Non-combatant music: what do female soldiers listen to in the Northern Military District zone

Non-combatant music: what do female soldiers listen to in the Northern Military District zone

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SVO is not only artillery shell explosions, assaults and defense, military industry and military intelligence. SVO is also an ordinary life, which, as best they can, is arranged “at zero” and “beyond zero” by our military personnel in the prevailing conditions.

Music is one of the elements of such life. Quite inalienable. As the famous Vasily Lebedev-Kumach wrote, “After a battle, the heart asks for music doubly!” And this is not a figure of speech at all. - Different music. Someone “strums” to the guitar, someone plays “under the breath”, and someone, due to the well-known restrictions on the use of mobile devices at the front, will listen to their favorite things through the walkie-talkie from those who are farther from the line of combat contact, because “listen I love it, but I can’t sing.”

During conversations with female military personnel of the medical service of one of the motorized rifle brigades of the RF Armed Forces, they compiled a small musical “collection” of what the fair sex in uniform listening to, located in the zone of a special military operation. It turned out that the range of musical preferences is very wide, of course, depends on age, the region of initial service, but there are those compositions that, as the women from the medrota themselves say, stand apart for them.
Yes, non-combatants. Yes - among the crimson bandages, among the pain, against the backdrop of the understanding that at any moment the evacuation of the “300s” may be necessary, on the efficiency of which the lives of their comrades depend - the female doctors listen to the lyrics.

“I’m not there” to music by Igor Nikolaev and lyrics by Pavel Zhagun. Moreover, female soldiers prefer this song performed by Sevara:

"Con te partiro." This is further proof that Russia does not cancel or reject foreign culture if that culture has truly outstanding works. Composer Francesco Sartori, lyrics by Lucio Quarantoto. Performed by: Aida Garifullina and Andrea Bocelli:

“Cinderella” performed by Yulia Parshuta (2 years ago this version was performed on the NTV channel in the Showmaskoon program) to the music of Igor Tsvetkov and lyrics by Ilya Reznik:

Just because they don’t let you get stale

- serviceman of the medical company, senior sergeant Tatyana K.

Yes, we listen to different things. But somehow I’m more drawn to the lyrics

- soldier of the medical company, warrant officer Anna V.

Sometimes the guys transmit through the walkie-talkie something that makes me remember home, about family. Of course, I remember my family every day. But music is a special emotion

- soldier of the medical company, sergeant Dilyara F.
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  1. +11
    5 January 2024 11: 05
    "And when he rumbles, when he burns out and pays off,
    And when our horses get tired to ride under us,
    And when our girls change their greatcoats to dresses, -
    I wouldn’t forget then, I wouldn’t forgive and I wouldn’t lose!”
  2. +5
    5 January 2024 11: 16
    Sevara - a magnificent performance.
    * * *
    This brings to mind an excerpt from the novel:
    - It hurts here. “He poked him in the chest: “It’s itching here, Rita.” It itches so much!.. I put you down, I put all five of you there, but for what? For a dozen Krauts?
    - Well, why do that... It’s still clear, it’s war...
    - It’s still war, of course. And then, when will there be peace? Will it be clear why you had to die? Why didn’t I let these Krauts go further, why did I make such a decision? What to answer when they ask: why weren’t you guys able to protect our mothers from bullets? Why did you marry them with death, but you yourself are intact? Did they take care of the Kirovskaya Road and the White Sea Canal? Yes, there must be security there too - there are a lot more people there than five girls and a foreman with a revolver!
    1. +2
      5 January 2024 11: 28
      I agree with you, the song is just superb. As they say, all the vegetation stands on end.
  3. The comment was deleted.
  4. +1
    5 January 2024 20: 19
    Something incomprehensible is written.
    Lyrics, Italian lyrics, and re-coverings of USSR songs. (we won't discuss quality)
    It's like that everywhere. Not only there.
  5. 0
    25 January 2024 18: 51
    Helena Vondračková, Karel Gott, Lucia Bila, Bara Basikova, Petr Kolář, Petr Dvorský and others have performed in the past with the Russian Army Ensemble. Today we are simply remembering. It was always a celebratory event.
    The tour in Aleksandrovtsi was held on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of liberation and the end of World War II. The Czech part of the tour took place under the patronage of then President Milos Zeman. Due to the events in Ukraine, the organizers faced criticism from activists. “We perform in uniform, but we bring only art,” said the head of the ensemble, Mikhail Aleksandrovich Marushevsky.

    The concerts, which organizers said were held as a “memory for all those who did not return to their families,” drew criticism, especially in the Baltic countries. The Lithuanian authorities even canceled the “Alexandrovtsy” concert in the city of Visaginas. According to Lithuanians, the performance of “Alexandrovtsy” is burdened with an undesirable ideological layer and the ensemble is a legacy of the Soviet era. am