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Mikhail Khazin - Obama is a horror without end

Very interesting and informative interview on what to expect the world in connection with the new accession to the Obama White House, in terms of economics.

As you know, narrow-minded economists use a huge variety of terms and concepts and, often, their calculations remain simply incomprehensible to most ordinary people. Shevchenko tried and, I must say, with success, to force Khazin to explain everything in a simple, understandable language to anyone, even the furthest person from the economy, what the essence of the current crisis is, and how the crisis will go further in connection with Obama's new term.

Unfortunately, nothing good can be expected either for the United States or Russia. As Khazin said, it is not yet a crisis, but when hot water stops flowing from the tap and you cannot buy pants, then there will be a crisis. Many did not know, but Russia is very closely connected with the United States, especially in economic terms. And when the US economy collapses, the situation in Russia will be even worse than in America. Why? “You will find out by looking at this conversation.”

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  1. Deniska999
    Deniska999 29 December 2012 08: 01
    I did not like how Khazin said (not verbatim): to find an ally and give him oil in exchange for trousers and so on. Can't we stamp jeans or jackets ourselves?
    1. Vladimirets
      Vladimirets 29 December 2012 08: 05
      Quote: Deniska999
      find an ally and give him oil in exchange for trousers and so on.

      In general, this is what our American friends are pushing us to and what we did in 90. We give them resources, they give us beads and feed. But I don’t want something anymore ...
      1. Bykov.
        Bykov. 29 December 2012 08: 30
        Quote: Vladimirets
        In general, this is what our American friends are pushing us to and what we did in 90. We give them resources, they give us beads and feed. But I don’t want something anymore ...

        Of course, we need to do everything ourselves. 90s survived and can handle it.
        The Americans would definitely not be able to withstand such an economic collapse as we had in those years.
      2. albanec
        albanec 29 December 2012 08: 33
        In my opinion, America has not been producing jeans for a long time, and indeed produces practically nothing except debt obligations. Another thing is China ..
    2. COBOK
      COBOK 29 December 2012 22: 38
      Duc, then he said that it is necessary to develop one’s own and there are prerequisites for this, when the rulers change their orientation ... So the right man is IMHO
  2. taseka
    taseka 29 December 2012 08: 14
    Why do our financial elites consider it permissible to store and convert the country's currency in the banking system of America? Maybe it's time to start focusing on the currency of the Pacific Rim?
    1. tronin.maxim
      tronin.maxim 29 December 2012 08: 19
      What, dream of a gold ruble?
      1. aksakal
        aksakal 29 December 2012 10: 39
        Quote: tronin.maxim
        What, dream of a gold ruble?

        - and what is seditious in this? Well, excuse me, we’ve probably even come up with dreams so that it’s time to hang us on the lamppost.
        1. tronin.maxim
          tronin.maxim 29 December 2012 12: 13
          Do not be offended, this is just a question!
    2. speedy
      speedy 29 December 2012 19: 05
      Quote: taseka
      why do our financial elites consider it acceptable to store and convert the country's currency in the banking system of America? Maybe it's time to start focusing on the currency of the Pacific Rim?

      The law on the nationalization of the Central Bank against the backdrop of the latest demarches of the Russian Federation looks very encouraging. Investment emissions with huge resources, a capacious growing domestic market and very decent gold and foreign exchange reserves can work wonders (provided that it is done by a solid, responsible national authority). To confirm sovereignty needed an appropriate military power, now it seems the time has come! Good luck to everyone in the New Year !!!
  3. fenix57
    fenix57 29 December 2012 08: 41
    COMRADES, GENTLEMAN, with a citizen p-a-a-anik ... It's a pity man. Where are they without Russia.
    1. Sergh
      Sergh 29 December 2012 09: 24
      Quote: fenix57
      Sorry man

