There are smart people in Australia

There are smart people in Australia

Professor at the University of Adelaide and Australia's representative to the UN, Mrs. Alison Broinowski, gave an interview to the Chinese resource Global Times, in which she expressed her opinion, which is very different from the officialdom from the offices of Canberra.

This, in general, is not surprising, since she was previously a member of Julian Assange’s party and very harshly criticized the government for sending Australian soldiers to Afghanistan. She has written several very interesting books on international politics after the Second World War, about the place and role of Australia and Southeast Asian countries in these events.

You must understand that she has very smart consultants on military, as well as financial and technical issues, since she voices very unpleasant thoughts for the government on the AUKUS treaty.

One can, of course, assume that Ms. Broinowski was simply bought, but her age and financial situation make such an assumption unlikely.

So, the main messages of the interview.

1. Australia must make clear to its American and British friends that we are not interested in joining a war against China in the South China Sea or East China Sea over Taiwan.

2. The AUKUS Treaty looks very dubious from a technical and strategic point of view. This has extremely negative consequences for Australia. We [Australians] live in this part of the world, but the British and Americans do not.

Judging by the state of the US and British submarines, as well as their shipbuilding and ship repair capacities, the doubts of this honorable lady look very convincing.

3. It would make much more sense for us to approach the BRICS countries or our ASEAN neighbors and tell them: we understand that the world has changed. We live in this part of the world, the British and Americans do not. We need to be on the same side as the countries shaping the new Global South. I'm not alone in this. Many Australians are trying to convince our government of this.

4. A war against China would be catastrophic and we would lose it, with or without the US. We would probably lose [such a war] and lose it catastrophically, because the US could always go back to the other side of the Pacific. But Australia is always here.

The thoughts are very sound, but, alas, they will most likely remain a voice crying in the wilderness.
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    31 March 2024 04: 54
    They generally walk upside down there...they would sit exactly on their island with spiders.
    1. +4
      31 March 2024 05: 15
      they generally walk upside down there
      Have you ever seen a world map published in Australia or New Zealand? On these maps, Australia and New Zealand are almost at the very center of the world, and the rest of the world is around them!
      1. +1
        31 March 2024 05: 16
        So for some people the earth is flat.
        1. +7
          31 March 2024 05: 18
          Some people have a flat earth
          If you are already talking about the wonders of geography, then I can remind you of the globe of Ukraine. No one has ever surpassed this! wink
          1. +2
            31 March 2024 05: 19
            oh..yes...despite the fact that the Black Sea was dug up...what if the Chinese say that Baikal was dug up? Here are the hills for you.
            1. +3
              31 March 2024 05: 20
              The Black Sea was dug up
              And from the extracted soil, the Caucasus Mountains were created! wink
            2. 0
              April 2 2024 14: 09
              Russian friends, you really like to fantasize, which is interesting. But we are not interested in digging freshwater lakes for you and building mountains of earth.
          2. +4
            31 March 2024 05: 33
            There are also specialists in history and geography

            Zarathustra was born in the vicinity of modern Uralsk, and Jesus Christ was a representative of one of the Kazakh families. This is stated by the Kazakh mathematician Kairat Zakiryanov and emphasizes that none of the historians have refuted his conclusions. writes about Zakiryanov’s theories.

