New President of Senegal: It’s time for France to leave the country, and we need to reconsider all agreements with Paris

New President of Senegal: It’s time for France to leave the country, and we need to reconsider all agreements with Paris

France's fiasco on the African continent continues. Now Paris has received a blow from where it could hardly have expected it - from Senegal, the West African country most closely associated with France.

The recently elected President of Senegal, Bassirou Diomaye Faye, made a harsh statement regarding the former metropolis. Once a French colony, Senegal spent almost its entire sovereign history collaborated closely with Paris and was considered by the latter as the most important outpost in West Africa. But it is possible that this situation will remain a thing of the past.

It's time for France to leave the country, and we need to reconsider all agreements with Paris

- said the new head of the Senegalese state.

A 2024-year-old left-wing politician who won the 44 presidential election, Faye advocates distancing himself as decisively as possible from France and Western countries in general and weakening the country's economic dependence on the former metropolis. In economics, he advocates the elimination of the CFA franc as a currency, and in politics he is guided by left-wing pan-Africanism.

According to Faye, Dakar needs to reconsider cooperation with France in the political, economic, cultural and military spheres. In fact, we are talking about the plans of the new leadership of Senegal to abandon close ties with the French state. Previously, Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso, Guinea, and the Central African Republic broke off close relations with France.

Senegal remained one of France's most reliable allies on the continent. Severing ties with this country will lead to very unpleasant consequences for Paris in terms of its African policy. Moreover, Dakar’s actions can become an example for the latest former African colonies collaborating with France.
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    1. +4
      29 March 2024 15: 25
      Nobody loves Emma...
      1. 0
        29 March 2024 15: 29
        I dare_notice hi, how is this nobody???
        And the wife)))
        1. +4
          29 March 2024 15: 35
          There is information that his lover loves him
        2. +3
          29 March 2024 15: 41
          The more France is driven out of Africa, the more aggressively Makrosha attacks Russia... And all why, because in Africa they are waiting for Russia, which will not rob, but will negotiate, as it has always done in third world countries...
          1. +3
            29 March 2024 15: 49
            In one sentence... they just don’t like clay mixers anywhere.
            1. +5
              29 March 2024 15: 51
              Makroshka will go down in History as the last ruler of France, who FINALLY lost all the African colonies! farmers, migrants, unrest... it happened before and it will happen after. but the fact that France has ceased to be a Metropolis (read - a vampire, a bloodsucker, a parasite) is Makroshkin’s merit!
          2. Two
            29 March 2024 15: 52
            And what did Russia get from these agreements? It forgave the blacks a lot of debts. Take the example of China, they extract minerals for China. If you go to Africa, you must be economically and technically developed, and we are essentially no different from Africa We sell natural resources. And most importantly, everything needed for electronics and production has long been mined by the USA, England and China; in Africa we get illiquid assets.
            1. +1
              29 March 2024 19: 08
              If you go to Africa you must be economically and technically developed

              Russia has actively begun selling its services and software in Africa in terms of protecting information and ensuring the functioning of critical infrastructure. Not because we are the coolest in this area, but because Africans do not really trust Western and Chinese software. Firstly, it “leaks”, and secondly, there is no guarantee that it won’t be turned off. There are business specifics, of course.

              Didactic material - follow the link:
              1. Two
                30 March 2024 01: 19
                All you can offer is software. Here’s an example: in China, most of the transport is electric and these are lithium batteries. And where does China mine lithium in Africa? And now we produce lithium batteries, processors, cell phones in general, electronics cars from scratch without foreign spare parts Russia even buys nails and screws from China. And where am I asking you, we are economically and technically developed.
        3. 0
          29 March 2024 17: 31
          Here's the question....spouse or spouse? There's some fuss going on about this topic. laughing
    2. +2
      29 March 2024 15: 25
      Macron got a kick out of it, I wonder how many Senegalese there are in France and what the mood and attitude of these people are towards Paris.
    3. +1
      29 March 2024 15: 28
      If Senegal leaves the control of France, then Macoron and Pashinyan will receive the Nobel Peace Prize. There, even under the French, some rats were eaten, and fresh meat was sold at the market. The most terrible PKK in the history of Traflot, after Angola, of course. Angola is just “lovely.” But It looks like the PRC is fussing over the yuan again.
    4. +3
      29 March 2024 15: 28
      “It’s time for France to leave the country” -

