Solving problems with uncontrolled migration: balancing the safety of citizens and the interests of corporations

Solving problems with uncontrolled migration: balancing the safety of citizens and the interests of corporations

Migration economy

In continuation of the material “MI6 and migrants: having failed to defeat Russia on the battlefield, Britain will try to destroy it from within” Today we’ll talk about the economic aspects of migration.

Supporters of the mass import of migrants insist that the Russian economy cannot survive without them - they say, there is no one to work, and migrants are hardworking, but is this true?

What are the ways to solve the labor shortage problem?

We will talk about this in this article.

First, let's figure it out, where in Russia do migrants mostly work?

Broadly speaking, the work performed by migrants can be divided into three segments: the services market (taxi, shops, cleaning, hairdressers, etc.), agriculture and construction.

Of the three specified segments, only agriculture and construction are in the sphere of interests of large corporations, which, thanks to their financial and political capabilities, can influence decision-making in the field of migration.

On the other hand, it is in the services market that interaction between migrants and the indigenous population most often occurs, and it is here that the greatest number of conflicts and crimes arise, so we will start with the services market.

Migrants in the services market

Not far from the author’s house there is a hairdresser, in which women, both Russian and other indigenous nationalities of our country, have always worked, some came and went, and some have been working there for several decades (men worked there extremely rarely and not for long) . And then one “fine” day, a “valuable foreign specialist” appeared in the indicated hairdressing salon, speaking little Russian, with a characteristic Wahhabi beard.

The question is how and why did he appear there? Are there any more female hairdressers in Russia?

Obviously, no, the owner of the hairdressing salon simply decided to “save a little money,” but the problem is that he does not see beyond his nose, does not predict the consequences, and does not understand the principle of functioning of tribal communities. At first there will be one “valuable foreign specialist”, then there will be two, three, and so on, until only they remain in the hairdressing salon, and then they will open their own hairdressing salon, and in the same place, and then a network of hairdressing salons, and their former “ the owner" will go to them to wash the floors in exchange for food.

Another example - a friend has a daughter, a student, and she tried to get a part-time job, sorting for one of the large retailers in St. Petersburg, and so migrants there quickly unite and in every possible way prevent local residents from occupying more or less profitable places, and if If it weren’t for one of the site managers who stood up for the girl, she wouldn’t have had a job.

Another example is wipers.

Once upon a time, in the USSR, pensioners often worked as janitors, and most often they worked conscientiously - they swept in the summer, cleared snow at the entrances in the winter, chopped ice. What's happening now? As soon as the snow fell, all the “valuable foreign specialists” instantly “evaporated”; there is no doubt that only when the snow and ice have completely melted and everything has dried up will they appear again, lazily strolling back and forth with a broom, dispersing dust from the place in place. Migrants do not want to work conscientiously and will not work unless they are forced and controlled - they do not have any special industriousness.

The workers in the local area are the same: they work disgustingly, they do more damage than they build, they make asphalt - they can break the playground, a tree is in the way - they don’t go around it, but immediately cut it down, disfiguring the area. They don’t care what the yard or city will look like after their “repair”; they don’t feel that this is their country - they are in occupied territory.

And finally, about the quality of work performed by migrants, probably only a complete idiot would hire migrants to build something complex, such as a house or a bathhouse. The building will clearly not stand for long, of course, unless the customer is killed during the construction process, which, judging by crime statistics, happens quite regularly (by the way, recently the topic of the nationality of criminals has often been somehow erased, they say - crime has no nationality - well, yes, of course).

One of the clearest examples of all the benefits of hiring “valuable foreign specialists”. Source:

All of the above will function just fine without migrants, especially since in many regions they are already prohibited from working in the service sector, for example, in some regions they are prohibited from working in the retail trade of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products, the catering sector, or carrying out passenger transportation on public transport. transport and work in a taxi. Although so far the law is observed so-so: you call a taxi, the application says that it will come "Ivan Chekhov", a taxi arrives - a “valuable foreign specialist” is inside. Apparently the largest aggregators do not care at all about both Russian legislation and the safety of our citizens.

Remove migrants from the service sector and nothing bad will happen. Women who used to work there will return to hairdressing salons, robot cash registers are doing a great job in stores, pensioners or part-time students may well start working as janitors again: the main thing is to remove from the labor market those who are now pushing our fellow citizens out of these jobs.

By the way, there are countless minor crimes in the country, such as the theft of a bottle of vodka or a stick of sausage, which are committed by all sorts of alcoholics and drug addicts. Instead of imposing useless fines on them, which they will not pay due to lack of income, and short sentences when this entire livestock farm must also be fed and maintained, it is much better to actively involve them in working out their labor duties - clearing snow, breaking ice, digging trenches and so on and so forth, it will only be better for everyone, including the alcoholics/drug addicts themselves.

One more fact can be mentioned - in the industry, especially high-tech industries, there were no and practically no migrants - it was never possible to see at least one of them at the machine tool or operator's console. The country’s ability to survive and develop today, more than ever, depends on the ability to create high-tech products with high added value, which is also the key to the security of the state, and here migrants are of no use.

And finally, no one is saying that it is necessary to deport all migrants indiscriminately; firstly, we are talking about the suspension of their mass import without any systemic integration and assimilation into Russian society, and secondly, about a significant increase in requirements to migrants' compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and their merciless deportation in case of non-compliance even in small things - the right to live and work in Russia must be earned, and not obtained for a bribe to a petty migration service official.

This is not about racism, but about the completely legitimate defense of the interests of the indigenous peoples of our country, about the right to obtain paid work, first of all, for Russian citizens, and only then for everyone else, in order of priority.

Another issue is construction and agriculture. Of course, there is no doubt that the quality of work performed by migrants leaves much to be desired here, but given the volume of tasks assigned, companies in the construction and agricultural sectors may not have much choice.


There is a version that one of the main ideologists of the mass import of migrants from Central Asian countries are large construction and agricultural holdings, which have a great need for relatively inexpensive, albeit unskilled, labor.

It would seem that we have no way out - big business, big money - they will still push migrants into Russia, no matter how hard it is, how about a ride?

However, there is a solution to this problem, and it is quite simple - it is a shift method of work.

Everything is very simple. The work performed by migrants at construction sites and at enterprises in the agricultural sector does not require their presence in Russian cities. The work they perform is often the most low-skilled, and therefore the contingent there is appropriate, prone to committing crimes and subject to the influence of radical movements.

What will it be like to work on a rotational basis?

Interested enterprises formulate requests for the allocation of quotas for the use of foreign labor, with appropriate justifications attached. At their own expense, they are constructing fully autonomous, closed rotational worker villages (RPCs) in which workers will live.

