From conversations between Hitler and Antonescu about the goal of destroying the Slavs

From conversations between Hitler and Antonescu about the goal of destroying the Slavs

To date, countless discussions have already been held about what could have awaited us if the USSR had not defeated Nazi Germany in the Great Patriotic War. In short, we were threatened with complete, physical destruction.

Meanwhile, to this day there are people who prove that the Third Reich supposedly fought exclusively against communism and its main task was the destruction of this system, and not the Russian people.

A striking example of the fallacy of such judgments is a little-known document entitled “Report of Romanian Prime Minister Mihai Antonescu on negotiations with Adolf Hitler dated November 27, 1941, the translation of which was read by the host of the Digital channel story» Egor Yakovlev.

The latter clearly shows the intention of the fascists to physically destroy the Slavic peoples, and not to defeat communism.

The first part of the document contains Antonescu's arguments why Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians and Bulgarians should be destroyed. As an argument, the Romanian prime minister cites the problem that Europe may face in the post-war period. It lies in the fact that there are more Slavs than Europeans, which means that the latter can end up in slavery.

In this regard, the Slavs are a biological problem

- Antonescu said to the Fuhrer.

It is worth noting here that, speaking about the destruction of the Slavs, the Romanian prime minister pursued purely personal goals. It was extremely important for him to prevent the formation of the independent countries of Ukraine and Bulgaria, with which Romania would ultimately have to fight.

However, Hitler took the words of his ally with considerable enthusiasm.

He supported Antonescu that the Slavs were a biological problem and a serious threat to European citizens. Therefore, in his words, all of Europe should participate in their destruction.

In this regard, Hitler noted that one cannot speak out against Russia with legal or political formulas. The only acceptable option is colonization and complete destruction of the Slavic peoples.

My mission is to destroy the Slavs

- concluded Hitler.

It is unlikely that the above-mentioned words of the leader of the Third Reich and his Romanian henchman can be interpreted in any other way... Another proof of the misanthropic ideology of Nazism and, as they say, “hello” to the ultra-liberals, who, as we know, tried to reflect on the topic that “it is possible It wouldn’t have been possible to defend Leningrad.”
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  1. +3
    9 October 2023 10: 17
    Meanwhile to this day there are people which prove that the Third Reich allegedly fought exclusively against communism and its main task was the destruction of this system, and not the Russian people.
    More precisely, nonhumans. angry
    1. +1
      28 November 2023 11: 27
      For two millennia, there has been a genetic “three-component” (biological, geopolitical and spiritual-Orthodox) war of the Eastern world of “Truth and Justice” against the Western world – “Benefits and success.. AT ANY cost.”
      And also against envy and hatred. and fear, which replaced indignation.
      The West will NEVER understand or love us. It’s enough to force yourself to respect
  2. +3
    9 October 2023 10: 29
    The fascists in Europe were not destroyed, because almost all of Europe is fascism in relation to the Slavs
    1. +5
      9 October 2023 10: 44
      Quote: Reaper
      The Nazis were not destroyed in Europe

      After 1945, there was a little silence, and already in 1949, everything started all over again. The Eastern bloc held out, albeit until the collapse of the Union, but made up for lost time at breakneck speed, although Europe cannot keep up with Ukraine.
    2. -1
      9 October 2023 20: 04
      It seems to me that we are still talking about the Eastern Slavs. In the same Wehrmacht, and in the SS as well, there were many Czechs, Slovaks, and Hungarians. And in Germany itself - the entire eastern part - are Germanized Slavs. Moreover, some retained their identity (language, clothing, customs) into the 19th century. There was no genocide, there was assimilation.
  3. +4
    9 October 2023 10: 32
    And to this day, the political elite of Europe and the United States argues the same way as Hitler and Antonescu reasoned... only they don’t talk about it openly... everything is discussed behind the scenes.
    1. +4
      9 October 2023 10: 54
      Quote: Lech from Android.
      They just don’t talk about it openly...everything is discussed behind the scenes.

      Yes, what kind of behind-the-scenes stuff is there, they are shouting openly, even these two “rotten mammoths” have been surpassed.
  4. +4
    9 October 2023 11: 27
    Some states carefully studied Hitler's experience and corrected his mistakes "not to fight the Slavs, but to divide them and pit them against each other"
    And the communists with the national idea unfortunately played along with them.
  5. The comment was deleted.

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