Why was Ivan the Terrible slandered?

Why was Ivan the Terrible slandered?
Viktor Vasnetsov “Tsar Ivan Vasilyevich the Terrible”, 1897

Great People's Sovereign

Modern historical science, if researchers are not interested in denigrating Emperor Ivan Vasiliev, quite easily refutes the accusations brought against him as unreliable or extremely exaggerated. Facts show that he was one of the most effective and successful rulers in the entire history of Rus-Russia.

The Grand Duke of Moscow and All Rus' Ivan IV was one of the most educated people of his time, he had a phenomenal memory and erudition. The Tsar contributed to the organization of book printing in Moscow and the construction of St. Basil's Cathedral on Red Square. He pursued a large-scale urban planning policy, built cities and fortresses.

He carried out a number of successful reforms to centralize and strengthen the state, successfully fought against specific separatism (oprichnina), was actually the first to create a regular army and made an attempt to create the Baltic Navy. In addition to strengthening the “vertical of power”, he created a “horizontal” - zemstvo, community administration. It was the zemstvos created by Ivan the Terrible that saved the Russian state during the Time of Troubles at the beginning of the 17th century.

As a result of several victorious wars and campaigns, he doubled the territory of the state, annexing the Kazan and Astrakhan khanates, part of the North Caucasus and Western Siberia to the Russian kingdom. The problem of security of the eastern borders of the state was solved. In fact, under him, the Russian kingdom became the sacred heir of two great lost empires - Byzantium and the Golden Horde.

Thus, it was Ivan IV who laid the foundations of the Russian Empire, its power and wealth.

Another interesting fact is that Tsar Ivan Vasilyevich is one of the few sovereigns who has entered the people's memory. The people preserved the bright memory of Ivan IV as the Tsar-Father, the defender of Bright Rus' both from external enemies and from internal ones - traitor boyars, thieves and oppressors. People even revered Ivan the Terrible as a revered saint. Several ancient icons of Ivan the Terrible, where he is depicted with a halo, have survived to the present day.

In 1621, the holiday of “the discovery of the body of King John” was established (June 10 according to the Julian calendar), and in the surviving calendar of the Koryazhemsky monastery Ivan IV is mentioned as a great martyr. That is, even then the Church confirmed the fact of the murder of the sovereign. This was done by Patriarch Filaret (Romanov), who was the father of Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich.

Grigory Sedov “Ivan the Terrible and Malyuta Skuratov.” 1871

The Birth of Black Mythology

Foreigners were the first to invent terrible tales about the great king (Who created the “black” myth about the “bloody tyrant” Ivan the Terrible), many of whom themselves served Russia, but abroad were connected to the information war that began during the Livonian War. There were many diplomats and ambassadors among them who visited Moscow.

We are currently seeing an example of such a campaign, taking into account the greatly increased possibilities for brainwashing. Any attempt by Russia to resolve issues on the world stage in the interests of national security causes a wave of hysteria and panic in the West.

“The Russians are coming” is far from a modern invention. It was Ivan IV’s attempt to return the previously lost northwestern regions and access to the Baltic (Varangian) Sea to the Russian kingdom that led to the first large-scale information war against Rus' and its leader. The then fifth column, like Prince Andrei Kurbsky, also took part in this war. The terrible and righteous king was accused of all sins - from mass terror to the murder of his son, sodomy and orgies.

This is how the West created the image of a bloody demon king, practically the governor of the dark forces on earth. It’s interesting that he still dominates the information field there. The most successful Russian tsar, who has done a lot for the prosperity of the state and the people, in the information field of the West is a tyrant, a ghoul killer.

Patriarch Nikon tried to suppress the official veneration of the great king, who became famous for splitting the Church and modernizing it according to European (Greek) standards, emasculating the spirit of asceticism and righteousness from it. In essence, Nikon became a liquidator who destroyed the principles that Sergius of Radonezh brought. Nikon was not satisfied with the authority of Ivan the Terrible, since he wanted to put his status above the royal one, becoming an “Orthodox pope.”

However, then these attempts were not crowned with success. Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich deeply revered Ivan the Terrible, moreover, Nikon’s activities led to turmoil, and he was unable to complete his subversive work. Just during the reign of Alexei Mikhailovich, by his direct order, the icon painter Simon Ushakov updated the icon of the “blessed and Christ-loving, God-crowned Great Sovereign Tsar and Grand Duke John Vasilyevich” in the Faceted Chamber. This image was created during the reign of Fyodor Ivanovich.

Tsar Peter I highly regarded Ivan the Terrible and considered himself his follower. Pyotr Alekseevich said:

“This sovereign is my predecessor and example. I always took him as a model in prudence and courage, but I could not yet equal him. "

Empress Catherine the Great also assessed the reign of Ivan IV positively. She defended the memory of the great king from attacks.

Ivan groznyj. Painting by Jan Matejko, 1875

Its development

In addition to external enemies, Ivan Vasilyevich also had internal enemies, who were the ideological heirs of traitors and thieves, with whom the great sovereign fought mercilessly. The “strong ones,” whose ambitions and appetites were curtailed by Ivan Vasilyevich, had heirs.

When Russia under Peter I again launched an offensive in Europe, trying to regain access to the Baltic and Black Seas, a new wave of information warfare arose in the West. They immediately started a campaign about the “Russian threat.” And to consolidate the image of “terrible Russian barbarians” who want to enslave all of Europe, they dug out from the archives the old slander about Ivan the Terrible and refreshed it.

The next peak of interest in the “bloody” king came with the French Revolution.

This interest seems a little strange. The French revolutionaries literally drowned the country in blood. Over the course of several days of “popular terror”, thousands of people were beaten and torn to pieces in Paris. People were beheaded in guillotines, drowned alive on barges, hanged and shot with grapeshot. At the same time, they inflated myths about Ivan the Terrible and were indignant at his cruelty. Apparently, for some reason the Russian Tsar did not please the French revolutionaries, many of whom emerged from secret lodges and were Satanists.

From France, slander began to reach Russia.

The first to criticize Ivan the Terrible was the freemason Radishchev. Gradually, the position of Westerners in Russia strengthened. And a great admirer of the French Revolution, court writer Nikolai Karamzin, took up the history of Russia. Karamzin’s work was picked up by a whole galaxy of liberal historians, publicists, writers and writers. They so successfully shaped public opinion in the Russian Empire that in 1862, when the epoch-making monument “Millennium of Rus'” was created in Veliky Novgorod, the figure of Ivan Vasilyevich did not appear on it.

Did not deserve! The man who annexed the Volga route to Russia, solved the problem of the Kazan and Astrakhan khanates, turned our country into a great power (empire) is absent from the monument. Although there are also third-rate figures like Anastasia Romanova (the first wife of Ivan the Terrible) and Marfa Boretskaya, who represented the party ready to annex Novgorod to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

It is curious that the Russian aristocracy and the liberal intelligentsia of the common ranks at that time acted on the same front, not accepting the merits of the formidable tsar. And communists, like Marx and Engels, had great antipathy towards Ivan the Terrible. This is not surprising. Engels and Marx were notable Russophobes.