            “The most ancient religion, which they cultivated in their homeland under the name Tengrism, in Persia, taking into account the mentality of the aborigines, began to be called Zoroastrianism,” the scientist argues. — Mary Boyce, a recognized scientific authority in the field of religion from Great Britain, writes in her works: “East of the Volga in the Kazakh steppes we must look for the origins of Zoroastrianism.” She claims that Zarathustra (or in Kazakh Zharatushi - the Creator), the founder of this religion, was born in the vicinity of modern Uralsk. Or take Christianity. I always say that Jesus Christ was never a Jew, and Christianity was not invented by Jews or Slavic tribes. When they finally deciphered the famous Zelenchuk inscription, discovered in the 7th century on the territory of the modern Krasnodar region of Russia, the scientists read the text written in Turkic runic writing: “Jesus Christ, the vicar of Nicholas, called from the house of Hobs (Dulo, Batbay, Advan, Suvan) to unite one himself Advant Bakatar bek, having separated from his father’s yurt into the yurt of the Alans (steppes, valleys), strives to tell the story in the year of the Ox.” From this it follows that Jesus Christ belonged to one of the Kazakh families - Dulat, Botpay, Alban or Suan. Russian publicist Murad Adji wrote that Christ spent his youth in Altai, where the Great Migration began at the beginning of the first millennium AD. Perhaps the modern Kazakh clans Dulat, Botpai, Alban, Suan also came from there to the Caspian and Black Sea steppes,” he sums up.
            1. +2
              31 March 2024 05: 34
              Jesus Christ was a representative of one of the Kazakh families
              I heard that Christ was Ukrainian!
              1. +4
                31 March 2024 05: 36
                These are Kyiv insinuations; I personally heard that the first person, Adam, was a Kazakh. Therefore, Jesus is Kazakh. laughing Jokes aside, but I actually heard it more than once, not twice, not three times, which makes me think.
                1. +3
                  31 March 2024 05: 38
                  the first man - Adam was Kazakh
                  You haven’t read the Georgian history textbook yet. There was one like this in the 90s back in Russian. I remember I laughed until I cried! wink
                  1. +4
                    31 March 2024 05: 40
                    Well, we have enough of our own trash, I must admit, especially on YouTube.
                  2. +8
                    31 March 2024 07: 54
                    I remember - at some Caucasian forum, Georgians fiercely fought with others about antiquity, greatness, etc. in those parts... The people had already begun to grab daggers, but then an Armenian got into the argument with the thesis that the Georgian Bagrationi dynasty is a branch the Armenian family of Bagratuni (which is actually true), and in general - the whole history of the Caucasus is nothing more than internal Armenian squabbles ..

                    What started there!! I thought the monitor would burn out...
                    1. +2
                      31 March 2024 16: 51
                      Eh... people knew how to have fun.
                2. 0
                  April 16 2024 14: 22
                  Why are you confusing? Not a Kazakh, but a Kyrgyz!
                  1. 0
                    April 16 2024 15: 11
                    Actually, he was Armenian, but this is sacred knowledge)))
              2. +2
                31 March 2024 06: 37
                Well, the Egyptian pharaohs were Ukrainians! You don't know the story at all))
            2. +2
              31 March 2024 16: 47
              Quote: nikolaevskiy78
              There are also specialists in history and geography

              Back in Soviet times, a film was made based on the Kazakh folk epic. They carved writings on a boulder (like ours about three roads). Then archaeologists found this stone... . wink
          3. 0
            31 March 2024 06: 25
            smile The ancient Ukrainians dug up the Black Sea...who doubts this an auto-da-fé of heretics.
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    31 March 2024 08: 19
    in which she expressed her opinion, which was very different from the officialdom from the offices of Canberra.

