Serbian drama: curtain

Serbian drama: curtain

Serbia, which the West is trying to forcefully deprive of its stories and roots, having already rejected the original and very significant part, is again faced with a choice. But this time the challenge sounds different: no one in Brussels or other EU and NATO capitals is interested in whether Belgrade will recognize the independence of Kosovo. The main thing was when.

The fact that this is inevitable is evidenced by the fact that there is no opposition in the country - those who call themselves that are either fictitious opposition, in fact advocating for “pan-European values”, or enjoy such support in statistical surveys (conducted by the relevant centers) , which is usually referred to as the permissible error.

Washington and the EU decided that the moment had come when it was no longer worth waiting - all previous efforts had already yielded results. No one in the West anymore mentions UN Security Council Resolution No. 1244 of 1999, according to which Kosovo is a Serbian autonomous region.

And not only in the West - in Serbia itself, the country’s government, calling for early elections, stated:

“holding new parliamentary elections in the current circumstances would ensure the highest degree of democracy, reduce tensions created between opposing positions in society, reject exclusivity and hate speech, and affirm the right to freely express opinions and views on certain political, economic and other issues , including the further affirmation of European values."

An almost direct quote from the requirements of the European Union, which have already been voiced more than once.

In justifying its demands for early elections, the Serbian government mentioned that recently there have been calls from part of the public for early elections of deputies, and that back on September 11, some opposition political parties made such a request to the president.

The fact that he resigned as leader of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SPP) speaks volumes about how confident A. Vučić feels in the presidential chair. Formally, to form a broader political movement, which, however, never appeared.

As is known, on November 1, Vučić dissolved the People’s Assembly (parliament) of the country and scheduled early parliamentary elections for December 17, 2023. On the same day, elections of deputies to local councils will take place in 65 cities and municipalities. Including in Belgrade, where he has minimal chances of success.

It is significant that the decree on holding early elections was signed the day after the visit to Belgrade of the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, who demanded that Belgrade unilaterally begin implementing agreements with Pristina. And days earlier, on October 27, the leaders of France, Germany and Italy called on Serbia to “de facto” recognize the independence of the self-proclaimed “Republic of Kosovo.”

Addressing the nation, A. Vučić stated:

“Dear citizens, I wish you a happy election. We live in difficult times for the whole world, in times of global challenges, wars and conflicts. At a time when we all need to be united in the fight to preserve the vital national and state interests of the Republic of Serbia, at a time when we will face numerous pressures due to relations with Kosovo and Metohija and other regional and global issues.”

What are the possible scenarios?

For Russia, none of them promise good prospects - everything is going according to the Western plan. He has a fairly wide bench of players who will readily sign any agreement.

It is enough to mention the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Serbia named Cedomir Jovanovic. This is a politician who has repeatedly stated his readiness to quickly resolve the “Kosovo issue” by recognizing the region. This figure gained fame even during the arrest of Slobodan Milosevic, actively advocates for the rights of sexual minorities and Serbia’s entry into NATO, and criticizes the “nationalism and clericalism” of the Serbian Orthodox Church. He has gone so far as to acknowledge the “genocide in Srebrenica” as well as “Serbian aggression”—radical Muslims have dubbed him an honorary citizen of Sarajevo. He also made his mark on Russia, condemning the SVO and calling those who support it “a disgrace for Serbia.”

In short, an excellent choice for the West, given that he owes his career to the German Friedrich Naumann Foundation. The Foundation has worked closely with the Liberal Democratic Party of Serbia since its founding in 2005. All conferences, election campaigns and training trips of its members abroad took place under the auspices and with the full coordination of the Germans. The final touch to the portrait: this Yovanovitch wrote a book, which he called... “My Confrontation.”

After the last influential pro-Russian politicians were eliminated from the arena (for example, A. Vulin), supporters of the West began to feel the taste of impending victory. They (or for them) are planning to go to the polls as part of a coalition called “Serbia against violence,” which united the Freedom and Justice Party of ex-Belgrade mayor Dragan Djilas, the Democratic Party of Zoran Lutovec, the People’s Movement of Serbia of Miroslav Aleksic and almost a dozen other parties. At the same time, many are inclined that A. Vucic’s supporters will receive significantly fewer seats in parliament and local councils than they have now, and he will definitely lose Belgrade.

