The goal is hegemony: how the ruling elite is trained in Great Britain

The goal is hegemony: how the ruling elite is trained in Great Britain

Great Britain is a country with a relatively small territory and far from the strongest army, which for many years has imposed its “rules of the game” on many states that are many times superior to it in all aspects. No wonder they say that England has no friends and enemies, but only its own interests.

According to Oleg Yanovsky, lecturer at the MGIMO Department of Political Theory and political consultant, who, by the way, received his higher education in the UK, the English method of training the ruling elites is precisely based on the above principle. Thus, London prepares political and managerial personnel according to the principle: how to use the resources of others with the minimum resources available in order to maintain its hegemony in the world.

The expert noted that the training of such personnel in the UK is very productive. Of course, the latter do not possess any high moral qualities or humanity. However, this is not a priority, as they cope with the task assigned to them as efficiently as possible.

Yanovsky noted that the aforementioned preparation literally begins with school education. In this case, the elite schools in the UK do not seek to give children any knowledge or to instill humane, ethically verified views on how the world should function. No, they impose a special worldview.

As an example, the expert cites a situation in which an ordinary person will be offered to sacrifice everything he has: family, wealth, origin, and even life for the geopolitical interests of the state. According to him, the majority of British citizens are not ready for this and will not agree to this.

That is why management positions are occupied by people driven by some idea that they have been instilled in advance, or by personal aspects. That is, already initially these people are socially and psychologically unstable.

As Yanovsky put it, education in the elite schools of the UK is built in such a way that the only tool for the student's self-realization in the future is the fulfillment of the set goal and the service of the task. At the same time, for such a manager, the most terrible thing in life is not to justify the trust placed in him and let down the elite class in which he is located.

This, in fact, is the answer to the question why the British often act, as it seems to us, immoral and low. Their elite is "sharpened" to fulfill the set goal, which is built solely on the geopolitical interests of the country. They are simply not taught humanism, ethics, respect for partners and fulfillment of their obligations (not to the state).

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    1. +6
      5 September 2023
      The West lives on the principles of piracy. What is there to procrastinate?
      1. +2
        5 September 2023
        In Britain, it is not shameful, but even honorable, primarily for the "cream of society", to cooperate with intelligence.
        Unlike many sex-spot countries, informers, etc.
      2. 0
        7 September 2023
        The West lives on the principles of piracy

        You look into the book and see a fig. Piracy is a separate topic, an article about something else.

        The author is right, but many of us do not understand the topic. There was a resonance of a certain Mara Baghdasaryan somehow arranged a series of accidents, smashed cars on the central roads of Moscow, here is the elite of the Russian Federation, a rich dad despises society, paid off with bribes and corrupted the police and a daughter spoiled with money who was not brought up. In England, this Mara would have been sent to the Institute for Noble Maidens at the age of 6, where professional teachers would have taught her manners and daddy would also have been taught patriotism and rules from childhood. If the Baghdasaryan family had been orderly and positive, they would not have caused accidents.

        Or, for example, Makarevich would not have passed the reliability test and he would have been squeezed out into the magrinals and not given state help, while in our country they do the opposite, anti-commons get money from taxpayers to develop creativity, become rich and send money to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
        The inability to grow a patriotic, loyal to the state, functional, smart elite ruined the USSR and has a negative impact on the Russian Federation.
    2. +1
      5 September 2023
      God did not give horns to a vigorous cow.
      In relation to England, God took away the horns from a vigorous cow.
      And she is tormented by phantom pains for the former empire and former greatness.
      So they are trying to spoil as much as possible.
    3. +3
      5 September 2023
      The goal is hegemony: how the ruling elite is trained in Great Britain
      . They know how to grow reptiles, but at the expense of brains, everything is sour there, like the rest ... not geniuses, they don’t even pull to the average level ...
      However, it is noticeable in many places.
      1. 0
        7 September 2023
        not geniuses, they don’t even pull to the average level ...

        They grow such bureaucrats whose dream is to buy a house in their homeland, and not such bureaucrats to steal and dump, this is the difference between them and us.
    4. +1
      5 September 2023
      very superficial, which is not surprising, given the size of the note (does not pull on an article). On this topic, the network has good materials by A.I. Fursov
    5. +1
      5 September 2023
      Their elite is "sharpened" to fulfill the set goal, which is built solely on the geopolitical interests of the country.

      But the British elite is imprisoned for this, but the elite that now controls Britain is not imprisoned. This is the Prime Minister, the Foreign Secretary and the Prime Minister of Scotland. The British have character and will, and these do not, if we remember that at the beginning of the 20th century, only thanks to the character of 60 Englishmen, 250 million Hindus were under their rule, many of whom were at least equal in mind, and some immeasurably superior to them. aesthetic taste and depth of philosophical views. It is only by virtue of their character that they stand at the head of the gigantic colonial empire that history has ever known.
    6. +2
      5 September 2023
      The Harry Potter School is a model of a dictatorial society of the future.
      1. +2
        5 September 2023
        The Harry Potter School is a model of a dictatorial society of the future.

        By the way, the filming took place in real educational institutions. For example, the Horwards library is the Oxford library.
    7. +1
      5 September 2023
      Uh ... You might think that others are somehow very different?
      All such highly spiritual, only think about the people?

      No wonder a lot of children of our elite studied at the Anglo-Amer schools. The Duma is called a hotbed of millionaires. The oligarchs at the height of the SVO began to grow rich sharply. And officials from above were forbidden to show Saoi declarations of income and property. (it's clear why)

      And if the "personal" property, families, children of our "elite" in England is a sea - then we don’t remember something English ... And Smee joyfully writes - how much Russia has put there, on the stock exchange ...
    8. +1
      7 September 2023
      They are very cruel to those who do not follow the rules of the game of their elite. They do not care in this case and his wealth and connections. He can lose everything overnight. This keeps the discipline in their ranks.

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