China – a fighter for justice and a multipolar world or a potential hegemon

China – a fighter for justice and a multipolar world or a potential hegemon

Almost every issue today talks about the rapid pace of expansion of the partnership between Russia and China. News. At the same time, Beijing is presented as a reliable ally of Moscow in the fight against Western hegemony for a fair multipolar world.

It is worth noting that the PRC has long been considered a country mercilessly exploited by developed capitalist states, in particular the United States, which transferred almost all of its production there. Moreover, China is ruled by a Communist Party committed to the laws of socialism and equality, close to our fellow citizens who lived during the Soviet era.

But is everything so clear?

Russian journalist Oleg Komolov cited a number of data against which our friendly China does not look so “white and fluffy.”

The most striking indicator here is foreign trade. Thus, back in the 90s, the PRC clearly belonged to the periphery, which exported goods with a large amount of labor embedded in them, compared to those goods supplied by developed capitalist countries.

Meanwhile, already in the middle of the last decade, while maintaining a labor exchange ratio with the United States of 5:1 and other high-income countries of 4:1, China moved on to the obvious exploitation of South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. A unit of PRC labor now costs 2 units of labor in Africa and 4 units of labor in South Asia.

In addition, the Chinese labor unit is almost equal to that of low- and middle-income countries in Latin America, the Middle East, Central Asia and Eastern Europe. China has also managed to seriously strengthen its trading position in East Asia.

Considering that the population of South Asia, sub-Saharan Africa and low- and middle-income countries of East Asia makes up about 45% of the world's population, China today acts as an "exploiter" for almost half of the world's inhabitants.

At the same time, with socialism and equality in the PRC, not everything is so simple. The whole point is that the oligarchs from the Middle Kingdom, as Komolov put it, are no longer much inferior in class to their “Western colleagues.” While making enormous profits, Chinese investors are in no hurry to share them with society, as evidenced by the high level of social inequality in the country.

Thus, the very struggle between Beijing and Washington for a “just world” may ultimately turn out to be attempts by a potential new capitalist hegemon to “throne” its competitor. After all, over the years of exploitation of its people, Chinese business has managed to “pump up its muscles.”

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    21 September 2023 18: 59
    China is fighting for its bright future and no one else's
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    21 September 2023 19: 02
    China – a fighter for justice and a multipolar world or a potential hegemon
    . All normal countries, the leaders of such states, are engaged in trying for the well-being of their countries, their peoples...
  3. +1
    21 September 2023 19: 17
    China is the same potential hegemon, no better than the United States or the arrogant Suk. In terms of cave nationalism, the Chinese can give a head start) In addition, they have historical claims against Russia, actually...
    Moral: The Russian Federation should not treat China as a detachment of Timur’s men, the whole point of which is to hit Kvakin with a striped flag.
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    21 September 2023 19: 18
    the title is essentially a rhetorical question laughing laughing
  5. -2
    21 September 2023 19: 21
    Chinese just world?

    Is this a total QR-tion of the people as a herd? Is this segregation based on vaccines? Are these social ratings? Covid has shown that 99% of the countries on the planet are under the control of the world elites without clan or tribe.
    1. -5
      21 September 2023 20: 15
      Quote: Soul of Russia87
      Is this segregation based on vaccines?

      There is clear evidence that the Yankees brought Covid-19 into China along with the fish, hoping to “undermine the economy and regime of communist China.” It is a fact.
      Comrade Xi managed to organize the fight against Covid in such a way that the country of 1,5 billion went through the epidemic without major losses. Cities and entire neighborhoods of Beijing (11 million people each) were kept under observation, residents were supplied with water, food and other things. Those who fell ill were provided with qualified assistance - isn’t this the strength of the centralized management of the CPC, the discipline and unity of the people?
      Now the Yankees have decided to break their competitor economically, diplomatically and are preparing militarily. What do you order Comrade Xi to do? Divorce “democracy” and distribute humanitarian aid or strengthen the economy and the armed forces. Therefore, Good Samaritans are a tale of times gone by. Every leader MUST take care of the safety of his citizens and the prosperity of the national economy. Which is what dear comrade Xi Jinping is doing.
    2. 0
      10 October 2023 14: 39
      Did this innocent temperature measurement excite the anti-vaxxer so much?
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    21 September 2023 19: 24
    A little off topic, but on the same plane)...China, before becoming the China we know, began to invest in ITS economy, first of all, construction in its country. In addition to other production facilities, this brought fabulous profits both to the state and to its citizens. Russia has been investing, over the past 30 years, in foreign securities, in debt obligations, etc.. What, besides the lack of political will, is preventing our leadership from investing in the housing construction market in Russia, under state control? Having 51% of shares from any construction, regulating prices and receiving not 5,5-7% per year, as from securities of foreign investments, but about 70-100% of profit in a couple of years. But citizens will also receive housing in the range of 45-50 thousand per sq.m. There is no point in arguing about the price, it is in any case 2-3 times cheaper. In Siberia, the cost = 26-29 tr, they sell for 100. Info from the builders. Our beloved leadership doesn’t want it. No other reasons are visible..))
    1. +2
      21 September 2023 20: 31
      Quote: Cossack LiKhoy
      Our beloved leadership doesn’t want it. No other reasons are visible..