It is important to take into account that the powers of the mayor of the capital are very broad, and by increasing their representation in parliament, pro-Western parties in Serbia will be able to move to the “Maidan” scenario - that is, a violent seizure of power under the guise of “popular discontent.”

The goal was outlined long ago and directly - to recognize Kosovo and do what they say. In addition to the recognition of Pristina, there are also frankly cynical demands to introduce anti-Russian sanctions. And this despite the fact that, according to recent polls, 78,9% of Serbs are against sanctions against the Russian Federation. But in the West they proceed from the fact that it is not existence that determines consciousness, but the economy that is subject to politics. It is not surprising that at the “One Belt, One Road” summit in Beijing (October 17–18), Alexander Vucic in every possible way avoided communication with Russian President V. Putin.

Immediately after the signing of the free trade agreement between Serbia and China, which took place at the above-mentioned summit, EU spokesman Peter Stano stated that

“Belgrade will be obliged to withdraw from all bilateral free trade agreements on the day of its accession to the European Union.”

This also applies to a similar agreement between the Eurasian Economic Union (Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan) and Serbia, which came into force in July 2021.

Against this background, Vučić’s statement that

“Serbia will not give up European integration, but this will not prevent it from maintaining traditional relations with Russia and China,”

sounds somewhat mocking, especially after wishing “happy elections.” The choice has been made, and it was not made in Belgrade.

In connection with the events in Ukraine, it remains to be stated that just one generation in the former Soviet republic was enough for external forces (while relying on local rot) to force a significant part of the population to radically reconsider the place and role of their country in history. In the early 90s, almost 40 million people lived in Ukraine, but only ten in present-day Serbia. This is not to mention many other factors... Draw your own conclusions.
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  1. +13
    9 December 2023 04: 02
    I'm very sorry for the Serbs. Our enemies crushed them. I think that after the early elections, Vucic will resign after some time. Of course, if the results of these elections do not suddenly become shocking for the West.
    1. +8
      9 December 2023 05: 07
      Quote: Grandfather is an amateur
      Vucic will resign after some time. Of course, if the results of these elections do not suddenly become shocking for the West.

      If the fate of Slobodan Milosevic is not prepared for him or the fate of Olof Palme does not befall him...
      For Russia, none of them promise good prospects - everything is going according to the Western plan. He has a fairly wide bench of players who will readily sign any agreement.

      Does anyone else doubt that by making concessions, ignoring sanctions and not noticing outright hostile attacks, you can get exactly this kind of attitude? I have no doubt.
      This is exactly what real patriots are talking about when they express their bewilderment about trade (inexplicable and unjustified) with outright enemies. This is precisely what does not give them the chance to feel all the “delights” of Russophobia.
      1. -4
        9 December 2023 10: 03
        I see a perhaps unusual solution. This is the revival of Austria-Hungary.

        Unification into an informal union of Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia. And there may be others there too. Macedonians, even Bulgarians.

        The European Union is weak due to the falling economy. It's not easy for Germany right now. And other heavyweights of the European Union.
        1. +3
          10 December 2023 15: 22
          Unification into an informal union of Austria, Hungary, Slovakia
          How do you imagine that?
      2. -3
        9 December 2023 18: 31
        If the fate of Slobodan Milosevic is not prepared for him or the fate of Olof Palme does not befall him...

