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Airborne received the first 40 sets of the latest small-sized Lesochek jammer

Airborne received the first 40 sets of the latest small-sized Lesochek jammer

The first 40 sets of small-sized transmitters of interference "Lesochek" of the new generation entered service with the electronic warfare units (EW) of the Airborne Forces (VDV).

Complexes "Lesochek" provide protection for armored vehicles, vehicles and personnel from damage by radio-controlled mine-explosive devices, both when stationary and in motion.

In terms of its efficiency, Lesochek is significantly superior to previously manufactured products due to the fact that the working frequency range has been expanded in 3 times and new methods of generating noise have been applied. Complexes can be placed on armored vehicles, cars, in a backpack or in a case.

Deliveries of new EW complexes to the Airborne Forces will continue throughout 2013.

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  1. andrei332809
    andrei332809 9 January 2013 19: 04
    our designers do not stop touching me. and where do the names come from?
    1. S_nami_strength
      S_nami_strength 9 January 2013 19: 19
      Our scientists have great imagination !!!!!!! wink Or maybe they smoke something bully
      1. Ziksura
        Ziksura 9 January 2013 19: 46
        Quote: andrei332809

        our designers do not stop touching me. and where do the names come from?

        Quote: S_name_sila
        Our scientists have great imagination !!!!!!! Or maybe they smoke something

        You guys are wrong. Ours just have a kind of humor. NATO members have more and more fearsome names. Ours, quite consciously, in the overwhelming case, come up with names that are emphatically fearless and even touching - either flowers, or "Lesochek". A peculiar form of "bullying" over the foe. hi
        1. Oleg Rosskiyy
          Oleg Rosskiyy 9 January 2013 20: 02
          Quote: Ziksura
          NATO has more and more frightening names.

          By name you can judge intentions what
          1. Retx
            Retx 9 January 2013 20: 23
            It is terribly interesting to imagine the intentions of "Poplar", "Buratino", "Gates" and "White Swan" laughing
            1. ankh-andrej
              ankh-andrej 9 January 2013 23: 28
              Chrysanthemum yet smile
            2. crazyrom
              crazyrom 10 January 2013 01: 11
              Quote: RETX
              it is interesting to imagine the intentions of "Topol"

              Well, poplar - it is very similar, a vertical rocket, elegant, so to speak. But Buratino .... I like it, but I can't imagine what is in common. Well, unless the rockets from the TOS "Buratino" grow out like Buratino's nose from the launcher .. flying away at a terrible speed into the distance .... and so 20 times ...... they had strong grass.
              1. Bubo
                Bubo 10 January 2013 06: 02
                "... flying away into the distance ..." and then I remembered

                to the motif of the song of the crocodile Gena smile

                "Slowly the rocket flies into the distance,
                Do not return it already back.
                We are not sorry for 235 uranium
                Let people burn better.


                Tablecloth, tablecloth
                On a long journey
                And rests right in Washington.

                Each one
                I believe in the best
                The damned Pentagon is melting, melting ... "

                I do not remember further smile
                1. Corsair5912
                  Corsair5912 10 January 2013 07: 08
                  There is another version of the text, as we sang in childhood:
                  Slowly rockets float away
                  Meet with them you do not wait
                  And although we are a little sorry Londona,
                  Washington, of course, is ahead.
                  Maybe we offended someone in vain,
                  Dropping a couple of extra megatons,
                  See how fun the earth is boiling
                  Where the Pentagon stuck out toadstool.
                  Tablecloth, tablecloth, chlorine cyan
                  And gets under the gas mask
                  Every Yusovets wants to live too,
                  But it will not work. chlorine is a good gas.
                  Atomic fungus stands swinging
                  Sand melts underfoot
                  It’s a pity that the radiation ends
                  I would have sunbathed a bit more.
              2. Onotollah
                Onotollah 10 January 2013 06: 32
                It is believed that "Pinocchio" is a hint to a potential enemy: you need to be wooden to beg for a present from TOS smile
              3. Corsair5912
                Corsair5912 10 January 2013 06: 58
                Our army is not going to threaten anyone, and therefore the names of our weapons are peaceful and kind: "Katyusha", "Grad", "Tulip", "Hyacinth", "Carnation", Acacia "," Topol "," Favorite "," Msta- S ", etc. We, Russians, are peaceful people.
                1. Castor oil
                  Castor oil 10 January 2013 07: 10
                  Quote: Corsair5912
                  and the names of weapons we have are peaceful and good

                  So after all, there are not enough terrible obscene words for all types of weapons, so the creators are cast out with cornflowers and tulips laughing
            3. Bubo
              Bubo 10 January 2013 05: 55
              Yes Yes...
              True, they still, no, no, to our names, and they will add their epic word. The same "White Swan", they call him "Death Swan"
          2. Castor oil
            Castor oil 9 January 2013 23: 49
            Quote: Oleg Rosskiyy
            judge intentions

            "Vanya" - a nuclear bomb (ed. 242, 602)
            "Fool" - a nuclear bomb (RDS-7)

    2. GSH-18
      GSH-18 9 January 2013 21: 40
      Quote: andrei332809
      our designers do not stop touching me. and where do the names come from?

