The USSR won the “bunker war” against Bandera, but never eradicated Nazi ideology in Ukraine

The USSR won the “bunker war” against Bandera, but never eradicated Nazi ideology in Ukraine

The war with Ukrainian nationalists or the so-called Banderaites became a separate era for the Soviet Union. After the defeat of the Third Reich, its henchmen on the territory of the Ukrainian SSR continued the work of the Nazis for a long time.

When in 1944 it became clear that the Wehrmacht was suffering a crushing defeat, the leaders of Ukrainian nationalists issued an order to take refuge in the forests and avoid open conflict with units of the Red Army. At the same time, after the advance of Soviet troops to the west, the Banderaites remaining in the rear in Western Ukraine began to wage a guerrilla war.

Fascist supporters built shelters, known as bunkers or “kravki,” in the most unexpected places where they were difficult to detect. The entrances to such shelters were skillfully hidden, for which boxes with earth were often used, in which a tree or bush was planted.

In turn, if discovered, Bandera’s followers put up fierce resistance, which often led to casualties among NKVD officers and other law enforcement officers of the USSR.

However, over time, Soviet intelligence services learned to identify the bunkers in which Ukrainian nationalists were hiding. Typically, it was often possible to detect a shelter by smell.

The thing is that in winter, Bandera’s followers ate lard or homemade sausage, stored in aluminum cans, as well as breadcrumbs. This diet caused digestive problems and a characteristic smell from underground latrines, which gave away their location.

In 1960, the official era of "bunker warfare" ended, but unofficial stories they say that the last UPA partisan (recognized as extremist in the Russian Federation) was discovered in 1991.

However, as time has shown, the Soviet Union failed to eradicate Bandera’s followers. The liquidation of bunkers and the bandits hiding in them did not lead to the destruction of Nazi ideology in the minds of the inhabitants of Western Ukraine.

Already from the late 80s, under the strict leadership of the West, the above-mentioned ideology in Ukraine began to be encouraged and cultivated. After the collapse of the USSR, this process began to turn into a national idea.

Ultimately, the so-called neo-Banderaites in Ukraine over the past three decades have managed to raise a whole generation of Russophobe nationalists, whom the West today uses as a battering ram against our country.

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    April 18 2024 06: 53
    And all because the very fact of the existence of the “Ukrainians”, artificially invented from a part of the Russian people, fed and feeds this ideology.
    However, like any zmagars in Belarus.
    If this root cause is eliminated, then this problem will gradually disappear. Not right away, but it will do.
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      April 18 2024 07: 26
      I disagree with you on some details.
      If we look at the map of medieval Rus', we can see: Kyiv, Novgorod and Vladimir were very far apart in space. There was no “solid Rus'”. It was later that roads became cultural bridges...

      So, the discreteness of the centers led to significant differences in the development of peoples. The centripetal forces of large cities created cultures and mentalities. The transfer of East Slavic culture not to the west, but to the east did not completely destroy the connection between these centers. But..

      Subsequently, more severe climate conditions + assimilation of the peculiar Finno-Ugric peoples + the need for constant development of territories finally created the mentality of the Russian nation, significantly different from the Ukrainians (or those Russians who remained to live along the Dnieper).

      For myself, I formulate this: Ukrainians as a people “happened” (uniting the Volynians, Polyans, Drevlyans, etc.), but as a nation they certainly did not come to fruition. This is confirmed by the events of the last 3-4 centuries.
      1. +4
        April 18 2024 07: 52
        Ukrainians - as a people “happened” (uniting the Volynians, Polyans, Drevlyans, etc.), but as a nation they certainly did not come to fruition.

