum of the genocide of Soviet people in the 90s
  24. The comment was deleted.
  25. -1
    April 23 2024 03: 26
    Why didn’t the Russian special services plant a landmine at the site of the Sabbath of foreign agents? With one blow all the rats would be killed. And in response to the accusations they would say that this was a provocation by the SBU.
  26. +1
    April 23 2024 08: 12
    I read and live, for every adequate comment there are a couple dozen from hamsters complaining about the Kremlin... What did you do that was useful?
    You are all in harmony
    they clapped when the EBN “on an armored car” stood and made a speech, and now you don’t like the Yeltsin Center... Organize a demonstration against it and it will be clear that you are doing something, and not just petty language.
  27. 0
    April 23 2024 13: 02
    They are not only traitors, but thieves! It’s just a pity that they manage to live calmly and comfortably in the West; everything they steal doesn’t last! But they should be afraid and often look around in fear!
  28. 0
    April 23 2024 14: 05
    I saw the faces in the photo, I didn’t even read it - it was disgusting...
  29. +1
    April 23 2024 14: 14
    A bunch of Jews are discussing how Russians can live in Russia, it’s surreal.
  30. -1
    April 23 2024 23: 49
    Congress of Traitors: Russian foreign agents in Berlin discussed the “victory” of Ukraine

    They should have sent Dagger, Iskander or something similar there as our representative.
  31. -1
    April 24 2024 11: 44
    They all went to shows, festivals, received awards, fees, etc.
    Who fed them all the time and why?