        This is the Serbian version of “bad boy”. He is right for the West.
        Do you remember what position he sat in the Oval Office in front of Trump?
    2. +3
      9 December 2023 16: 14
      Sorry for the cynicism. Gynecologist Ursula von der Leyen demanded an abortion. Or there will be a miscarriage. And Serbia... Such is its fate. There is no need to wag your tail in all directions. Goiko Mitichi seem to have degenerated. hi
    3. SNA
      9 December 2023 18: 12
      Why feel sorry for them? They are so-so Slavs.
    4. +1
      10 December 2023 09: 42
      Looking at the photo I begin to wonder, is Vucic really a Serb?
    5. +8
      10 December 2023 12: 00
      Pity is the last thing the Serbs need. Open the doors to Russia for them and hammer home a bolt on old Serbia, a piece of landlocked territory surrounded by Anglo-Saxo-Eurosexuals.
      Someday the time will come and the Serbs who accepted Rus' will conquer Yugoslavia in the vanguard of the Balkan front and not in the convoy of the Russian army.
      Ceterum censeo Washingtonum delendam esse
    6. +2
      11 December 2023 16: 18
      The direct fault of Russia with its toothless foreign policy. The West threw away the 1999 resolution. And they will throw away any future agreement with Russia on Ukraine. The rake lies on the road, Russia is coming. We are watching.
  2. UVB
    9 December 2023 05: 46
    Almost 90 million people lived in Ukraine in the early 40s
    Officially, at the time of the collapse of the USSR there were 52 million
  3. -4
    9 December 2023 06: 12
    Unfortunately, Vučić turned out to have a weak backbone, now this is the Serbian problem...
  4. +13
    9 December 2023 06: 44
    including further affirmation of European values
    Kohl started talking about “European values,” which means that Serbia, as an independent state (?), is looming. The Serbs will find themselves in the same position as some of the ordinary Bulgarians who still gravitate towards Russia. But Serbia took the first step towards this even when it handed over Milosevic and its generals to The Hague.
    1. +3
      9 December 2023 09: 05
      in Europe after WW2 there were and are no independent states...
      1. +4
        11 December 2023 19: 01
        Well, Yugoslavia was an independent state that did not join either the Western capitalists or the Soviet bloc, and headed the bloc of non-aligned states at the UN
  5. +1
    9 December 2023 08: 13
    It was the Serbs themselves who founded the Otpor organization, which became a “teacher with visual aids” on how to carry out state actions. coups. But since a “teacher” must also “learn” from someone, the “Otporovites” themselves and their like-minded Serbs “learned” from the American book “From Dictatorship to Democracy.” So, the Serbian “Otpor”, led by the Serb Popovich, after the “revolution” in Serbia, then participated in organizing and carrying out coups in almost 40 more countries, from Ukraine to Egypt! One should not think that these people are not now in the government or parliament of Serbia, since this Popovic is free and is already the rector of some prestigious university, of course not in Serbia, but in the West.
    In a hurry to catch up to Russia’s Victory in the Northern Military District, the main thing for the West now is to “lower” Serbia. For the EU, it is no longer enough that Serbia will no longer represent the interests of Kosovo, it is not enough that Serbia will have to recognize passports, diplomas, license plates and customs stamps of Kosovo. This to the West
    and it is not enough for his supporters, and Serbia should recognize Kosovo officially, with the opening of the Serbian Embassy in Pristina, and in Belgrade with the opening of the Kosovo Embassy in Serbia.
    If only Russia would hasten, hurry up, to regain its ancestral lands sooner, or at least now faster, you see, their own brothers-in-law did not bring Serbia to its knees before the West, and the Serbs would have an example of how to historically regain theirs...
    1. +4
      11 December 2023 10: 21
      The Serbs do not have the same opportunities as the Russian Federation, so their bureaucrats fall under the arrogance of the Saxons. There is nowhere to wait for help. The opinion of the population, no matter where on this planet, those who hold power and money are not interested. What elections, where are they today?
  6. +5
    9 December 2023 08: 25
    The Serbs will choose between phantom pains about Kosovo and joining the European Union. Let's look at their answer.
  7. +3
    9 December 2023 11: 04
    A parallel can be drawn with solve the problem of eliminating the NKAO, he was brought to power in Armenia...he did everything for this...the task was solved.
    Now they are doing the same trick with Serbia with the help of Vucic...I clearly see his role as a Moor in resolving this issue for the West.
    Traitors and renegades in the highest echelons of power, not the army, cope best with such tasks.
    The USSR did not survive the Cold War precisely because of the actions of one person... the renegade and traitor Gorbachev.
    1. -9
      9 December 2023 11: 58
      There were still objective economic strengths there. For example, oil is $6 a barrel.
      1. +9
        9 December 2023 15: 56
        Do you remember the oil prices in August 1942? And in May 1945?
    2. +3
      11 December 2023 10: 28
      For the sake of objectivity, we must admit that he was not the only one there, plus the absolutely amorphous society “the great community of the Soviet people.” It is impossible to imagine anything more senseless. Plankton. A speculist, a currency dealer, a shop worker, a Central Asian buy and a hard worker - a “hegemon” in one bottle. Sur.
  8. +4
    9 December 2023 18: 27
    He has always maintained that Serbia is not a friend or even an ally. Especially those in power. And first of all Aleksandar Vucic. He always acted almost like Pashinyan, only more carefully and softly. But he never hid his goal and justified it by hook or by crook. And I never disdained coming to Moscow for goodies.
  9. Des
    9 December 2023 20: 51
    There the society itself is not ready to fight for Kosovo. Moreover, there is no chance of winning. It has long been easier, more profitable and more desirable for them to live in peace and harmony with the rest of Europe, even at the cost of giving up Kosovo. They are not strong enough to be independent; they have nowhere to go. And no one will help. Just like in the last war with Europe+USA.
    1. +3
      10 December 2023 22: 26
      There the society itself is not ready to fight for Kosovo.