      Solidarity! BUT !!!
      This is possible if we break the resistance and sabotage of our comprador bourgeoisie. This threatens with great costs, unrest and excesses in society. Oligarchs are far from oligophrenic! I bought it there, oiled it up somewhere else, etc. Human nature is weak. But these drivers still don’t have a national idea (well, at least - WELL-BEEN HOUSING FOR EVERY FAMILY! Inexpensive and comfortable!)! Spiritually barren, because They don’t sense the needs of the people, they don’t know their aspirations, but they live in their own world. Mostly overseas. All their interests are there: bank accounts, villas on the warm coast, children’s education, yachts, etc. And Russia is a food source for them. Bohemia has already shown this.
      The SVO must radically change its attitude towards the people, ordinary citizens... their requests and JUSTICE when resolving social issues.
      Putin, as our national leader, needs to switch to resolving these issues if he wants to continue to remain the President of the country. And first of all, we need to solve the PERSONNEL issue. Managers and businessmen should take care of the people's welfare, and of course, not forget themselves and their loved ones!
      1. 0
        21 September 2023 20: 40
        I absolutely agree with you. In the same Union, the main principle of interaction between the State and the Citizen was based on the principles of Justice! It is clear that there were shortcomings, kinks somewhere, BUT.. the basic principle worked and how!... AND THIS was the cornerstone of the relationship between our society and the state. Now - Trouble...
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    21 September 2023 19: 26
    At the same time, with socialism and equality in the PRC, not everything is so simple.

    With equality in the PRC everything is clear. The Gini coefficient in China is already higher than in Russia, Germany or France. The PRC has the most billionaires in the world.
    1. +3
      21 September 2023 19: 37

      Information should be checked before “tramping” it.
      1. +1
        21 September 2023 20: 01
        What year is this data for?
        I looked at 2017:

        For China 38,5.
        For Russia 37,5.
        For Germany 31,9.
        1. -1
          21 September 2023 20: 06
          Do you know that the lower the number, the smaller the gap?
          1. +1
            21 September 2023 21: 47
            China 38,5 > Russia 37,5
            This means that in China the gap between rich and poor is greater than in Russia.
      2. 0
        21 September 2023 20: 37
        So your screenshot confirms the words dump22, but your picture shows that China’s Gini index is higher than that of the Russian Federation, France and Germany
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    21 September 2023 20: 02
    And you trade more for yuan, then you’ll find out
  9. +1
    21 September 2023 20: 38
    As V.I. Lenin taught, state capitalism is a compromise between the dictatorship of the proletariat and the bourgeoisie. and the type of social formation is determined by the economy, the central element of which is property relations.
    The share of the state, i.e. public property in the PRC, under Xi Jinping, exceeded 90% of the total, and the private sector is controlled by the state, which regulates business activities, monetary and tax policies, serves the interests of the state and the population, whose standard of living is growing from five-year period to five-year period.
    According to the law of uneven development discovered by K. Marx, equality cannot exist due to different levels of social development and the volume of the economy, the system of government and management. If capitalism predetermines subordination for the purpose of robbery and the head of the UN Anton Guttersch speaks about the growth of inequality in the world, when 1% of people own more wealth than the rest of the planet's population, then the PRC program for building a society of a common destiny does not provide for the subjugation and robbery of others, but the preservation ruling classes, government and governance, mutually beneficial cooperation and improving the living standards of all. As an example, we can compare the relations of the United States with the rest of the world in the union state formation, in which the Russian Federation does not seek to subjugate and rob Belarus, but both state formations cooperate mutually beneficially under the dominance of the Russian Federation due to the volume of their economy. China also offers similar partnerships, and this is a fundamental difference from the US desire for world hegemony
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    21 September 2023 21: 44
    What is good about Oleg Komolov is that he shows economic data that is not in plain sight.
    Compares, remembers, etc. Good language, although a little drawn out.

    About China - that it is less and less socialism, more and more imperialism. The power of the working class, they say, is already disappearing even from theory.

    In any case - for Russia - these are resources for beads (new, modern beads), alas.
  11. 0
    22 September 2023 04: 41
    If China takes the place of hegemon, the United States with its democracy and LGBT jokes will seem like our own mother. The Russian Orthodox Church must pray that China would want to return Taiwan and Haishenwai to its native harbor and we managed to jump on the departing train as in the 40s of the last century.
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    25 September 2023 13: 07
    The PRC cannot become a hegemon in conditions when the world is still de facto ruled by white countries. A serious player - yes, but precisely “one of”. The PRC will not even be able to achieve sustainable regional leadership - in Asia, everyone has not loved each other for a long time and strongly. China may be respected, but there will be no queue to become friends with it.
  13. 0
    6 October 2023 14: 10
    China will do everything to hegemonize Russia and make it the most important country on planet Earth. China will force Russia to become the main one, even if Russia does not want it. To spite the Americans and other countries that want Russia to rule them, Russia will be forced to rule them!
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    25 October 2023 14: 26
    1. What is Socialism? This is a transitional stage from capitalism, a compromise, something similar to V.I. Lenin’s new economic program in relation to the time and specific conditions of China.
    2. As Comrade Xi said, the PRC has laid the Foundations (!) of Socialism, and therefore there is no equality and cannot be.
    3. Foreign trade has never been the main indicator of economic development and living standards of the population.
    4. Before operating with any concepts such as cooperation and exploitation, you need to understand their meaning.
    5. The main contradiction of capitalism is the social nature of labor and the private form of appropriation of its results - the richest 1% of people own more wealth than the rest of the planet's population. The results of social labor in the PRC are distributed approximately equally, which preserves the personal interest of capitalists in the development of the sphere of investment of capital, and allows the state to increase the standard of living of the population, whose income grows from five-year periods and amounts to about $2,8 thousand in rural areas, and approximately $7,5 thousand in urban areas. $XNUMX thousand. At the same time, taking into account the one and a half billion population, GDP per capita is still inferior to many state entities in the West.