    Well, she said it, so what? You never know what professors have an opinion. It is known that politicians have a COMPLETELY different opinion, so Australia flew into AUKUS, allowed itself to be turned into a new nuclear test site, and seriously complicated its relations with China... There may be quite a few smart people in the state, but politics is pushed by politicians, and they have no other landmarks.
    1. +3
      31 March 2024 12: 37
      The point is that the so-called “Western democracies” have nothing to do with democracy. They have long degenerated into ordinary oligarchies, but people are “brainwashed” qualitatively. I was actually surprised that such an article made it onto the Internet. In my mind, she should have been banned at the start.
  3. +4
    31 March 2024 12: 07
    In general, a sensible view of the larger world, in which Australia is far from its allies and Senka has no idea what to do with their 35 million population. Australia lives well and calmly - it is a continental state in a calm part of the world and without warlike immediate neighbors. Logically, this should be a zone of stability, but now they are going against logic..
    1. +1
      31 March 2024 12: 40
      The problem is that the logic of Washington and London works there, not the people of the country. Their logics do not coincide, as indeed in other countries. My friends live in Wisconsin, Florida, California. So, their logic is directly opposite to Washington’s logic.
      1. +1
        31 March 2024 15: 46
        How they match. According to polls, a majority of Americans and Europeans consider Russia and China to be enemies. Your friends are the exception rather than the rule.
        1. +1
          31 March 2024 16: 29
          The vast majority of Americans don’t give a damn not only about China or Russia, many of them don’t even know where it is. The level of education in the United States has fallen catastrophically. They don't even care about Washington. Their circle of interests is his town, the nearest district, and the maximum territory of the state. Because something depends on the governor.
          1. +2
            31 March 2024 19: 15
            To be precise, these are not primary interests for them, but nevertheless, the majority support anti-Chinese and anti-Russian policies when asked.
            1. 0
              31 March 2024 22: 01
              For most Americans, the primary problems are gas prices, housing prices, food prices, increased crime (migrants) and drug addiction. The rest somehow doesn’t matter to them. And this is not just the opinion of my friends. True, the two were lucky; they live in relatively prosperous states, in small towns, where some order is still present. The third one is also tolerable for now, although it’s California, but a small town near Los Angeles, it’s still relatively normal.
          2. +3
            31 March 2024 23: 46
            Tell the truth. My good friends moved to overseas and were shocked by the cavernous level of education of some of the US aborigines. Many of whom are confident that the DPRK and Ukraine have common borders, and the Russian Federation has direct access to Gibraltar. There is nothing to talk about historical knowledge at all - complete darkness.
            1. 0
              April 1 2024 00: 22
              When a friend of mine from Wisconsin told me that blacks were graduating from public schools who could neither read nor write, at first I thought it was a joke. Then it turned out that it was true.
            2. +1
              April 1 2024 21: 49
              In the States, there is a completely different approach to education; they teach only subjects of interest, and not a little of everything. Those. The average American is well versed in his field of study, but has only a vague understanding of geography, history, etc. Because he doesn't need it.
              1. 0
                April 1 2024 23: 48
                Well, yes, as Fonvizin wrote in “Nedorosl”: “why does a nobleman need geography, he told the cab driver where to go, he will take you.” An excellent example to explain that the education system in the USA has simply degenerated. Regarding the uselessness of physics, chemistry, etc., I give a touching but instructive story from naval life. The boy studied at an American school, but he didn’t really focus on physics and chemistry, because he didn’t need it))) and then he enlisted in the navy, on the aircraft carrier Forrestal and went on it to Vietnam. One not very good day, a heat trap - that is, a magnesium ball - was activated in the hangar of an aircraft carrier. He grabbed it with some kind of device and threw it into a bucket of WATER))) the aircraft carrier burned for almost a day)))
                1. 0
                  April 1 2024 23: 56
                  Well, in terms of patents for inventions and Nobel prizes, science and technology, they are among the leaders, so the system works quite well. Most of the knowledge acquired at school is never useful in practice.
                  1. +3
                    April 2 2024 12: 06
                    Have you ever wondered about the nationality of those who receive Nobel Prizes? For some reason, they have a strange eye shape, and their skin color is not usual for Caucasians. Nowadays, the USA still provides the best conditions for study and scientific work, but this is gradually fading away.
                    1. 0
                      April 2 2024 12: 45
                      Do you have statistics on awards by nationality over the past decades?
                      1. 0
                        April 2 2024 17: 27
                        In principle, you can search on Wikipedia, but why? For the most part, now, Nobel prizes in the exact sciences are received by the Chinese, Indians, etc. Another thing is that their citizenship is different.
                2. 0
                  April 16 2024 14: 29
                  Is Fonvizin also an emigrant? And did you receive a green card? Or was he writing about our reality... By the way, there are quite a few videos circulating online where the most homespun graduates of Russian words do not know who Gagarin was and who attacked whom in 1941. They are trying to bring us all to a common denominator.
                  1. 0
                    April 16 2024 19: 08
                    Well, the degradation of education takes place everywhere, not only in Russia. In America, a Negro can leave a public school who can neither write nor read. I'm not kidding.
            3. +2
              April 2 2024 00: 10
              Quote: Frank Muller
              Many of whom are confident that the DPRK and Ukraine have common borders, and the Russian Federation has direct access to Gibraltar.