      Probably some of the designers have pleasant memories about the forest, vodka and fishing laughing We are waiting for the improved versions with the following names!
      1. Alexander_
        Alexander_ 10 January 2013 01: 11
        The next one can be called "Susanin".
    3. Castor oil
      Castor oil 9 January 2013 22: 56
      For general development wink
      "The assignment of names to types of weapons is usually carried out in accordance with one of the established traditions:

      by the name of R&D or competition: “Rook”, “Judge”, etc .;
      according to the modification letter: “Angara” - С-200А, “Vega” - С-200В, “Dubna” - С-200Д, etc.
      abbreviation: “Kord” - Kovrov Orzujnikiki-Degtyarevtsy; "Nona" - the New Land Artillery Cannon, etc .;
      according to the logic of the series: self-propelled guns - “flower series”: “Hyacinth”, “Tulip”, “Peony”; air defense systems - “river series”: “Shilka”, “Tunguska”, “Dvina”, “Neva”; MLRS - natural disasters: “Grad”, “Tornado”, “Hurricane”;
      associative: man-portable air defense systems - "Arrow", "Needle"; jamming system - "Moshkara"; camouflage sniper costumes - “The Hobbit”, “Kikimora”;
      army humor: handcuffs - "Tenderness"; sapper blade - "Excitement", a heavy flamethrower system - "Pinocchio";
      in honor of the creators: tank "Vladimir" (named after the chief designer); Antey-2500 anti-aircraft missile system (according to the name of the developing company);
      by a pronounced property or action: tank dynamic protection "Contact" (triggered upon contact); fire extinguishing system "Hoarfrost" (sprays powder), a shot to the under-barrel grenade launcher - "Foundling" (after colliding with an obstacle, the expelling charge throws a grenade to a height of 2-3 meters, where the main explosion occurs) "
      In general, it is clear and understandable, the main thing is to catch the algorithm winked
      1. Mgydvin
        Mgydvin 10 January 2013 01: 53
        Or, like the cops have a club - "Vanka-vstanka" wassat
        1. Backbone
          Backbone 10 January 2013 02: 37
          Actually the name is "Argument"
          1. Castor oil
            Castor oil 10 January 2013 06: 49
            Handcuffs convoyed to 5 man "Bouquet" lol
          2. Corsair5912
            Corsair5912 10 January 2013 07: 14
            The popular name for the rubber stick is "Democratizer", it works well in combination with "Bird cherry".
            Folklore: - Not all bird cherry has been thrown into your window yet.
    4. webdog
      webdog 10 January 2013 00: 31
      I'm sorry that off topic ...
      but I liked the video.
      simple, intelligible, short, without snot. in fact.

      1. webdog
        webdog 10 January 2013 01: 49
        Well, for what put a minus?
        call yourself. let's talk with you. maybe you have your own opinion, supported by facts, logic, or something else?
        if you don’t answer me, then you are pi ... door finished. and if you answer, then we will talk with you as a person with an opinion.
        Well who are you? decide ...
        1. webdog
          webdog 10 January 2013 01: 56
          Well, since you feel so bad from my opinion, and you are not responsible for your actions ...
          the conclusion is clear to you)))
          here catch some more information. can puke you)))
          1. Committee
            Committee 10 January 2013 03: 44
            Who are you so mad at? What for? In principle, I don’t minus anyone, but I cannot agree with you, Nestykovochka! If such a patriot, why not in the topic and, most importantly, why in English "webdog". Cho tse take? That’s why they probably minus you. Patriot - BE RUSSIAN. IS ALWAYS. And then the "webdog" ...
            1. evgenm55
              evgenm55 10 January 2013 05: 51
              I agree with you completely, I don’t know who minus him, but his reaction with dirty insults disgusts him. And who did he let him listen to? Is Fedorov a patriot? A chatterbox with a beautiful set of phrases. And as a question he poses: or are you a hero- with Putin patriot, if against - then a fag ... r. And Putin’s comparison with Leader Stalin is generally, to put it mildly, complete nonsense. MINUS.
              1. webdog
                webdog 10 January 2013 07: 39
                evgenm55, well, there’s someone to talk to)))
                ANNOUNCED ANYONE. the appeal was to a specific person with the right to choose for him to speak for himself, but he chose to be considered as who I proposed (there were only two options).
                if you please - bring facts and logical conclusions, and you are again unfounded, emotional statements such as - "Is Fedorov a patriot? Balabolka with a beautiful set of phrases."
                Argument, please.
                The algorithm is as follows:
                1. watch a video (videos)
                2. analyze (using knowledge, not unfounded conclusions)
                3. draw conclusions, even if they contradict your beliefs)))