      Well, actually, they’ve already fought quite a bit - from 1991 to 1999.
      Since 1991, they have kept Kosovo within Serbia only by military force.
      So what's the result? What were the prospects?

      92% of Albanians live in Kosovo (and only 5% of Serbs), and the Albanians speak a completely different language, have a different religion and stubbornly do not want to be part of Serbia. And the percentage of Albanians there is increasing all the time, since Muslim families have more children than Serbian ones.

      And how long could it be possible to force the Albanian Kosovars not to come out?
      The Serbs are simply tired of fighting.
      And you can't blame them for that.
      1. 0
        11 December 2023 07: 33
        Of course, it’s not pleasant to write about this, but by and large, how does Kosovo differ from the eastern territories of Ukraine. Here, Russians do not want to live as part of Ukraine, and there Albanians do not want to be part of Serbia. Hold a referendum in Kosovo, and there will be a mirror Donbass. Why should Belgrade hold on to a de facto alien land and remember its deep history? Another thing is that the EU most likely will not stop at the Kosovo problem. But with this concession the Serbs could at least stall for time, and then we’ll see. Now, unfortunately, we cannot help them. So there’s no point in spreading rot. By the way, for us, such a precedent with a revision of borders would be rather beneficial
        1. 0
          11 December 2023 14: 29
          Quote: Berezin
          Another thing is that the EU most likely will not stop at the Kosovo problem.

          What do you think are the future plans of the EU?
          It seems to me that the EU has one clear plan - to integrate Serbia.
          Serbia ratified the Association Agreement with the EU back in 2008.
          The EU has long been Serbia's largest trading partner.

          Quote: Berezin
          The Serbs could at least wait a while, and then we’ll see

          So the Serbs do not want to waste time, they want to join the EU as soon as possible. And apparently recognition of Kosovo will be a condition for them to join:

          Brussels outlined the timing of Serbia's admission to the European Union

          ...Serbia can join the union until 2025...negotiations are open on ten chapters, including the “other issues” section, which provides for the normalization of relations between Belgrade and the region of Kosovo and Metohija, which unilaterally separated from the republic.
        2. +2
          11 December 2023 16: 04
          Only the nonsense TsIPSA can compare Kosovo with Donbass. Kosovo is the cradle of the Serbs. The land they founded, for which they fought. The Albanians settled this region and, with the help of the West, declared it theirs. Ask who founded Kharkov and dozens of other cities that chickens consider their ancestral ones? Look at the demographic information about the composition of the population of Odessa in 1905 (not difficult to find). So, in this city, founded by Empress Catherine, at the beginning of the last century there lived Jews, Russians, Greeks, and a bit of Hungarians. All! And so on... And there is no need to refer to Kievan Rus. Find out where Prince Vladimir came to Kyiv from.
          1. 0
            11 December 2023 17: 10
            Only the nonsense TsIPSA can compare Kosovo with Donbass. Kosovo is the cradle of the Serbs. The land they founded, for which they fought. This region was inhabited by Albanians

            I hope you allow us to compare Kosovo with Crimea? laughing
            After all, until 1783, neither Russians nor Ukrainians lived there, but exclusively Crimean Tatars.

            And before that, the Cimmerians, Tauri, Scythians, Greeks, Sarmatians, Alans, Romans, Goths, Huns, Khazars, Pechenegs, Polovtsians, Genoese lived and fought there...