Just don’t perceive this as the construction of some kind of “concentration camps” for migrants, far from it - GRPs should be comfortable, located as close as possible to the place of work, they can create places for leisure, religious rites, and so on and so on. things like that.

A rotational work camp can be a very comfortable place to live. Image

The creation of a GRP should completely eliminate contact between migrants and the local population, completely eliminating any possible conflicts on ethnic grounds and possible crimes.

The employing enterprise must bear full responsibility for monitoring migrants’ compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and ensure their transportation from the GRP to the place of work and back; unauthorized leaving of the GRP by employees should be equated to a violation of the state border of the Russian Federation and punished accordingly. In this case, the employer will have to pay a large fine for this.

After completion of the work, the VRP must be completely disassembled and transported to a new location.

For those who come to Russia to work and earn money, GRP is an excellent option, but if someone comes here to rob and rape, then it is clear that they are not interested in this format of work.

Do corporations need this?

At first glance, for enterprises that employ migrants, the concept of working on a rotational basis and the construction of a GRP is just unnecessary hassle and additional costs, however, this format of organizing migrant labor also has many advantages for employers.

They receive a fixed number of employees, with conditions strictly specified in employment contracts, without the risk that these employees will decide to abruptly change jobs or become intoxicated with alcohol/drugs for a long period of time, and the risks of theft from facilities will be minimized.

The corporations themselves will not lose money, but, on the contrary, will receive additional income.

Accommodation in the GRP for workers should not be free - they rent housing, so let them pay here, if they want - let them live in something like a barracks, if they want - in a separate room or even a box with several rooms.

Food is national cuisine, workers are also from neighboring countries, the same is with the entertainment sector, the catering and entertainment enterprises themselves are the property of the employer.

The employing enterprise can, at its discretion, provide access to banking services of selected banks, which employees will use to transfer funds to their homeland - banks will fight for the opportunity to work in the GRP, and the migrants themselves will benefit, there is less chance of losing money in some gaming vending machines - everything will remain for the family.

The same is with cellular communications, SIM cards are provided by the employer, personal cell phones are handed over until the end of the contract. It is quite possible to even install a separate base station by an operator who has received the right to work in the GRP.

An important condition - no women and children - a rotational method is a rotational method, nothing, Russian men go to work on a rotational basis in the north, somehow they live, Russia is not a free maternity hospital for foreigners.

If some enterprises require female staff from foreign countries, then everything is done in a similar way, in the form of separate GRP for women - at the same time, the traditions of the strict morals of our guests will be respected. Of course, isolated cases of pregnancy cannot be avoided, but this can be stipulated in an employment contract with immediate deportation in the early stages.

A separate conversation is religion. No “leftist preachers”, only representatives of the Central Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Russia (TSDUM of Russia), the Council of Muftis of Russia, the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) and other officially permitted religious organizations - in general, everything is official, without the risk (or with minimal risk) of spread radical religious movements.

Control and security

For the state, a rotational work method is the optimal way to control foreign citizens, minimizing the risk of conflicts, the growth of nationalist sentiment in the country, and the preparation and implementation of terrorist acts.

Full control over financial flows - who transfers money from the GRP to Ukraine or to some murky accounts. Under the conditions of the GRP, it is possible to nip all terrorist cells in the bud by mercilessly expelling and imprisoning their adherents.

There is no doubt that there will be someone trying to make closed enclaves out of the GRP and squeeze out the civil authorities of the Russian Federation from there and remove the control of the security forces, there will be talk about the “extraterritoriality” of the GRP, including from the countries of Central Asia - such talk must be mercilessly suppressed, any hints of extraterritoriality should be considered either high treason or external aggression - an attempt on the territorial integrity of Russia.

The organized movement of labor within the framework of the concept of the rotation method is an effective way of political influence on the countries of the region; in case of any problems, hundreds of thousands - millions of migrants will be sent to restore “constitutional order” in their country.


Organizing work involving migrants on a rotational basis is a simple way to reduce social tension in our society and increase the efficiency of using such labor; these are new ways of business development for domestic large corporations.

For the state, this will mean a significant reduction in the number of crimes committed by foreign citizens, as well as minimizing the risks of terrorist attacks in the country.

As for the service sector, the presence of migrants here should be minimal - in my opinion, Russian citizens should have an advantage in employment.
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  1. +18
    31 March 2024 05: 06
    Total control of the state is the basis in this matter. And we have a hard time with this... The temptation for corruption is too great... By the way, I don’t remember retired janitors in the USSR, maybe there were, but the janitors were given apartments quickly and without delay. smile
    1. +4
      31 March 2024 07: 06
      All migrants who previously received citizenship of the Russian Federation must pass through the SVO, so that they value what they receive. The decision on the location of those who have already arrived on the territory of the Russian Federation should not be made by local officials, but, say, through the “Government Services”, appoint a person responsible for the decision at the very top. Assign a period of stay in the country of 30 days, the document confirming the legality of stay is an airline ticket or other travel card, no deportation ticket.
      1. +25
        31 March 2024 07: 15
        The tragedy at the training ground near Belgorod? No? This is not THEIR Country and why should they defend it? It is necessary to ban citizenship for guest workers, bring families into the country. Yes, and just get out of here. In the BV countries they are not given citizenship, they live in fenced-in ghetto without families.
        1. +10
          31 March 2024 07: 30
          Quote from: dmi.pris1
          The tragedy at the training ground near Belgorod? No? This is not THEIR Country and why should they defend it?

          Deprivation of citizenship and sent to history.
          1. +5
            31 March 2024 09: 57
            I agree with you completely! And yes, this time I unconditionally agree with Mitrofanov!
      2. +16
        31 March 2024 07: 20
        If you want, the issue can be resolved in the shortest possible time, even without taking extraordinary measures, but they won’t want to... Or they will give a purely formal command, but will bureaucratize it purposefully. In order to clean the “Augean stables” in this state, it’s time to revive the oprichnina winked
        1. -5
          31 March 2024 07: 24
          Yes, those at the top must decide which path we will take. The decision will be made and then the interested parties will be pushed out.
          1. +20
            31 March 2024 07: 34
            Yes, those at the top must decide which way we will go.
            Yes, they’ve been deciding for 30 years, but they can’t solve everything. The new generation has already grown up
          2. +3
            31 March 2024 08: 03
            Quote: Edik
            Yes, those at the top must decide which path we will take.

            What options do they offer??
            1. +11
              31 March 2024 09: 41
              What options do they offer??

