Search team “Russian Knights”: Smolensk region, Kuban, Stavropol region

Search team “Russian Knights”: Smolensk region, Kuban, Stavropol region

We shot the material for the film over two years. We went with search engines to excavation sites in the eastern region of Stavropol, visited their base in the village of Sengileevskaya, talked, watched, listened.

The military sports club arose in the mid-1990s, as they say, from below, on the initiative of officers and simply caring people. The search work began much later, in 2011, when the guys went to the battlefields in the Smolensk region.

Our fellow Stavropol residents fought here as part of the cavalry corps of General Lev Dovator, 102nd tank and the 103rd mechanized divisions. Thousands of them remained lying in Smolensk soil.

We worked together with experienced searchers quite successfully - on the very first Memory Watch, the remains of over 40 Red Army soldiers were discovered. Moreover, memorial stones were installed at the battle sites. Then there were three trips to the village of Krymskaya, Krasnodar Territory, where heavy fighting also took place.

Well, now, for several years now, the combined search team “Russian Knights” has been working in the Stavropol region, in the Kursk region.

Experienced and very young participants in the search movement talk about why they participate in such work, how it is carried out, and what finds search engines discover.

On September 21, the film premiered in the hall of the museum and exhibition complex “Russia is My story» in Stavropol. At the same time, in the hall of the complex there was an exhibition of exhibits demonstrating the results of the detachment’s activities.

The premiere was attended by participants in the search movement, representatives of veteran organizations and, of course, young people - cadets of the presidential school and cadet school, members of the Youth Army, students of higher and secondary educational institutions, and military personnel.

What's next?

We will show the film, like our other works, in educational and cultural institutions, military units, and at any other venues.