                videos were given as a means of analysis.
                remove Fedorov’s emotions from them (he’s too emotional), take only specific facts and try to apply the analysis.
                after that we will talk using numbers and arguments.
                only those to whom they are not profitable do not use numbers.
                but the numbers are faceless ... they are not for Putin and not for Fedorov ...
                they are simply figures that reflect facts.
                ready for a balanced dialogue with you, if you do not start to fall into polemics and talking room. And confirm your every statement with figures and registered facts - and we will have DISCUSSION with you)))
                Well, WEAK?
                Thanks for attention.
            2. Zabvo
              Zabvo 10 January 2013 07: 33
              "And then" webdog "...", and you are so principled, ate so, then we can assume that you have a "computer" made in Russia? What's the difference in what language the nickname is written, the main thing is that the person is normal.
      2. Zabvo
        Zabvo 10 January 2013 07: 25
        webdog, I agree with you I put +! And the fact that the disadvantages are set is that people are different and look at the work of the authorities differently.
        1. webdog
          webdog 10 January 2013 08: 03
          ZABVO, I respect very much that people have their OPINION ...
          I personally like it.
          but an opinion is formed either because of a fanatical belief in someone (something), or under the influence of confirmed facts (or personal experience).
          it is pointless to argue with fanatics and with those who receive money for black PR, the latter simply have no choice, they need to feed themselves and their family. they can be understood (and calculated).
          And with fanatics it is generally tight - what arguments can you convince a girl to understand that the group "Tender May" (in the 90s) is not the only one in the world ???)))

          like that)))
      3. dmitrich
        dmitrich 10 January 2013 08: 09
        persecution mania, you need a psychiatrist, a guy has earned.
        1. webdog
          webdog 10 January 2013 08: 17
          dmitrich, "persecution mania, a psychiatrist is needed, a guy is working."

          argue ...
          I hope that you are not an unfounded "talker", but "specific kid"))) (this is just humor, I do not want to offend anyone)
          specify ...
          waiting for SPECIFIC arguments.
  2. Victor
    Victor 9 January 2013 19: 05
    Here is another update. This is not a corner reflector for your friends. In a hurry, in a hurry to rearm the Airborne Forces. Know really will soon smell hot.
    1. gladiatorakz
      gladiatorakz 9 January 2013 19: 52
      Already smoldering. Burning soon. The Airborne Forces are the most combat-ready, and it has long been necessary to rearm. Now the race, as in 38-41. Very similar.
  3. SmacXnumx
    SmacXnumx 9 January 2013 19: 18
    Lesochka is that the enemy would get lost. Further there will be a HAMMER that would fall and end with the GROWB wink
  4. erased
    erased 9 January 2013 19: 21
    Now, it's time. How many equipment and people lost in the bombings. And the name is cool, ours knew how to pick up a little name ...
  5. zanoza
    zanoza 9 January 2013 19: 33
    The Airborne Forces (Airborne Forces) of the Russian Federation have adopted the latest multifunctional electronic warfare (EW) complex "Infauna", which will protect the paratroopers from mines and land mines, and will also suppress the enemy's radio communications, Major Irina Kruglova, a spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry for the Airborne Forces, told reporters on Friday ...

    "The multifunctional electronic warfare system Infauna has been tested on the basis of one of the airborne units since the beginning of 2012. After the positive feedback from the paratroopers, it was decided to accept it into the armament of electronic warfare - direction finding and suppression units," she said.

    The Infauna complex is adapted to operate directly in the combat formations of airborne subunits and is designed to protect equipment and personnel from radio-controlled mine-explosive devices, small arms of close combat, as well as to provide radio suppression of enemy communications.
    1. Sergh
      Sergh 9 January 2013 21: 53
      Quote: zanoza
      the latest multifunctional electronic warfare complex (EW)

      Exactly one year ago, in January, the first four vehicles of this complex entered service with the EW units of the Svir Airborne Division (Ivanovo) and the Airborne Assault (Mountain) Brigade of the Airborne Forces (Novorossiysk) of the Western and Southern Military Districts, respectively, and here, maybe not all, but several characteristics ran through. The latest multifunctional complex for radio reconnaissance and electronic jamming "Infauna" is designed to protect equipment (automotive and armored) and troops from radio-controlled mine explosive devices (RUMVU), as well as optical and radio communications.