              Recently, one comrade proposed creating a Tajik autonomous republic in Russia.
              In St. Petersburg, Professor Abashin published a note on social networks, where he hints at the creation of a Tajik republic in the Russian Federation.
              1. +3
                31 March 2024 15: 40
                With the capital in St. Petersburg, or Moscow? You know, it’s clear that this is complete nonsense.. But honestly, gather all the elite and Tajiks together into one common ghetto. Just fence them off, and not only from normal people who live on their earnings. Why can’t we accept the experience attracting migrant workers to BV?
      3. +6
        31 March 2024 08: 01
        Quote: Edik
        All migrants who previously received citizenship of the Russian Federation must pass through the SVO

        This is how we will be left without migrants! Those who have double passports will flee to their homelands. And the rest won't either. But I agree with you.
    2. 0
      31 March 2024 08: 26
      Total control of the state is the basis of this issue.

      Therefore, the author focuses on real methods - to persuade corporations, to promise them something.
      Since there is no chance of stopping the import, perhaps they can be persuaded to adopt a rotational system.
      But it’s like in the joke - if the coin becomes edge-on. It is foolish to expect that it will not hang in the air - the importation of migrants will stop.
      So there are two real options - heads and tails - either to persuade the people that this is the way it should be, or not to persuade, to hush up the publications and it will die down on its own.
    3. 0
      April 1 2024 12: 09
      "apartments were given to the janitors quickly and without delay. smile" in Moscow an apartment at the "limit" after 10 belay years of work as a janitor - and lived in half-houses, basements and other adapted housing.
      1. 0
        April 1 2024 12: 41
        Maybe. Moscow has always had a special status... In the castle, this was easier.
        1. 0
          April 1 2024 12: 46
          Naturally, there were never anyone willing to work for 60 rubles, so they lured with an apartment
        2. The comment was deleted.
      2. 0
        April 2 2024 23: 31
        After 10 years this is a permanent apartment. And before that, service housing, that is, a room in a dormitory or in a communal apartment or a small apartment for a small family. While you work, you use this housing.
        1. 0
          April 3 2024 07: 13
          “While you work, you use this housing.” - quit - kicked out of the service - lost my registration - they won’t hire you without a registration (if you don’t have your own housing there). That's why they held on to housing.
          "Soviet mortgage" - only a shorter term....
    4. 0
      April 1 2024 20: 30
      Medvedev_Dmitry. (Dmitriy). Yesterday, 05:06. New. yours - "...Total control of the state is the basis of this issue. And we have a hard time with this... The temptation for corruption is too great... By the way, I don’t remember retired janitors in the USSR, maybe there were, but the janitors were given apartments quickly and without delay...”
      You. right on everything - 1000%. hi Grandfather VIL also called for “Control and accounting!”
      And for especially “talented accountants” bully (who know how to extract goodies from everythingabout). The office must operate under the “Control of accountants.” am China is doing very well. The question is about SAFETY. And here "...bargaining is not appropriate!,,," fool
      1. 0
        April 3 2024 07: 16
        “The office for “Control of accountants” should work. am China is doing very well. The maintenance question “- China is not doing very well - they have been shooting for 27 years and the flow has NOT stopped.
        And with the return of money, it’s a joke - up to 90% of corrupt officials return from abroad to be shot, and the money is only 0.8% of what was stolen
        1. 0
          April 7 2024 22: 38
          his1970 (Sergey). 3 April 2024 07:16. New. your -"..." the office must operate under the "Control of accountants". am China is doing very well. question "TO" - China is not doing very well - they have been shooting for 27 years and the flow has NOT stopped... "
          1. If it weren't for it it would have worked out very well. That China has covered itself with a copper basin. like the USSR under Gorbachev's perestroika. But no. From the USSR with the second economy and one of the 2 world leaders to third world countries (90s). And China is moving towards its goal, analyzing mistakes and taking action. Have you heard about + and - feedbacks? Find out what his GDP is and he is afraid of the USA. feel
          2. Regarding “China is not doing very well”. So in the USSR there were so many thieves at different levels, including state authorities from reorganization to camps and...
          There will always be those who decide to “jump” with a suitcase containing 1 ml. dollars from a “skyscraper” in the hope of becoming a millionaire and deceiving fate. belay
          1. 0
            April 7 2024 23: 01
            “China is moving towards its goal, analyzing mistakes and taking action. We’ve heard about + and - feedbacks. Find out what its GDP is and gogo is afraid of the USA.” - the USSR he walked towards his goal, analyzed his mistakes, took action, he had a crazy GDP and the United States was afraid of him. . ...
            What makes you think that China cannot repeat the fate of the USSR??!!! Are there any guarantees against the coming Chinese MSG?
            And taking into account the presence of oligarchs, China is even closer to capitalism than the USSR
            1. 0
              April 15 2024 15: 38
              your1970. (Sergey). 7 April 2024 23:01. New . yours - "...What makes you think - that China cannot repeat the fate of the USSR??!!!..."
              Funny question. crying Only God can give guarantees in THIS LIFE!
              It all depends from the strong "immunity" of the body и the body's ability to recover.
              The flag and history are in your hands. start with any state....The name of the “organism” is not important...
              And no one has canceled the role of personality in history....
              The completely healthy USSR was corroded basically a rotten partyocracy. and not the economy and the supposed arms race.
              Compare the jokes for the weirdos of SOI (mattresses) and that. what was and was released into the flow of the military-industrial complex of the USSR hi . Plus "personality" with a capital letter - "G" - Gorbi and Shava. Yakovlev and others. bully
              Now, for example, the USA - Assessment of one of the “small” candidates for US President - "Trump is a civil war. Baden is the 3rd WW!"
              1. 0
                April 15 2024 15: 43
                The completely healthy USSR was corroded mainly by the rotten partyocracy. and not the economy and the supposed arms race. yeah ...
                In the Cup in 1989, the store had Buran snowmobiles - in the desert where the snow lies until lunchtime for 2 months of winter. There was a palm-sized layer of dust on them....
                To the north, the waiting list for them reached up to 5 years.
                But this is not the economy, no, no - it’s obvious that the rotten party-crat came up with the idea that all republics should receive a deficit
    5. 0
      April 3 2024 12: 18
      Or maybe we’ll ask a question first and find the one who created the permission and covers uncontrolled migration to this day? To avoid the same problems in other areas. I hope it won’t be the state itself?
      1. +1
        April 3 2024 12: 24
        There is such an organization, IOM, the International Organization for Migration, the Russian Federation is still an observer there... And the sponsors are the World Bank and similar structures. It has been working since the 50s, when migration to Europe began. And in order to become a full member, you need to take on increased obligations, which is what we see in the Russian Federation...
        1. -1
          April 3 2024 12: 41
          And what does full membership in the IOM mean that emigrants will be cleaner and better able to come? Or will we be officially allowed to trade people? And yes, I asked about our country and not the whole world - that’s true.
          1. +1
            April 3 2024 12: 52
            So you don't see the connection? I see... Migration issues are supervised by the IMO and the leadership of the Russian Federation strictly follows the instructions. This is a complex task, a time bomb, to destabilize any state and the Russian Federation in particular. But the declared goals are quite humanistic smile
  2. -3
    31 March 2024 05: 24
    Here's to making all your dreams come true!
    And counting all the stars.