      The impression is that Khazin is talking about some stupid nonsense. An hour blabbed, but zero sense. All the arguments from his belfry, about Putin's policy, fell silent, even began to stutter stronger. In short, complete nonsense.
      1. Kite
        Kite 29 December 2012 09: 52
        Well, why - stupid nonsense? fellow
        He noticed there that the transfer of production from China to countries with poorer populations had begun, where people were ready to work hard for 30 "Uruguayan Raccoons" a month. The hint is clear - if you want to make an industrial breakthrough, then you need to devalue your currency strongly and come to terms with a low level of income. angry
        1. aksakal
          aksakal 29 December 2012 10: 54
          Quote: Kite
          He noticed there that the transfer of production from China to countries with poorer populations had begun, where people were ready to work hard for 30 "Uruguayan Raccoons" a month. The hint is clear - if you want to make an industrial breakthrough, then you need to devalue your currency strongly and come to terms with a low level of income.
          - It's time for amers to do it. For example - there is such - Iceland. Where the capital is Reykjuavik and the volcano Eyafla ... In short, it doesn't matter ... It is important that this Iceland is in exactly the same situation as Greece. But already got out of it. How? The business that had gone bad did not start to fall. And the money was directed to direct support of the population. The crown was devalued. Their exports - and this is fish, fish products and aluminum - only increased due to the devaluation (remember the Russian Black Tuesday in 1998. The ruble devalued, the gazelles began to cost only two thousand dollars. How they flew on the international market! I personally bought several, I wanted even later, la something quickly won back the ruble, "gazelles again began to cost $ 11000 - not interesting). And the supported people did not stop eating and drinking, that is, generating consumer demand. As a result, a new business appeared, and those who had absolutely no this is such a chance on the "seized" market, citizens.
          Here it is - the benefits of the crisis. He is like a wolf, an orderly of the forest. And the salvation of the nasty business is only to make matters worse. Amers would also use this, but they will never give up the policy of a "strong" dollar - too big people are interested in this. They will destroy the States.
      2. AK-47
        AK-47 29 December 2012 10: 08
        Quote: Sergh
        The hour chatted, but the sense was zero ... In short, complete nonsense.

        I agree. I didn’t have the patience to watch the entire video to the end, the text is better, unlike video, it can be read diagonally, skipping uninformative places.
        1. aksakal
          aksakal 29 December 2012 10: 41
          Quote: AK-47
          I agree. I didn’t have the patience to watch the entire video to the end, the text is better, unlike video, it can be read diagonally, skipping uninformative places.
          - In general, we are military people. You tell us directly - to wet the toilet or not? And then we are happy, but leave your cleverness for pimple schoolgirls! laughing
  4. alexng
    alexng 29 December 2012 10: 26
    Obama is horror without end

    Who did he manage to tear the end to him? laughing
    1. polly
      polly 29 December 2012 10: 47
      Go away, Vladimir, I am in sorrow ...
      1. MG42
        MG42 29 December 2012 16: 32
        Quote: polly
        Go away, Vladimir, I am in sorrow ...
    2. Apollo
      29 December 2012 11: 03
      Quote: alexneg
      Who did he manage to tear the end to him?

