A new multi-role ship capable of carrying various types of drones has been unveiled at DIMDEX 2024 in Qatar.

A new multi-role ship capable of carrying various types of drones has been unveiled at DIMDEX 2024 in Qatar.

The Navy News Youtube channel published a report from the second day of DIMDEX 2024, an international exhibition and conference on maritime defense in the Qatari capital Doha.

In particular, the video published by Naval News shows a ship of the DAMEN MPSS project, which is being developed by order of the Portuguese Navy by the Dutch company Damen Shipyards Group.

The MPSS is a multi-mission ship capable of carrying air, surface and subsurface Drones. It is assumed that, in addition to military needs: some types of landing operations and other tasks, it will be capable of serving rescue or scientific missions.

Thanks to the use of modern technologies, this ship will be able to perform functions that would have required several ships of different classes just ten years ago. It is envisaged that such multi-purpose vessels will subsequently replace the frigates and other warships of the Portuguese Navy and will carry out missions for which different types of ships are currently used.

The ship is currently in the final design stage, and it is expected that its development and construction will be completed as soon as possible. According to the terms of the contract, the finished ship must be handed over to the customer in the first half of 2026.

In parallel, new drones and command control systems are being developed in order to put everything together immediately after the completion of the DAMEN MPSS.

The exhibition also featured the FAC50 fast attack vessels, the construction of which was contracted by the Qatari authorities to the Turkish company DEARSAN, as well as the latest anti-submarine sonar system developed by Meteksan.

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    1. -1
      7 March 2024 20: 44
      The problem is not with drone carriers, but with defense against them. Not a single modern warship can resist a one-time attack by kamikaze UAVs and BEC.
      1. +3
        7 March 2024 20: 54
        There are a lot of drones on the ship. A drone helicopter with a machine gun will shoot a bunch of BECs another 30 km before its aircraft. And then they will find where the drones were launched from, and they will thoroughly clean everything there. The Black Sea Fleet now seems like it would lose to wooden destroyers, they are poorly visible on radar, and the admirals seem to have a share in the grain initiative, otherwise such helplessness cannot be explained
        1. -4
          7 March 2024 21: 13
          And in the CM, how do you explain the defeat of the ships by some Houthis?
          1. +5
            7 March 2024 21: 34
            What ships? In terms of ships? Any bulk tankers? So they are unarmed, they were not created for that. The American ships are still afloat, like other Gay European ones.
        2. -2
          7 March 2024 22: 09
          I wish there were nozzles for this boat and a space station. Uterus for mom, drones for collecting precious metals from Jupiter and Neptune. For a big ship, a big space adventure.
          1000 kg in back and kirdyk like this
          1. +1
            7 March 2024 22: 34
            It’s a pity that we don’t have backup and generally don’t have drones in the fleet. And the enemies have no fleet. Otherwise we would have shown it!
            1. 0
              9 March 2024 07: 49
              Is Nakhimov turning over?
              Are the servants in the cathedral silent about the roar in the admiral's grave? Seeing such land non-war at the World Cup.
              Erdogan is the main battleship of our fleet. Covers from partners in the Bosphorus
              1. +1
                9 March 2024 13: 16
                Yes, I think in general everyone is spinning, from Gorchakov and Kolchak to Basisty and Khronopulo. The country has never known such worthless naval commanders, I suppose Stenka Razin, if he had been transported to our time, he would have done something more useful.
      2. 0
        7 March 2024 21: 01
        I do not agree with the Kirov class large ship with the add. weapons and armor will withstand quite well. How does a BEC differ from a torpedo? And the fact that the force of the explosion is partially lost to air (shock wave), but when a torpedo explodes, the force of the explosion goes into a hydraulic shock.
        1. 0
          8 March 2024 00: 10
          Maybe it will hold up. What about a combined attack? How to shoot down and drown a swarm? Again with rockets for a hell of a lot of money? Or stick a machine gun on every square centimeter?! There are more questions than answers... for now.
          1. +1
            8 March 2024 12: 31
            Well, no one has canceled electronic warfare, but Kirov-class ships with a nuclear power plant have the power to power it all
    2. +2
      7 March 2024 21: 47
      Now let’s imagine a modern aircraft approaching this ship...
      1. -2
        8 March 2024 02: 04
        Now we’ll give him a couple of frigates for protection, designed for air defense/missile defense. Their task is to defend the resulting small formation of ships, and the drone carrier’s task is to destroy everything that comes within the reach of the drones.
    3. -2
      7 March 2024 22: 33
      Brief comments do not pass, but the essence of the “device” that stays afloat is concentrated in one word - “Iron”, with all the ensuing consequences.
    4. 0
      7 March 2024 23: 10
      Do you think a high-sided ship without missile defense/air defense systems will last long in a modern war at sea, when there is no politeness? A drone or UAV is scary for a small thing, but a serious NK with a developed air defense system and a set of anti-ship missiles, I believe, will destroy this barn with the first missile attack. This is all self-indulgence and a reaction to the “drone” craze. The future belongs to the 2M39 Zircon type anti-ship missile. and carrier-based aircraft such as the F-35B. It may not be particularly patriotic, but it is true.
    5. +1
      7 March 2024 23: 43
      The trend, however. How well it was guessed, time will tell.
    6. +1
      8 March 2024 02: 21
      This might look good as part of something big and thick, but for Portuguese tasks... I can’t even imagine. Each boat can fully provide itself with all this.
    7. 0
      9 March 2024 04: 55
      which is being developed for the Navy Portugal Dutch by Damen Shipyards Group.
      belay Yes, the former thunderstorms of the seas, remembered their successes... and here is a chance to emerge from oblivion. Good luck.... feel
    8. 0
      12 March 2024 02: 06
      The direction is interesting, but it will not be a replacement for corvettes and frigates. Perhaps with the development of technology, UAV carriers will be able to displace aircraft carriers, but not at this stage. Now these are rather auxiliary means of reconnaissance and strengthening control of the water area. At those UAV speeds (140-500 km/h), their effective use at long distances will not be effective; at short distances up to 200 miles, this vessel itself will be a good target. hi

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