    Peasants are always and everywhere the same - isolationism. - - - My hut is on the edge. But she is at the center of the universe.
    Only a cultural revolution, a change in the subconscious, in the mentality, will transform migrants into Russian citizens.

    There was a film where the heroine Rumyantseva patronized 2 quitters. So, in a half-silly form, they brought the problems of working-class settlements (villages) into urban areas. And also ideology.

    From the domino table, cards in a closed courtyard - to the park and square, walking in full view of everyone
    1. +13
      31 March 2024 07: 27
      It won't bite. You forgot that migrants are collected in articles. Some of them, without knowing the Russian language, can live in Russia for a long time.
    2. -6
      31 March 2024 11: 49
      If we are peasants then you must be a landowner
      Ceterum censeo Wshingtago delendam esse
  3. +11
    31 March 2024 05: 32
    they say there is no one to work
    I remember back in the 90s I was on a business trip in Moscow and saw clouds of migrants from Central Asia on the streets. And this at a time when, as a result of Alkash’s “reforms,” factories were closed en masse and the whole country was without work. Someone then benefited from cheap labor. It is beneficial for someone even now, but this “someone” does not think at all about the consequences that their children and grandchildren will face. The terrorist attack in Crocus has already marked the beginning of this
    1. -1
      31 March 2024 06: 03
      in the 90s I was on a business trip to Moscow and saw clouds of migrants from Central Asia on the streets

      there was no such thing, which, however, does not cancel everything that was said about e.b.n.
      1. +2
        31 March 2024 06: 12
        there was no such
        There were tons of them there!
      2. Aag
        31 March 2024 17: 00
        Not much, but there was...
        Around 93, they were already working as drivers of regular buses... By the way, the driver’s salary in the capital exceeded the amount of the salary. regiment of the Strategic Missile Forces in Siberia.
      3. 0
        April 15 2024 16: 04
        Vladimir80.(Vladimir80).31 March 2024 06:03.New. yours - "..
        нthere was such a thing, which, however, does not cancel everything that was said about e.b.n...."
        Perhaps a colleague confused Middle Asians with Caucasians. feel Just mass “crow’s” roosts of birds of this breed of at least 10 people were observed when leaving almost every metro station for a “break” after the so-called. providing “assistance” to the Ministry of Internal Affairs after the terrorist attacks in Moscow. Article "more than 30 thousand agricultural facilities under control in the Moscow metro." The sergeant cop was telling the same thing. that he was “given subordination” to majors and lieutenant colonels. PWhen trying to “strain” the assigned representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to check the identified “interesting” guest... The representative refused or simply walked away... The army did not have any rights to search... No.
        Yes, there were wandering camps of Central Asians - gypsies...How did you get across the border!? One camp lived at the Rzhevskaya station occupied the building on the platform. there are rags and carpets on the railings. naked children ran around the platform and rats ran with them. belay Many wrote to the mayor's office and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and when the rains began in the fall, the camp broke up and left.
    2. +9
      31 March 2024 06: 29
      Quote: Dutchman Michel
      It is beneficial to someone even now, only this “someone” doesn’t think about the consequences at allthat their children and grandchildren will face.

      This contingent lives its own life, in its own world. Collect money and run away - that's the whole idea.
      1. +17
        31 March 2024 07: 25
        Ross xnumx
        This contingent lives its own life, in its own world. Collect money and run away - that's the whole idea

        It is time.
        Where is the respected author going to take all the very respected and rich diasporas, and with them millions of new Russians with Russian passports? That's two.
        Bringing back millions of families with hundreds of thousands of children who hold citizenship means straining relations with the Central Asian republics to the limit, but ours all live in the fantasies of the CIS... That's three.
        It will be difficult to force effective managers to bother with rotational camps, because then they will have to maintain total control over all employees, maintain exclusively white bookkeeping, pay all taxes, etc... These are four
        Diasporas already have so much money and influence on the ground that they will bury any initiative to tighten legislation regarding arrivals. And who would want to “rock the boat” now? The political careers of such “rockers” will apparently not last long. It's five.
        And in general, I can’t believe that those people who themselves started the “resettlement of peoples” and “dilution of the title” will stop everything and start doing at least something in the opposite direction. That's six.
        1. 0
          April 15 2024 16: 23
          Doccor18. (Alexander). March 31, 2024 07:25. New. yours is ".... Where is the respected author going to take all the very respected and rich diasporas, and with them millions of new Russians with Russian passports? That's two.
          Bringing back millions of families with hundreds of thousands of children who hold citizenship means straining relations with the Central Asian republics to the limit, but ours all live in the fantasies of the CIS... That's three.
          It will be difficult to get effective managers to bother with rotational camps,..."

          Old saying - "The white crow once again emphasizes the blackness of the entire flock!" Yes, there were Soviet Nashi). Not all. but there were. It's all gone. love
          Stop helping the United States and blatantly destroying our Motherland - Russia from the inside. am
          Their young ones. strong. hating and ready to act(("Besogon" Mikhalkov - in a survey of gasters, 40% (only those who said) of them said. that they are ready to take up arms and act. to protect their “values”. how much is it from from at least 20 ml. Oh, the Ukrainians need 500 thousand for the next “counter-offensive”. Have you estimated it or is it still NOT ENOUGH!? what
          This way you can “cover Russia with a copper basin” at once. bully
          That's not what they were concerned about. think about it. what will you do if they “stir up” the big “Crocus”...and to the rear of ours in the Northern Military District..Or now clean out these “Audius stables”. Not everyone will fly away hi
          1. 0
            April 15 2024 16: 46
            Or now clean out these “Audius stables”

            How? Here's what's interesting...
  4. -2
    31 March 2024 05: 38
    At one time I worked in the greenhouses of a famous businessman, delivery by bus, I saw enough of migrants, especially women. You can clearly see who has been in Russia for a long time and who is new. Clothes, accessories, some have tattoos. Many of them can no longer be distinguished from behind.
    1. +2
      31 March 2024 18: 57
      - External differences change little in the way of thinking... All these people remain invariably dependent on intra-ethnic and religious attitudes. Moreover, deviation from the prescribed way of life is facilitated by the manipulation of such “renegades.” They say, “I sinned” - work it off...
  5. +18
    31 March 2024 06: 08
    The organized movement of labor within the framework of the concept of the rotation method is an effective way of political influence on the countries of the region; in case of any problems, hundreds of thousands - millions of migrants will be sent to restore “constitutional order” in their country.

