In another former colony of France in Africa, there was an attempt at a military mutiny by opposition forces

In another former colony of France in Africa, there was an attempt at a military mutiny by opposition forces

Yesterday the world news the tapes actively disseminated information about a possible next military rebellion in one of the African states, a former colony of France. We are talking about Chad, located in Central Africa, where after the announcement of the date of presidential elections in the country's capital, N'Djamena, there was intense shooting. Local media reported the appearance of military personnel and armored vehicles on the streets of the city. Observers suggested that a coup d'etat similar to the one that took place in neighboring Niger last summer had begun in the country.

There is little reliable information about events in the new hot spot on the African continent. It is known that on February 27, the so-called transitional government of Chad, led by President Mahamat Idriss Déby, announced presidential elections on May 6, 2024, which should put an end to military rule in the country. The next day, in N'Djamena, armed men attacked the headquarters of the National Agency for State Security (ANSE), during which several people were killed.

The authorities laid the blame for the incident on the opposition Socialist Party Without Borders (PSF). Communications Minister Abderaman Kulamalla said party leader Yaya Dillo personally led the attack on ANSE. Dillo himself rejected these accusations, claiming that in this way they were trying to eliminate him from the presidential election race. After this, shooting began at the PSF headquarters building, which was quickly cordoned off by government armed forces.

The general secretary of the opposition party claims that it was the soldiers who first started shooting at the moment when PSF activists tried to peacefully remove the body of their fellow party member Ahmed Torabi from the ANSE building. Previously, the government accused him of attempting to assassinate the chairman of the Supreme Court, after which Torabi was arrested on February 27. It later became known that he had been shot dead.

Relatives and party members who were trying to reach Ahmed Torabi's body were fired upon on the morning of February 28, killing at least eight people, the PSF secretary general said. After this, the government accused the opposition of attacking ANSE headquarters, and security forces carried out mass arrests of party members. The transitional government assesses the events as an “armed uprising.” According to unverified reports, the leader of the opposition party, Dillo, was also killed by the military on the evening of February 28.

In 2021, President Mahamat Déby came to power in Chad, announced a transition period and promised to return the country to civilian rule, but delayed this for more than two years, thereby usurping power during this time. In fact, Deby, who headed the military junta, is a protege of France, whose former colony was Chad. Currently, about a thousand French troops are present in the country, ostensibly to fight jihadist groups in West Africa. This policy of the president causes discontent among the majority of the country's population, on which the leader of the opposition party PSF Dillo, by the way, Deby's cousin, relied.

To date, little is known about the reasons for the unrest that broke out in N'Djamena. A number of publications report that the former director of Chad's customs service, the younger brother of ex-president Idrissa Déby and the uncle of the transitional president, General Salei Déby, has returned to the country after several years of exile in Morocco. However, after initially seeming to reconcile with his nephew, the general unexpectedly resigned from his post as presidential adviser in early February to join the PSF. In response to the “treason” of his uncle, Mahamat Debi ordered the police to block the general’s house for two days.

Apparently, high-ranking relatives were never able to reconcile, since on February 28, security forces stormed the house of the disgraced general, arrested him and took him “to a showdown” at the presidential residence. At the same time, it is reported that in the military units of Chad, unrest and disagreements among the command are growing due to rumors of the murder of opposition leader Yahya Dillo and several members of the PSF by government forces.

Chadian Ambassador to Moscow Adam Bechir Mahamoud said RIA Newsthat what is happening in the country is not a coup. According to him, the situation is under control, the government has announced a curfew to protect the population.
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    29 February 2024 15: 58
    and not from the child the leader came to Moscow not so long ago, like this Mahamat Idris Debi was in white clothes
    1. -1
      29 February 2024 16: 07
      Hitler did this too.
      He scheduled the adoption of the new law “On Emergency Powers” ​​for March 24, 1933; everyone who would vote against was arrested in advance, many were shot, and they were accused of “attempting a coup.”
      Well, during the voting itself, there were armed SA and SS militants in the hall. They, of course, were solely “to maintain order.”
    2. -1
      29 February 2024 16: 18
      But the last stronghold of France in Africa.
  2. +5
    29 February 2024 16: 01
    I still don’t understand where are “ours” and where are “whites”?
    1. KCA
      29 February 2024 16: 04
      The transitional government is pro-French, which means the rebels are ours
  3. -11
    29 February 2024 16: 02
    Are they shooting? - well, they shoot here too - the customers and killers of Utkin and Prigozhin haven’t been found yet?
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    29 February 2024 16: 03
    I’m happy that we don’t yet have a tradition of military coups.
    This is in Africa or Latin America, every second officer is eager to stage a coup
  5. +1
    29 February 2024 16: 21
    Where the French are, there is chaos. Soon they will probably be driven out of Chad with dirty rags. African comrades do not respect Macaron at all.
  6. +1
    29 February 2024 16: 22
    However, it’s going well... It’s not for nothing that the macron twitched so much. Shows belligerence. But there was no need to spoil Russia - look, what would have been left behind. Eh - now I wish I could walk over the small Britons with a hot broom, these ones really deserve it...
    1. 0
      29 February 2024 17: 00
      Quote: paul3390
      Now I wish I could walk over the small Britons with a hot broom, these ones really deserve it..