      — Rally Dakar-Paris...
      1. +1
        29 March 2024 15: 31
        Vladimir Vladimirovich Vorontsov hi, without Kamaz-Master it’s not the same.
      2. 0
        29 March 2024 15: 55
        Vorontsov. The Paris Dakar Rally is a favorite pastime of the locals, selling you a jeep for $5 in the desert. And you get it as you want. I was friends on a flight with a Mauritanian (some scion of the sultans of Mauritania) for some reason they rented it to us, in mostly Senegalese sailors. Slavery?
        1. +2
          29 March 2024 21: 22
          Quote: tralflot1832
          Vorontsov. The Paris Dakar Rally is a favorite pastime of the locals, selling you a jeep for $5 in the desert. And you get it as you want.

          Rally Paris Dakar ended at 2009...
          From 2009 to 2019 the race was held in South America,
          Since 2020, the race has been held in Saudi Arabia.
    5. +5
      29 March 2024 15: 34
      As an African we don't want Paris, USA and especially the British from our world, the new generation knows the are completely invaders and rippers. There is hope for Senegalese for ditching the ripper France. We are becoming wiser
    6. +2
      29 March 2024 15: 34
      Apparently, the macro guy in the form of a bodybuilder didn’t attract anyone... didn’t scare anyone....wassat
      1. +1
        29 March 2024 15: 37
        Mouse hi, so he seemed to look like a boxer?! And yes, it’s time to include the French folk song))) Emmanuelle Goodbye.
        1. +1
          29 March 2024 15: 40
          The main thing is to draw more biceps, you can make them look like whoever you want.... wassat
          1. 0
            29 March 2024 15: 48
            Mouse, uh nooo, the main thing here is the brutal muzzle-face, suddenly everyone will be scared.
    7. +2
      29 March 2024 15: 52
      Fairy tales about democracy no longer attract anyone, but the West cannot and does not want to negotiate as with equals in order to have something they need.
    8. 0
      29 March 2024 16: 04
      Macron has deprived France of another support in Africa. What will happen to the Paris-Dakar rally now?
      Slowly, things are moving towards removing pro-French citizens from power in Chad.
      There you see, and in Nigeria everything will work out as it should for the local population, and not for the proteges of the West.

      I was amused by the photo from the meeting of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Niger with the US Ambassador to this country. The funny thing is not only the difference in height, but how coincidentally their last names came up - Muhammad Tumba and Kathleen Fitzgibbon.

      The American said that her country will provide a plan and project for the withdrawal of American armed forces from the territory of Niger, without specifying specific dates. But as always.
      1. 0
        29 March 2024 19: 38
        She is a gibbon and a gibbon in Africa. It’s just the right place for her to be in Africa.
    9. +2
      29 March 2024 17: 23
      Fai, an ally and fellow party member of the popular opposition politician Ousmane Sonko, whom the authorities put in prison long before the election race. Then they released him, depriving him of the opportunity to stand for election, but apparently they miscalculated somewhere or something.

      And at the same time, France got a kick in the ass.

      International investors were also "nervous" at the victory of Fay, who has already promised to renegotiate deals with the likes of British Petroleum, Endeavor Mining Plc and Kosmos Energy Ltd. Apparently they have something to worry about?
    10. -2
      29 March 2024 17: 56
      When they review the agreements and kick you out, then you’ll say, why talk about it ahead of time?
    11. +1
      29 March 2024 19: 34
      In general, Macron, we can’t help you, go away from Africa, cry into your wife’s skirt and please hang up.
    12. 0
      29 March 2024 22: 10
      Someday it will be called African spring 2. The first was about sixty years ago. In theory, the redistribution of influence of the main players on the world stage inevitably entails the reorganization of the regions dependent on them. Then it was the formation of the socialist camp and the departure of Britain and Germany, now it is the departure of the French and the strengthening of China.
    13. +1
      30 March 2024 02: 43
      France's fiasco on the African continent continues. Now Paris has received a blow from where it could hardly have expected it - from Senegal, the West African country most closely associated with France.
      A lot of fun for the paddling pools! good laughing
    14. 0
      31 March 2024 14: 26
      Freedom for the people of Senegal from the oppression of French colonialists.
    15. kaa
      April 1 2024 04: 19
      For some reason, in recent years, everyone has begun to beat French dishes. How have they done so much harm to Africans lately? Have they been doing well?

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