Russian general: The United States will leave Ukraine the same way it did Afghanistan

Russian general: The United States will leave Ukraine the same way it did Afghanistan

Without exaggeration, the US withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021 surprised the whole world. After all, the completion of a 20-year operation was more like a desperate flight.

At the same time, in one of his interviews, Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev said that the US withdrawal from Afghanistan was associated with Kyiv’s preparation for confrontation with Russia.

Russian reserve lieutenant general Konstantin Pulikovsky answered a journalist’s question about the connection between the above-mentioned event and the conflict in Ukraine. The military man does not exclude the option expressed by Patrushev.

Meanwhile, according to the general, the Americans left Afghanistan more likely for economic reasons. After all, as he put it, during the years that they were there, the States received nothing but losses.

As a result, according to Pulikovsky, the United States simply decided to curtail the “Afghan project” and avoid further financial losses.

Yes, they abandoned everything. But it's still cheaper than continuing to fight

- explained the military.

The Russian general noted that footage of people trying to cling to the landing gear of planes and then dying shocked the whole world. But for Americans these are mere trifles.

Regarding the connection between the events in Afghanistan and Ukraine, Pulikovsky said that there is one.

They completed their non-revenue-producing commercial project. They will also complete it in Ukraine

- summed up the expert.

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  1. 0
    29 December 2023 19: 09
    I have no doubt at all that Ukraine will be abandoned. And it’s unlikely that anyone will have time to grab onto the plane’s landing gear.
    1. +1
      1 January 2024 06: 54
      Who would doubt it!
      1. 0
        5 February 2024 19: 08
        Why should the US give up its "best investment in killing Russians"? (Sen. L.Gramm)
        Just because you “feel” that way?
  2. +2
    29 December 2023 19: 09
    After Square, I wonder who they will leave, like Afghanistan. Who's next in line? . . winked
  3. +4
    29 December 2023 19: 23
    I would like to see how the non-brothers cling to the chassis. Yes Interfering and fighting off each other.
  4. +1
    30 December 2023 01: 12
    You'll see. The war will end with Ukrainians falling in droves from a transport ship flying out of Boryspil
  5. +5
    30 December 2023 10: 19
    Well, well, wait for the weather by the sea. What have you heard about the strategy of a nuclear-free war against the Russian Federation? So the supply of weapons will continue, the only thing stopping the United States is so that ours don’t press the button out of fright. Hence the rhetoric.
  6. +2
    30 December 2023 12: 36
    America is no stranger to this. Wherever they were without an invitation, they left in a hurry, fearing to receive a farewell kick in the right direction. This was the case in the Russian north in 1918, and in Vietnam, and in Korea, Afghanistan, Ukraine..... and everywhere they were not welcome, wherever their adventurous fate took them. Maybe because they thought only about their own benefit to the detriment of their partners?
  7. +2
    30 December 2023 13: 35
    The "Afghanistan" project completely recaptured itself due to the transshipment of opium poppies to the Old/New World. That's why they left.
  8. +2
    31 December 2023 13: 30
    The Americans will leave, and what are we going to do with Ukraine if we haven’t solved our problems in 20 years?!
    The military must unite with the Orthodox Church and take power into their own hands!!!
    The “Priest” led the country better than anyone else, but the “Scout” needed all the instructions from the “Center”. And the “Center” is beyond the cordon....
  9. +2
    3 January 2024 10: 03
    IMHO, all this is idealism.
    The US tactics have been known since the times of the pharaohs - to wage small victorious wars far from themselves.
    Same thing in Afghanistan. They came, they won, they stayed, they left. To come somewhere else.
    Well, “people on the chassis”... - 1) inconsistency and abruptness of departure 2) moments that we are not familiar with
    3) the huckster-pollitsa psychology of local authorities, perhaps. They spread rot on the locals, and when the owners left, they rushed to run, throwing away their weapons

    Ukraine was given guarantees for the Ya deal. To leave her just like that is to lose face in front of everyone. (Some countries have already lost). So it's logical there. Allocating small amounts of money, fusing old items in small batches, instructors from PMCs, etc. All this, (according to the KhPP), invigorates the military-industrial complex, which benefits NATO. (otherwise funding was completely cut and cut)
    Well, if they defeat Ukraine - they will say “we tried, we fulfilled the agreements with all our might” - they will save face and build up the armed forces and military-industrial complex. They will prepare for the future imperialist redivision of the world....
  10. 0
    3 January 2024 10: 53
    For the United States to leave Ukraine like Afghanistan, it needs to advance at the same pace as the Taliban did, and not stagnate in one place for two years...
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    3 January 2024 17: 53
    The Amers were in Afghanistan - legally. Don't confuse irons with pies. And in Ukraine there are 50-100 so-called people in prison. advisers, many of whom (if not all) had long since left the army. Those who served (or are serving) in the army know that a person from a position cannot just go somewhere for a year or two. He will be listed in the unit
  12. -1
    5 January 2024 22: 05
    Does this general know how the Soviet Union left Afghanistan? But he was supported by many more Afghans than Americans
    1. 0
      7 January 2024 14: 37
      I must assure you that I know how the USSR left Afghanistan, because I am a participant in the war in Afghanistan, and I advise you to first get rid of diapers, because your age here makes it difficult to look very intelligent, and also, he is a general, and what have you achieved in life?
  13. 0
    9 January 2024 11: 17
    Russian general: The United States will leave Ukraine the same way it did Afghanistan

    Yes, but they will first destroy it and leave us a scorched field. And tell me that they did not achieve their goals? After all, all this will need to be rebuilt, restored again