            But my opinion is this: this story does not affect the right to decide the fate of Crimea.
            The fate of Crimea can be decided (and has already been decided!) only by those living now there are residents there. And who lived there 100, 200 or 1000 years ago is no longer important.
          2. -3
            14 December 2023 23: 58
            Kosovo is the cradle of the Serbs.

            And Kiev is the mother of Russian cities.
            at the beginning of the last century there lived Jews, Russians, Greeks, and a bit of Hungarians.

            You would be interested in who was called Russian before the revolution, and who was called Great Russian.
      2. +3
        11 December 2023 19: 09
        In the 90s, there were much more than 5% of Serbs in Kosovo, and this is a misconception. Among Albanians, not all are Muslims, but 10-12% are Orthodox. The same J. Belushi is Orthodox, but this did not stop him from supporting the Kosovo Albanians who are destroying ancient monasteries and churches. And in general, when did anyone stop fighting with fellow believers? Russia-Ukraine are Orthodox, but they are at war, Serbia and Bulgaria fought how many times, Catholics fought among themselves how many times, and Muslims?
  10. +2
    9 December 2023 22: 18
    In the early 90s, not 40, but 50 million people lived in Ukraine.
  11. -2
    10 December 2023 00: 55
    Vucic’s move is more than reasonable given the tension in the EU in connection with Mr. Ukraine and, to put it mildly, the political incidents of the administration of the 46th President of the United States. I hope that the citizens of Serbia will not differ in their foresight from the citizens of Ukraine when making their choice. Hmmm, in principle, the football club “Crvena Zvezda” does not play as before, despite the ownership of the club by the Gazprom Neft company. More than half of the team is Serbian, but the main game is played by foreign players, taking into account the foreign capital of the club. But nevertheless, the game of the Red Star team shows football, no matter what anyone likes request winked drinks good
    1. +4
      11 December 2023 16: 08
      You successfully missed out on football and Gazprom. Most recently, Gazprom bought a player from Turkey for 45 million euros. Despite the fact that there was nowhere to play and no one with, they were excluded from everywhere. There is, of course, a friendly match with Djibouti, but this is not certain. I personally haven’t come across any media reports about Gazprom’s assistance to the Northern Military District fighters....
      1. +6
        11 December 2023 19: 15
        Gazprom also paid the Turkish club $88 million for placing its advertising on T-shirts. It also pays Ukraine $1.3 billion a year for gas transit. And he is also the owner of such a wonderful radio resource as ECHO-MOSCOW.... and the question is, is Gazprom really a national treasure and the controlling stake belongs to the state?
  12. +1
    10 December 2023 07: 40
    What can you say guys? They are putting pressure on the Serbs. Because they don’t want to dance to the American tune. And this is like a bone in the throat for Uncle Sam! And the West is very afraid. He is afraid that our guys will appear on the territory of Serbia. And then all NATO’s plans will immediately come to ruin! And mattress makers understand this very well. In addition, no matter how mattress sluts... and all sorts of gynecologists try, Serbia does not impose sanctions against Russia. And this second factor is like a sickle to Faberge. So they are trying to change the top leadership in Serbia. But no matter what anyone says or writes, I will say one thing: Kosovo is Serbia!
  13. 0
    10 December 2023 10: 21
    The author would have tried it if he were Vucic. He has to maneuver every day, the hostile environment presses, spreads rot. In such conditions, maintaining independence is no small feat. And of course, a bitter experience, everyone remembers 1999 - a cloud of fat monsters fell on Serbia. Eh, Europe, what an ugly thing you have become...
  14. +2
    10 December 2023 18: 50
    Serbia has no access to the sea and we can call it a day, Cuba and Venezuela may be under sanctions but maritime trade does not cut them off from their allies, everything is bad with Serbia, they better recognize Kosovo and integrate into the EU, who knows, maybe in the EU they are more important to us they will bring benefits like the same Hungary than being in conflict with them, the peoples of Serbia and Russia will not stop being friends because of this, I hope this is the case when we need to treat with understanding...
  15. +7
    10 December 2023 19: 17
    And how many liberal forces do we have in the Kremlin? Take, for example, the same Senator Narusova, who stated that she does not respect Russians as a nation, and calmly travels abroad with passports of countries that do not support the SVO
  16. +5
    10 December 2023 20: 51
    For Russia, none of them promise good prospects - everything is going according to the Western plan. He has a fairly wide bench of players who will readily sign any agreement.