      The possibility of aerosol jamming (curtains) suggests that nominally they can be used to protect against high-precision weapons with laser and video control systems. To solve these problems, the complex is planned to be used as part of units and subunits of electronic warfare troops and rapid reaction forces of the Russian army, as well as other power structures.
      This significantly expands the functions of the complex as a whole and facilitates the possibility of electronic suppression of communications and receivers
      In short, now a terrorist using a cell phone, he doesn’t blow it up, he drowns out everything in the district tightly. And this antenna on the roof, extends five meters high, a telescopic machine.
      1. evgenm55
        evgenm55 10 January 2013 05: 56
        In Novorossiysk there is no mountain brigade - there is a regiment of 7th Guards.
    2. evgenm55
      evgenm55 10 January 2013 05: 57
      only one big minus - how will she work in combat formations of the airborne forces? She is not abandoned.
  6. max-02215
    max-02215 9 January 2013 19: 43
    Eh, still used UAVs to suppress theirs, that if these foreign technologies had turned into useless pioneer aircraft models, otherwise they would get used to it from the corner .....
    1. Ziksura
      Ziksura 9 January 2013 19: 51
      Quote: max-02215
      Eh, still used UAVs to suppress theirs

      For this there is "Avtobaza".
      1. Rezun
        Rezun 9 January 2013 20: 30
        ... people work ... will do ...
    2. APASUS
      APASUS 9 January 2013 21: 28
      Quote: max-02215
      Eh, still used UAVs to suppress theirs, that if these foreign technologies had turned into useless pioneer aircraft models, otherwise they would get used to it from the corner .....

      In quite serious UAVs when suppressing a satellite signal, the model flies according to a given program using the coordinates previously stored in the memory program. But making changes to the satellite signal ............... for example, you can raise the ocean level and here the model can sit on a rock with her nose!
    3. webdog
      webdog 9 January 2013 21: 39
      max-02215, and you think how Iran intercepts US-based UAVs?
      Think yourself guessed?
      without the help of our equipment and "consultants" was not done)))
  7. Yuri11076
    Yuri11076 9 January 2013 19: 43
    The technique is necessary, but the name is really cool ...
  8. slava.iwasenko
    slava.iwasenko 9 January 2013 19: 46
    Great name, quite romantic lol
  9. zanoza
    zanoza 9 January 2013 19: 51
    Now the army has received a highly mobile and protected electronic warfare complex based on the Tiger.

    The equipment of the automated complex of technical control, radio-electronic simulation and jamming of radio-electronic means (MKTK REI PP) "Leer-2" created by the specialists of JSC "VNII" Etalon "harmoniously blended into the Tigra-M storage volume.

    Now such a complex can work in close proximity to the front edge of the enemy, which ensures greater effectiveness of electronic warfare.
    1. webdog
      webdog 9 January 2013 21: 47
      The UAV mobile complex is based on the Tiger
      On the basis of the Tiger multipurpose armored vehicle serially produced at the Arzamas Machine-Building Plant, a special mobile complex Tiger MK-BLA-01 was created, which includes unmanned aerial vehicles Lastochka and Strekoza.

      The Tiger MK-BLA-01 was created in cooperation with the Military Industrial Company and the Vega Concern. As a result of the efforts of domestic experts, a unique complex has been created that allows us to solve a fairly wide range of tasks in reconnaissance and control of the air situation, both in the military and civilian interests. Tests confirmed the validity of integrating the mobile complex into the latest Russian Tiger armored vehicle.

      UAVs “Swallow” and “Dragonfly” are involved in unmanned flights, which are located in special containers in the passenger compartment. The flight range of these unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is 15 and 40 kilometers, respectively, and the developed speed is from 65 to 150 kilometers per hour. To monitor the situation, UAVs are equipped with two high-precision video cameras that can transmit high-quality images at any time of the day taking into account the climate in various regions of the country. The temperature range is from minus 40 degrees and up to +40. It will be revealed how the devices transfer heat during testing in the coming summer, when the entire complex will be tested for heat exposure.
      Even before the comprehensive tests, it became clear that the range of applications of the Tiger MK-BLA-01 is very wide. This is air control, both natural and the most important strategic objects of the country: border protection, intelligence work during counter-terrorism operations, monitoring the status of factories, military units, large oil and gas pipelines. In case of emergency, this complex will also be indispensable, since it is possible to quickly obtain accurate information in case of various accidents and fires, search and rescue and operational search measures.

