Up to two kilometers: four of the most accurate sniper shots in history

Up to two kilometers: four of the most accurate sniper shots in history

The sniper is rightfully considered one of the deadliest combatants. Such a professional hits his target from a distance beyond the reach of the enemy, when he does not even suspect that he is at gunpoint.

At the same time, among the snipers there are real record holders who managed to reach the enemy at an incredible distance.

One of them is a US Armed Forces soldier, Sergeant Major Jimmy Gilly Landa, a participant in the Iraq War. He fired a shot from a standard M4 rifle with a standard NATO 7,62 mm cartridge. At the same time, he managed to hit his target at a distance of 1250 meters.

A somewhat better result was demonstrated by an unknown representative of the Norwegian military contingent in Afghanistan in 2007. The sniper used a Barrett M82A1 rifle with Raufoss NM140 ammunition and hit his target at a distance of 1380 meters.

However, this is not the limit. In 2009, British Army Corporal Christopher Reynolds took out his Accuracy International L115A3 rifle from the commander of one of the Taliban detachments (a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation), who was located 1852 meters away from him.

Finally, the record holder among snipers is American Sergeant Carlos Hascock. The military man hit the target at a distance of 2286 meters with an M2 Browning machine gun. In 1967, during the Vietnam War, when the event took place, the above-mentioned machine gun was used by the US Armed Forces instead of sniper rifles.

Data on sniper shots in the NWO zone will clearly open a completely new chapter in the book of sniper business.

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  1. +8
    April 6 2024 22: 23
    By an amazing coincidence, the best snipers were in NATO. Our guys, now or before, probably have no time for registering records.
    1. +5
      April 7 2024 00: 58
      At the beginning of the SVO, the Ukrainian declared a super sniper, who in the end did not take part in the battles, but quietly left. The story with NATO snipers is a continuation of the story with their tanks and Javelins. The absolute record for firing range belongs to our ORSIS rifles. But in a real battle, it’s unlikely that anyone will count meters; this is pure PR.
    2. +3
      April 7 2024 15: 15
      Is the M4 rifle 7,62 caliber?
      1. +2
        April 7 2024 21: 39
        In fact, Jim Gilliland shot an M24 rifle (based on a Remington 700). The article distorted both the weapon and the data of the sniper himself.
        1. +2
          April 8 2024 17: 16
          It is not clear why this information, already quite well known, is presented in the “News” section?
  2. +3
    April 6 2024 22: 39
    As far as I remember, Hatchcock hit a messenger riding a bicycle.
    1. +2
      April 6 2024 22: 54
      One bullet from a machine gun? Yes, most likely he released the entire tape)
      1. +2
        April 6 2024 23: 02
        What's the point? All the same, only the first bullet will hit the target. Apparently, he was able to calculate the lead.
  3. 0
    April 6 2024 22: 56
    Random hits. No more.
    1. +1
      April 6 2024 22: 58
      You're right, there's nothing random there
      1. +3
        April 7 2024 16: 36
        If there was nothing accidental there, then such shots would be a simple routine and all snipers would make them. “Rosy” stories about how “some great and unique” people were shooting can be left for children and fans of Hollywood.
        The uniqueness of the sniper in the quality of the targets hit and in the situation when and how he did it. And not in shooting for a couple of kilometers at random, at wandering “shepherds”.
  4. +2
    April 6 2024 23: 16
    I think these records, although they cause amazement at the skill and talent of the shooter, practically do not solve anything in a real battle. Yes, good advertising, yes, excellent training and equipment, but these achievements are unique and only a few will be able to repeat it... and even then it’s unlikely!!
  5. +7
    April 6 2024 23: 44
    Americans are good PR people and good sellers of their goods. They promote themselves, advertise their weapons, even here, and at the time of an undeclared war with us.

    But our fighters, those who are now lying in ambush, have no time for PR. And only they personally and their commanders know about their successes. Who would make a film about them and talk about their successes?
    1. +2
      April 7 2024 01: 07
      X generation Bondarchuk). Only they lend themselves to battle scenes..
  6. +2
    April 7 2024 01: 41
    Quote from Pharmacist
    By an amazing coincidence, the best snipers were in NATO. Our guys, now or before, probably have no time for registering records.

    2 km is not even close to a record. VO itself wrote at one time, almost 3,5 km. https://topwar.ru/118703-smi-kanadskiy-snayper-ustanovil-rekord-ubiv-boevika-s-3450-metrov.html
  7. -1
    April 7 2024 01: 58
    Hmmm, a Norwegian sniper in Afghanistan kills a local aborigine.
    What did Norway lose in Afghanistan?
  8. +1
    April 7 2024 05: 45
    The first one on the list is called Jim Gilliland
    It's a little different from Jimmy Gilly Land.
  9. +1
    April 7 2024 07: 34
    There was a message that our SVD sniper in Afghanistan hit a target at a distance, I may be mistaken, 1200 meters.
  10. +5
    April 7 2024 07: 58
    During Operation Anaconda in 2002, sniper pairs were widely used to clear one mountainside from the side of an adjacent mountain. This is where long-range sniper rifles showed themselves in all their glory. Canadian snipers with Canadian rifles under .50 BMG were especially successful in reducing the number of Taliban. Shooting logs from a distance of one and a half thousand meters and further, they caused a fierce and complete butt-hurt in them. The snipers didn’t really hide, they were often spotted by the Taliban, but there was nothing to counter, which is why they could only frustrate. The Taliban did not have their own “long-haulers,” nor did they have air support; the SVD had nothing to say at such a distance. They tried to use mortars, self-propelled guns, even some kind of guns. But as soon as the snipers spotted the heavy weapons being retrieved, Gunships, A-10s and other “Apaches” dangling in the sky in large numbers immediately flew to the point and corrected this annoying misunderstanding for the Canadians. FAIL.

    By the way, this is where the three longest recorded shots in the world were made. In first place (2475 meters) was Craig Garrison and Arctic Warfare Magnum, both from the islands of Foggy Albion. The Canadians finished second. Shooter Rob Furlong, using a McMillan Tac-50 rifle, with a well-aimed shot from a cold barrel, dispatched a Taliban artillery gunner from a distance of 2430 meters. He is followed by his colleague Aaron Parry with 2310 meters using the same rifle. It is worth noting, however, that such distances have been shot in sports sniping before, and even three thousand (!) meters was not the limit, but shooting in combat conditions is much more difficult. Therefore, it is correct to consider it the longest shot at the carcass of a living person. Although there are still legends about a certain American sniper who, with the help of the good old Barret M82 in Iraq, from a distance of 2450 meters, took out an enemy sniper through a six-centimeter steel plate behind which he was hiding. Which, undoubtedly, is LPP, since even the great and terrible Soviet PTRS and PTRD under 14,5 × 114 (which this bourgeois camper, in principle, could squeeze out from the valiant Mujahideen), strengthen a maximum of four centimeters of steel when firing at point-blank range with armor-piercing bullets with tungsten carbide cores, let alone a shotgun under .50 BMG at a distance of two and a half kame. Taken from the web.
  11. 0
    13 May 2024 15: 55
    The best sniper is a tank!
    With a rangefinder it is accurate, the landmine forgives small deviations, the enemy sniper is more of an annoying nuisance than a danger. And the firing range is higher.

    Well, now Lancets and FPV drones are still steering and pedaling.
    RZSO\TOS too, but they completely de-compact the areas.