Do not clean the tracks: an unwritten rule among Red Army tankers

Do not clean the tracks: an unwritten rule among Red Army tankers

Since the Great Patriotic War, many diaries of Red Army soldiers have been preserved, from which you can learn about what happened on the bloodiest fronts in stories humanity conflict, as well as the soldier's customs of those times.

An excerpt from the diary of Lieutenant Grigory Maksimovich Pigarev tells about an incident that shed light on one of the unwritten rules of USSR tank crews.

As the author of the lines writes, on the morning after the battle, a serious dispute arose between the soldiers of his unit and the tank crews.

The essence of the dispute was that the soldiers flatly refused to “clean tanks slippers" - picking out the remains of human bodies from the caterpillars. In turn, the tankers spoke about an unwritten rule, which states that the crew of the vehicle monitors its serviceability, and the cleanliness of the tank is the job of those “attached to the armor.”

As a result, Pigarev ordered his unit to obey the demands of the tank crew.

The tankers drove the vehicle to a large crater filled with water, and the infantrymen began to pick out pieces of leather, entrails, and uniform fabric from the tracks. And if only the German ones...

- says the diary, noting that on the battlefield, the bodies of the enemy can lie in close proximity to the bodies of our soldiers, both on the way to move forward and retreat back. In general, war... is no time for sentimentality.

As Pigarev writes, the tankers eventually joined in with rags to wash their armor, but later. According to the author, they probably just wanted others to understand what it all was like and to feel what the unspoken rule around which the dispute arose was connected with.

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  1. +10
    April 3 2024 15: 52
    It’s strange - they always wrote that diaries were prohibited, but here you are - “a lot of diaries.”
    It’s generally strange on the topic - with the T-34 chassis and its tracks, everything should have scattered within 100 meters. Perhaps there were blood streaks on the armor - that’s why it was necessary to wash it off with water....
    1. +19
      April 3 2024 16: 08
      Such Internet videos should not be taken at face value.
      What we have is that there seems to be a document (diary).
      But the video is a set of photographs compiled according to the principle “we talk about tanks and tankers - we show tanks and tankers,” and not pages of a document.
      If you look for the diary itself, it turns out that a diary is a topic in LiveJournal where a certain text is published, which is attributed to G.M. Pigarev. But there is also no documentary evidence in the form of a scanned copy of the diary itself.
      1. 0
        April 3 2024 16: 50
        I will add to what was written.
        If anyone is interested in reading, here is the link

        The only negative is that it’s inconvenient to read, each page follows a new link. I never got to the passage described in the video because of this. Maybe you have enough patience.
        1. 0
          April 3 2024 17: 04
          This passage is

    2. -1
      April 6 2024 11: 24
      Quote: your1970
      It’s strange - they always wrote that diaries were prohibited, but here you are - “a lot of diaries.”

      it also cut.
  2. The comment was deleted.
  3. +4
    April 3 2024 16: 05
    In the field, who will clean the goslings? Actually a strange question. Also paint, wash, and polish the armor to make it beautiful.
  4. -2
    April 3 2024 16: 08
    - “Tanks are not afraid of dirt!” ...
  5. +5
    April 3 2024 16: 15
    So what is this opus for?
    Yes, I had to clean it, well, the parties were incredible, but there were skating rinks and stars.
  6. +4
    April 3 2024 16: 25
    I knew a guy, he didn’t clean his boots in the fields, and it didn’t matter if it was an exercise or a business trip. It was just like that for a person. There are a lot of signs in war, but you don’t have to go least not at all. But you shouldn’t laugh at signs, many have meaning and, most importantly, it’s not too late to understand it
  7. -1
    April 3 2024 16: 28
    -What are you saying?!
    -And then...blablablablabla! Here !
  8. +3
    April 3 2024 21: 01
    I read a lot of memoirs of tankers, but nowhere and no one talks about this...
    How plausible this is is up to the author.
  9. +1
    April 3 2024 21: 42
    Military photo. Eastern front.
  10. +5
    April 3 2024 22: 10
    Never a tanker. But, there are rights of an excavator operator. The first thing they do in winter after work is knock off clods of dirt from the tracks. Otherwise, the excavator will not be moved from its place in the morning. wink
    The article is a blur. A field strewn with the corpses of enemies, like at Thermopylae. And a tank.
    1. +1
      April 4 2024 23: 27
      The topic here is not about heavy frozen clay, but about guts, which do not particularly affect the movement and wear of the caterpillar
  11. The comment was deleted.
  12. 0
    April 6 2024 01: 05
    Addition: “Don’t be surprised by anything. And never wash your face.” And in the navy they “never sharpened anchors.”

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