Deputy head of Ukraine's foreign intelligence service dismissed after he complained that he was being spied on

Deputy head of Ukraine's foreign intelligence service dismissed after he complained that he was being spied on

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky dismissed the deputy head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine, Alexander Tarasovsky, after he complained that his colleagues were spying on him. This internal scandal in the department broke out at the beginning of the month.

This report was made by Ukrainian journalists, citing informed sources.

According to the publication, on September 23, the now former intelligence officer submitted a report on surveillance to his immediate superior, the head of the SVR of Ukraine, Alexander Litvinenko.

Tarasovsky wrote a report addressed to the head of the service, Alexander Litvinenko, in which he accused a number of his colleagues of organizing surveillance of themselves

- says the publication.

The document also contained a transparent hint that Tarasovsky’s colleagues in the service were allegedly acting on instructions from the Russian special services. The names of the “suspects” were provided. Tarasovsky's report was so detailed that it took up four pages of printed text. A copy of it even fell into the hands of Ukrainian journalists. As a result, the intelligence officer's efforts culminated in his own dismissal.

It took place yesterday on the initiative of the head of the Kyiv regime, Vladimir Zelensky. The dismissal decree was published on the official website of the presidential administration. The reason for the intelligence officer's resignation was not specified.

Recently, personnel changes in the highest echelons of Ukrainian law enforcement agencies have become significantly more frequent.
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    1. -3
      18 November 2023 16: 00
      Tarasovsky complained to the chief officer of British MI6, who was also Putin’s double agent for the liquidation of 404. laughing
    2. +2
      18 November 2023 16: 09
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      1. +6
        18 November 2023 16: 14
        Quote: Simple
        Obsessive thoughts (obsessions)

        I also thought that this was a potential patient of ward No. 6.
        1. +1
          18 November 2023 19: 20
          Quote: Simple
          Obsessive thoughts (obsessions)

          I also thought that this was a potential patient of ward No. 6.

          In this country, kamikazes, probably every second giant is already a potential client of this chamber.
      2. 0
        18 November 2023 22: 44
        ...that doesn't mean you're not being watched.
    3. +1
      18 November 2023 16: 16
      I think we can only build theories as to why he was fired. Don’t take the “exposures” of Ukrainian journalists seriously. It seems to me that, given the Ukrainian military’s penchant for profit and illegal earnings, this is a matter of some information, because this is precisely the intelligence profile. It is quite possible that Tarasovsky, who was dismissed, gained access to certain documents that were scandalous in nature, but did not discredit the Zionist government in Kiev, since it was no longer possible to discredit it, but were related to Kiev’s allies. Maybe he was going to trade or make public documentation related to the sale of Ukraine, the transfer of its land, enterprises and people into the private hands of American overlords. This, in my opinion, is a matter of commerce. Including, perhaps, with commerce related to biological laboratories, which Patrushev recently spoke about. I think he wanted to somehow make money from this, and he did, now we have to wait to see whether he will have time to escape from the country or whether he will be liquidated before.
      1. -1
        18 November 2023 16: 42
        It is unlikely that they would have simply been fired for this, or a “suicide” would have been organized. In Ukraine, the practice of “suicide” has been worked out - two shots to the head, both fatal. Or shooting yourself in the heart with your hands tied behind your back. And officials from the prosecutor's office explain in all seriousness that this is quite possible.
    4. +2
      18 November 2023 16: 24
      Observers (stompers) in their reports noted the presence of “persecution mania” in the object of surveillance.
      1. 0
        18 November 2023 19: 13
        As they say, if you suffer from persecution mania, this does not mean that you are not being persecuted. laughing
    5. +1
      18 November 2023 16: 25
      Tarasovsky's report was so detailed that it took up four pages of printed text. A copy of it even fell into the hands of Ukrainian journalists.
      Is this really about intelligence? Seriously, if journalists receive documents from intelligence, that’s what they were counting on. Just another stage of confusion and vacillation in the Ukrainian Reich, everyone is saving as best they can.
      1. 0
        18 November 2023 16: 48
        There seem to be two branches - the old one, which the Americans don’t trust, and the new, military one - the brainchild of Western intelligence services. Tarasovsky was most likely from the old one. And they probably herded him from the SBU.
      2. +1
        18 November 2023 17: 52
        Is this really about intelligence?

        It seems he immediately printed the report in two copies, one for the boss’s desk, the other for the media, both marked top secret laughing
    6. -1
      18 November 2023 16: 44
      No comments. No comments.
    7. 0
      18 November 2023 17: 09
      And in general, I have a suspicion that they put people in positions and remove them for a certain amount of bribes. You will always earn a place in excess of the plan for rent in a hostel.
    8. 0
      18 November 2023 17: 12
      Of course, he thought of it - he complained to one Putin agent about other Putin agents.
      People are working - get into the situation, don’t interfere, and recruit yourself - you’ll get an increase in your salary, or even a Russian pension when it’s all over.
    9. fiv
      18 November 2023 17: 17
      We are waiting for Budanov to jump out of the window shouting: “The Russians are coming!!”
    10. +1
      18 November 2023 17: 39
      Turned on the fool - and quietly retired... Trickster x o x o l! lol
    11. 0
      18 November 2023 18: 25
      She’s so paranoid - now, apparently, they’ll stop monitoring? tongue
    12. 0
      18 November 2023 18: 47
      What kind of professional are you if you allow yourself to be watched?
    13. 0
      19 November 2023 00: 51
      It is possible that Zelya simply saved Tarasovsky’s life by removing him from the post of deputy head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine, removing professional interest in his (Tarasovsky’s) person... And a well-orchestrated “performance” for all interested parties is also possible... Or perhaps preventive measures have begun “clearing the clearing” before a possible military mutiny in Ukroreich... Time will put everything in its place....

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