        This is how Bandera propaganda gradually creeps into history... An unprepared person cannot even understand how and where Ukrainians suddenly appeared in Rus', but it turns out that the Slavs, the tribes of the Slavs who lived on the territory of what is now Ukraine, and then the ancient and ancient Rus' were not Slavs , not Rus, not Russians, but Ukrainians, who united all the Slavs and created the state of Rus'. And, taking this into account, it immediately becomes clear that the ancient Ukrainians dug up the Black Sea, assimilated the Finno-Ugric tribes, and in general did everything so that there were no Muscovites who suddenly crawled out of nowhere and displaced these unfortunate and hardworking Ukrainians who had done so much to create a Russian state. And then you just have to be surprised at the duped big guys who were captured by the Muscovites with their narrow-minded thinking and who believe that Ukrainians were created to rule the world.
        1. +1
          April 18 2024 08: 10
          If the Ukrainians dug up the Black Sea, then the joke is on them. I would just like to know WHY they did it?
          It would have been much more productive to use the land and grow rye and wheat. And pigs...
          1. -2
            April 18 2024 08: 20
            If the Ukrainians dug up the Black Sea, then the joke is on them. I would just like to know WHY they did it?

            I believe that in Ukrainian history little is said about the reasons for this, and is it said at all!? It is better to address the question about the reason why the Black Sea was dug up by Ukrainians to the Ministry of Education of Ukraine. Apparently there are terribly smart heads sitting there, they know everything about it.
            Regarding pigs - a special question. The Turks, who regularly raided the lands of outlying Rus', captured everyone and also took with them all the livestock, except pigs. Therefore, the Russians, living on the outskirts of Russian land, tried to raise pigs, knowing that the Turks would not take them. Eating pork is prohibited in Islam.
          2. +6
            April 18 2024 08: 57
            Quote: U-58
            I would just like to know WHY they did it?

            To gain access to the sea... wink
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      April 18 2024 09: 47
      The USSR won the “bunker war” against Bandera, but never eradicated Nazi ideology in Ukraine

      And for this, many thanks to Khrushchev, who not only rehabilitated the Banderaites, but also allowed the Nazis who fled abroad to return. And then these Ukronazis began to occupy key positions not only in Ukraine, but also in the RSFSR.
      1. -2
        April 20 2024 07: 45
        Amnesty and rehabilitation are two different things. They were amnestied, not rehabilitated.
      2. -2
        April 20 2024 07: 47
        Can you give the names of former Banderaites who held key positions in the Ukrainian SSR?)
    3. +2
      April 21 2024 15: 23
      Let's start with the Khrushchev amnesty, under which many thousands of Banderaites not only returned home, but were also restored to all civil rights and began to integrate into administrative structures in full accordance with the decision of the Bandera leadership to change the form of the struggle for power. Khrushchev even exceeded this decision...
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    April 18 2024 06: 59
    If at first the Banderaites were spared so that they could be used for construction and restoration of the economy, then Khrushchev with his amnesties allowed them to expand. Not all Banderaites returned home; they were afraid that their fellow villagers would kill them for the atrocities they committed. But the rest hid, accumulating anger. At the “parades” in honor of Bandera in Kyiv, they hobble, but they say: “Give me a Schmeisser in my hands and I’ll put out the commies.” Still, despite the difficult situation after the war, it was necessary to destroy them. THESE don't give up
    1. +8
      April 18 2024 07: 04
      Still, despite the difficult situation after the war, it was necessary to destroy them. THESE don't give up
      I wonder whether the authorities will take this into account after the end of the SVO, or will they continue to jump on the Maidan in the same way?
    2. +4
      April 18 2024 07: 15
      Quote: Egoza
      If at first the Banderaites were spared so that they could be used for construction and restoration of the economy, then Khrushchev with his amnesties allowed them to expand.

