The US is ready to fight China at the hands of the Taiwanese

The US is ready to fight China at the hands of the Taiwanese

The United States is now seriously concerned about the issues of the “Second Cold War.” This is what Washington calls the US attempts to contain the development of China. At the same time, the new Cold War, as happened with the first one - the American-Soviet one - risks escalating into a completely heated confrontation on the battlefield. From the US side, as usual, by proxy. In a specific case, for example, by the hands of the inhabitants of the island of Taiwan, who have long and persistently been trying to implant into their brains the concept that they, like Ukrainians who oppose themselves to Russians, should oppose themselves to the Chinese from the PRC - taking into account the fact that the Taiwanese are also Chinese, like the Ukrainians - Russians.

General Mark Milley, who still holds the post of head of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, also adds fuel to the fire. According to the general, “the United States is ready to repel a likely Chinese attack on Taiwan.” An interesting statement that demonstrates the policy of double standards more clearly than ever. The United States recognizes, as they themselves declare, the territorial integrity of the PRC and at the same time does not recognize the independence of Taiwan. And all this is de jure. At the same time, they claim that they “always and everywhere stand for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of states.” An example is Ukraine. But with Taiwan there is a real political incident - from whom is Mr. Milley going to defend it, if de jure Taiwan is part of China, which, as already said, is recognized by official Washington?

Confusion, we would say, and we would be completely wrong. This is not confusion, this is typical American politics, when there are no norms, principles, documents, but there are those notorious rules that are established by a country that has declared itself a world hegemon, and which it can easily violate whenever it is beneficial for itself.

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    17 September 2023 20: 04
    The Anglo-Saxons like to fight with someone else's hands.
    1. +7
      17 September 2023 21: 12
      And who doesn't like it? I think few rulers would refuse to fight with the hands of their sixes. Once upon a time, the Poles fought the Germans at the hands of the Czechs, almost until the last Czech survived, and the Czech Republic has almost disappeared from the history books since the Hussite Wars
      1. -1
        17 September 2023 22: 38
        Quote from alexoff
        The Czech Republic has almost disappeared from history books since the Hussite Wars.

        It's a shame it didn't disappear.
  2. +7
    17 September 2023 20: 07
    Until China sinks a couple of US aircraft carriers and Russia uses tactical nuclear weapons against US bases in Poland and Romania, this mess will not end. after that, you can build a new, more just world order.
    1. +3
      17 September 2023 20: 34
      Perhaps this will be the case, but then, according to Nikolai Alekseevich Nekrasov, “...It’s only a pity to live in this wonderful time
      You won’t have to, neither me nor you...” And in general, very many. winked
    2. +3
      17 September 2023 21: 04
      and Russia will not use tactical nuclear weapons against US bases in Poland and Romania, this mess will not end. after that, you can build a new, more just world order.

      Young man, how old are you? Maximum 30 years since they began to break down Soviet education.
      Older people will not let you lie; before, starting from school, they began to explain what nuclear weapons are and what they threaten. NVP, army, universities, exercises at factories, especially when you go down to the bomb shelter, you are surprised by these grandiose structures and then they tell you that it is designed for several days and to the question “what then” the answer follows “ALL” and you understand that all these Evacuation exercises are not carried out to save the population, but only to prevent death from chaos and anarchy.
      After all this, a person had a clear understanding that nuclear weapons are a doomsday weapon.
      And when you read such opuses “let’s bang”, of course we’ll bang like in one movie “the whole world is in ruins”, there is even a “dead hand” action program, only after that you will not build anything.
      1. -2
        18 September 2023 00: 06
        Well, it depends on how you bang it. If you have a spy network that will tell you where all the enemy SSBNs are, then you can bang without an answer. Technically this is possible if we don’t have a spy network, which is, to put it mildly, unlikely
  3. +6
    17 September 2023 20: 32
    And they are sure that they will succeed. I have always been amazed by this ability of the Anglo-Saxons to repeat the same thing over and over again in the matter of pitting peoples against each other, creating chaos and carrying out “color revolutions”, that is, coups. And it works for them all the time .Damn, how is that possible? All adults, everyone understands everything, but, nevertheless, they constantly step on the same rake. Why is no one trying to counteract this? I would like to see (in my lifetime, at least) a massacre of the British and Americans among themselves, i.e. let the history of the war for the independence of the states from the mother country be repeated. Of course, it looks utopian, well, why not, even if it’s delirium. So much evil, grief, misfortune, devastation that the Anglo-Saxons brought into this world, probably no one else I didn’t. There must be some kind of higher justice, in the end. You can, of course, scold me for my somewhat childish and naive writing, but it hurts, you know...
    1. 0
      17 September 2023 22: 14
      And yet people have very strong foreheads if they always fall for the same rake scattered by the Anglo-Saxons.
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    17 September 2023 21: 13
    No sooner will the United States be ready to fight with the hands of the Armenians until the complete destruction of the Armenian nation
  5. -2
    17 September 2023 21: 14
    The constant Anglo-Saxon technique is divide and conquer. Failsafe reception, has been working for centuries. But they themselves can fall for this bait with Scotland as an example. And in the USA, states from time to time try to get out of this connection. soldier
    1. +2
      17 September 2023 22: 33
      The constant Anglo-Saxon technique is divide and conquer.