      sorry, Alexander hi for immodesty, had a hand in the appearance .. wassat on the site and thank the administration for the assistance hi
  5. Chicot 1
    Chicot 1 29 December 2012 10: 43
    Obama is horror without end ... But Mr. Khazin by chance does not know for sure: Putin is horror with an end? .. Or is he also endless? ..
    1. segamegament
      segamegament 29 December 2012 14: 01
      GDP is horror with an end, and with such an end that from that end, Obama has been awakening in his nightmares for a month now))))))
      1. WW3
        WW3 29 December 2012 16: 49
        Siberian men are so harsh .... there are many more options for continuing the phrase ....
  6. Bashkaus
    Bashkaus 29 December 2012 11: 09
    I am annoyed by statements like "America will be bad, but we will be even worse" These are the words of an animal consumer who is afraid of losing something to his own detriment. You know, if you are afraid of wolves, then don't go to the forest. If we consider ourselves a great sovereign people, then we should not be afraid to fight, well, it wakes up worse, but after all, we cannot do without a fingal in a fight ((It is very sad to see how infantile our population is mistakenly thinking that happiness is in consumer goods.
    And for example, I’m not afraid to die, if I know that thanks to my death, scum from Washington will not kill another civilian or reenka in Syria or elsewhere.
    1. alexng
      alexng 29 December 2012 18: 31
      Worse than it is now in the World, by any means it will not. During the 2012 year of the 34 military conflict, funded by these yud # yudki.
  7. bootlegger
    bootlegger 29 December 2012 12: 23
    Something Khazin has reported. He says something about the hegemony of the dollar and cackles that Russia doesn’t produce anything. Something about the pants about food. Raises them, why for some reason, in absolute terms, as the main value. Do we not produce our own food?
    Khazin seemed to be stuck in the 90s. I would understand this forecast in the year of commercials in 1995 - 2000 m. And now? We have plenty of our own food and its producers.
    Well, the dollar will sag, there will be a lot of the currency system. Most likely, Eurasia will use yen, ruble, yuan and euro. We need cooperation with China and Germany. Well, maybe with Japan, as a high-tech understudy received from Germany.
    And all of them are clearly interested in cooperating with us. Even if we are too lazy to sew our own pants (I doubt it in silo), then China is replacing this cheap consumer goods. Germany and Japan will sell technology for gas without question, given that the US and the dollar are weakening. Japan in this situation will generally be forced to seek an ally, as it will remain face to face with China. Who will help them in this if not the Russian Federation?
    Confused Khazin, in my opinion, himself.
    1. I think so
      I think so 29 December 2012 17: 15
      Have you fallen from the moon or do not live in Russia? In reality, Russia buys about 40% of food over the hill. Almost ALL clothes from there! Khazin is right, and you are completely unaware of the situation of your (?) Country ...
      1. bootlegger
        bootlegger 29 December 2012 17: 39
        Well, and therefore, everyone was so upset that the Russian Federation suspended grain exports in 2010. What product range are we strategically dependent on?
        We are not interested in imported chicken meat, nor in ordinary meat from the USA.
        Everything is difficult to produce, of course. But the fact that we buy tangerines in spring, tomatoes from Turkey and potatoes from Egypt still does not mean anything.
        What is Khazin right about? In that Germany we will arrange a boycott of the supply of car kits, do not we pay them dollars for them? And if the US economy dips to stick to the dollar in international trade?
        Do not make me laugh.
        1. I think so
          I think so 29 December 2012 22: 32
          Yes, you did not hear me -40% FOOD Russians PURCHASE ABROAD! If they can’t buy, then almost TWO TIMES (!) There will be less FOOD in the country ... What kind of grain sale are you talking about ... Grain is not sold from a good life ... while buying meat ... And because this grain is sold that there is no cattle to eat this grain and give meat ... It turns out that the sale of grain is a real ruin of the already not rich agriculture ... Why? Yes, because they sell grain cheaply and buy meat for EXPENSIVELY ... That's all your vaunted sale of grain ... All this PR campaign really destroys Russian agriculture, but feeds the foreign farmer ... And the suckers are even more enthusiastic about it. ..
          1. bootlegger
            bootlegger 30 December 2012 00: 20
            What should I hear?
            All this, of course, is very cool, but completely unreasonable. Yes, 40% is a beautiful figure, but taken from the ceiling. Without links to official stats, data is just your version and no more. Your manipulations of words around meat and grain did not convince me. Why is everything in Russia is overwhelmed with chicken of local production and what prevents it from doing the same with meat? Is there grain, no meat? I don’t see the logic.
            But even if this is the case. Can we and Germany and China not find ways of mutual settlements without the dollar? The depreciation and devaluation of the dollar is already underway and the dollar has dipped 12-6 times over the past 7 years, which is easily confirmed by the rising price of gold, oil and color .
            Well, this process will go faster and the US will begin to print the currency even more intensively. Will the dollar be sold another 10 times? What will change? Does Germany want to buy our gas? Will China not need our oil? Do they warm up and stop riding?
            What prevents us from paying in local currencies? What does the apocalypse seem to you right away?
  8. valokordin
    valokordin 29 December 2012 14: 10
    Everything that Khazin said was theoretically true, the most important thing was said that Russia is not an independent country, no matter what laws of Dima Yakovlev are adopted, it remains not sovereign. The central bank is refinanced abroad. Remember how the president pumped banks out of the budget, not giving money to enterprises, Obama did too. Despite parliamentary and power chatter, there is no development plan, I correctly said about Skolkovo - this is a cut of budget money, also cut in Rossnano, where he lives, so beloved by the president, Chubais. All money is thrown into the pipe, nothing is re-equipped for industry. Our oligarchs, stealing from the people is not measured, do not invest anything in their production. The country's leadership, knowing about the export of capital from the country, that is, about theft, does nothing to prevent this. Thus, the conclusion follows, whose interests are protected and expressed by our Russian government
    1. I think so
      I think so 29 December 2012 17: 24
      As far as I listened to this interview, the answer to the question why Obama is horror without end, and Romney did not have a terrible end ... is a pity. My personal opinion on this issue is that the US presidents never decided anything, never decide, and they never will ... Those who tried to solve something there themselves were poisoned or killed ... And it will ALWAYS be that way. And the crisis is a way to seize property and assets that still do not belong to the world elite ... And in what way they will do it - quickly or slowly depends only on their decision and taste, but not on any president there ...
  9. MG42
    MG42 29 December 2012 15: 50
    what to expect for the world in connection with the new accession to the Obama White House, in terms of economics.