      Everyone makes mistakes. When great people make them, great mistakes result. This was the abolition of the “tower” in 1947. Before that, Bandera’s supporters were hanged, and after that they were imprisoned for 25 years. Perhaps Stalin’s calculation was that few would survive 25 years in the camps; more would die, and in the process of dying they would work for the benefit of the national economy. Even in his wildest dreams he could not have imagined that his successor would grant them an amnesty. Nevertheless, Khrushch did just that. Stalin made a mistake, and Khrushchev made a crime for which he himself should have been put to the wall. But he was allowed to die as a pensioner of Union significance, while retaining his dacha, car with driver, Kremlevka and smaller privileges for the rest of his life after the Kremlin.
      1. 0
        April 18 2024 08: 13
        I will object. The Bandera members who received a quarter were not given amnesty and served out their sentences in full. And they even worked after their release. The vipers turned out to be tenacious.
        1. +2
          April 18 2024 08: 40
          I will object. As a child, I spent almost every summer with relatives in Gomel, in a private house. Behind the fence there was another fence right next to it, much higher, and along the street there was an equally high one, higher than everyone else’s. My relatives had no dealings with these neighbors at all, from the word “at all,” and even during a chance meeting they did not greet each other. And other families on the street had no dealings with them either. When I grew to a conditionally conscious age (about 12 years old) and asked my aunt what was wrong with those neighbors, she lowered her voice and said that he was a traitor, served the Germans, was imprisoned for 25 years, but was released under an amnesty, he went to his place I didn’t want to return to Ukraine, I bought a house in Gomel (where did I get the money from, as soon as I left the zone, that’s another question, but I wasn’t smart enough to ask then). If he was given 25 in 1947, he should have been in prison until 1972, but he appeared on the street, according to his aunt’s stories, back in the 1950s, and at the same time he put up such a major fence, because they often threw whatever came to hand at him. And when I asked why he wasn’t shot like all traitors, I received an answer like “Life is more complicated than they say in books. When you grow up, you’ll understand.”
      2. +1
        April 20 2024 07: 56
        The death penalty was restored in 1950, when it was necessary to destroy Voznesensky, Popkov, Kuznetsov, Rodionov and other defendants in the Leningrad case. By the way, the review of this case was initiated by Beria (as well as the review of the “Doctors’ Case”, “Mingrelian Case”, “Mikhoels Case”), and the rehabilitation of its defendants itself was carried out after the execution of the latter.
  3. +7
    April 18 2024 07: 02
    This mistake of the communists was made because of the so-called internationalism... in order not to quarrel between peoples and to strengthen friendship between them, the unsightly facts of the activities of radical nationalists of all stripes, including Ukrainian scumbags, were hushed up in every possible way and kept secret.
    The modern government, in some way, is repeating the same mistake of past years, trying to silence and hide the nationalities of migrant criminals and other people who came to us with their own orders and concepts... this contradiction today cannot be resolved due to its class nature... the bourgeoisie need cheap labor .
    Well, in the 50s of the last century, Khrushchev laid a good face on the Soviet Union by amnestiing and introducing the former Banderaites into the administrative apparatus of the USSR.
    1. +3
      April 18 2024 09: 00
      You should look at the films that were made under the communists. “We Can’t Forget About This” (1954), for example. Young Vyacheslav Tikhonov. By the way, it talks about how Bandera’s followers penetrated Soviet institutions in order to destroy them from the inside.
      1. +1
        April 18 2024 10: 36
        The films were wonderful... I remember the film "Nobody Wanted to Die."
        Also from this series.
    2. 0
      April 22 2024 08: 14
      The modern government, in some way, is repeating the same mistake of past years, trying to silence and hide the nationalities of migrant criminals and other people who came to us with their own orders and concepts... this contradiction today cannot be resolved due to its class nature... the bourgeoisie need cheap labor .
      Removed from the tongue. Also locally, in the outback, it is exceptionally clear how the supreme power has gotten itself into the same excrement - shamefully, flirting, spineless, weak-willed, allowing the Central Asian heirs of Basmachi (that is, the same Banderaites!) to feel with impunity, freely, with superiority, insolently . Again the same thoughts and impressions that radical anti-Russian abomination has infiltrated and taken root at the milestones, and is openly pushing, pushing, pushing the anti-Russian ideology under the guise of economic charms, tolerance, and the notorious “friendship of peoples.” But these alien peoples didn’t give a damn about these principles; they set out to stealthily conquer territories and entire sectors of the economy.
  4. 0
    April 18 2024 07: 06
    The USSR won the “bunker war” against Bandera, but never eradicated Nazi ideology in Ukraine...