      One of the main advantages of domestic development is its extreme cross-country ability, which is very relevant in Siberia and the Far North, where often there are no simple roads and communications.
      The tiger began to be used))))
  10. Alyans
    Alyans 9 January 2013 20: 01
    Quote: max-02215
    Eh, still used UAVs to suppress theirs

    You can also add "SHIPOVNIK-AERO" to the carpool. I can't guarantee how good it is, but the declared characteristics and capabilities are very serious. And with the names - our enemy constructors are misleading. Continuing written by Smac111:
    let, they say, get lost in the "little forest" for a start, sit with the fifth point on the "rosehip", slide into the "ravine" where all kinds of "infauna" are found and smell there "carnation" or "acacia"
    1. Vasily79
      Vasily79 9 January 2013 20: 56
      Quote: AlYaNS
      let, they say, get lost in the "little forest" for a start, sit with the fifth point on the "rosehip", slide into the "ravine" where all kinds of "infauna" are found and smell there "carnation" or "acacia"

      Bent beautifully +++++++++
  11. Havoc
    Havoc 9 January 2013 20: 01
    Such systems are now needed in the Caucasus.
  12. TS3sta3
    TS3sta3 9 January 2013 20: 20
    this is an alternative (but better complement) to the American way of protecting equipment and crew. Amer build up steel armor, and the Russian Federation - radio-electronic. the Amer way is a dead end, the German WWII experience confirms this.
    1. Retx
      Retx 9 January 2013 20: 53
      Today I watched a short film about the creation of Bradley, you know, now I understand a lot in life ... and in particular in the creation of armored vehicles laughing He looked and laughed like a horse. This is not a dead end, it can’t even be called a suitable word. smile
  13. webdog
    webdog 9 January 2013 21: 36
    Quote: gladiatorakz
    Now the race, as in 38-41. Very similar.

    the same impression ...
    to have time only to not get caught by surprise like 1941 ...
  14. _N_O_S_
    _N_O_S_ 9 January 2013 21: 37
    40 sets, isn’t it enough?
  15. huut
    huut 9 January 2013 22: 39
    Quote: RETX
    I watched a short film about creating Bradley today

    Is not this?

    The film is more satirical than documentary. I'm not sure that it can be used to judge the path of the American defense industry. Moreover, there are moments concerning our technology too.
    But filmed perfectly, a chic comedy))
    1. Retx
      Retx 10 January 2013 09: 54
      Yeah she's the most hi There is some truth in the joke, it’s not just that the Americans themselves took it off wink
      1. alex popov
        alex popov 10 January 2013 11: 59
        JAPAZTAL! Whinnying like crazy! "Let's remove something unnecessary", "And you can make her float ..."))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) 0
        1. Retx
          Retx 10 January 2013 12: 18
          Watch the whole movie, die of laughter. Recommended.
          1. alex popov
            alex popov 10 January 2013 12: 58
            My links only this short film climbs. is there a full version? )
            1. huut
              huut 10 January 2013 19: 54
              I looked here:
              Insert a link in the address bar.

              It turned out that the full film is more serious and a little sad)
              1. Patrik0Patrik
                Patrik0Patrik 15 January 2015 03: 54
                were also once our allies, looked?
  16. zanoza
    zanoza 9 January 2013 23: 23
    Here you can wonder what the military-industrial complex offers the army:
  17. Nirtan
    Nirtan 9 January 2013 23: 27
    "Infaunu" and "Lesochek" are made by the "Sozvezdie" concern there, by the way, on the subject of electronic warfare, they still do a lot.
  18. alex4i4erin
    alex4i4erin 10 January 2013 00: 05
    When you turn on the device (my personal opinion), one goal turns into a small forest of 20 - 70 goals. If only it worked properly.
  19. Belo_ticketnik
    Belo_ticketnik 10 January 2013 00: 08
    With the Airborne, they understand the robot and BMD4. Does it go to ordinary part-time technology? And then we get a bunch of cool blue berets and a crowd of motorized rifles on the BMP-1 which start up with a bustle and + radio operators from the A7 wink
    1. Zabvo
      Zabvo 10 January 2013 07: 39
      Rather, these are tests of new technology and battle tactics using automated control systems, etc. Everything will work out on the Airborne Forces, put in order, and then it can already be delivered to motorized rifle units.
  20. boris.radevitch
    boris.radevitch 10 January 2013 03: 30
    It's good to let the guys practice! No.