Some enlightenment regarding the figure of Ivan Vasilyevich appeared during the reign of Alexander III. At this time, the Russian Empire took a course towards strengthening patriotic, traditional values, and a policy of Russification was purposefully pursued. A number of works appeared that rejected the slander of the liberal intelligentsia.

In the 1920s, a critical point of view on the personality of Ivan the Terrible prevailed. Only in the 1930s, when, at the behest of Joseph Stalin, the process of reviving a great power and cleansing the country of the fifth column began, Ivan Vasilyevich was rehabilitated.

After the end of the Stalin era, a wave of revelations of the supposed “horrors” of the reign of Ivan the Terrible and “oprichnina terror” began again.

During the years of perestroika and the victory of capitalism, Ivan the Terrible also aroused hatred with his activities. Rulers and fighters against thieves and traitors were again out of fashion.

Ivan the Terrible and his son Ivan November 16, 1581. Ilya Repin, 1885

Lies about oprichnina terror

In the West, a black myth was created about the “oprichnina terror” during the reign of Ivan Vasilyevich. He was actively supported by supporters of Western liberalism in Russia itself. Allegedly, the mad tsar created a terrorist organization that drenched the entire Russian kingdom in blood and destroyed thousands, tens of thousands of innocent people. A simply demonic figure of the Russian Tsar was created.

In many ways, this myth was created because of Ivan Vasilyevich himself, who had a conscience and suffered from the fact that politics leads to victims. He publicly repented. By his will, the Synodik of the Disgraced was compiled - a synodik for church commemoration of persons who suffered from the oprichnina.

However, historians have conducted a thorough study and, based on documentary sources, report that 3-4 thousand were executed during the reign of Ivan the Terrible. Moreover, Ivan Vasilyevich ruled for a very long time - from 1533 (he was crowned king in 1547) to 1584. This clearly does not amount to “mass terror”.

Western rulers of the same era could kill, execute, burn, and drown more people in a month, a week, or even a day.

Ermak's ambassadors before Ivan the Terrible. Hood. Stanislav Rosvorovsky, 1884

The truth about the “enlightened and civilized” West

During the same historical era, the “enlightened” rulers of the Western powers and the “merciful” Vatican killed hundreds of thousands and even millions of people in the most brutal manner. Moreover, they exterminated both strangers and their own population.

The clergy and the Inquisition “in the name of Christ” killed hundreds of thousands of “witches and witchers.” The crusaders, in the name of God, wiped out entire cities of “heretics” or “infidels” from the face of the earth.

The British authorities and nobles exterminated almost the entire peasant class during the enclosure - “the sheep began to devour people.” The peasants were simply driven off the land, doomed to starvation, vagrancy or slavery in factories. At the same time, they adopted the most severe “bloody” laws against vagrants. The British several times turned Ireland into a “desert” - a land without people, slaughtering the local natives.

The Spanish conquistadors destroyed unique Indian civilizations in Central and South America. Their achievements were looted and burned. Thousands of Indians were executed and turned into slaves. Vast territories were cleared of the native population.

In the same spirit, the Spaniards cleared out the Philippines.

At that time, the Philippines stood at the level of the cultures of Indochina. Rich and beautiful cities flourished. Many peoples had their own written language. Even women were literate, that is, in terms of education and culture, the Filipino natives were much higher than the Europeans. There were huge libraries (the books here were made of palm leaves and wood).

There was developed trade with China. The Philippines maintained contact with the Arab world and Turkey. But the islands were divided into Hindu and Muslim principalities, which were at enmity with each other. This helped the Spaniards capture the islands.

The most important role in the capture was played by Christian missionaries, who played the role of scouts, propagandists, broke the will of local leaders to resist, and founded outposts, which soon turned into fortresses. An ancient and developed culture was destroyed.

Most local residents gradually even lost their native languages, switching to the language of the occupiers. The archipelago and its peoples have forgotten their native names.

Actually, European predators prepared the same fate for the ancient Japanese civilization.

Christian missionaries and merchants had already prepared the ground for the occupation. The country is mired in civil strife. There was a fifth column in the form of Japanese Christians. Japan was saved by Prince Oda Nobunaga, who devoted his entire life to unifying the country. Relying on the outstanding commanders Tokugawa Ieyasu and Toyotomi Hideyoshi, he led the struggle for the unification of the country.

These talented leaders were able to rein in large feudal lords, eliminated the fifth column, banned Christianity and isolated the country from foreigners. As a result, Japan retained its independence, and we can now admire its unique culture.

Spain distinguished itself with yet another massacre – this time in Western Europe itself. Its rich province, the Netherlands, rebelled. The Spaniards unleashed a bloody reign of terror, trying to drown the rebellion in blood. However, neighboring countries such as England were interested in separating the Netherlands from Spain, so the rebels eventually achieved partial success.

The war was characterized by extreme cruelty. The rebels were hanged, burned and chopped down. All residents of the Netherlands were called “unburnt heretics.”

At the same time, people there were slaughtered in entire cities. So, in November 1572, the Spanish army destroyed all the townspeople of the city of Zutphen, and in December, Spanish soldiers massacred almost all the inhabitants of Narden. In 1573, Haarlem suffered the same fate. 20 thousand people were killed, some of them were drowned in the river.

It must be said that the “Spanish” army was only in name. There were detachments from Italy (there was no single Italian nation yet), various kinds of Germans and Albanian mercenaries, etc. The rebels also carried out terror against officials and supporters of the king.

Therefore, extreme cruelty and mercilessness were then characteristic of all residents of “civilized” Europe.

During this period, Germany had just moved away from the split between Catholics and Reformed (Protestants), when they there, too, enthusiastically slaughtered each other. From the terrible Peasant War of 1524–1526, when the mob slaughtered and tore apart the nobles and the rich, and hired soldiers cleared entire cities, districts and regions of people.

But, apparently, life was boring for Europeans without executions and massacres, so a witch hunt began in Germany. The “Great Hunt” began in the mid-16th century and lasted approximately two centuries. Tens of thousands of people were brutally killed.

At the same time, Eastern Europe almost did not experience this terrible process.

Witchcraft hysteria practically did not affect the Orthodox Russian kingdom. A woman in Rus' was not viewed as an inherently sinful being.

In Western Europe, it was enough for a woman to stand out from the crowd with something - intelligence, independence, beauty, red hair, a birthmark, etc. etc. to get to the fire. It is clear that such processes opened up space for sadists who could show their qualities there officially.

Those who had wealth were also accused. They snitched on neighbors they liked, women who did not show favoritism to a suitor, and others. So informers, judges and executioners received additional income there. “Enlightened” Europeans went to brutal executions as if it were a holiday, with their families and children.

A brutal, uncompromising religious war was going on in France. Only during the so-called On St. Bartholomew's Night (the night of August 24, 1572), several thousand people were killed in Paris alone. Many more were killed across the country that day and in the days that followed. A wave of violence in the capital led to a bloodbath throughout the country.

Thus, more people were brutally killed in Paris in one day than during the entire reign of Tsar Ivan the Terrible.

