Armored personnel carrier "Kangaroo": how Canadians created armored personnel carriers from tanks and self-propelled guns

Armored personnel carrier "Kangaroo": how Canadians created armored personnel carriers from tanks and self-propelled guns

In 1944, the Canadian Army created an armored personnel carrier based on tanks and self-propelled guns, called "Kangaroo". It is worth noting that this unique approach was a necessary measure.

Despite the fact that the Canadians received a number of M3 half-track armored personnel carriers from the United States, their supplies were subsequently significantly reduced, since the Americans themselves needed armored personnel carriers.

As a result, the Canadian military leadership made a completely logical decision. Against the backdrop of a shortage of armored personnel carriers, but at the same time an excess of tanks and self-propelled guns, it was decided to convert some of the Shermans and M7 Priests into armored personnel carriers.

The first Kangaroos were converted from 72 M7 self-propelled guns. The 105-mm gun and ammunition rack were removed from the latter, and the driver's seat was separated from the rest of the hull. Only the machine gun armament was preserved. At the same time, additional machine guns could be installed.

Typically, the conversion process was reversible. If necessary, the Kangaroo could be converted back into a Priest.

Subsequently, the practice of creating the above-mentioned armored personnel carriers was transferred to the Sherman, Churchill tanks and old Canadian SEMs.
The process was similar. Turrets and ammunition racks were removed from the tanks. In pursuit of the turret, seats were installed, as well as additional machine guns.

Due to the fact that the process of landing and boarding the vehicle was difficult, additional handrails were welded to the tanks and self-propelled guns.

As planned, the Kangaroo was supposed to carry from 8 to 15 people. However, in practice, Canadian fighters were crowded into the car like “herrings in a barrel.”

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    Kangaroos were first used by the Canadians of the 4th Canadian Infantry Brigade and the British 154th Infantry Brigade on 7 August 1944 during Operation Totalise in the Caen area. The operation lasted from August 7 to August 14, 1944. "Kangaroos" were used both for combat operations and for transporting food and wounded to the front. Then I read in some sources that despite the good performance, engine maintenance created problems for mechanics due to long working hours.

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