"Military review" on the cultural front

"Military review" on the cultural front

On June 16, the State Museum of Defense of Moscow hosted the opening of the Exhibition of military-patriotic posters of Russia "In Defense of the Fatherland".

Please be reminded that this is a joint project website "Military Review" and the Rostov artist Vitaly Shcherbak, whose goal is to mobilize patriotic feeling and moral support for the participants of the NWO.

Moscow is the third stop of the traveling exhibition. She has already traveled from Rostov-on-Don to St. Petersburg and now settled for a month in one of the halls of the Moscow Defense Museum in the Olympic Village.

In addition to the poster paintings already known to readers, canvases in memory of Vladlen Tatarsky and pilots Alexander Antonov and navigator Vladimir Nikishin, who committed a "fiery ram", were presented.

The crew commander of the Su-24M Wagner, Alexander Antonov, and his partner, navigator Vladimir Nikishin, died heroically in December last year near Bakhmut. Their plane was hit by MANPADS, caught fire and began to descend. The crew sent their car over the accumulation of enemy armored vehicles, thereby repeating the feat of the crew of Nikolai Gastello. The last phrase that sounded on the radio was - "Meet, bitches, Dad!"

Cadets and Yunarmiya members were invited to the opening of the exhibition.

Speakers: Deputy Director Alexei Vyacheslavovich Luchkin,

fund employee Yulia Sergeevna Punanova,

Aliya Kuralbekovna Salgorodskaya, the organizer of excursions and the wife of a soldier of the Northern Military District.

It is noteworthy that the museum contains unique posters of the Great Patriotic War, as well as personal belongings of pilot Viktor Talalikhin, who made a night air ramming of a German bomber aircraft.

The author of the exhibition spoke about stories the creation of the exposition, the heroes depicted on the posters and their exploits, as well as the importance of opening a cultural front in order to provide moral support to the fighters on the front line. As Vladimir Semenovich Vysotsky sang, whose military songs the artist listens to while working: “... After all, we have such a people: if the Motherland is in danger, then everyone should go to the front.”

Vitaly noted:

“We cannot remain indifferent to what is happening, we are all indebted to those who are now at the forefront, so everyone should help the front in any way they can! Only together, by common efforts, we will win!”

The artist clearly, using his poster paintings, told how he taught courage lessons at a Rostov school, explained to children that the real superheroes are not Batman, Superman and Captain America, but Pavka Korchagin, Dr. Lisa, political instructor Eremenko. The fact that when injustice is happening on Earth, Russian people are humiliated and offended, monuments to Russian writers and generals are destroyed, Russian culture and language are destroyed - a Russian warrior-liberator comes to the rescue!

The event was attended by the hero pilot's daughter Irina Nikishina. She told how her father was, for whom the sky became a second home. A combat pilot always said: “Who, if not us?” He wanted to defend his homeland and the inhabitants of Donbass. The sister and nephews of Vladimir Nikolayevich live in Lugansk.

“He is a very reliable person, a competent specialist, a man of honor and conscience, who always keeps his promises. A man who will never betray his family. He is a guide and example for all of us!”

- said daughter Irina.

By decree of the President of the Russian Federation, for the courage and heroism shown in the course of performing combat missions, Vladimir Nikishin was posthumously awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Federation. The school in the Moscow region, where Hero studied, will bear his name from September.

"To be a warrior is to live forever!"
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    24 June 2023 05: 47
    Great exhibition and great work! Let as many people as possible see it.
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    24 June 2023 13: 11
    Amazing! This show is exactly what we need right now!
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    I always have only one poster before my eyes:
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    24 June 2023 14: 35
    well, they didn’t forget about the red flags for the victory