A tank attack by Belarusian partisans and a Soviet marshal refueling his car in occupied Minsk: rumors circulating among Wehrmacht soldiers in 1942

A tank attack by Belarusian partisans and a Soviet marshal refueling his car in occupied Minsk: rumors circulating among Wehrmacht soldiers in 1942

The diaries of one of the employees of the Wehrmacht operational headquarters mention events in German-occupied Minsk in 1942. At the same time, the reliability of the information contained in the diary is not 100 percent - it mostly contains rumors circulating among German soldiers.

As stated in the diaries of a German soldier, up to 120 thousand civilians remained in occupied Minsk. At the same time, before the Wehrmacht units entered Minsk, it almost completely burned out and was 95% destroyed. The civilians who remained in the city dug dugouts, equipping them with charred boards taken from destroyed houses.

The occupation administration, barracks for German military personnel, and a club for soldiers were located in the few surviving buildings. In the surviving theater building, an acting troupe that came from Germany gave performances. In particular, the repertoire included famous operettas. In the occupied premises of the House of the Red Army, the occupiers equipped a cinema for personnel and an infirmary. The German occupiers housed numerous institutions of their administration in the surviving massive building of the executive committee.

In the suburb along which the Moscow Highway runs, there was a Soviet tank, used by the invaders as a road sign. According to rumors among German soldiers, the combat vehicle remained there after a large-scale attack by numerous Belarusian partisans. tank attacks on the city. According to fragmentary information reaching the German occupation administration, the group of Soviet troops operating as partisan detachments in the German rear reached 80 thousand soldiers under the command of Marshal Kulik, who openly moved around the region in a captured Sonderfuhrer uniform. The Germans believed that Marshal Kulik, who was fluent in their language, sometimes visited Minsk in a German car with German documents. In occupied Minsk, the Soviet marshal allegedly refueled his car, stocked up on provisions, and then disappeared in an unknown direction.

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  1. +2
    15 January 2024 13: 25
    Minsk then developed as quickly as Kyiv. The leadership of the USSR was shocked; the enemy eventually reached all the way to Moscow. But then everyone fought back and took Berlin. This is our story...
  2. +2
    15 January 2024 15: 00
    Partisan marshal?!What kind of wild rumors do not spread in wartime...
  3. +2
    15 January 2024 15: 26
    Soldiers' tales are more interesting than any science fiction at all times. It's funny about Kulik in the Sonderführer uniform at a German gas station. The partisans let the Krauts shit themselves to the point of hiccups with glitches
  4. 0
    20 February 2024 21: 01
    OBS agency in action. And the tank commotion in Minsk dates back to July 1941.

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