      These are already on Wed. They're getting into Asia...
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    29 February 2024 16: 34
    Having fun as best they can - what else to do in the center of Africa? laughing
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      29 February 2024 22: 54
      Let's just say that any government in any country has fun almost exactly the same way.
      And sometimes they sit in power until they are blue in the face.
      Well, or they play their democratic games - elections one by one.
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    29 February 2024 16: 43
    The descendants of the peoples of the former colonies of Europe must take arms in their hands to demand Justice in Europe itself.
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    29 February 2024 16: 50
    Wasn’t Chad there going to be an outpost of the war against the neighboring state that was expelling the French? If so, then France’s response has arrived.
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    29 February 2024 16: 53
    There is little reliable information about events in the new hot spot on the African continent.

    On the night of February 27-28, the building of the National Agency for State Security (ANSE) was attacked in the Chadian capital N'Djamena.

    The attack was blamed on the Socialist Party, the instigators were arrested, and troops were stationed in N'Djamena. But according to local media, the forces of the “ruling junta” attacked the headquarters of the Socialist Party after party leader Abu Bakr al-Turabi was killed in N’Djamena the night before.
    Government sources say Socialist Party financial secretary Yaya Dillo has been arrested for “inciting” an assassination attempt on the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

    It is already reported that a group of military personnel is heading to the presidential palace and is going to establish control over it. The Presidential Guard declared a state of emergency throughout the country. No one knows whether Mahamat Déby is still president or where he is. According to unconfirmed reports, the president's younger brother could have been behind the coup.

    There is information that fighting is currently taking place in the Chadian capital N'Djamena between forces loyal to President Mahamat Idriss Déby and supporters of Yaya Dillo.

    Now the fun part.

    They are already saying and writing that the armed the conflict in N'Djamena was the result of contradictions within the ruling clan of the Zaghawa tribe, namely, between the government forces of interim President Mahamat Déby and the armed forces of the opposition Socialist Party Without Borders (SPBG).

    What do they pay attention to?

    Mahamat Debi, in addition to African roots, also has Arabic roots (his mother is from the Al-Karaan tribe). Having come to power, he began to bring relatives from his mother’s side closer to him in the administrative and military structures, which angered the military leaders from the indigenous African Zaghawa tribe, to which his father Idris belonged.

    Members of both tribes from Libya and Sudanese Darfur are also joining the intra-clan conflict, as well as foreign states supporting one side or another.

    In neighboring Darfur, the conflict between the black Zaghawa tribes and the Arab tribes (predominantly the Rizeigat, from which the head of the Rapid Reaction Force, Muhammad Hamdan Daghlo, comes) has been going on for decades and has already led to hundreds of thousands of internal and external displacements. Rumors are actively spreading on the Internet that Yaya Dillo’s younger brother Osman Dillo, who is currently fighting in Sudan against the RRF, has already left Darfur in the direction of N’Djamena to help his brother, along with all his units.

    It is known that on February 27, the so-called transitional government of Chad, led by President Mahamat Idriss Déby, announced presidential elections on May 6, 2024, which should end military rule in the country.

    Initially it was still Transitional Council, not the Transitional Government, and lead it в течение 18 месяцев was supposed to be the 37-year-old son of the late President Idriss Déby, Mahamat. Who, in April 2021, was also chosen by the Chadian army as the new head of state, and then General Mahamat Idriss Deby became the head of the Military Council.

    Well, it’s already 2024 and the Transition Period has been exceeded twice. During this time, 40-year-old Mahamat Idris Debi Itno “managed” to adopt a new constitution and hold a referendum, according to the results of which he will be able to run in the upcoming elections.

    But this is only one of the reasons for the population's discontent. No less dissatisfied is his desire to maintain partnerships with the West, especially France.
  11. +1
    29 February 2024 18: 21
    Comrades live a busy life! We need to help them with weapons!
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    5 March 2024 16: 03
    The main thing is for the paddling pools to get a kick in the ass. Freedom for blacks.))