              Only today (or already yesterday) in the comments on VO one could read that Iraq is located next to Kazakhstan, and that it would be good to give Ireland independence from Great Britain. And what conclusions can be drawn from this about our education?
  4. +3
    31 March 2024 12: 59
    Polls show most Australians fear and dislike China and want a military alliance with the US.
    1. 0
      31 March 2024 15: 01
      For most Australians, China is a very profitable trading partner (it was until recently). And most Australians prefer to receive dollars from trade with China rather than spend them on American submarines, which are unknown when they will be available. And will I be there at all? Judging by the state of shipbuilding and ship repair in England and the USA, I have very strong doubts about this issue.
      1. +2
        31 March 2024 15: 43
        So it is also a profitable trading partner for the United States. That does not prevent the United States and China from seeing each other as a threat and an enemy. Australians' views of China have deteriorated sharply in recent years. 75% see China as a threat to Australia's security, two-thirds support buying US submarines and supplying weapons to Taiwan in the event of an invasion, and almost half support sending troops there.
        1. -1
          31 March 2024 16: 30
          For the USA, yes, but for Australia - what is the threat? Will the Chinese take over the Northern Territories?)))
          1. 0
            31 March 2024 17: 23
            Z.Y. China will already crush America - economically. Moreover, this is not such a distant future. The technological gap is closing at an accelerated pace, and there is no need to talk about production capacity. In this race, in Washington, a successful outcome is not expected. All that remains is to drag China into some kind of mess with Taiwan or the Philippines. Against the backdrop of the fact that the hegemon is rapidly decrepit, this is especially clearly visible in the fleet (at least, it is visible to me, since I have been closely following for more than 20 years), the mattress six in the Asia-Pacific region should think about the fact that they are future Banderlands, only in the Far East.
            1. +1
              31 March 2024 19: 18
              Well, I suppose the logic is simple: “today he threatens Taiwan, tomorrow he will attack, and the day after tomorrow he will attack me.” The Chinese have managed to quarrel with all their neighbors to such an extent that they are ready to be friends with the United States against them, even the Indians and Vietnamese. Chinese foreign policy is very... strange.

              China has no less problems: an aging population, the consequences of the one-child policy, a housing bubble, the gradual shift of Western production to India and other countries, extreme vulnerability to naval blockades. As for the fleets, if anything happens, the Chinese fleet will have to butt heads not only with the American, but also with the British, French and all its neighbors all alone (well, the Pacific Fleet is not funny).
              1. 0
                31 March 2024 22: 04
                Western production has not gone anywhere. There is nothing in the near future for the Indians. Even to build a factory requires highly qualified workers. Have you seen which delegation came to Xi, starting with Cook?
              2. +1
                April 2 2024 14: 20
                This is explained by the fact that China's neighbors are either allies of the United States or the former USSR, and China itself is a country that cannot be classified as one of the two poles.
                On economic issues, it is true that the status of the world's factory is being challenged as a result of the collapse of globalization, as well as for a number of internal reasons. However, given the situation in the world, this is not surprising. No one could have predicted the coronavirus, the birth of Trumpism and special military operations.
  5. 0
    31 March 2024 18: 32
    There are nearly half a million Chinese in Australia...Where should they go in case of war?
    1. 0
      31 March 2024 22: 04
      It’s just for them that you can immediately surrender)))
  6. +2
    31 March 2024 23: 12
    The thoughts are very sound, but, alas, they will most likely remain a voice crying in the wilderness.

    Rather, these thoughts are shared by most Australians. The Australian population believes that trade relations with all countries of the world will bring much more benefits than supporting trade sanctions and participating in wars. Unfortunately, almost all Australian banks, and accordingly, through banks and large businesses, and the position of the Prime Minister are controlled by the Americans. That is why Australia has traditionally pursued a pro-American policy. With a population of just over 20 million, anything else is hardly possible.
    1. 0
      April 1 2024 00: 25
      But there must be a sense of self-preservation? Auntie says it very correctly - England and the USA are far away. If the outcome is unsuccessful, they will go home. And who will rake the guano?
  7. 0
    April 2 2024 14: 13
    Indeed, the stupidity of the previous Australian administration is being corrected. Otherwise, the abolition of wine tariffs is unlikely.
    1. 0
      April 2 2024 17: 28
      Did I miss something))) what about the vino?
      1. 0
        April 2 2024 18: 49
        China's trade dispute with Australia is moving towards resolution thanks to the pragmatism of the new Australian government and a partial easing of China's relations with the West. China's punitive tariffs on Australian wine have been lifted. And Australia recently agreed with a WTO ruling that Australia's anti-dumping measures against some Chinese manufactured goods violated the organization's rules.
        1. 0
          April 2 2024 19: 56
          I don't think the main problem between China and Australia was wine tariffs. There are more important reasons.
          1. -1
            April 3 2024 10: 53
            Of course, the wine is just a finishing touch. But it shows that the two countries have reached some consensus on reducing political confrontation and restoring economic ties. As you say, Australia does not need to become deeply involved in the rivalry between two great powers. There may be more smart people in Australia than you think, and they have a greater say in their government. However, this is just my personal opinion, and I hope that it will not be refuted by reality.)
            1. +1
              April 3 2024 12: 16
              I agree with you and hope for the prudence of Australian politicians and officials.
  8. -1
    April 13 2024 22: 36
    Do you need brains and smart consultants to make such conclusions? tongue