    Yes, all this happened 10 years ago - when they did not issue Russian citizenship right or left, but our “elites”, within the framework of the manual set for them by their globalist masters on the construction of an “Eastern Babylon”, are purposefully destroying the basis of the Russian population - the Russian people. At the same time, it must be admitted that a significant part of the “Russian people” is actively helping them in this.
  6. +8
    31 March 2024 06: 16
    I think that before calling on a valuable specialist, an employer must first prove to the authorities that he is truly irreplaceable. You will also need to provide evidence that he tried to hire a specialist from the indigenous population, but was unable to for objective reasons.
    1. +18
      31 March 2024 07: 38
      I think that the employer, first of all, must bear personal responsibility for the actions of the type of valuable specialist he called. Moreover, in full, up to and including imprisonment if he commits a crime.. And the pair on his bunk must be made by the official who signed the approval of the application.

      Now they will say that the switchmen will be imprisoned as always. Without a doubt. But I think that after the first hundred real landings, those who want to become switchmen for the sake of high authorities will somehow transfer...
      1. +1
        31 March 2024 18: 39
        There was an encroachment on HER Holy Majesty's Bribe. NO --- nothing. How will the bureaucrats live if you live on one salary? The Curse of the Diamond Hand in action.
  7. +22
    31 March 2024 06: 36
    Solving problems with uncontrolled migration: balancing the safety of citizens and the interests of corporations

    First, we need to solve problems with the authorities: whose interests it protects, what it understands the Russian people to be and what goal we are all going towards, and then decide who should live in our country.
    For now, this is not our country and it is not governed by friends of the people. Just look at who and how many have multiplied on Russian soil over the years, and who is getting smaller every year and why...
    1. +16
      31 March 2024 07: 41
      Exactly. As MikhMikh said, we need to fight not mold, but dampness...

      But - alas, based on the results of the latest elections, some will firmly conclude that the people are absolutely happy with everything, everything is going just fine under wise leadership and nothing needs to be changed...
  8. +2
    31 March 2024 06: 48
    “Just don’t perceive this as the construction of some kind of “concentration camps” for migrants, far from it - GRPs should be comfortable, located as close as possible to the place of work, they can create places for leisure, religious rites, and so on etc." and then there is a gorgeous description of not some nasty concentration camp, but something of ours, painfully dear to us. Then, in the spirit of the times, we need to create these fabulous GRPs in the historical areas of Vorkuta, Kolyma, Magadan, and for the safety of the residents, surround the territory with barbed wire and guards on towers along perimeter so that the locals don’t bully them. Contracts with immigrants should be concluded for 5-10 years and not released until they have worked, for an attempt to terminate the contract ahead of schedule, 2 years will be added to the contract, and any alcoholics, drug addicts, liberals and others can be sent to the GRP other democrats, so that “instead of imposing useless fines on them, which they will not pay due to lack of income, and short sentences, when this entire livestock farm also needs to be fed and maintained, it is much better to actively involve them in working out their labor service - clearing snow, breaking ice, digging trenches, and so on and so forth, everyone will only be better off, including the alcoholics/drug addicts themselves." Please note that all this will be done for the benefit of all of the above, we are not some kind of fascists.
    1. +15
      31 March 2024 08: 28
      Working hands - is this all true? In our country, almost half of the population is engaged in outright crap. Without producing anything useful. Maybe if we create working conditions acceptable to locals, then there won’t be a need for migrants? The stump is clear - for 30 thousand no one will hunch over the yard or at the machine tool. What if we curtail the immoderate appetites of today’s highly efficient owners? Under the Soviet regime, they clearly understood that a working person must be paid more than plankton, otherwise, you really won’t find working hands during the day...

      Introduce personal responsibility for any actions of the migrant - the inviting party and the permitting party. Is your signature before the request for a specific Gavrik? Is yours on the permit for his entry? Come here, both of you. Keep the answer. Some will say that, as always, the switchmen will suffer. Without a doubt. But - after the first hundred public landings for a long time, I think the switchmen will somehow suddenly disappear...

      The strictest control over the activities of guest workers. About the same as those on parole. The first violation, even if the road turns red, means you get out of the country. Disappeared from the sight of supervisory authorities - 10 years upon capture.

      No citizenship - introduce the concept of a residence permit. Yes, you can live and work, but no free services, no benefits, no help. Everything is for your own. No purchase of any real estate. And no citizenship for those born on our territory if the parents are not citizens.

      No diasporas, national communities of any kind. All such entities should immediately be equated to organized crime groups. If you want to develop your culture and language, go to your homeland, it’s no problem there. And for us, all this is unnecessary here.

      Tightest control over movement. They hired you to work in Ryazan on a construction site - that’s where you sit. No free roaming around the country. I quit my job there and immediately went home. You came here to work, right? So. At the same time - control over attempts to form any enclaves in our cities.

      And most importantly, up to 25 years in prison for those of our officials and entrepreneurs who try to circumvent or violate these prohibitions. Without any pity. This way and only this way.

      Alas, there is only one “but” - who will do all this???
  9. +8
    31 March 2024 07: 22
    I upvote the first half of the article. I'm perplexed about the second one. Why rotation camps? Some 30 years ago (residents of the RSFSR) worked on construction sites, now why not? Yes, just like in the first half of the article, the Russian imperialists want to save money.
    Last year, our house underwent a major renovation. The migrants painted the walls, and when they went to collect what they had earned, they were given half of it. Well, they all fled to the service sector...
    Now the question. The author proposes rotational camps from which migrants will periodically scatter throughout the country. If you can't see the difference. Why fence a garden?
    1. +1
      April 1 2024 12: 21
      The author proposes rotational camps from which migrants will periodically scatter throughout the country." - you didn't read the article carefully - he offers GRP camp like - taking the camps of the American Great Depression as a basis. Only a small difference - there the camps were state-funded - but here they will be private. That is business will receive SLAVES - moreover legalized.
      And none of the commentators paid attention to this.
      Big business will erect monuments to such authors during their lifetime - with such total control over slaves
  10. +13
    31 March 2024 07: 29
    The whole problem is in the diasporas, which have created “states within a state.” These national organized crime groups are interested in increasing their “flock”. Hence the import of entire villages, the distribution of passports.... And all this financially falls on the Russian state. There are already tens of millions of them, to whom secular society is alien and this “village” is not going to integrate. Yes, they will not be allowed to integrate into the diaspora, this is their “flock”. Now, after the terrorist attack, raids are being carried out to identify illegal immigrants, but this is not a solution to the issue. In a week or two, everything will be back to normal, it’s just that the police will not be able to work in this mode all the time. Yes, and diasporas “resolve issues.”
  11. +9
    31 March 2024 07: 38
    . And then one “fine” day, a “valuable foreign specialist” appeared in the indicated hairdressing salon.