    ...due to the desire to appear more humane than it actually is. Sometimes the cruelty with which “enemies of the people” were treated is beyond imagination...
    But no one is interested in the question of why the American military is in Japan, where more than 250 people (most of them civilians) died at their hands as a result of the atomic bombing?
    Does no one remember the consequences of the Streltsy riot in Russia?
    The phenomenon is destroyed by destroying the memory of its essence.
    Only the moldy “liberos” persistently present arguments why there should not be exceptional measures in the arsenal of justice. They flash some statistics from some Western countries... They refer to erroneous verdicts... stop Only those who pass sentences should be held accountable for their actions.
    There are also several criteria by which the self-interest and interest of the judges can be easily determined...
    Yes, yes, yes...It is precisely the 20th Article of the UN Convention that stands with a stake across the throats of our millionaire legislators (even billionaires)...
    There should be no surname or burial place of non-humans a priori, and any feast (orgy) with obscene Nazi gestures should be stopped with automatic small arms. I guarantee that there will be so few people willing that their existence will be equivalent to the existence of microbes...
  5. +4
    April 18 2024 07: 17
    There are also Canada and the USA, where the ideological continuity of generations of “Westerners” was preserved under the roof of the special services.
  6. +9
    April 18 2024 07: 36
    Judging by the message laid down in the article, the message of Bandera is a bonba laid by the damned commies under the bright and monumental building of capitalist Russia.
    Or maybe, in another way, the Bandera regime is fed with resources from the Russian Federation? Who has been supplying resources there all this time? Why were sanctions not announced against Ukraine for the unlicensed copying of tank and automatic guns? Why were the results of illegal elections recognized?
    Right before our eyes, the formation of Islamic fascism is taking place in the Russian Federation. And what we see is the same thing - the Russian people are being sacrificed to the interests of big capital.
    Who will be declared guilty this time—the communists, of course—and who else?
  7. +4
    April 18 2024 07: 36
    Personal memories. My father studied at the Kiev Higher Aviation Engineering School in 1960-65.
    One day in '63 and '64, when my mother finally got a job (it was difficult), my father took me to a football match. If I'm not mistaken, it was a friendly match between the Puerto Rican national team and Dynamo Kyiv.
    Start. The Puerto Rican anthem plays and everyone stands. This is followed by the anthem of the Soviet Union. The old people, of which there are many, sit down.
    In conclusion, the anthem of the Ukrainian SSR. The old men jump up and take off their caps. This is such a mess.
    I remember this match because a military man in the same aviation uniform was sitting next to my father. And it was German Titov.
  8. +7
    April 18 2024 07: 43
    Why are the Red Army soldiers from 1941 in the photo being captured? Another victim of the Unified State Exam?
  9. 0
    April 18 2024 07: 57
    We would like to eradicate it. How did Khrushchev and Khrushchev’s KGB stimulate the thought that they “realized their mistakes”? This is history. How does Solntsy-Face represent denazification in detail, or does he represent it at all?
  10. +3
    April 18 2024 08: 29
    Bandera’s ideology was gradually supported by the top of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine. In the mid-80s (but even before perestroika) there, local lecturers from the Knowledge Society, during their speeches to the audience, very often answered questions about the economic situation in Ukraine: “If we were an independent state, we would live much better.” . Kravchuk, before his posts as Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Ukrainian SSR and later as President of Ukraine, was secretary of the Communist Party Central Committee for ideology, so he had to die for the preservation of the USSR, and he later said in his interview that he was most proud of the fact that he played a decisive role in collapse of the USSR!
    1. +1
      April 18 2024 09: 02
      However, there must be some explanation for how it happened that the whole country for almost half a century in Ukraine was either restoring or building (they achieved the highest standard of living in the republic), but the Ukrainians still lacked something
    2. +1
      April 18 2024 09: 09
      In his youth, Leonid Kravchuk was part of a special department of the UPA, engaged in reconnaissance against Soviet troops. The task of infiltrating Soviet institutions was set by Bandera’s supporters back in the 40s. It is noteworthy that in the preface to the book by intelligence officer Dmitry Medvedev, who commanded a sabotage detachment near Rivne, there is a mention that he regularly had to help out his comrades who came from post-war Ukraine to Moscow in search of protection from persecution.
  11. +1
    April 18 2024 09: 01
    but unofficial stories they say that the last UPA partisan (recognized as extremist in the Russian Federation) was discovered in 1991
    belay unofficial historians discovered it? fool
    The liquidation of bunkers and the bandits hiding in them did not lead to destruction of Nazi ideology in the minds of residents of Western Ukraine.
    fool Would you like to rave? Bandera's members received real sentences of 20 years, but they did not serve it out; Khrushchev amnestied them as soon as he came to power. Instead of destruction, it turned out to be a greenhouse.... request It was not decrepit old men who returned home, but strong, ideologically consistent fighters, after 10 years of retraining in the camps. In addition, the British transplanted Nazi ideology and preserved it together with Bandera in Canada. And Khrushchev returned 100 of them home. request And when both of them returned home, work began..... request
  12. +4
    April 18 2024 09: 57
    I wonder why the article about the victory over Bandera begins with a photo of Red Army soldiers surrendering.
  13. -2
    April 18 2024 10: 02
    The entire national policy in the USSR turned out to be a failure. Raised entire nations of enemies -13 out of 14.
    1. +1
      April 18 2024 10: 52
      They were raised by those who admired Nikolaev Russia. In Soviet times, all these nations fought against the Nazis. And for Bandera’s followers to be in charge in Kharkov or Dnepropetrovsk - even under Brezhnev it was impossible to think about this!
      1. 0
        April 18 2024 12: 40
        How did it happen that in 1941, from Kharkov, from the Locomotive Plant that produced the T-34, it was good if half the workers went for evacuation to Nizhny Tagil? And already under the Germans about 4 thousand people came to work at the plant?
        So, it is inappropriate to use the words “everyone” in relation to present and past Ukraine.
        1. -1
          April 18 2024 13: 13
          This is being asked after more than 1 million people fled abroad from the Russian Federation after the announcement of mobilization? How did this happen? Bandera's followers dealt with people from Eastern Ukraine with particular cruelty. What do we have now?
          1. +2
            April 18 2024 13: 18
            Those who fled abroad now worked at a defense plant and received lifting allowances to move to evacuation? And where does the figure of 1 million or more come from? Maybe we shouldn’t confuse sour with bland?
            Here one armchair internationalist warrior agreed to the point that supposedly crowds of Russian traitors were attacking the Belogorodsk region. But in reality they turned out to be generous with the Americans and other mercenaries.
            1. -1
              April 18 2024 13: 32
              “Almost 1 million people have left Russia since the beginning of mobilization. It is not yet possible to calculate how many of them fled from conscription.

