Irkut Corporation: products are considered squadrons

Irkut Corporation has fulfilled the current state defense order. This year, the company supplied the Russian Air Force 15 training aircraft of the new generation Yak-130 and two Su-30 fighters. In the next three years, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation will receive from the Irkutsk aircraft factory more 85 new cars.

Typing speed in a matter of seconds, the plane lifts off the ground and almost vertically goes into the sky. Although this happens almost daily on the runway of the Irkutsk Aviation Plant, this is the first batch of vehicles for the Russian Air Force. Here, more and more planes take off and go to duty stations.

Yak-130 - training and combat aircraft of the new generation, which can simulate the behavior of other types of machines in the air. When training pilots today, he is indispensable. In one of the shops it is being assembled - the tail part of the fuselage, the bow is alternately joined, air intakes and hoods are installed. Already after - fit, so that all the details fit perfectly into place. The process is carefully monitored. Denier Bytsko, a collector-riveter, says: "We work, in principle, closely, but no one interferes with each other. Everyone knows their operation, they know when to approach. Everything is worked out to the smallest detail."

But the main direction is the production of the super-maneuverable Su-30CM fighter. Over the past 20 years, such aircraft in various modifications of the plant delivered to several foreign countries at once, but today the main customer is the Air Force of Russia, which is half of the total number of orders. At the factory, mass production has been established, so the aircraft will arrive not as single copies, but as whole squadrons.

Final assembly shop. It is from there come already fully assembled cars. Next, the fighters are sent to the first tests and painting, and only then the planes are transferred to the customer.

Su-30M - super-maneuverable fighter capable of simultaneously detecting and hitting multiple targets. Pilots who have already managed to sit at the helm of a new car, came to the conclusion that it flies even better than a bird, allows you to dream and make previously impossible maneuvers. Alexander Kharchevsky, Head of the Military Training and Scientific Center of the Air Force of the Russian Federation "Air Force Academy named after Professor N. Ye. Zhukovsky and Yu. A. Gagarin" states: "This is a new era in piloting when an aircraft can fly not only with normal direct and negative overloads but also with the side ones. That is, the requirements for pilots are increasing. "

Every time those who took part in their creation gather to send planes to the duty station. The collectors, although they spend most of the time in the workshop and more often see planes on the ground, call their work creative. They assure that the romance in it is not less than that of the pilots. Yuri Borovikov, the head of the aggregate assembly shop, admits: "You always look at how a plane takes off, and this feeling comes from childhood."

Today, the plant’s capacity allows both export orders and a Russian contract to be fulfilled simultaneously. In total, the company will supply 30 fighters and 55 combat training aircraft. The last cars from this consignment will arrive at their airfields in 2015.
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  1. +13
    21 December 2012 11: 18
    Well done Irkutsk citizens! Thanks for the cool samuli. It would be faster for them to build new buildings for the production of military aircraft and then ... everything will go at a different pace and will operate with different numbers. Big Plus.
    1. +3
      21 December 2012 13: 58
      For such news should immediately drink in the evening. drinks
      Just brother from the forest of the hog dragged fellow

      Well done Irkutsk citizens give planes to the country!
  2. humanist
    21 December 2012 11: 18
    "Irkut" only pleases so far, everything is on time and with high quality hi
    1. Yankuz
      21 December 2012 12: 13
      About quality, I would not be in a hurry with conclusions. This is such a thing, which must be constantly dealt with, something like love! smile
      1. +3
        21 December 2012 12: 13
        here at Iruk everything is fine with this wink
      2. +2
        21 December 2012 14: 09
        Yankuz Quote
        About quality, I would not be in a hurry with conclusions. This is such a thing, which must be constantly dealt with, something like love!

        Thanks to 90m, we fell in love with a lot of quality. It's time to collect stones! Irkutsk - health!
  3. +7
    21 December 2012 11: 20
    well done nothing to say wink always praised the IRKUTSK factory
    60 aircraft in 3 years - a good pace
    1. +2
      21 December 2012 11: 46
      Quote: Rustam
      60 aircraft in 3 years

      Compared to what was, this is an excellent pace. Although they say they can increase supplies.
      1. +1
        21 December 2012 11: 53
        what it was like to return - it’s not sad but it's a fact
        watching 3 years 60 aircraft
        Knaapo contract of 2009 48 aircraft until 2015 roughly 5 years
        these are both the level of production and the approach to business wink
  4. His
    21 December 2012 11: 32
    Our military also got money, it pleases
  5. sashka
    21 December 2012 11: 33
    End of Year and BIG DIFFERENCE .. Name three (three) in 20 years. You must say ..
    1. Chapaev
      21 December 2012 12: 12
      what do you mean?
    2. Don
      21 December 2012 13: 50
      Quote: Sasha
      Name three (three) in 20 years. You must say.

      What are three? And for what 20 years?
  6. david210512
    21 December 2012 11: 41
    I'm interested in the amount what types of aircraft purchased before 2015
    1. homeland
      21 December 2012 15: 09
      On the Internet I found a table assembled by one craftsman, but there already the quantity has changed for some aircraft, for example SU30SM
  7. +3
    21 December 2012 12: 18
    Siberia RULIT and I am proud of my hometown (metropolitan - learn how things are done without glamorous show-offs)
    1. 0
      23 December 2012 16: 54
      Handsome men!
  8. +1
    21 December 2012 12: 36
    And the engines for them are made by "Salut" (capital).
  9. +3
    21 December 2012 13: 45
    Irkutsk Aviation Plant

    1. +2
      21 December 2012 14: 07
      At one time, they independently modernized production
      trained staff, so everything is debugged and the planes are put on stream laughing
      1. +1
        21 December 2012 14: 56
        Quote: Rustam
        independently modernized production

        Well what can I say ??? This patriots of the motherland bow to them from all of us!
    2. TekhnarMAF
      21 December 2012 15: 34
      Great movie! Well done Irkutsk! It doesn’t matter that this is a commercial - well done guys! The main thing is quite a lot of young people, the most positive!

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