    So they are already appearing in medicine! You come, and this guy is sitting there. And probably already with a Russian passport and education.
    Remember. Soon they will teach children like this too!
    1. +4
      31 March 2024 15: 08
      So they are already appearing in medicine!

      We have a couple of hospitals where there is not a single surgeon of Slavic appearance...
      Soon they will teach children like this too!

    2. 0
      April 1 2024 11: 51
      So, last year I posted an attempt to enroll my daughter in a children's clinic on
      In the end, we get treatment for a fee, I gave her voluntary medical insurance (fortunately, I’m entitled to it from work).
  12. +9
    31 March 2024 08: 00
    here you still need to calculate your “resources” and perhaps you will find that the residents of the indigenous nationalities of Russia living in Russia are abundantly occupied by the “vacancies” that are filled by migrants who have come to Russia in large numbers. About tightening the conditions for migrants to obtain Russian citizenship, I’m not even saying that the screws need to be thoroughly tightened. Here are a few questions. First . Why are residents of Russia being discouraged from working? All the films are about businessmen and their luxurious lives and about not poverty-stricken investigators and lawyers, but there are hardly any films about the life of miners, janitors, turners and Volgograd combine operators. Naturally, just as you can’t get everyone into business and into lawyers, you can’t get everyone into miners, janitors, tram drivers or turners. There is only one conclusion, all these second-rate people have an unworthy and insufficient salary, therefore either their life and way of life must be shown truthfully difficult and unattractive for the viewer, otherwise the viewer will say Stanislav’s “I don’t believe it” or films should not be made about their lives at all. We chose the third option.
    Many people now say that Russia is a whole civilization. I also want to believe in it. So maybe they should adopt their own civilizational laws so that they could be obliged to pay decent wages to ordinary workers, while simultaneously introducing laws to punish parasitism. And then millions of Tajik, Uzbek, etc. migrants will not be needed.
    But the whole paradox is that, probably, the authorities of Tajikistan or Uzbekistan adhere to the same policy. There, too, I assume there are no films about how those who grow cotton live, graze goats and sheep, drive trams, sweep yards, but films about their businessmen, but where do millions of Tajiks go and how do they live that are not in “business and lawyers” If you shove it, the authorities are deeply violet! There is such a naive Russia, it will let them in as migrants, although that Russia itself has tens of millions of its own who do not fit into “business and lawyers.” It turns out to be a vicious circle, because migrants take the jobs of Russian residents. So maybe this is some kind of secret program to squeeze the Russians out of Russia???
  13. +7
    31 March 2024 08: 10
    . Solving problems with uncontrolled migration

    Is it too late to drink Borjomi?
    If not, then there is only one option: increase the birth rate, raise wages. And the main thing is to increase the level of automation and robotization of production processes. Migrants are not allowed in. Let only the most educated, smartest and highest specialists in. And not those who will go to the crocus.
  14. +2
    31 March 2024 09: 16
    A Russian citizen costs an employer 43% more than an officially employed migrant. With a salary of 64 “in your hands” (average according to Rosstat):
    -Citizen: 13% personal income tax, 30% unified social tax: 95.6 thousand.
    -Migrant: 13% personal income tax - cost of a patent (on average 6.5 thousand, a migrant buys a patent himself): 67 thousand.
    1. +7
      31 March 2024 09: 39
      Quote: Ivan Seversky
      Russian citizen costs the employer 43% more than an officially employed migrant.

      How much and what does a migrant cost the people of Russia? In our state, whose interests are higher? The people or some employers?
      1. 0
        31 March 2024 09: 49
        I am in favor of simply equalizing the tax burden of Russians and migrants, raising the cost of a patent to 30+ thousand per month and introducing criminal liability for staying without a patent for citizens from countries with a large migration influx.
        If this is actually done, there will be fewer migrants and they will come to work 12/7 and most of the problems with labor migration will immediately go away
      2. +9
        31 March 2024 10: 13
        If we proceed from reality, and not the constant blah-blah that everyone suffers from ordinary citizens to gentlemen. The people in modern Russia are nothing, but the so-called employers have all the rights and freedoms.
  15. Owl
    31 March 2024 09: 20
    Shift method, with accommodation in separate buildings, with restrictions on leaving the place of work and residence, all medical care (except for emergency) is paid only, upon entry (import) funds are paid into the state fund for possible deportation.
    1. +2
      31 March 2024 10: 14
      Why do you need them? Or are you an oligarch?
  16. +2
    31 March 2024 09: 27
    Once DAM spoke about the “point of no return”. By this point I mean the content of the main ethnic group in a desubjectivized state. An effective tool for this is to reduce the share of the indigenous ethnic group by importing migrants.
    It seems that today the potential of our people is used by no more than 20-30% in comparison with the Soviet experience. Seeing the number of security guards, officials, the “service” sector, “tourism”, permitted idleness and parasitism, redirecting people’s interest to stupid consumption and pleasure. The potential of abilities and opportunities is poorly used due to deindustrialization and social disorganization. We need to talk not about improving migration policy, but about the effectiveness of using our potential.
    1. +6
      31 March 2024 12: 10
      The economy is rocking. If working as a security guard, courier, or sales manager you will earn 2-3 times more than as a machine operator at a factory, then your choice of work is obvious.
      There was already an example here on our website in the comments, one friend wrote. Previously, he worked as a welding process engineer, then switched to selling the same welding units. salary has increased several times.
      1. +7
        31 March 2024 13: 03
        The economy is rocking. If working as a security guard, courier, or sales manager you will earn 2-3 times more than as a machine operator at a factory, then your choice of work is obvious.

        That’s right, but there’s another problem that there’s a bubble economy in one big country - migrants build human shelters for migrants, migrants deliver coffee for lazy, fat-assed city dwellers, migrants sort out (very poorly) piles of garbage for people who are used to living like in a pigsty.
        P.S. What I mean is that there is no real growth of the economy or GDP, it’s a complete fiction and a scam, i.e. there is no need for workers, there is a need to strictly cover up parasitic trends...
  17. +5
    31 March 2024 09: 30
    no one is saying that it is necessary to deport all migrants indiscriminately

    How is no one talking? I say send everyone out and launch one at a time after a thorough check!
    construction of a GRP is just extra hassle and additional expenses

    What are the costs? All expenses are covered by the guest workers themselves by paying for their accommodation from their salary!
    with immediate deportation in the early stages.