If in the Russian kingdom of Ivan Vasilyevich 3-4 thousand people were executed (perhaps slightly more), then in the main powers of Western Europe (Spain, France, the Netherlands and England) about 300-400 thousand people were killed at the same time. Moreover, under Ivan the Terrible, traitor boyars, thieves, and criminals were executed, while in Western Europe the overwhelming majority of those killed were innocent victims.

Therefore, our supposed “bloody tyrant” Ivan IV, in comparison with their Philip II, Henry VIII, Charles IX and other Western rulers, who in Europe are by no means considered “bloody monsters”, is just a petty hooligan or even a righteous man. In the West, their murderous rulers are not considered criminals; moreover, they are even considered great statesmen and are role models.

A typical example of “double standards” of Western propaganda!

At the same time, Ivan the Terrible was clearly a man of fine spiritual organization.

The tsar himself accused himself “of filth, of murder... of hatred, of all kinds of villainy,” of being an “unclean and nasty murderer.” He donated large amounts of money for the “remembrance of the souls” of those executed. Subsequently, this self-criticism was used by critics of the great sovereign as an argument for his “bloodiness.” Like, since he recognizes himself as a murderer, that means that’s the way it is.

No ruler in Western Europe would even dream of repenting like that. They, while killing, slept peacefully.

This is an excellent example of the difference between the spiritual matrices of Russian and Western civilizations.

Alexander Litovchenko. Ivan the Terrible shows his treasures to the English ambassador Horsey. 1875
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  1. -17
    29 March 2024 04: 04
    Why know History? To know how good or bad the ruler of the 16th century was?
    These are all justifications and dances around the theses of Western propaganda of past centuries. And how long will it last...? laughing

    It is useful to know the traditions, customs, and contradictions of social life. We need to talk about social life, and not about the habits of kings and what hit one of them in the head when...
    The society was written about by the chronicler Nestor right up to Soviet times.

    But in the “new history” they write about rulers. Or about their holiness or about their crimes and demons. This is the philosophy of slaves, characteristic of the general decline of current social life. Puppets have nothing to talk about except their puppeteers.
    1. -17
      29 March 2024 05: 45
      Quote: ivan2022
      This is the philosophy of slaves, characteristic of the general decline of current social life.

      1. -2
        29 March 2024 13: 51
        This is how the West created the image of a bloody demon king, practically the governor of the dark forces on earth.

        The most tragic thing is that such bullshit finds fertile ground due to the fact that the main audience is blatantly ignorant in terms of history, since the main source from which this audience draws knowledge is the Internet trash heap. And based on information from this, to put it mildly, source, conclusions are drawn on a “cosmic scale.”
        Meanwhile, it is enough to read only the book of the Russian historian Georgiy Vladimirovich Vernadsky “Moscow Kingdom”, against the background of which a certain Samsonov as a historian is a complete nonentity, to understand that “Samsonov’s rituals” have nothing in common with history and are purely the product of local agitprop.
        By the way, for the information of “adepts of history a la Samsonov.” The first who “issued to the mountain” the conclusion that “Tsar Ivan “suffered from violent insanity, caused and supported by violent voluptuousness and debauchery” was none other than a doctor of medicine, professor, historian of Russian medicine, head of the Imperial Medical-Surgical Academy Yakov Alekseevich Chistovich.
        And the theory that “the first Russian Tsar had aggravated psychopathological heredity” was introduced into historiography by none other than the Russian publicist, sociologist and literary critic, populist theorist Nikolai Konstantinovich Mikhailovsky.
        And a Russian historian and source scholar, a specialist in the history of the highest state apparatus of the Russian Empire of the 19th century; commentator and publisher of foreign (mainly English-language) sources on the history of the Russian kingdom of the second half of the 16th century, private associate professor at the Imperial St. Petersburg University, professor at the Historical and Philological Institute, actual state councilor Sergei Mikhailovich Seredonin is the “spiritual father” of American historians studying history reign of Ivan the Terrible.
        You can write a lot on this issue. But it’s hardly justified. Everything here is classic.
        Don't drink, brother, you'll become a little goat! Ivanushka did not listen and drank from a goat's hoof. Got drunk and became a little goat...

        They still drink. With corresponding consequences.
        1. -5
          29 March 2024 16: 07
          Quote: Dekabrist
          With corresponding consequences.

          Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; little minds discuss people.
          Eleanor Roosevelt
        2. 0
          29 March 2024 16: 53
          They still drink. With corresponding consequences.
          good “What kind of improvisation is this? Who invented it? The Germans, probably. They always come up with something, and then the Russian people suffer” (c) laughing
        3. +8
          29 March 2024 18: 35
          Quote: Dekabrist
          The first who “issued to the mountain” the conclusion that “Tsar Ivan “suffered from violent insanity, caused and supported by violent voluptuousness and debauchery” was none other than a doctor of medicine, professor, historian of Russian medicine, head of the Imperial Medical-Surgical Academy Yakov Alekseevich Chistovich.

          Is this the one who lived in the 19th century? Well, how could he give any conclusions about a person whom he had never seen? The rest are similar.
          1. -6
            29 March 2024 18: 50
            And the author assures that
            Modern historical science, if researchers are not interested in denigrating Emperor Ivan Vasiliev, quite easily refutes the accusations brought against him as unreliable or extremely exaggerated
            How can they refute something “about a person they have never seen,” as you say?
            1. +6
              29 March 2024 20: 00
              Quote: Dekabrist
              How can they refute something “about a person they have never seen”
              For example, the fact that he did not kill his son is proven by an analysis of his remains.
              But in order to diagnose any mental disorders, you need to personally communicate with the person.
              1. -2
                30 March 2024 06: 10
                The analysis of the remains of Ivan Jr. proved that it proved nothing. The skull simply rotted. Of course, no injuries were found on him. But it’s not a fact that they weren’t there.
                1. +1
                  30 March 2024 06: 36
                  Quote: YAHU
                  Analysis of the remains of Ivan Jr. proved that

                  he was poisoned with mercury and arsenic.
                  1. +2
                    30 March 2024 07: 02
                    Yes, the entire elite of that time had exorbitant levels of toxic substances. In those days, mercury was used to treat, and not only syphilis. And there are a lot of questions about arsenic.
                    1. +1
                      30 March 2024 07: 10
                      Quote: YAHU
                      In those days, mercury was used to treat, and not only syphilis.

                      That didn't make it any less poisonous.
                      1. +2
                        30 March 2024 07: 24
                        Be that as it may, it seems that Grozny himself considered himself to be the culprit in the death of his son. Which is what he repented of. How was it there? Maybe he really hit the sledge on the head, but it wasn’t fatal. And on the quiet he was treated/poisoned. There may be other versions. In general, it is clear that the matter is dark.
                      2. +1
                        30 March 2024 08: 07
                        Quote: YAHU
                        In general, it’s clear that the matter is dark

                        Everyone who spoke about the quarrel and the blow did not even try to pass themselves off as witnesses to what happened, that is, there is a lot of talk, but no one can really say how this came to be known. Plus, everyone gives their own reason for the quarrel - either captured Germans, or the prince’s wife, or something else. There is some kind of nonsense with the daughter-in-law - she was lying in her chambers, lightly dressed, the king came to her and, indignant at her appearance, beat her. She didn’t wander around the palace in an indecent manner, but was at home, not to mention the fact that the king had nothing to do there.
          2. +1
            April 4 2024 19: 17
            It is known how - the cosmos guided his thoughts)))
    2. +18
      29 March 2024 06: 21
      Quote: ivan2022
      Why know History? To know how good or bad the ruler of the 16th century was?