              Forbes writes citing sources in the presidential administration. At the same time, the figures vary: one interlocutor says that almost 1 million people left, while another said about 600-700 thousand. It is currently impossible to isolate the share of tourists from this number.”

              The same "hataskrayniks" as in Kharkov fled
              1. +1
                April 18 2024 13: 35
                Do you read what they write to you? Did these people really work at defense factories, receive allowances, and then hide abroad?
                Does the given example of direct betrayal of those who did not go for evacuation somehow correlate with the information about freelancers and migrant workers with passports who left the country? And, you forgot to indicate the national composition of those who left Russia in 2022.
                1. 0
                  April 18 2024 13: 57
                  How do you know where those who escaped from the Russian Federation worked in 2022?

                  Among them, by the way, there were people with access to state secrets. Those Kharkovites never even dreamed of such secrets and “lifting” ones!

                  “The leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Gennady Zyuganov said that five former deputy prime ministers who had access to secret information fled from Russia.
                  “There is not only a fifth, but also a sixth column in the country. The fifth has already either betrayed or escaped. I recently looked at the list of all the ministers and deputy prime ministers and simply gasped: recently, five deputy prime ministers have fled, selling the country retail and wholesale under the dictation of American Tsareshmen,” Zyuganov was indignant, although he refused to give their names.
                  Earlier, the media reported that five Russians who had previously been deputy prime ministers were abroad. These are Alfred Kokh, Anatoly Chubais, Alexander Khloponin, Arkady Dvorkovich and Ilya Klebanov"
                  1. +1
                    April 18 2024 14: 42
                    I am touched by your concern for the purity of the thoughts of the oligarchy and deputy prime ministers. So who is the nationality of those million who left Russia?
                    1. 0
                      April 18 2024 15: 17
                      If you are so interested in this issue, then contact the Presidential Administration; it seems that information about escaped colleagues is collected and stored with particular touchingness.

