Footage of “strange” exercises of American Marines in Japan published online

Footage of “strange” exercises of American Marines in Japan published online

A video has been published online showing recent training of intelligence officers from the US Marine Corps in Japan. The description for the video says that special forces soldiers are improving their combat skills and tactics.

At the same time, looking at the footage posted on the Internet, a number of questions arise, the main one of which is: what kind of “tactics” are American special forces improving.

The thing is that the Marines fire from assault rifles and pistols at large targets almost point-blank and in open areas.

It’s not clear where the Americans are going to fight like this? How are special forces from the US Marine Corps going to get so close to the enemy? Unless the fire will be directed at those who are unarmed or surrendering.

The maneuvers of the infantrymen in the open field also attracted attention. Where they first move in single file, and then take positions in completely open areas and begin firing with a machine gun.

It would seem that the conflict in Ukraine should have taught the American command to move away from such tactics. However, this apparently did not happen.

Now it becomes clear why the Ukrainian Armed Forces suffered such impressive losses during their failed counteroffensive. It is possible that the operations were developed by Western curators. After all, the Ukrainian military often attacked just like that – in an open field and with virtually no cover.

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  1. +6
    28 February 2024 14: 33
    Americans fight well against unarmed people because they train a lot.
    They learned from the Jews, they take the best from the best people on the planet.
    1. +4
      28 February 2024 14: 47
      - maneuvers of infantrymen in an open field.
      According to Hollywood "recommendations".
      1. 0
        29 February 2024 07: 19
        What is not clear? They are preparing to suppress the protests of their own population and lead to civil war. Training is carried out in Japan so as not to “anger the geese” in your own country. State liberals are preparing for the inevitable.
        1. 0
          29 February 2024 23: 51
          Or they are preparing to shoot the civilian population of the east of the country 404 in front of the advancing Russian army for photo and video shooting of the next Butchs.
    2. 0
      3 March 2024 00: 16
      sorry bot... I thought you were a human..
  2. +8
    28 February 2024 14: 35
    So, according to the scenario, the Air Force had already bombed and destroyed everything with missiles. Tactics to finish off those who remained alive. The main thing is for democracy and gender variety.
  3. -2
    28 February 2024 14: 52
    Well, soldiers shoot at targets, what’s wrong? They have different instructions and actions for troops. Moreover, they have been fighting for a very long time when behind the backs of, for example, the Marines, some kind of AUG and hundreds of bomber aircraft. For example, it’s not in 2023 to discover “cast iron with wings” like some people, Americans have been using this for a long time. In short, I didn’t understand what the news was about.
    1. KCA
      28 February 2024 14: 59
      AUGs helped them a lot to crap their pants in Iraq and Afghanistan, especially with Afghanistan, the Taliban can declare war on any neighboring country, well, besides Iran, China and Pakistan, they have enough weapons
      1. +3
        28 February 2024 15: 04
        I’m not talking about how victorious they are, I’m saying that their military machine is structured differently. Even about 15 years ago, everyone made fun of them, seeing how a local soldier was dressed up like a Christmas tree, but now everyone is like that.
        1. KCA
          28 February 2024 15: 11
          Not everyone, we dress up according to the combat mission and the situation, and not according to the requirements of the insurance company, well, how can it be, they stand in an open field, standing up and shoot at point-blank range, and beyond 500m there are hills, and beyond the hill what? ATGM squad? Mortar battery? Or even the heels of the Sunshine are induced
          1. +1
            28 February 2024 15: 16
            You know, your words reminded me of a dispute that took place 200 years ago, in military and other circles, about the protection of cuirassiers. Some say the gorget and shoulder pads suck, they get in the way, and without them it’s better to fight in just a cuirass. Others, you are idiots, without them you get a saber wound almost to the ass, look at your constant wild losses..... Well, and they answer: So what, we are the elite, who are you anyway?.... ....
            1. KCA
              28 February 2024 15: 19
              I wrote - it depends on the task, the Kalmyks, roughly speaking, fought with Napoleon in quilted jackets, at most in leather jackets, they didn’t need cuirass, or breastplates with shoulder pads, or guns, they gave the heat even with bows
              1. +3
                28 February 2024 15: 22
                In Rus', we fought in tegils because of poverty, and not because of the task or the coolness of someone.
                1. KCA
                  28 February 2024 15: 56
                  The Cossacks, by and large, never lived in poverty; I have never heard of Cossacks in cuirasses
                  1. +3
                    28 February 2024 16: 00
                    Cossacks for almost their entire history have been infantry with firearms, and not dashing horsemen as in the imagination of the average person from the movies.
                    The Kosh Cossacks, that is, the elders, did not live in poverty, so you can understand this; they were the same exploiters as the dead boyars or landowners who used the peasants to enrich themselves.
                    I highly recommend starting to take an interest in the history of your country, including military affairs. I suggest you start from an economic basis.
                    1. -1
                      29 February 2024 07: 26
                      Read less of all sorts of historical nonsense. Our historians won’t write anything like that. The Cossacks fought depending on the circumstances. You can't run much on foot in the steppe. I grew up in the steppe. My great-great-grandfather had 4 sons and had the military rank of captain. He provided all 4 sons with horses under saddle and on the right.
                      1. 0
                        29 February 2024 07: 30
                        The history of the Cossacks is not limited to your great-great-grandfather.
                      2. 0
                        29 February 2024 07: 34
                        Naturally. The history of the Cossacks is also not limited to the course on the history of the CPSU. The history of any country, always and everywhere, is highly politicized to please the ruling so-called “elite”. Divide everything by 10 and the remainder will be the truth from the political garbage that is mixed in pseudohistory.
                      3. -1
                        29 February 2024 07: 38
                        What do you want to say? You gave the example of a great-great-grandfather, excellent. And what?
                      4. -1
                        29 February 2024 07: 42
                        Read less of all kinds of party propagandists and do not draw conclusions from their fabrications. It was clearly told to you that everything depended on the circumstances. When necessary, the Cossacks fought on foot, when necessary on gulls, and in the steppe they historically fought on horseback. Crowds of infantrymen ran across the steppe only during the Patriotic War, there was a war of engines.
                      5. -2
                        29 February 2024 07: 44
                        Oh, it’s immediately clear that you are on topic with the question. Thank you, I don’t like this kind of fantasy since the scorching truth about the Ukrainian Cossacks.
                      6. +1
                        29 February 2024 08: 20
                        Did you come up with Ukrainian Cossacks for yourself? Or do your party preferences require you to write about them? But in general, all the Cossacks were “Ukrainians” because they stood in the Ukraine of the Russian state, a Ukrainian is a borderer. Where the border of the state was, there was Ukraine. It’s just that Banderva, following the precepts of the idiot Goebbels, began to substitute concepts. Sorry, they began to call the ass buttocks, but this did not make it smell like berries. All parties, essentially totalitarian sects, engage in substitution of concepts in their struggle. There's nothing to be done, it's a struggle for power. Read less propaganda literature of any kind.
  4. +3
    28 February 2024 19: 58
    as for me there is nothing strange
    They train assault operations, first getting close in the field, then shooting at a short distance
  5. +1
    28 February 2024 21: 14
    This is true. There are a lot of shots from the air defense system, when the shooting is almost point-blank, for example, when clearing trenches. Among the tanks, including the same "Alyosha".