      We must know and remember the history of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers, remember their graves and graveyards and be worthy successors of the family.
      1. -3
        31 March 2024 18: 53
        Quote: carpenter
        Quote: ivan2022
        Why know History? To know how good or bad the ruler of the 16th century was?...It is useful to know the traditions, customs, and contradictions of social life. It is necessary to interpret about social life,

        We must know and remember the history of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers, remember their graves and graveyards and be worthy successors of the family.

        Have you ever tried to understand the meaning of what you read and then respond to what you read? I highly recommend... Mr. lover of churchyards. And a typical example of the “successors” who ruined their country in a shameful manner in 1991.
    3. +15
      29 March 2024 06: 37
      Quote: ivan2022
      Why know History?
      At least then:
      Quote: George Santayana
      Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it (Those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it)
      1. -6
        29 March 2024 06: 59
        In our country, history can change three times a day, and in any direction. This is how it happened historically lol lol

        For some reason it hasn't allowed me to quote for a week now...
      2. -3
        31 March 2024 18: 57
        Quote: Nagan
        Quote: ivan2022
        Why know History?
        At least then:
        Quote: George Santayana
        Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it (Those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it)

        I highly recommend reading the lines in their entirety and not engaging in verbal masturbation in public.

        Those living today are doomed to repeat themselves, because they betrayed the memory of their ancestors from the time of Ivan the Terrible until 1991. This is in the best case, and in the worst case, they will receive strictly what they deserve by their deeds.
    4. +17
      29 March 2024 08: 25
      Why know History? To know how good or bad the ruler of the 16th century was?
      These are all justifications and dances around the theses of Western propaganda of past centuries. And how long will it last...?

      Yes, after such words you are not surprised by the message that somewhere in the vastness of Russia, brainless youngsters fried shish kebab on the eternal fire over the grave of our fallen soldiers, that underdeveloped morals created a new corps of Vlasovites in Ukraine, fighting against their Motherland, their Fatherland.
      Dear Ivan2022, history makes a person a citizen. And there is no other science capable of instilling love or hatred for coffins, for one’s Fatherland. That is why the enemies of Russia have always tried and are trying to distort our history, to erase from it the pages of its glorious past, the deeds of our sovereigns aimed at the common good of Russia - the Fatherland. That is why the enemies of Russia are haunted by the memory of the people about the Terrible Tsar, who crushed localism, expanded the borders of Russia, established the zemstvo, etc., etc. The merits of Emperor Ivan IV the Terrible to Russia and its people can be enumerated for a long time. See part of the bottom above in the article.
      The struggle of Russia's enemies against Russia has always begun and continues now with the struggle against history. You don't have to look far for an example. It is enough to look at modern Ukraine and what the bastards who fostered the West did to the Russian people through the destruction and destruction of history. But here, too, history intervened and turned out to have a different ending. To destroy the history of Russia, a new, rewritten history was required, the history of Bandera, where murderers, ghouls, scoundrels, whose hands are up to their elbows in the blood of their people, are elevated to the pedestal of heroes. And for us, in order to restore the Ukraine destroyed by Bandera's = fascists, it will take a lot of time to reeducate the Russian people - the people of the Russian world, who became victims of the Bandera-fascist clique.
      And there is no other way but to restore the true history of these Russian lands, seemingly forever lost to Russia, lands developed by our Russian people, our ancestors, our sovereigns.
      So, dear Ivan2022, "not forgetting", but studying history, is the best way to preserve and develop Russia itself, our Fatherland. And the history of the Russian state is impossible without studying the actions of its rulers, including Ivan IV the Terrible. I believe that the time will come when the name of this sovereign, slandered by the enemies of Russia, will appear on the monument to Russia.
    5. +5
      29 March 2024 09: 51
      Today we need an oprichnina - there are no more enemies.
      1. +2
        29 March 2024 16: 06
        Rather, we need a tsar of the level of Catherine the Second, who surrounded herself with talented people and specialists in their field (and not God knows who like some) and at the same time patriots of their fatherland, not associated with the Freemasons. Even on coins during her reign, not a single Masonic symbol can be found. She knew very well about the Freemasons, hated them and did not allow them to power. If anything, this is not my invention, but the words of historians. That is why under her Russia flourished and did not know defeat.
        1. +4
          30 March 2024 00: 11
          Well, about Russia blooming, I would argue. The yard and its surroundings were blooming. Haven’t you heard about the final enslavement of the peasants? Read it. Although yes, under her Russia received an impetus for development.
          1. +1
            April 6 2024 15: 06
            Do you know the name of the river in the vicinity of San Francisco?
            We went on vacation.
            By sending money to the treasury, rather than consuming it.
            You are faced with a process with huge negative costs, from the very first step.

            The Stolypin reform made it so that Siberia never knew serfdom and peasant families reached 1000 people.
            Railways under Alexander III were built 3 times more than the subsequent GULAG indicators.
            Without any repression, people simply went to work and took their families to the theaters on Sundays.
            700% is Russia's GDP during the 13 years of this tsar's reign.
            Germany had 500% for the same period, England and France each had 200%.
            That is why the leaders clashed in World War I.

            The control system was more advanced.
            But the remaining shortcomings of the Autocracy, three of them, led the country to the need for radical changes.
            The revolution in Russia was not made by the proletariat.
            A furiously accelerated GDP is the power of the talented.
            She demolishes the power of ministries downtrodden by relatives.
            It’s funny to see how everyone is now shouting: “GDP, GDP”!!!
            If one side of a car's wheels suddenly fails, it's the speed that does the rest.
            The two sides of the wheels are economics and politics.
            If you furiously develop GDP without equal development of the political system of the state, you are flying towards revolution, gentlemen.
            To a new civil war, 100% intervention, economic devastation even compared to modern times.
            You will have nothing to pay with.
            Therefore, everyone will have complaints against you.
            And your cries that Yeltsin is to blame for everything will be corrected by the quiet question of the investigator: “Who did you vote for in 1991?”
            And it won’t save the young people that they didn’t live then.
            There is such a concept - “children of enemies of the people.”
            Yes, you are not to blame for anything, you just don’t have to pay your enemies a salary.
            It's simple.

            And this is the law of any revolution.
            Read the classic fate of the revolution, for example, in France.
            Of those who start a revolution, barely 1% survive.
            Stalin's repressions will seem like a children's fairy tale to you, but since you did not find a way out, the country will be destroyed.

            And this is not some kind of crap, this is the highest class - the nobles.

            We left Crimea,
            Amid smoke and fire.
            I'm from the stern, all the time past,
            A horse shot at his own.

            Gentlemen, why don’t you actually like the results of your intellectual activity?
            Wasn’t it you who, 50 years earlier, did not allow a nobleman equal to you into the living room if he did not give money to overthrow the Autocracy?
            Will you not recognize the results of your intellectual work?
            For a century and a half, you did two mutually exclusive things - you wrote in all the newspapers how bad everything was and at the same time taught the peasants to read.