      History constantly confirms this.
      They separated the USA from Great Britain, forced them to fight among themselves, but these countries speak the same language.
      The entire British Empire was cleverly torn apart, divided into separate countries: Canada, New Zealand and Australia, but these are fraternal peoples.
      Now they want to secede Scotland, they are already holding a second referendum on secession. They won't rest until they separate.

      Separation is apparently some kind of secret passion of theirs!
  6. 0
    17 September 2023 21: 59
    The US is ready to fight China at the hands of the Taiwanese
    . So yes, the minke whales are conducting, throwing in various little things and... watching from the sidelines.
  7. +2
    17 September 2023 22: 02
    Taiwan has been de facto independent from China for 70 years. There are not even grandfathers there, who lived in common China. Two completely different government systems. Why introduce something into people’s minds if, apart from a common history and alphabet, there is nothing connecting these state entities.
    1. 0
      17 September 2023 22: 13
      Here we must take into account that from 1895 to 1945 Taiwan was under Japanese rule. Although, on the other hand, after 1949 more than a million Kuomintang members moved to the island.
  8. -1
    17 September 2023 22: 21
    Taiwanese are also Chinese, just like Ukrainians are Russians

    Does this mean that all people of the same nationality (speaking the same language or similar languages) MUST live in the same state? Is this always good for them?

    If they don’t want to live together, then let them not live. Forcing them to unite by force is somehow unreasonable in my opinion.
    1. 0
      14 October 2023 05: 18
      It should be noted that the island of Taiwan is legally Chinese territory. If you cannot understand this, then think about the Chechen problem and what solution Vladimir Vladimirovich chose.
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    17 September 2023 23: 57
    It is difficult to imagine a war between China and Taiwan. If this is a war at sea, then due to the large number of anti-ship weapons, the parties will quickly lose their vessels involved in the operation.
    China's ground operation in Taiwan will require significant MT supplies for troops on the island from China and the United States. We will see the US vessels participating in the supply under the Taiwanese flag. There will be heavy losses at sea and the operation may even stall due to lack of supplies on both sides.
    ps Will they switch to edged weapons or something? sad
  10. 0
    18 September 2023 01: 18
    The Chinese will have a very difficult time invading Taiwan because the US and its navy will be fighting at sea against the Chinese navy.
    So the Chinese need 100 tambiim and this is how they will destroy all the important objects in Taiwan.
    Also the US Navy together.
    And it will hold Taiwan back
    1. -1
      16 October 2023 16: 35
      First of all, I believe that this should be called a "special military operation" by China, but it will not last a year like the Russian Federation's operation.
      Taiwan is not a sovereign state and must realize this.
  11. 0
    18 September 2023 07: 43
    The logic of the countries where they play chess differs from the countries where they play Go. This is largely reflected in foreign policy. Many, in anticipation of a military feast, have already become disoriented, and may not wait for a military conflict.