    In the White House - the black president, even for the 2nd term, amers mock themselves winked , for the economy, horror without end - the extension of the agony of the dollar, by mass printing of unsecured pieces of paper.
  10. homosum20
    homosum20 29 December 2012 16: 11
    I don’t want to dispute the point of view of the previous commentator, I’ll just say - cuts as the main problem of Russia - this has already put on a sore point and does not convince anyone. The destroyed consumer industry, the lack of personnel capable of working at the modern technical level, simply a shortage of workers due to demographic problems, huge expenses for extinguishing religious conflicts imported from abroad - and much more - these are serious problems. And cuts are a flavors of bulk and so on. to stay afloat. There are prosecutors and bodies for this - let them work.
    Further - Putin inherited just such a financial system. Built at the behest of America for America. And to change it, you must either obtain the consent of its owners, or openly send the owners to ... T.E. go for a direct, power conflict.
    This resembles the position of Stalin before the war. Understanding perfectly that it was inevitable, and also perfectly understanding the country's unpreparedness for it, he pulled it as best he could, winning every day. So now - we have barely reached the level where we can say to a country that considers itself our masters - no. And this is the main thing Putin is preparing for. Because the states will not allow us to either establish an independent financial system, or build our industry, or even sew our own pants.
    In general, Khazin’s panic over the lack of pants is some kind of children's talk. We are making spacecraft, we are building submarines - we’ll make a factory for the production of pants. No one needs it now, it is not economically profitable - another question. Pants will disappear - both economics and interest will appear - sewn. Th ... but a question.
    The panic over the consumption of our oil by the states is also incomprehensible. Here the Khazin instantly forgets the word "Diversification", which he successfully uses in relation to the states.
    Not only America needs oil and gas. Sell ​​to others. Not for dollars, but for yuan - the pants are all the same Chinese, at the same time we will discard the intermediary printing bucks. It will be cheaper.
    Food is generally a joke: a country with the most extensive arable land is afraid of hunger. Khazin apparently thinks that grain is a product of high American technology, and is produced in America. Grain and we are growing. 140 million. We feed. Croissants may not be, but we will not die of hunger.
    In general, the feeling is that Khazin understands very well in the global economy, but for some reason decided to scare us. Maybe who pays him for it?
    1. speedy
      speedy 29 December 2012 19: 27
      Yes, Khazin does not panic, the analysis presented is detailed, he indicated what the collapse of America is fraught with, and what needs to be done - the nationalization of the Central Bank, industrialization, the expansion of the domestic market, i.e., the movement towards self-sufficiency, gaining true sovereignty. Now all this is in the plans of the government, but it is necessary to speak carefully - suddenly you jinx it.
      1. homosum20
        homosum20 30 December 2012 13: 02
        Dear, what I am writing this hour is not a dispute with you (it’s painful for us to start a debate), I just want to exchange opinions with you.
        Immediately let's decide (without negativity, I just look at the flag) - are we talking about Russia or Ukraine or about some hypothetical alliance?
        If about Russia, then I do not see the dangers. What Khazin called is not a danger. This is a household inconvenience. Today we are able (potentially) to produce machines of any complexity necessary for survival. For survival, a video panel is not required one and a half meters in the diagonal. And we’ll just make TVs. And we will do nuclear reactors. On PerozavodskMash and VodgodonskMash.
        And I'm not talking about pants. So TSOOBER (comment below) writes the same thing.
        Now about corruption. (Apparently, my opinion about it and who should deal with it was the reason for the minuses) Regarding corruption, you will not shake me by a millimeter, even if the whole forum says: "y, ska !!" IMHO.
        Recently, there was an article on the site of the spiritual leader of our moderate Muslims. In it, he tells the Wahhabis: every person is a caliph from birth. And he must spend all his efforts on building perfection INSIDE YOURSELF! "The minors are so confident in their own perfection that they have already begun (at least just with minuses) to perfect the world around them. As Wahhabis. yourself: and if you find yourself in the wrong position - YOU WILL WITHDRAW this temptation? " The one who says yes - let the first one throw a minus at me. Moreover, you will be pushed to this, pressed - after all, for this, many supported you on the way to this place. They will threaten with denial of support. And even worse.