            It is estimated that there is very little left of this power.
            It will be economic growth that will destroy it.
            Such is the madness of the social pyramid, which puts those who must remove manure in charge of the state.
        2. +1
          April 6 2024 22: 41
          Rather, we need a tsar of the level of Catherine II

          There is no need for a king.
          State law needs to be formed like a science so that there are never any failures in the development of the state.
          In the times of AI, no hereditary system will be more effective than an elective one.
          It’s simply hard for you to do this in Russia.
          "Up to 17 years in prison. Los Angeles District Judge Mark Scarsi rejected several requests from Biden Jr.'s lawyers in his tax crimes cases."
          He will really put him in prison, this is not a joke, this is their attitude towards the law.
          You can dream, but at least fear for your life should dictate your ability to see reality.
          No state apparatus, crowded with relatives, is capable of resisting a regime that every 4 years puts the most useful person on the throne.
          They have problems, I agree.
          But we have even bigger problems.
          And we will win.
          But there will be so much blood that Stalin would shudder.
          But you can avoid this.
    6. +1
      April 6 2024 14: 36
      This is the philosophy of slaves

      Well, like slaves, this is all too common in all areas of humanity.
      And this is not the fault of people; as many of them are born as are necessary in the proportions of the Pyramid for the existence of a stable society.
      This is not the will of people, this is a physical law.
      It’s another matter if a scoundrel comes to power, he brutalizes the entire society, that’s true.

      Social life must be discussed

      There is no need to interpret, everything has been calculated long ago.
      There is no one to listen.

      And there is no desire to listen to the spitting of the “critics” who 2 seconds ago heard about the problem.
      What for?
      Sip the results of your intellectual activity.

  2. +5
    29 March 2024 04: 10
    Why was Ivan the Terrible slandered?

    Surely he “fooled” everyone who was shorter, so they “loved” Ivan Vasilyevich...
    But by and large, dullness never leaves alone those who are at least somewhat different from it.
    1. +5
      29 March 2024 04: 29
      This is an excellent example of the difference between the spiritual matrices of Russian and Western civilizations.
      As they say, feel the difference!
  3. +12
    29 March 2024 04: 25
    “Modern historical science, if researchers are not interested in denigrating Emperor Ivan Vasiliev, quite easily refutes the accusations brought against him” -

    - “History is not a teacher, but a taskmaster: it teaches nothing.”
    but only punishes for ignorance of lessons" ...
    1. 0
      April 6 2024 15: 33
      Why was Ivan the Terrible slandered?

      Nobody slandered him.
      Not everyone knows everything about him.
      It is no coincidence that the Patriarchate does not canonize him.
      Chikatilo would have hanged himself there.

      Read the teacher Klyuchevsky - Kostomarov.
      The man, already blind, dictated 3 volumes of more than 1000 double-sided pages each from memory.
      He worked with chronicles, according to which he was the first reader in libraries to pick them up.
      And even after him, rarely anyone read them.
      Not everything has been written about Ivan yet.
      It was Ivan who prepared the Russian Troubles.
      With him, the Russian people did not know where to run, and they themselves fled to Batory simply to save their lives.
      By the way, Stefan Batory, a most worthy person, despite the fact that he is Pole.
      For which he was later devoured by the Seim.
      The most terrible thing on earth is the pygmies, if through frivolity they were allowed to power.

      There is no need to write that everything is nonsense.
      Either read what others have given their lives to, or admit that you are a hypocrite.
  4. +6
    29 March 2024 04: 39
    It is almost impossible to admit your mistakes, especially if you are the “boss”. But justifying them with an example - “What’s wrong with XXX?” seems reasonable. So streams of dirt pour in both directions. There are no saints on Earth.
  5. +11
    29 March 2024 06: 32
    Why was Ivan the Terrible slandered?
    Exactly for the same reason why Khrushch slandered Stalin. The first Romanovs looked painfully pathetic and insignificant against the background of the Rurikovich dynasty. Mikhail, nicknamed the Meek, is the puppet of Patriarch Filaret. Alexey, nicknamed the Quietest. And only Peter got rid of his inferiority complex.
  6. +25
    29 March 2024 06: 34
    The merit of Ivan the Terrible in publishing the first Russian printed books is undoubted. In general, much in Russian history called “first” is associated with the name of this tsar. The first pharmacy appeared under him, the first regular army - archers, also under him. Ivan Vasilyevich is the founder of the regular border troops, who approved the “Charter of the Guard and Border Service” on February 16, 1571. The firefighters will not let you lie - he did a lot of useful things for their diocese: one Decree obliging residents of Moscow to have vats of water on the roofs of their houses and in their courtyards worth it. In general, he was an extraordinary ruler, unfairly slandered by foreigners and court historiographers of the Romanov dynasty
    1. +1
      30 March 2024 06: 19
      And where is Grozny’s merit as a printer? Fedorov approached him himself. He published several books. But apparently, he did not receive proper support. And he went to print in the then Polish Lvov. This is where everything died down.
    2. +1
      April 6 2024 15: 51
      The merit of Ivan the Terrible in publishing the first Russian printed books is undoubted.

      This was done by Sylvester and Adashev.
      And they also took Kazan.
      Ivan was barely persuaded to drive through the captured city, and he immediately left for Moscow to his young wife, driving all the horses along the way.
      He didn’t even want to go, Sylvester forced him.
      Establishment of the Zemsky Sobor - Sylvester and Adashev.
      Code of Law of John IV - Sylvester and Adashev.
      After 1560, Ivan became the same as in childhood.
      The son of Elena Glinskaya, who grew up in Rome, hated everything Russian and was not called anything other than a witch by the people.
      As a child, he threw dogs and cats from fire towers, and stood over them, enjoying their torment.
      Also, later, entering the owner’s house with his son, the same one whom he later killed and who participated with him in all the orgies, he took the hostess, and the son took her daughter.
      And after that John did not leave, he hung them over the owner’s dining table, looked at him, and enjoyed.
      1. +1
        April 6 2024 16: 14
        By the way, Sylvester and Adashev were proclaimed King and Anointed of God on January 16, 1547.
        John came from a Lutheran, and Russia needed the establishment of unshakable royal power.
        Metropolitan Macarius proposed this, but not without Sylvester with his “Message to Tsar Ivan Vasilyevich.”
        They led and formed the succession from the Greek Patriarch, and not from the Pope.
        Therefore, all three suggested that he be crowned king before the wedding ceremony.
        But the people saw everything perfectly well and already in the summer, when Moscow caught fire, they almost massacred all the Glinskys.
        John survived only thanks to Sylvester.

        Just type Adashev in Wikipedia and everything will be fine.
        Church Code of Law - Stoglav, they too.
  7. +5
    29 March 2024 06: 37
    Modern historical science

    Where is Samsonov, and where is historical science. Diametrically opposed categories.
    1. -3
      29 March 2024 08: 02
      “Great People’s Sovereign”... Isn’t it funny for the author himself to write this? Oh well. The article is a typical, glorified panegyric of recent times, built on the principle: “we are white and fluffy, but here we are in the damned, bloody “west”! .... winked
      PS: In addition, it seems that this is not the first time she has appeared here at VO. Why repost this (in a slightly modified version)?
      1. -7
        29 March 2024 10: 07
        Why repost this?

