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Chernobyl today

Chernobyl today! An amazing film from “Animal Planet” and “Off the Fence” about how nature heals the wounds caused by the disaster at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, how animals inhabit cities and villages, in a hurry abandoned by people. About how land, deadly for humans for many millennia, has become a unique reserve for many species that have not been encountered in those parts for centuries. it история about the city, once full of life, and the neighboring village, where city noise and dirt did not reach. Every day, the village cats came home and waited for the owners to return, but once they came and found that all the people had left. They waited, but no one appeared. The cats remained alone in the village and gradually wild creatures from the nearest forest began to join them. Together they created a kind of home where only animals lived. It seemed like the best place in the world. Wolves and wild boars roamed freely, because there were no people hunting them. Over time, the old village became a refuge for hundreds of different creatures. But, this place had a terrible secret. It was Chernobyl.

And all unexpectedly left because of the terrible event. All escaped from one of the greatest dangers for modern man - a nuclear catastrophe, which imposed a curse on this place, a curse from which it is impossible to get rid of for thousands of years. Today it is the Chernobyl exclusion zone. Like the mythical forgotten city, swallowed by the forest, it quickly turns into a green and peaceful place, but it will be remembered forever as the worst place in the history of nuclear tragedy. In 1986, a nuclear accident occurred in this area. For more than 20 years, no one has been allowed to live here, and today it stands as dumb evidence of the terrible consequences of a nuclear disaster. For all mankind, this place is a restricted area.

On the outskirts of the city there are empty villages surrounded by forests. Many of them became a haven for an unexpected symbiosis of wild forest dwellers and descendants of abandoned pets from Chernobyl. This is a story about some animals that have turned this abandoned place into their home. They do not seem to feel that it is infected. But, although it is radioactive, there are no more pesticides, industry and traffic. Ecological tragedy has a bitter-sweet taste. This man-made disaster that destroyed the area and made it uninhabitable for people, but turned it into a unique reserve for wild animals. Oddly enough, nature has licked wounds and conquered this territory.

And although we probably do not know what kind of future awaits the radioactive animals of Chernobyl, but it is certain that now there are a lot more of them than before.

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Chernobyl today

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  1. agent
    agent 27 September 2012 12: 22
    they drew graffiti themselves, and pass it off as reality