    And at later times too. And those who have already given birth do the same.
    A separate conversation is religion.

    In each such settlement, in addition to the mosque and the Russian mufti, there must be an Orthodox chapel and mandatory Sunday sermons from the Russian Orthodox Church.
    Each such settlement also requires a district representative from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and security from among the indigenous population.
    And it wouldn’t be a bad idea to limit the maximum term of the employment contract. Then a mandatory departure for at least a year.
  18. +7
    31 March 2024 10: 20
    I read the comments and am shocked. In Soviet times, only locals worked in the RSFSR. Why do you need labor camps now? We don't need these at all.
    Another question is that the current government has optimized the population and there are no longer 140 million in the Federation.
    1. +1
      April 1 2024 12: 38
      “I read the comments and am shocked. In Soviet times, only locals worked in the RSFSR.” - in Maskva there were quite a lot of Armenians, Azerbaijanis, Moldovans, Kazakhs and others.
      And beyond the Garden Ring...
      In the Saratov region there were a large number of Koreans in the 1960s, and Kurds and Vietnamese in the 1970s.
      Still vegetable farming NOT holding company in the Saratov Trans-Volga region are Koreans.
      Kazakhs (this is sacred), Georgians, Armenians, Mountain Shors, Moldovans, Uzbeks - in the Saratov region of the RSFSR in the 1960-1980s
      In Tyumen, the Dagestanis have ruled since the 1960s.

      And this is taking into account the fact that registration quite rigidly fixed people in place - without registration there is no work, without work and housing there is no registration...
  19. +5
    31 March 2024 10: 56
    I didn't read the title right away
    Solving problems with uncontrolled migration: balancing the safety of citizens and the interests of corporations
    What could be the “interests of “corporations”” if they run counter to state, national and public security priorities?
    Ceterum censeo Washingtago delendam esse
  20. +2
    31 March 2024 11: 33
    Migration can only be stopped if severe restrictions are accepted.
    Like Japan for example.
  21. +3
    31 March 2024 12: 07
    There is such an indicator - robotization, or the number of robots per 1000 workers. It seems to us that it is 6,3, that is, somewhere in the region of Brazil. I have nothing against Brazil, but such an achievement for a country that claims to be the first in the world... The reason is that robotization requires initial investments, but our trading business looks 2-3 years ahead, projects with multi-year payback are not interesting to it.
    So, either we automate, and this should be done by business and not the state, or we invite migrants.
  22. +5
    31 March 2024 12: 16
    The author described everything correctly, hats off! Unfortunately, Andrei, we won’t do things wisely; everything will remain as is in this area. Too big money, too big lobby. The same SSS in Moscow with its epic tile habits simply cannot live without the “Golden Horde”.
  23. 0
    31 March 2024 14: 49
    For equilibrium (any) it is required that the action be equal to the reaction. In managing society, this is a policy of checks and balances, for example. What about in the field of labor relations? By the way, INDUSTRY TRADE UNIONS were invented a long time ago and are still used as effective tools. Strikes happen every now and then in Germany, Britain, France, etc. I am sure that some of the problems analyzed by the respected author could be solved, or their solution would be much simpler if there were militant INDUSTRY TRADE UNIONS in the Russian Federation. At least there would be no attempt to replace the modern excavator with a crowd of illiterate migrants. The issues of remuneration for doctors, teachers, educators and other absolutely defenseless workers at the moment would be resolved. TRADE UNIONS have long been a silent figure in our country. Is this correct?
  24. +2
    31 March 2024 16: 28
    Author, don’t try to eat a fish and climb a tree without injecting yourself. No shift method. Sweep everyone out, including those who received a passport, take them away and sweep them away.
    1. +4
      31 March 2024 16: 39
      And how recently they laughed in the news and articles at all sorts of Germany and France, how their immigrants create chaos there. Once the editing time has expired.
  25. +5
    31 March 2024 17: 53
    For capitalists there is no homeland, no compatriots, only net profit is important to them. And how to earn it is a secondary question. It will be necessary, the capitalists will move all of Tajikistan to us if it is even a penny cheaper than giving birth, raising, educating, training and settling the Russian Ivan according to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.
  26. +4
    31 March 2024 17: 55
    There is no benefit to the state from migrants. But some bureaucrats, of course, have it in their pockets! Besides, the authorities are already afraid of them!!
  27. 0
    31 March 2024 18: 07
    Trade, incl. people, the engine of progress.
    Uncontrolled migration has not existed since the formation of state entities
    Some government entities do not prevent human trafficking, receive a significant budget increase, and the ruling class retains power.
    An oversupply in the labor market allows other government entities to choose and buy the necessary goods at a cheap price - scientists and engineering personnel, qualified workers and low-paid workers in non-prestigious professions.
  28. +3
    31 March 2024 18: 51
    A visa is required. Work visa for a certain period, upon completion - home.
    This is how migrants from India, Pakistan, and the Philippines work in the Emirates.
    Complete security, no crime.
    But some of us are not happy with this.
  29. +1
    31 March 2024 19: 00
    I don’t understand what all the fuss is about. There are people interested in selling their labor, there are other people interested in labor. Is it really so difficult to reduce these two desires, which are in no way contradictory to each other, to one denominator? Before the revolution, Russian peasants worked as farm workers for Prussian landowners. Polish, Latvian and other subjects of the Russian emperor did not have the slightest desire to integrate into German society or adopt German culture. They were interested in money. The German landowners did not seem to have any hysterics about the reluctance of newcomers to learn German and go to the Protestant church. He came, worked, received his salary, and left. Everyone is happy.

    It seems to me that the law on the return of compatriots bashfully kept silent about what they actually wanted to achieve - to resettle the ethnic Russian population of Central Asia, Transcaucasia, the Baltic states, etc. to the Russian Federation. We were just embarrassed to write directly. So it turned out that it would be better to leave the Baltic states for England - the standard of living is higher, and Russophobia is not smoke, it will not eat your eyes out. Both Russians and non-Russians will come from Asia - again the standard of living. Well, they’ll call you a blockhead, they’ll laugh at your accent, but you can earn money. The point is clear, those who have an improved life at home will not go anywhere to earn money, so the contingent of Central Asians is what it is. It’s strange not to understand and not foresee this. In general, migrants are not the root of the problem.

