In 2012, the troops of the Eastern Military District received the latest air defense weapons.

In 2012, the troops of the Eastern Military District received the latest air defense weapons.

In 2012, in the framework of the State Defense Order, the forces of the Eastern Military District (BBO) received the latest C-400 anti-aircraft missile systems (ZRS), the Thor anti-aircraft missile systems (SAM), and Pantsir-S anti-aircraft missile systems (ZPRK). In addition, more than 50% of air defense assets (AIR) of the air force and air defense of the region were deeply modernized.

The transfer of the C-400 “Triumph” air defense missile system to the compound of the aerospace defense forces of the BBO took place this summer at a specialized training ground in the Volgograd region. Calculations were verified elements of the ZRS and test firing performed.

Subdivisions of the military air defense of the district received the Tor system. Before that, officers underwent retraining for new anti-aircraft missile systems at a specialized center for the training of air defense troops in the Krasnodar Territory. Young lieutenants, 2012 graduates of the year, who now serve in modern military equipment, were also included in the training groups.

Until the end of this year, the new air defense system "Pantsir-S" will take over combat duty in one of the military units of the air defense of the Eastern military district. The calculations of the complexes have already been retrained and carried out combat shooting at night with the use of cannon weapons at the test site in the Astrakhan region. Prior to this, representatives of the manufacturer carried out testing of the new ZRPK in the climatic conditions of Siberia and the Far East at one of the specialized landfills on the territory of the VVO.
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  1. YARY
    11 December 2012 13: 22
    Shvydsh shydyche lads! Eat more of them will be!
    1. Verde
      11 December 2012 13: 24
      Judging by the hustle and bustle of the hysteria in AngloSmi, we will soon see in Syria how effective they are.
      1. +8
        11 December 2012 13: 34
        Do not bring the Lord! After all, it is from this that the world fire can begin. It is better to let the United States fall apart earlier and then everything in the Middle East will abate all at once, as there will be no one to finance this chaos.
        1. 0
          11 December 2012 21: 30
          Quote: alexneg

          Do not bring the Lord! After all, it is from this that the world fire can begin.

          which have not be avoided! Well, since you can’t avoid, it’s better to be prepared ....
      2. +3
        11 December 2012 14: 47
        the date was called for Syria on December 17 ... but maybe as usual the stuffing
        1. +1
          11 December 2012 15: 04
          Quote: Civil

          the date was called for Syria on December 17 ... but maybe as usual the stuffing

          This is where you read this?
    2. +7
      11 December 2012 14: 32
      There by the way for every battery of 4 PU S-400 - put one each "Pantsir-C1". It turns out on division of eight PU S-400 - goes two "Pantsir-C1", And regiment of 16 PU S-400 - four "Pantsir-C1".

      On the channel "Zvezda" this composition was shown.
      1. PLO
        11 December 2012 14: 45
        hmm interesting, taking into account what was said about the supply of 6 shells in the BBO, it turns out that over time the regiments will be deployed to full-fledged three-division personnel
        now in the BBO in Nakhodka there is only one S-400 division, i.e. 8 SPU
        1. +2
          11 December 2012 15: 05
          Quote: olp
          now in the BBO in Nakhodka there is only one S-400 division, i.e. 8 SPU

          There is also the C300, and not only in Primorye.
          1. PLO
            11 December 2012 15: 09
            there’s kind of just what mod I don’t know

            I mean, the so-called S-400 regiment in the find is not a regiment at all, but a division
        2. +1
          11 December 2012 16: 07
          А "Thor-M1" as I understand it, they pointly cover objects - bases, skalds, airfields, etc.
          1. PLO
            11 December 2012 16: 28
            Thor is a military complex, in peacetime it stands in a hangar, and in battle it should cover troops on the battlefield or in marching columns

            although of course, if you wish, you can use it for anything,
  2. +2
    11 December 2012 13: 26
    The whole world is in such a hurry to arm itself that it seems that it is late for the beginning. Only at the beginning of what?
    1. Bubo
      11 December 2012 14: 43
      In the history of mankind, there is a certain cyclicality according to which events are repeated, and certain prerequisites for the emergence of the very "what". The fact that we are now observing cannot please, but as long as there is no last true sign, there is no "fanatic".
    2. +1
      11 December 2012 15: 51
      Usually, if the whole world begins to rearm, this indicates a world war. So it was in 1914, in 1941. If only our prepared. The war will not bypass Russia in any way. This was the case in most armed conflicts in the world.
  3. +1
    11 December 2012 13: 44
    Already good. Everywhere would put them. and train the calculations. It would be really great.
  4. david210512
    11 December 2012 14: 31
    keep it up. excellent news !!!!!!! drinks
  5. +1
    11 December 2012 15: 14
    There is never a lot of good equipment, more of it is in the army more ...
  6. +4
    11 December 2012 16: 09
    A couple of shells were brought to Novorossiysk.

    And that was in November

    I was amazed at the size of the shells. Mahina is ultimately hefty belay
    1. PLO
      11 December 2012 16: 15
      then the 7th S-400 division is already at the duty station
      they were going to put it just near Novorossiysk on the eve of the Olympics
      1. 0
        11 December 2012 18: 14
        On June 8, 2012, at the Kapustin Yar test site, the transfer of the next regiment set of S-400 air defense systems (two divisions with eight launchers each) was transferred to the troops of the Eastern Military District. The complex is supposed to be based in Nakhodka.

        It turns out from the regimental only one division?
        1. PLO
          11 December 2012 18: 29
          Now there is one division set in Nakhodka, the second set will be delivered to the Moscow region, and one more - to the first command of the Air Force and Air Defense. All kits will be delivered by the end of the year, "Bondarev said.

  7. 0
    11 December 2012 21: 40
    so the shells are functional or not, who will say? and it’s kind of like they said that they didn’t bring them to mind, enlighten the ignoramus
    1. PLO
      11 December 2012 22: 41
      so to speak
      targets with a small exchange rate parameter knock down quite reliably, in other words, goals that go to the complex, it knocks down
      the reason is the design of the rocket, but cheap

      in principle, this is fully consistent with the task that he performs: covering the S-400, but let’s go to the SV better
    2. 0
      12 December 2012 06: 49
      The head of the anti-aircraft defense of one unit did not respond very well about the SHELF, namely its missiles.
      1. not good
        12 December 2012 10: 59
        On a rocket, these shortcomings will be eliminated sooner or later, the main thing is that the complex itself is operational and put into service.
        1. PLO
          12 December 2012 11: 46
          On a rocket, these shortcomings will sooner or later eliminate

          not so easy to fix
          the fact is that the rocket does not have an engine in the marching stage, i.e. the accelerating stage fulfills, after which it falls off and further the rocket itself moves by inertia with great negative acceleration, this is a defect of the system, for to direct such a rocket by maneuvering or (and more Иa) speed goal is extremely difficult

          although things are moving, for example, it is known for certain that next year there will be a new radar SOC, a new zur is also being developed

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