FBI officers in Cyprus will investigate “violations” of Western sanctions by Russian businessman Mordashov

FBI officers in Cyprus will investigate “violations” of Western sanctions by Russian businessman Mordashov

Thousands of restrictive measures introduced by the West after the start of a special operation against Russia as a state, Russian companies, banks and individual citizens of the Russian Federation did not give the desired result. Now the US and EU have decided to focus on so-called secondary sanctions and targeted actions against those states and businesses that allegedly continue to cooperate with our country bypassing restrictions.

At the same time, the authorities of some Western countries are looking for ways to seize the assets and property of Russian politicians and businessmen located abroad, as well as to “punish” Russian entrepreneurs who, according to the US and EU, have committed deliberate violations of the sanctions regime. Some states, fearing to fall out of favor with Washington, are taking the initiative in this matter, literally implementing “witch hunt” methods.

Deputy official representative of the government of the Republic of Cyprus, Yiannis Antoniou, told reporters from the British newspaper The Guardian about the arrival of a 24-person team of US FBI employees in the country to investigate the activities of Russian businessmen to circumvent Western sanctions committed in Cypriot jurisdiction. American intelligence officers intend to pay special attention to the famous Russian entrepreneur and billionaire Alexei Mordashov. The investigation will begin as soon as the FBI gains access to classified information, Antoniou said.

In 2024, Mordashov’s photograph appeared on the cover of the first issue of Russian Forbes; the head of the editorial board of the Russian-language version of the magazine, Paul Klebnikov, called him one of the most recognizable and quoted Russian businessmen in the Russian Federation and abroad. In February 2021, the owner of 77% of the shares and head of Severstal PJSC became the richest person in Russia, his fortune, according to Forbes, was estimated at $32,1 billion.

Mordashov was gradually included in the sanctions lists of the EU, the USA and a number of other countries immediately after the start of the special operation in February last year for the fact that his company is a shareholder of Rossiya Bank and the National Media Group operating in Crimea.

According to the Cypriot authorities, immediately after the imposition of sanctions against him, the Russian businessman tried to sell his 32% stake in the German travel company TUI Group worth one billion pounds sterling (more than 115 billion rubles). The British publication writes that this deal was disclosed after the largest ever history leaks of financial data from Cyprus, which has long been one of the main offshore jurisdictions in the world.

At first, Cypriot law enforcement officers conducted the investigation against Mordashov, which began in May of this year, on their own. However, then they turned to their American colleagues for help. Apparently, this was done on purpose in order to once again show Nicosia’s loyalty to Washington, since the United States is the main ally of this island state, including in the military sphere.

This version is confirmed by the statement of the President of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulides, who said that he personally appealed to the States for help in investigating the case against the Russian businessman. The head of state stated that he intends in this way to protect the authority of Cyprus as an “international financial center.”

The British publication also cites comments from Mordashov’s representative regarding the accusations of the Cypriot authorities. The businessman stated that he has never violated any laws, whether in Europe, Russia or any other jurisdictions.
  • https://nara.getarchive.net/ru/media/federal-bureau-of-investigation
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  1. -1
    6 December 2023 15: 11
    The whole point is that such events are usually carried out without widespread publicity by security agents and other departments, and with positive
    As a result, the mass media publishes an awesome result about the discovery of the washed-up
    dishonest labor.
    When the cards are revealed about sending such envoys to corrupt, like all Cypriots, the conclusion suggests itself - they will clearly extort pennies at a high
    level for help in avoiding the consequences of asset seizure, that’s all.
    Nothing personal just business.
  2. +3
    6 December 2023 15: 13
    Give me a time machine for rent for one day, otherwise I’m still living in 2023, and you’re reading magazines from the future: crying wassat
    1. 0
      6 December 2023 15: 45
      Greetings. C'mon, I'd like a second "time machine."
      I myself noticed the year 24. I’m sitting and wondering: either the author had a hangover or I’ve gone crazy, but I don’t want that.
      So the first one
  3. 0
    6 December 2023 15: 13
    So the FBI doesn't even have the authority to act abroad, so what are they doing in Cyprus?
    1. +4
      6 December 2023 15: 17
      Quote: Lt. air force reserve
      So the FBI doesn't even have the authority to act abroad, so what are they doing in Cyprus?

      The owner always has the right to work on his territory.
  4. +6
    6 December 2023 15: 14
    At least the mistakes can be corrected?! Are there really no editors at all?
    But in essence, the article - who on this site cares about the fate of this oligarch? We have enough of this “good” (in the sense of oligarchs) in our country, one less, one more.
    1. +1
      6 December 2023 17: 01
      Quote: Proton
      who on this site cares about the fate of this oligarch?

      Have you been to Cherepovets during the USSR? It was impossible to approach the city there; a black cloud of ash hung over it.
      I recently drove by and was blown away, you can breathe in the city. I don’t know how much money he invested in the environment, but the guy clearly loves his city. And as far as I understand, he lives in it. And not in shitty Cyprus. I don't think we have a lot of them.
    2. +1
      6 December 2023 21: 04
      But in essence, the article - who on this site cares about the fate of this oligarch?
      This is not about another oligarch. The fact is that the United States has arrogated to itself the right, at its discretion, to impose any sanctions on anyone it does not like, be it a country or just an individual. And I demand the same from my allies. And also declare criminal prosecution of such persons anywhere, in almost any country in the world (with the exception of countries with real sovereignty). The question is, who gave them this right? It is clear that the rule of the strong applies here, but in relation to the United States, this is already starting to infuriate. They allow themselves too much and think too much of themselves.
  5. 0
    6 December 2023 15: 14
    There is a commotion in the pig farm at the expense of the Arabs.
    1. +1
      6 December 2023 15: 47
      There is nothing about Arabs in the article. So the comment is "missing the cash register"
      1. 0
        6 December 2023 16: 06
        This is generally about isolation and sanctions.
  6. AAK
    6 December 2023 15: 17
    Well, in reality, if Cypriot finances are under the control of the United States, then territorially Cyprus is controlled by the British - 5 large military bases, incl. Akrotiri airbase near Lemessos (Limassol), and Northern Cyprus is an unrecognized UN proxy republic, created after the Turkish occupation of part of the island. And our Pinocchios should have listened to the Great, he declared an amnesty for capital, but no, over the hill it’s tastier... now, as in a pun, the evil Pinocchians are themselves...
    1. 0
      6 December 2023 15: 50
      The bases are English, but the Tugriks are American. Great addition
  7. 0
    6 December 2023 15: 20
    It took a long time for the gnomes to be broken. And they won. The bankers of Cyprus (and ours, supposedly Cypriots) will surrender. The dollar is stronger
  8. +1
    6 December 2023 16: 54
    The Yankee Navy runs on Russian fuel, and the FBI can’t see it tongue
    1. 0
      7 December 2023 13: 39
      So Russia is a gas station for the United States, as Senator McCain said. According to Article 15.4, which is external control from them, of the Russian Constitution, which the United States wrote for us and the people like it, judging by polls of Russians. Check it if you don’t believe it.
  9. 0
    7 December 2023 13: 01
    The United States only has the right to do something in relation to another country and person if the laws of that country allow it.

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