    If demographics gave me a headache, I don’t even know what to say. Apparently it really doesn’t matter who rules. One can recall Israel, where, after persistent efforts, the TFR was finally corrected, although there is one problem: the Orthodox Jews, who do not recognize the state at all, do not recognize the state at all, do not serve in the army on principle, and work in various kinds of Torah study schools (here a uniquely valuable skill and critical knowledge). Time will tell whether the sheepskin was worth the trouble. In any case, something needs to be decided. According to forecasts, by the end of the century, Tajikistan will remain one of only 6 countries in the world where the population will grow.
  30. +1
    31 March 2024 21: 36
    The author described the consequences of the desired migration policy, in his opinion, but, for some reason, is silent about the reason for its appearance. Since it is, at first glance, obvious, but impossible under the existing regime of domination of private property by the Russian financial and commercial oligarchy. Because this reason is the formation of a completely new political and economic entity - a social state, serving the goals and objectives of advanced scientific and industrial development, necessary to achieve the specific ideals of the Public Good, economic, political and social, and not the oligarchic “gangs” that have privatized this very state in the 90s and 2000s. And the logical question immediately becomes the question of how such a state will emerge. Evolutionary or revolutionary. If the author simply believes or hopes that those entities who robbed and robbed their own population for 30 years, transferred multi-billion dollar fortunes abroad, pumped oil and gas there, and formed a corrupt economy, then I think that this is simply Manilovism(. In our country, the existing balance of forces and means cannot be changed peacefully. The situation is completely neglected(. And, in itself, the social state will not come from anywhere. This is ALWAYS a matter of principled and tough, and even brutal class struggle. In all directions That is, necessary and sufficient conditions must be formed in which, as a critical mass, a massive new layer of PRODUCING POPULATION will appear, just as the proletariat appeared more than a hundred years ago, in whose midst, as a new phenomenon, a military and political center of attraction and formation will appear a new political class - the corporate petty-bourgeois middle class of Russian townspeople and rural owners, building domestic and foreign policy in its own class interests and imposing it on ALL OTHER POLITICAL ECONOMIC SUBJECTS, due to ECONOMIC OWNERSHIP OR CONTROL of all market-valuable property in Russia. Everything else, including the measures proposed by the author, are SECONDARY.

    PS Subjects always count only with subjects. Everyone else is either cynically used or pragmatically destroyed.
  31. +1
    31 March 2024 22: 58
    I'll just leave this picture post from TG here.
    Let me remind you that a certain citizen Putin, with his signature, past the Federation Council, from 2020 to 2021 amnestied more than 300.000 Uzbeks and Tajiks, whom our FMS, under the fanfare of TV, had already deported from the country for various administrative and criminal violations.
    and then they moved back and the bastards moved in among them, who carried out a terrorist act in Crocus City (one of them turned out to be a convicted pedophile! (served 5 years in Tajikistan for trying to rape an 11-year-old boy), the second had a brother who was recruited into ISIS in Syria and died there, and his family, including the Tajik terrorist, was registered with the special services of Tajikistan, but not Russia. In Russia they were amnestied by Putin, which is why they came to us without problems).
  32. 0
    April 1 2024 04: 26
    Excellent article, the author sorted everything out.
    Methods for organizing the work of guest workers have long been invented, but it seems that we are in a stage of wild capitalism and partial anarchy, these methods are not used.
  33. 0
    April 1 2024 09: 56
    All these good wishes have long been unfulfilled.
    Poorly speaking diasporas have long infiltrated both business and the civil service.
    Not only at store checkouts, but also in Unified State Services Centers and in hospitals. deputies, etc.
    What can be done, for example, against Usmanov? Never mind.
    Vice versa. All his opponents of this, that...

    Time is lost, soon everything will be forgotten and everything will return to normal...
  34. 0
    April 1 2024 10: 27
    Up to 90% of visitors from Central Asia must be urgently deported from the country; national security and the very existence of the state are at stake, no more, no less.
  35. 0
    April 1 2024 10: 34
    In short, you need to do it. Every day, tirelessly. Tightly control and harshly punish those who allow migrants to circumvent the laws for bribes.
  36. 0
    April 1 2024 17: 16
    The author proposes strange, including unconstitutional, methods that are not characteristic of a modern democratic state.

    Russia is a secular state in which representatives of all faiths and atheists are equal. Restrictions on this basis are unacceptable.

    Shift work fulfills one function, but does not fulfill another - replenishing the population, which is dying out due to low birth rates.

    In general, everything proposed - even if we agree with it - is completely impossible to implement due to the fact that our laws and rules are simply not respected.

    Even those rules regarding migrants that should be observed are not observed, and enforcement mechanisms do not work. If the state was forced to work in accordance with the adopted laws, perhaps migration problems in this form would not exist.

    What's the point of writing new laws without implementing the current ones?

    Couch Manilovism, enhanced by the Internet.
  37. 0
    April 1 2024 19: 42
    There is enough labor in Russia from the local - indigenous population. I generally lost understanding why total importation was approved, with citizenship being distributed left and right. With the same success, radioactive waste could be imported in millions of barrels and scattered throughout the regions. National unity and security must come first, there can be no other opinion. request The population is already yelling, slow down, we are going to hell. We heard it partially when the enemy began to use militants. Someone is behind the lobbying and admission. Someone gives permission without knowing the language or other conditions. Maybe it's time to pay attention to them. request
  38. 0
    April 2 2024 14: 03
    People from Central Asia, traitors, populists, Western believers, sexual minorities, the rich, residents of Siberia, residents of Moscow, residents of St. Petersburg... Yes, directing people to attack anything but the authorities themselves.
  39. 0
    April 2 2024 17: 08
    Dreams Dreams. Migrants are a huge corruption resource. And the corrupt part of the bureaucrats, judges and “law enforcement officers” will die with bones, but will try to prevent anything from changing.
    We need to start by tightening the responsibility of these characters.
    Promoting illegal migration and hand-feeding diasporas should be equated to high treason and punishable by 15 to 25 years, without the right to parole, and not a year of probation, as now. Judges who release migrant killers should also be included in this case.
    And only after that will it be possible to do something.
  40. 0
    April 3 2024 21: 32
    Organizing work involving migrants on a rotational basis is a simple way to reduce social tension in our society and increase the efficiency of using such labor; these are new ways of business development for domestic large corporations.

    Why do we need corporations that are unable to organize work with the involvement of the local population? Russians must work in Russian corporations on Russian territory.
  41. 0
    April 5 2024 15: 33
    Everything is correct, only there are a lot of bribe-taking officials; when they are imprisoned and their property earned through hard work is confiscated, then something will change