        What do you mean why. People need to be kept on their toes. Using the image of an external enemy (enemies) in propaganda to rally the broad masses around the Grand Duke, Tsar, Emperor, Secretary General, President (underline as appropriate) is a technique known since the times of Ancient Rome. Well, the public opinion is slowly being formed that a tsar is needed. Nothing without a king.
        1. -2
          April 6 2024 16: 19
          We have now reached a more advanced state system.
          But you haven’t suffered through it yet.
      2. +1
        29 March 2024 18: 36
        Quote: Monster_Fat
        “Great People’s Sovereign”... Isn’t it funny for the author himself to write this?

        That is, there is nothing to argue?
  8. +13
    29 March 2024 07: 00
    Every harsh rule leaves behind a strengthened state. And the betrayal of those close to the boyars. After the reign of Ivan the Terrible, the life of the Russian state hung by a thread. There was confusion and vacillation after every cruel ruler. During the reign of such rulers, a clan of servile and rude people is formed. It costs them nothing to betray all past ideas.
    1. 0
      29 March 2024 11: 31
      This began after Ivan the Terrible. And now it’s almost like that, suddenly Putin will no longer exist, and there will be no heir. And who will lead the peoples of Russia to a bright future? Volodin or Matvienko.
      1. -1
        April 6 2024 16: 40
        Why do you need a bright future?
        You have what you deserve.
        1. -1
          April 6 2024 19: 29
          You have what the paid propagandist said you deserve.
          1. 0
            April 6 2024 22: 11
            How much?
            How much will it sell for?
            I'm serious, how much money do you need?
            You are one of those who will hate, but do what they say.
            Now I’ll put in the money, in front of everyone, and you’ll run to fulfill it.
            Here, by the way, it’s you they’re talking about.
            Now, after everything, I’ll put in $1000 and you, after all the words, will run and spin around to get it.
            If you throw them into a cesspool, “you’ll get them, yours,” you’ll dive in front of everyone.
        2. -1
          April 6 2024 22: 00
          Grunt, grunt, you won’t get a different fate.
    2. -3
      29 March 2024 15: 45
      Quote: Nikolay Malyugin
      During the reign of such rulers, a clan of servile and rude people is formed.

    3. +5
      30 March 2024 00: 27
      I saw an interesting statement a long time ago. I don’t remember verbatim, but something like: “...under the rule of an intelligent, strong and tough ruler who sincerely cares for the state, living in such a state is not very cozy and comfortable. But under him, the state strengthens, acquires world authority and gains great a reserve of development inertia, which is usually then enough for 30-50 years of development. With a weak and weak-willed ruler, usually the state slides to a secondary level, they stop taking it into account and it loses authority not only outside, but also inside. But with Such a ruler has a very comfortable life. And all sorts of crooks, grabbers and swindlers feel especially comfortable..." As for me, that’s spot on...
      1. 0
        30 March 2024 06: 25
        As Druon says, not literally. 'Under Philip the Fair, France was the greatest of powers, and the French were the most unfortunate of people.'
    4. -1
      April 6 2024 16: 21
      Every harsh rule leaves behind a strengthened state.

      Hard good or hard bad?
      The results are the opposite.
      Yaroslav the Wise or Hitler?
      1. -1
        April 6 2024 16: 26
        So, if you see a broken state after a firm hand, don't kid yourself, you were ruled by a degenerate.
        1. -1
          April 6 2024 16: 27
          As, indeed, after the soft one.
  9. -11
    29 March 2024 07: 07
    In England (90th century), approximately 000 thousand people were hanged for vagrancy alone, and approximately 4000 people were executed in Ivan the Terrible’s “oprichnina.”
    If you don’t go into English affairs, but limit yourself to our Russians, then even these 4000, a terrible number, Ivan the Terrible, trying to strengthen the state through the oprichnina, led the country to disaster.
    No one will say where Ivan Vasilyevich is now, only God knows.
    1. +4
      29 March 2024 18: 38
      Quote: bober1982
      If you don’t go into English affairs, but limit yourself to our Russians, then even these 4000 are a terrible number

      Was it necessary to pat traitors and conspirators on the head?
      Quote: bober1982
      Ivan the Terrible, trying to strengthen the state through the oprichnina, led the country to disaster

      The disaster occurred due to the interruption of the dynasty. And yes, he did not kill his son - a study of the remains showed that he was poisoned.
  10. +10
    29 March 2024 07: 52
    Ivan the Terrible, under whom four thousand people were executed in Russia, looks simply like a “naughty man” in comparison with the executions of Cromwell in England. But the first who began to shit on Grozny and for what reason was England and for, they say, Grozny’s cruelty.
    As for the Romanov dynasty, its hostility towards the last ruler of Russia from the Rurik dynasty is understandable. The Romanovs, to put it mildly, did not quite legally sit on the Tsar's throne of Russia. But Karamzin was not only a lover of the French Revolution, but was also a huge Anglophile and Polonophile. According to the teachings of English and Polish “historians”, Karamzin, together with the “great Ukrainian” Maksimovich, “invented” the term Kievan Rus, so that then, under Karamzin, they could begin the “history” of Kievan Rus as not about Russia at all...
    And the absence of a statue or at least a bas-relief of Ivan the Terrible on the Millennium of Russia Monument in Novgorod can be compared with the absence of statues or at least bas-reliefs of Stalin from post-Khrushchev times to the present day, as well as the absence of images of Generalissimo of the Soviet Union Stalin at modern military parades of the Victory on May 9.
    1. +4
      29 March 2024 11: 33
      And Catherine the Great sat on the throne illegally.
  11. +3
    29 March 2024 07: 57
    I have a rather positive attitude towards Ivan the Terrible, but the article is a complete atas in terms of historicity. Alexei, Peter, Catherine elevated him, but the French revolutionaries (it’s already funny, they were prevented by the Russian Tsar, who also died two hundred years ago) ruined everything. Fantastic nonsense, sorry.
    “Samsonov” had better write further about how Napoleon defended France from coalition troops in 1814 lol
  12. +11
    29 March 2024 07: 58
    They slandered Ivan Vasilyevich - so they slandered everyone!

    Peter the Great cut a window to Europe - but there was no need, from there came the blue ones and some destructive ideas about freedom. He laid so many people, Russia took a long time to come to its senses after him.

    Catherine the Great weaned the nobles from serving, brought the peasants to Pugachev - however, she annexed Crimea and Novorossiya. It turned out, not completely... And she was very loving, which does not fit with the image of the Orthodox Tsar. One word, German!

    Pavel 1 was a tyrant, he tore the mustaches of the grenadiers, it’s good that he was quickly killed.

    Alexander 1 incorrectly defeated Napoleon, since Russia received few preferences after such sacrifices. And he also killed his dad.

    Nicholas 1 lost the Crimean War and brought the country to shame and the loss of the Black Sea Fleet. But the most respected king is practically a model.