                      It must be assumed that not all Ukrainians fled from Kharkov either.
                      1. +1
                        April 18 2024 15: 19
                        What do you mean they fled from Kharkov? Do you think those who left for Nizhny Tagil fled? Are you for those who stayed in Kharkov in 1941 to wait for the Germans?
                        Something has happened to your internationalism! He seems to have gone in the wrong direction.
      2. +2
        April 19 2024 09: 55
        Let's look at the facts of 1991.
        1 13 republics left the USSR. They declared their independence.
        2 Nowhere in these republics were there any protests against the titular nations.
        3 In all 13, Russophobic regimes were established.
        4 The population supported these regimes.
        5 In all these republics, oppression and persecution of Russians began.

        This is the result of 70 years of Soviet nationality policy. It turned out to be a complete failure. And this is regardless of the reluctance of individuals to acknowledge reality. After all, practice is the criterion of truth.
  14. +1
    April 19 2024 05: 10
    Almost 40 years have passed since Gorbachev, and how are things going with ideology in Russia?

    Russian ideologists justify themselves by criticizing the USSR, which .... eklmn ... did not do everything that it was obliged to do for us before we gouged this USSR in peacetime due to the fact that “in the USSR they did not know how to make sausage and toilet paper" ... but now they are doing a great job of making the first out of the second. ...
  15. +2
    April 19 2024 06: 09
    What's on the author's splash screen?
    Why is the surrender of the Red Army soldiers shown?
    I wanted to warm Bandera’s soul. Interesting throw-in!
    1. +2
      April 19 2024 16: 37
      yes, this is from the chronicles of the Wehrmacht)))) the boy Kolya from Urengoy is performing
    2. +2
      April 20 2024 01: 50
      I also wanted to ask a similar question, but then a “guess” dawned on me. laughing : probably the author, not having the relevant photographic documents, decided to pass off the Red Army soldiers of the first hard times of war, who raised their hands in front of the Nazis, as surrendering, dressed in Red Army uniforms, as Bandera fighters. Yes
  16. The comment was deleted.
  17. 0
    April 20 2024 19: 04
    In general, the topic is extremely interesting.
    In general, the very fact that for 12 years in the territory considered to be a super closed, totalitarian USSR there was a war against an insurgent movement is surprising. During this battle of the USSR, the irretrievable losses of the armed forces and law enforcement agencies amounted to 25000-35000 people, while in Afghanistan it was within 15000, that is, the losses were 1,5-2 times higher. How could the Soviet government tolerate fighting on its territory for more than 10 years?
    How did this army of rebels eat, buy clothes, medical supplies, and where were they able to form stockpiles of ammunition?
    Facts about the UPA of the People's Commissar of State Security of the Ukrainian SSR Sergei Savchenko on the emergence and activities of the UPA (June 1944)
    Who organized them when and how?
  18. 0
    April 20 2024 19: 36
    Another interesting fact: According to the Department for Combating Banditry of the NKVD of Ukraine, in 1944, 57 members of bandit formations were destroyed and 405 were detained (we are talking about the UPA). 50 people are not a few madmen, but more than in any public association in the Russian Federation (we don’t take volunteers and those in the Northern Military District into account) those who are ready not only to chatter aimlessly, but, if necessary, to give their lives. I admit that some of them were lured into the UPA by force and tied in blood, but this is only a small part.
    How did it happen that Soviet propaganda did not reformat them and who, with what technologies, formatted their brains in those distant years?
    How in a supposedly completely totalitarian system where everyone snitches on everyone, there is the NKVD, the KGB, the Prosecutor's Office, Party control and simply human envy, the mistakes of hundreds of thousands of people were recruited, met and eventually became the armed forces of an unrecognized country?
    1. 0
      April 27 2024 20: 10
      This means that traditions are stronger than any law or authority. Traditions are formed over centuries and cannot be changed in half a century.