Secret "Vulture": an initially failed sabotage operation invented by Hitler

Secret "Vulture": an initially failed sabotage operation invented by Hitler

During World War II, Adolf Hitler's crazy imagination gave rise to many frankly strange operations that cost the Wehrmacht serious losses. One of them is a secret operation developed personally by the leader of the Third Reich in December 1944 and called “Grif”.

The essence of the latter was that a huge army of German saboteurs (2700 people), dressed in captured American uniforms and equipped with equipment captured from the Allies, was supposed to quietly join the ranks of the enemy and become the “final chord” of the Ardennes operation, allowing the Germans to defeat the Anglo-American troops in Belgium.

Otto Skorzeny was appointed responsible for organizing and conducting the maneuver, who by that time had already managed to distinguish himself with a number of perfectly executed special operations, including the rescue of the Italian fascist leader Mussolini.

Actually, the fact that Operation Grif would fail could have been understood even at the stage of its preparation. The fact is that in order to introduce German saboteurs into the ranks of American troops, it was necessary for the Nazis to speak excellent English with the appropriate slang and intonation.

So, in the Wehrmacht there were only 10 such “polyglots”. The remaining 2690 people spoke English at school level, not to mention a strong accent and a complete absence of intonation characteristic of the British and Americans.

However, that's not all. The saboteurs also had problems with equipment. Trophy American tanks The Wehrmacht didn't have enough. Therefore, German “Panthers” had to be disguised as them.

Meanwhile, no one dared to contradict Hitler, and the secret operation “Grif” was carried out. Naturally, she failed.

In addition to poor preparation, the Germans were also completely unlucky. One of the officers who spoke perfect English was blown up by a mine on the very first day. Later, another “polyglot” with a detailed plan for Operation Vulture was caught by the American military police.

At the same time, despite the failure, the German saboteurs still managed to mischief the Americans, damaging telephone cables and causing confusion with tasks in individual units.

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    April 22 2024 05: 57
    I read about this operation of the Nazis. The Hans fell for the simplest things, for example, calling gasoline “petrol”, then native Americans call it “gas”. Well, other things - for example, to check, the amers asked the Hans about the details of the latest popular American films at that time, which the Hans, naturally, could not see.
    1. -1
      April 22 2024 06: 14
      Well, other things - for example, to check, the amers asked the Hans about the details of the latest popular American films at that time, which the Hans, naturally, could not see.

      Yeah, and then Skorzeny’s captured saboteurs in American uniform were quickly shot...since they did not have the status of prisoners of war.
      1. +2
        April 22 2024 06: 15
        Yes, the amers were quick to kill. Especially with saboteurs dressed in American uniforms. Which the amers wore on the front line with some peculiarities, a little not according to the regulations. Which is why the Hans also fell for it.
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          April 23 2024 17: 12
          I read somewhere that the Germans wore German uniforms under their American jackets, but I don’t remember the source and I’m not sure of the reliability of the information.
          1. -1
            April 23 2024 17: 55
            I have never heard of this or come across such information. Maybe it just didn't happen....
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              April 23 2024 18: 01
              I would like to “get acquainted” with this!.))
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                April 23 2024 18: 02
                Well, the amers probably don’t like to remember that..... As well as about their prisoners from the Japps....

                Although you watch Hollywood movies about captured amers from the Japanese - it’s already creepy - poor japps.... wassat
                How did they endure all this... wassat

                Essentially, if even one Amer had twitched there, the entire barrack would have been bayoneted, because they were saving the cartridges. Or the officers would work with their katanas and practice.....
                1. 0
                  April 23 2024 18: 04
                  Yes, there is little pleasant in such memories. For some time they simply could not understand where the front was and where the rear was.)))
    2. -2
      April 22 2024 21: 28
      Quote: Nexcom
      Well, and other things - for example, to check, the Americans asked the Hans about the details of the latest popular American films at that time,

      As the Yankees wrote, the easiest way was to sing the US anthem, the Germans sang and they were shot, because not a single American knew the anthem more than two lines, and the Germans did not understand this. Just like German saboteurs, when they entered the USSR, they washed their hands after using the toilet.
      1. +1
        April 22 2024 23: 32
        Not a single American soldier knew the anthem?
        And all Soviet citizens were so unscrupulous?
        This is generally nonsense, considering how much effort, time and resources the Soviet state spent teaching people about hygiene, starting in the 20s.
        1. -1
          April 23 2024 08: 21
          Quote from Arisaka
          And all Soviet citizens were so unscrupulous?

          So what kind of a washbasin is there in a village toilet, and the Red Army consisted of 80% of the peasant class.
    3. +1
      April 23 2024 17: 05
      So there, American counterintelligence compiled a whole list of questions. Including the names and nicknames of famous athletes. The questionnaire was designed in such a way that the average American would still answer positively on any of the proposed topics.
      And with "gas" - yes, it was the first puncture that got the Germans into trouble.
      1. 0
        April 23 2024 17: 14
        I read that one American general “got burned” because he couldn’t answer a single question. laughing
  2. +1
    April 22 2024 10: 33
    that military review is becoming a branch of YouTube... (((
  3. -2
    April 22 2024 11: 27
    Diodand is not an unambiguous (slippery) comrade. And he spoke out against the SVO. And the suspicion is that it is not located in Russia.
    No matter how the strike lands.
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    April 23 2024 17: 18
    This is what attempts to disguise German equipment as American looked like. Actually, from afar, and even more so in a certain situation, it could have worked.
    1. +1
      April 23 2024 17: 49
      Excellent photos - thank you. hi
      1. 0
        April 23 2024 17: 57
        Execution of saboteurs after the trial. By the way, not so many were shot then.
        1. 0
          April 23 2024 18: 01
          Good photos. GI from Military Police - they came out well in the pictures. The photo clearly shows execution in a field court. I meant that many were shot immediately without leaving the side of the road, especially if they saw SS emblems.
      2. -1
        April 24 2024 04: 31
        I would like to chat in private, I have a proposal.
        There is a history site you can join.
        1. -1
          April 24 2024 04: 56
          I'm not a historian..... But you can contact us through local personal messages.