    Nicholas 2 lost 2 wars and destroyed an empire that was thriving (at least for some). However, he is a great martyr.

    Lenin, a holy man, showed us the way to the future - it turns out he was a German spy.

    Stalin, who won World War II, carried out some kind of repression. The forest is being cut down - the chips are flying!

    Khrushchev released those innocently imprisoned, but slandered Stalin, which caused significant harm.

    Brezhnev stopped development, started the war in Afghanistan, a bad ruler.

    Yeltsin built democracy - again, wrongly, he robbed the people (well, how can one person rob an entire nation) and destroyed the USSR (again, alone).

    Gorbachev destroyed the USSR (or Yeltsin? That’s bad luck).

    It is not yet clear how the modern period will end, but, judging by history, it will be the same as the previous ones.

    Our history is written either by slanderers or apologists. Maybe someday it will reach historians.
    1. +1
      29 March 2024 11: 06
      Well, before the October Revolution and after it, the country still had a positive history of its country and people, but those who captured the USSR rejected the entire centuries-old history before their capture of the USSR.
      Their “story” is how the Russians and communists occupied, spread rot, destroyed, repressed and deported them “for no reason” on the territory of the republics of the USSR they captured, and starved them to death.
      1. 0
        29 March 2024 13: 43
        “Well, before the October Revolution and after it, the country still had a positive history of its country and people, but those who captured the USSR rejected the entire centuries-old history before their capture of the USSR.”

        What kind of ruler do you use to measure whether a story was “positive” or “negative”?

        From the point of view of increasing territories, it happened in every way: from Peter to the Russian-Japanese they expanded, then they began to shrink.

        From the point of view of the majority of the population, the most “fat” years were under Brezhnev.

        From the point of view of international authority - then from the second half of the 18th century until the mid-19th, as well as from the second half of the 20th century until Gorbachev.
  13. +2
    29 March 2024 08: 06
    What kind of inept inflating of an idol in the Shirnarmass? Whose order is it anyway?
    Although it’s understandable.

    And most importantly, quite by accident, the same people who are today in the conjuncture of our regime are to blame - the West, the French, the Masons, the communists Marx and Engels (when did they manage to become them?).
    Not the Romanovs.

    No, the message is clear, since we failed to instill love for the Romanovs, then let’s teach the people to fall for another king, and it doesn’t matter which one, as long as it’s for the king. The candidacy of Ivan-4 seems okay, it’s suitable.

    To impose love and tie it to the final beneficiary, various authorities are brought in:
    ⬤ a certain icon painter Simon, for attaching the layers of the Tsar-worshippers.
    ⬤ Peter-1, for lovers of innovation and victories over the Swede.
    ⬤ Daddy Petra - Alexey Mikhalych, hello to the Gundyaevites, they are our Nikonians, and today we can’t live without them. By the way, Papa Zhoska navigated Solovki, hanged 11 thousand Razinites and constantly tried to fight with Poland, and he was the quietest one.
    ⬤ And of course, the authority of Stalin, to cover vast layers of the still unfinished Soviets. But they are working on it.

    But here it is clear that Stalin’s achievements are unattainable, and Joseph himself, by the way, made a movie about Ivan, which means he respected him.
    And if Joseph, respected by everyone, himself respected someone, then God himself ordered us to bend our knees and begin to respect him.

    And finally, not all kings are the same, even your grandfathers loved some, read about this in the article. Do you love your grandfather? Well, it’s hereditary for you; our grandfathers loved kings.

    Actually the very essence.
    Have you watched TV in the last 20 years? So, right now, in our difficult times, wonderful events are happening. The permanent Tsar Vladimir, elected by the PEC, who brought Russia to its knees, minus xx million people, and minus xx thousand enterprises, frightened the entire gay West with the unlimited export of raw materials, bringing down established markets for them. He bends them lightly and annually exports unsecured $ trulleys - accelerating inflation for these evil spirits to 0.3%.
    And he loves icons too. Instead of airplanes, they are produced on a conveyor belt and distributed to military units. They say here is an army that is an indestructible weapon against the adversary, with which your grandfathers, under Joseph, drove the Germans away from Moscow. And Joseph loved Tsar Ivan, by the way.

    Ivan Tsar and Pupkin Tsar, once permanent. That West scared us, and this one too, but we love our kings because we are Gundyaevites, as Stalin and our grandfathers bequeathed to us.

    The theorem has been proven. And there is no need to shaggy grandma.
    1. -1
      29 March 2024 11: 02
      Ivan Tsar and Pupkin Tsar, once permanent
      Well, of course... It’s impossible to compare with Joseph, the categories are already different... But Ivan Vasilyevich, that’s it. The author, in his opinion, is a prince
      1. +1
        29 March 2024 11: 38
        Quote: kor1vet1974
        The author, in his opinion, is a kingmaker

        It is in vain that you reproach the author for being a king; he is not such by word of mouth - not at all.
        Tsarebozhie, a heresy that the Church itself is fighting against, but as we know, there are plenty of hotheads among the laity and church people.
        I will not delve into this heretical teaching in more detail so as not to bore you.
        1. 0
          29 March 2024 12: 08
          Who do you think he is? Heresy, so heresy, laughing Monarchist..he has the USSR-empire, Stalin-tsar, Russian Federation-empire, Putin-tsar..
          1. +1
            29 March 2024 12: 31
            Quote: kor1vet1974
            he has the USSR-empire, Stalin-tsar, Russian Federation-empire, Putin-tsar..

            Everything he says is correct, but what’s wrong with that?
            In Russia it cannot be any other way, only this way, and no matter what you call it - the general secretary, the president - there must be a tsar, there must be firm and absolute power.
            1. -2
              29 March 2024 12: 36
              In Russia it cannot be any other way,
              also one of these...monarchists...In your opinion, the Russian people are not mature enough for democracy...You and the author have matured, I suppose you still want serfs. Agro-industrial complex has something to do with migrants? And perhaps you were a pioneer? Did you watch the cartoon about Cheburashka? And did you dream about the Tsar?
              1. -1
                29 March 2024 12: 45
                Quote: kor1vet1974
                And perhaps you were a pioneer? Did you watch the cartoon about Cheburashka? And did you dream about the Tsar?