    Dalnyak is now art and drones.

    PS The campaign needs to return to the PPSh...
  6. +1
    29 February 2024 11: 29
    If the author does not understand, he should raise his level and not throw out his illiteracy to the masses.
  7. +3
    29 February 2024 12: 42
    I don't understand what the problem is? The skills of combat elements are being developed; shooting a pistol at 5-10 meters is normal. Moreover, changing weapons between times is also an element of training. Or will someone tell you that on the 25th m you get 90 out of 100 in 5 seconds? Don't make my chobots laugh...
  8. 0
    1 March 2024 10: 29
    Marines fire from assault rifles and pistols at large targets almost point-blank

    In our unit, whoever from the PM smeared, measured out eleven steps and hit the targets. Sometimes it helped...
  9. 0
    1 March 2024 10: 31
    Strange article! Practice shooting skills. Niche specialists also train this way. I still don’t understand what the question is.
  10. 0
    1 March 2024 16: 04
    - What do they come up with... laughing Sailors practice standard exercises. And their distances (for a pistol) are almost closer than one and a half meters, for starters... and even at arm's length.
  11. 0
    1 March 2024 16: 32
    It would seem that the conflict in Ukraine should have taught the American command to move away from such tactics. However, this apparently did not happen.

    Let them continue to improve their tactics! Why poke them into mistakes?! fool scribblers, not Stirlitz at all! negative
  12. +2
    1 March 2024 18: 17
    clickbait article...
    In this way, skills and muscle reflexes are developed, in open areas - for correction by instructors. The part that practices tactical actions is rarely publicly available on video. The “Americans are stupid” scam is very harmful
  13. +1
    2 March 2024 00: 14
    At the same time, looking at the footage posted on the Internet, a number of questions arise, the main one of which is: what kind of “tactics” are American special forces improving.
    Tactics for practicing a psychological model of behavior, and shooting - conducting a verbal dialogue with a group of people. It may be nonsense, but it is confirmed by the fact that it is located in a field, but under the word field one can perceive other interpretations and meanings. For example, a person’s mental protective field.
    It is not surprising that Japan has overcrowded cities. Psychology. As well as practicing skills of firing at close range in order to create and consolidate a pattern of behavior.
  14. 0
    29 March 2024 04: 40
    Regular basic training. Like warming up at the beginning of training.