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By the end of 2012, the city of Makhachkala will be part of the Caspian Flotilla

By the end of 2012, the city of Makhachkala will be part of the Caspian Flotilla

The new small artillery ship (IAC) Makhachkala successfully completed all stages of state tests. State Admission Commission composed of representatives of the Naval Fleet and the manufacturer signed a deed of acceptance of the ship.

After the statement of the act by the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy, the flag of Andrew will be raised at the IAC "Makhachkala", and the ship will become part of the Caspian Flotilla.

At present, preparatory events are being held on the ship for a solemn ceremony to be held in late December.

The IAC "Makhachkala" is the third ship of the "Buyan" project and is intended for the Caspian Sea basin. The lead ship of the Caspian flotilla of this project, the Astrakhan IAC, over the course of 6 years, has proven itself to perform tasks at shallow depths and in “narrow” water areas of the r. Volga and the Caspian Sea.

A series of ships of the project “Buyan” was designed by FSUE “Zelenodolsk Design Bureau” (Republic of Tatarstan), all of them were built at the shipyards of Shipbuilding Firm “Almaz” OJSC (St. Petersburg).

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  1. Santa Fe
    Santa Fe 10 December 2012 18: 44
    Good luck, we will soon see a new ship in the foam and on the sea wave

    Although small, of course - only 500 tons. There is no smell of "revival" of the Navy here, but still better than nothing at all
    1. Explosive
      Explosive 10 December 2012 21: 06
      In skillful hands, the IAC is a very toothy thing, so don’t worry, it will show itself yes

      PS Seven feet under the keel of the Makhachkala in the Caspian Sea! soldier
      1. beech
        beech 10 December 2012 21: 29
        In capable hands ...
        Of which there are very few, mostly annuals, if 1,5 g at least, then you can talk about prof. crew skills, and so sorry ...
    2. gispanec
      gispanec 10 December 2012 22: 41
      Quote: SWEET_SIXTEEN
      Although small, of course - only 500 tons. There is no smell of "revival" of the Navy here, but still better than nothing at all

      you almost always throw a piece of ointment in a barrel ... ... on the Caspian Sea you don't need anymore ........ there, aviation will provide the most fun ... .long years of service ....
    3. 10 December 2012 23: 01
      Well? We are the promised list of current admiral generals whose children live and study abroad will see?
  2. domokl
    domokl 10 December 2012 18: 49
    What is needed for the Caspian ... Let the Caspian fleet grow stronger
    1. Santa Fe
      Santa Fe 10 December 2012 19: 15
      Quote: domokl
      May the Caspian fleet grow stronger

      I would prefer that the Pacific Fleet be strengthened by atomic pikes and destroyers. Alas, building a nuclear submarine is not an IAC.
  3. S_nami_strength
    S_nami_strength 10 December 2012 19: 00
    Small yes delete)))))
  4. ded
    ded 10 December 2012 21: 25
    Abramovich has a bigger yacht, and probably better armed!
  5. Ljubomir
    Ljubomir 10 December 2012 22: 17
    I’m very interested, what is this boat designed for?
    1. gispanec
      gispanec 10 December 2012 22: 43
      Quote: Lubomyr
      I’m very interested, what is this boat designed for?

      but I wonder what is in common between your avatar and your brain? the size?
    2. Russian sniper
      Russian sniper 10 December 2012 22: 44

      Navigation armament - 1 x Radar MR-231 BIUS Sigma,
      Radar weapons - 1 x Radar "Positive", 1 x Radar MP-123 "Vympel" for AU and ZAK,
      Electronic weapons - 2 x 10 PU PC-10 "Brave",
      Artillery armament - 1x1 100-mm AU A-190 "Universal", 2x1 14,5-mm machine-gun installation, 1х40 122-mm MLRS A-215 "Grad-M",
      Anti-aircraft artillery - 2x6 30-mm ZAK AK-306,
      Anti-aircraft missile weapons - 1x4 PU 3М47 "Bending" with the Igr or Igla-M.
      May carry mines on the upper deck.

      Fighting the enemy in the near sea zone and protecting the economic border of Russia. hi
      1. Egen
        Egen 11 December 2012 05: 45
        sorry for the boots, something I lagged behind marine life :), tell me, where do we make 100-mm guns? We used to do it at the Yurginsky machine-building plant, but after the USSR it was still closed. As far as I thought, there was a unique production in Jurg ...
    3. Bronis
      Bronis 10 December 2012 22: 47
      To support assault forces on narrow river communications or in the sea coastal zone. For this, there are A-190 and Grad-M. Dimensions and displacement are just the right thing for these purposes. There is also Buyan-m - Modernization of IAC with 8 launchers for "Onyx" or "Caliber" - already more than 900 tons (versus 500 with a hook) displacement. Needed for action at sea against enemy surface ships. For each task - its weapons and the corresponding displacement. Both options are needed, which, in fact, is being done
      1. Kavtorang
        Kavtorang 11 December 2012 05: 36
        Excess weapons. If universal sodate is a watchdog ,. so we can’t rivet it since 2000.
        It turned out a samovar-steam locomotive-wind
        Not for the Caspian. The ship is overloaded with weapons, in my opinion - it is better to increase autonomy.
    4. Egen
      Egen 11 December 2012 05: 43
      the question is really serious - who knows what forces of the adjacent states are in the Caspian? Sorry if the replay, something did not notice such materials
      1. Bronis
        Bronis 11 December 2012 20: 44
        was a good article