    Were there illusions? What kind of illusions can there be when you preach multi-vectorism, try to sit on several chairs and don’t know how to say “no”...
    Moreover, Vucic has already agreed to the phrase “we do not believe that we owe Russia anything and should be grateful to it for something.”
  17. -1
    10 December 2023 21: 07
    Under Mother Catherine, thousands of Serbs moved to Russia. Why shouldn’t they be given this opportunity now? Settle in the liberated regions of Ukraine. There will be those who want to. And probably a lot of them. These are not Asians.
  18. +1
    10 December 2023 22: 02
    Serbs are very patriotic in words, but in reality they are very practical.

    They see very well that, for example, their neighbors, the Croats and Slovenes, live much better than the Serbs themselves (about 3 times). And Croatia and Slovenia are in the EU and NATO.

    And the Serbs draw conclusions. Whether they are correct or not is unclear, but they themselves will have to bear responsibility for their decisions.
  19. +6
    10 December 2023 22: 49
    This seal would do well to look at Orban and Hungary. Soon the Hungarians will become more Slavs than the Serbs!
    1. 0
      11 December 2023 14: 32
      Soon the Hungarians will become more Slavs than the Serbs!

      Slavs are very different. Poles, Czechs and Croats are also Slavs. And even Ukrainians are also Slavs.
  20. +3
    11 December 2023 08: 31
    Vučić is a politician who is trying to play on contradictions, and so far he has succeeded.

    Serbia will not have Russia as an ally until Russia becomes so strong that it can choose between the EU and Russia economically and between NATO and Russia militarily.

    It's just political bargaining, but the deal will happen sooner or later.
  21. +3
    11 December 2023 09: 31
    I read the comments here about how many illiterate people we have, Serbia would never have gone against Russia if Russia had supported it. But Russia now is not the USSR; it can barely breathe. Soon we will lose another ally of ours and who will we have left? Over the past 30 years, almost everyone has fled.
  22. +2
    11 December 2023 12: 01
    Those guys who write that we should reach the borders of Serbia, we should at least reach Transnistria first. In the 90s, unfortunately, a lot of mistakes were made by both the Serbs and us, and now we are all paying the price of these mistakes.
  23. +2
    11 December 2023 16: 05
    What difference does it make to whom to sell to, who pays more or pushes harder, capitalism/, happiness, hurt yourself. Of the two possible options, humanity chose barbarism, the imminent death of civilization
  24. 0
    11 December 2023 18: 31
    Vučić himself is to blame. I wanted to sit on two chairs at the same time. Now there are already two such big-ass people in the world - Vucic and Pashinyan. One will ruin Armenia, the other will ruin Serbia.
  25. 0
    12 December 2023 10: 03
    choosing between two options:
    1. resignation from leaders and recognition of Kosovo
    2. another territorial conflict without the explicit support of a major player (neither Africa, China, etc.) will come to the rescue

    chosen for their people least bloodless.
  26. +2
    12 December 2023 10: 55
    Serbia will be like Bulgaria with a people loyal to Russia and a corrupt power elite supported by the European Union.
  27. +3
    12 December 2023 22: 11
    Kosovo is a purely gangster "state".
  28. +1
    13 December 2023 15: 00
    Every government we have had since 1999, have taken small steps towards loosing Kosovo. Those small steps were under heavy pressure from the West. We are still doing what is possible to endure, knowing that only our confirmation can give Kosovo status of the real state. We are running out of time, out of people, out of energy, out of options. With every new election and new government we are expecting to loose the Kosovo. Nobody talks about joining EU, we are not crazy - it is a sinking ship for quite some time, but EU politicians are pure lunatics and our only hope that somebody can teach them a lesson or something important has to happen in EU so the current political elites are changed (migration, economy, resources, war.....whatever)
  29. 0
    18 December 2023 04: 50
    Wasn’t it Biden there who reminded with great pride that it was he who sold the massive bombing of Serbia?