        My wife’s grandfather was a lieutenant general, at one time he commanded the Tiflis, Far Eastern military districts. Honorary Chekist. Member of the Supreme Council. Hardening (he started the war as a lieutenant, ended as a colonel) gave him the strength to resist temptations. If you knew how grateful friends are to him (from those who did not rise, and even the next of kin).
        This is hard. I'm not sure of myself. Here we paid tribute to the SOBR officer, who covered himself with a grenade. Many wrote - I’m not sure that I could do the same. Living honestly is not easier. It’s just that they will not beat you to death immediately, but every day, but the result will be the same. Therefore, if you do not consider yourself the best, accept a simple rule; when you need to put a minus to someone, be sure to put it first to yourself. And everything will become easier.
        About the stool. Do you think he flew due to corruption? He flew due to a deep systemic crisis between the defense industry and the approach of defense mines to the formation and implementation of state orders. Corruption motives are only a specific tool used against a specific person, taking into account his weaknesses. On the part of the authorities, there was simply a clear understanding that the confrontation entered the phase when the minister set everyone up with his wrong behavior and it was easier to send him an ambassador to Zimbabwe, and to send all directors of defense enterprises there. Politics Min. Defense in the field of formation and implementation of state. order has not changed. with the advent of a new minister.
        And let the authorities deal with corruption.
        1. homosum20
          homosum20 31 December 2012 20: 47
          By the way, the news of December 31:
          "Russian President Vladimir Putin approved amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code, specifying that the Prosecutor General submits the proposal to give consent to initiate a criminal case against a State Duma deputy or a senator, respectively, to the State Duma or the Federation Council."
          It’s loving to minus (how small I am, it’s very unpleasant to myself. But this is because my memory is bad. Therefore, I write everything down).
    TSOOBER 29 December 2012 19: 04
    I read the comments and decided to see what would become of my apartment, work and life if there (the USA) a crisis: I made a full inventory and found - nifiga, everything I use, I eat everything I dress or Chinese, Russian, Belarusian, Taiwanese, European, only under mattress I found a product of the American printing factory $. And let them disappear along with this "beautiful country", and I will only be glad, I will earn a lot of money.
    1. I think so
      I think so 29 December 2012 21: 49
      Oh, don’t tell ... If they are bent (their financial system) then it will not seem to everyone. This really means a complete breakdown of ALL cooperative ties on a global scale. Those. almost ALL factories will become, paralysis of trade ... Enough half a year of such chaos, that in Russia there was an elementary HUNGER. Yes, and in Poland you will get too. And you say I'm not afraid ... Your bravado nt misunderstanding ... To build a replacement financial system, if not decades, years are needed ... And all this time, how to live?
      1. TSOOBER
        TSOOBER 29 December 2012 22: 38
        not Poland but Belarus (why the flag of Poland I don’t understand, probably the provider of life is weird). Question: What is important Russia (Belarus) is buying in the USA. As far as I represent the United States in Russia, titanium, steel, children, helicopters ... Well, Russia has debt obligations. And so the whole world will stop lending money to itself, titanium on planes, steel on bridges, rails. Children in the country will remain (maybe these are the future Lomonosovs, Tchaikovskys, Tupolevs). Will they introduce a gold chervonets and what for we doller?
  12. Cavas
    Cavas 29 December 2012 19: 12
    Quote: TSOOBER
    only under the mattress did i find the product of the american printing factory $.

    Does your wife not read your posts? And then the hitch will have to change! wassat

    1. TSOOBER
      TSOOBER 29 December 2012 20: 06
      nea unread she has a fragile mattress
  13. sadqwsaff
    sadqwsaff 29 December 2012 20: 14
    Have you heard what our authorities are doing again ??? Now everything became known, all the information about each resident of Ukraine, Russia and the CIS countries.
    I just found this base on the Internet,
    and most importantly, they did something like searching for lost relatives, but here is all the information about each of us:
    Correspondence with friends, addresses, phone numbers, place of work, and the worst thing is even my exposure of photos
    (I really don't know from where ...). In general, I was very scared - but there is such a function as "hide data"
    Of course I took advantage and I advise everyone not to hesitate, you never know