                I was a pioneer, I won’t hide it, but I also listened to the Voice of America, being a pioneer - out of curiosity.
                1. -1
                  29 March 2024 13: 00
                  I listened to the Voice of America as a pioneer - out of curiosity.
                  Naturally, they listened with only one ear and did not perceive their ideas, but judging by your comments, I doubt it. The grains sprouted and over time yielded a harvest. I don’t understand one thing, you are so literate, explain how people were like this during the First Russian Revolution in 1905 -1907 The Soviets self-organized in many cities and even villages, proclaimed republics? When it began, the Russo-Japanese War had already ended. Foreign agents probably tried their best in organizing the Soviets, Social Democrats, Socialist Revolutionaries of all sorts, right? The people are poor In your opinion, we are not capable of doing this ourselves? Yes?
  14. +1
    29 March 2024 09: 00
    If in the Russian kingdom of Ivan Vasilyevich 3-4 thousand people were executed (perhaps slightly more), I read information about 6.000 executed...
    1. +2
      29 March 2024 09: 20
      Hm. Number of executed... Chroniclers previously considered “people” only persons of the “boyar-noble” and “service” class, and minor members of their families, like women, were not considered “people”, just like service personnel and their decline was usually noted simply “with family and servants.” The common craftsman, gray townspeople, as well as slaves, were not counted at all during murders and were usually written “beaten without count” or “in large numbers”, etc.
  15. -1
    29 March 2024 09: 29
    Immediately from the title I realized that this was another alternative non-history from Samsonov.
  16. -2
    29 March 2024 10: 41
    "The picture was a success, friends!
    After all, to all friends to the best of their ability
    The author pleased us with his pen,
    Depicting snow and ice
    And the Nile, and the oak, and the garden,
    And even honey!
    (In case the Bear suddenly
    A picture will come to see ...)
    Friends called the artist again.
    Guests looked at the landscape
    And they whispered: “Jumble!” (c)
  17. +7
    29 March 2024 11: 06
    It must be said that his grandfather, Ivan III, who went down in history with the nickname “The Great,” killed a lot more people; by the way, he was also called “The Terrible,” but somehow it didn’t stick. However, why be surprised? Some (Rezun) managed to distort beyond recognition even what happened quite recently, to which there were still living witnesses who could tell how everything really happened.
  18. +1
    29 March 2024 11: 22
    How many similar articles have there already been?
    The numbers are few, the opinions of historians are few, but they mix everything and everyone into a heap, the Masons, the revolution, the Western tsars, they even mentioned Stalin.

    In general, like Stanislavsky: I don’t believe it.
    Klim Zhukov describes everything more clearly, more intelligibly and without such emotions (although the videos are longer)
    1. 0
      29 March 2024 13: 02
      Yes, not again, but again... smile
  19. +1
    29 March 2024 12: 27
    Ivan the Terrible and Stalin are still feared and spread rot.
    A thinking person should think about it - isn’t it all for nothing?!
    ps - Spain is “little flowers” ​​compared to other colonialists. And in the “Pacific region” in those days, Portugal was the leader.
  20. The comment was deleted.
  21. +1
    29 March 2024 14: 41
    “He took Kazan, he took Astrakhan... He took Revel, he didn’t take Shpak...” Even in our comedy “Ivan Vasilyevich changes his profession” ++++
  22. +6
    29 March 2024 14: 53
    Quote: Nagan

    Vasily IV Shuisky is also from Rurikovich wink He actively intrigued (after the death of Tsar Boris Godunov), first for the promotion of False Dmitry 1 to the throne, then he plotted against him. He was forgiven, became an adviser to the impostor, organized his wedding with Manina Mnishek - during which, with a group of comrades, False Dmitry 1 ended in chorus.
    Taking advantage of the confusion, without waiting for the popular election, he took power into his own hands and was crowned in the Assumption Cathedral by Metropolitan Isidore of Novgorod, well, by lawlessness.
    He didn’t sit on the throne, screwed up all the battles with his adversaries, poisoned his best commander Skopin-Shuisky at a feast in honor of his next victory, donated part of the country’s territory to Sweden for military support against the Poles, then sold the Swedes and defected to the Poles, in general - he had fun how could.
    At the end, his competitors handed him over to the Poles, where the last Rurik tsar swore allegiance to the Polish king, hung out in Grodno, and died somewhere in Poland.
    In general, when they elected a new king after the Time of Troubles, they decided not to have anything to do with the Rurikovichs, which people were not squeamish about at that time - but apparently they were turned off by representatives of this family.
  23. +3
    29 March 2024 22: 04
    “... communists, like Marx and Engels...” - you don’t need to read further. The author is a USE miscarriage. Marx and Engels are bourgeois publicists and researchers. They were never communists.
  24. +1
    30 March 2024 03: 16
    He was a good king, the founder of many in Rus'
  25. 0
    30 March 2024 10: 52
    Wrong question! Why did the West slander Ivan the Terrible!? And why was all this nonsense supported by the then fifth column? And the answer is very simple: the West didn’t love us at all then, just like now, and there were traitors at that time, just like now! Those who wrote about us at that time were Westerners, and those who wrote about us now are the same! We have always lagged behind with our propaganda and tried to please the West.
    1. 0
      April 19 2024 10: 01
      We in Serbia know a lot about Western democracy. I suggest a book by a Swiss contemporary (Guy Methane), everything is shown there.
      "West Russia: the thousand-year war. The history of Russophobia from Charlemagne to the Ukrainian crisis"
  26. +1
    April 1 2024 10: 20
    “If in the Russian kingdom of Ivan Vasilyevich 3-4 thousand people were executed (perhaps slightly more), then in the main powers of Western Europe (Spain, France, the Netherlands and England) about 300-400 thousand people were killed at the same time.”

    I noticed that when justifying the abominations of one or another “your” ruler, it is necessary to refer to the abominations committed by the rulers “over there... over the hill!” Terror is terror, murder is murder, terror cannot be justified by comparing the number of those killed! More or less - what's the difference?! Terror does not cease to be terror because of this!

    You say that the pernicious West imposed on us the “Black Myth” about Ivan Vasilyevich IV, but what about, for example, the fact that the basis for the establishment of the oprichnina was the division of the country into two parts: the zemshchina and the oprichnina, which weakened the country and was one of the reasons for its defeat in the Livonian War? Did the West impose such a government system on us?

    And how do you explain the death:
    - Tsar’s cousin Vladimir Andreevich Staritsky along with his family;
    - Metropolitan Philip Kolychev;
    - stable boyar Ivan Fedorov-Chelyadnin, extremely popular among the people for his integrity and judicial integrity?
    And also, the campaign of the oprichnina army to Veliky Novgorod 1569-1570? Moscow executions of 1570-1571?
    And how do you explain the burning of Moscow by the troops of the Crimean Khan Divlet-Girey in 1571, where the guardsmen, accustomed to fighting with their own population, did not show themselves properly, which ultimately led to the abolition of the oprichnina?
    As well as data from census books and the Pskov chronicler, in which the oprichnina was regarded as “The Tsar created the oprichnina... And from this came the great desolation of the Russian land.”


    PS I do not implore the merits of Ivan the Terrible in the reforms of the Elected Rada, the policy of expanding the borders of the Russian Kingdom, and I do not deny that the oprichnina could have objective reasons (for example, cases of conspiracy among the boyar aristocracy), but it was the further oprichnina (1565-1572) and the ruinous, lost Livonian War (1558-1583) were among the causes of the Time of Troubles, during which we almost lost our state...
  27. 0
    April 3 2024 07: 44
    It’s not without reason that this rewriting of history began; it already happened once and it seems to have been rehabilitated. But you can’t wash black white, obviously. We remind you that the “holy” sovereign was not revered even during the times of national Russia (Russian Empire).
  28. +1
    April 3 2024 12: 26
    Why is it so unpleasant to read this material? It seems that everything is correctly stated, in justification of our disgraced sovereign and Grand Duke... But somehow it’s so biased, homespun, courtyard-like. A disgusting feeling remains. It would be better not to write at all!