British PM tries to covertly restore ties with China

British PM tries to covertly restore ties with China

The British government, through the short-sighted actions of a succession of prime ministers succeeding each other at a speed previously unknown to the United Kingdom, has brought the country's economy to one of the worst conditions in decades. Brexit has complicated and increased the cost of logistical ties with the EU countries. Anti-Russian sanctions have driven up energy prices, followed by rapid inflation. By joining the confrontation between the United States and China, London risks destroying many sectors of the national economy altogether.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, unlike his two predecessors, is well versed in economics and finance. So the head of the British Cabinet is trying to somehow rectify the situation, but at the same time not avoid fulfilling allied obligations to Washington.

Bloomberg reports that the British prime minister is taking some steps to restore relations with China. But this is done, according to the agency, covertly.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is trying to restore Britain's relationship with China in a way that no one can see

writes Bloomberg.

The agency reports that, in order to resolve differences with Beijing, Sunak sent a British trade secretary to Hong Kong. Negotiations with the Chinese leadership on a relatively neutral territory, the British emissary held, as they say, behind closed doors.

British Foreign Secretary James Cleverley is also expected to travel to China in the coming months. The head of the Cabinet himself, unlike the leaders of France, Germany and Italy, is not yet going to China, at least until the general parliamentary elections to be held in 2025.

At the same time, Beijing is not very happy that heads of ministries who are not responsible for the economy, finance and trade come to the talks. In order to restore ties between the countries, the leadership of the PRC would like to host business delegations from the UK.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the ocean, the United States is also trying to somehow maintain relations with China. The Financial Times reports, citing sources, that CIA director William Burns visited Beijing in secrecy in May. In the capital of the People's Republic of China, the head of the US foreign intelligence met with his Chinese counterparts, they discussed the topic of maintaining ties through the special services. Sources of the publication note that Biden trusts Burns "delicate foreign missions."

Burns' mission to China, officially "unfriendly" to the United States, took place the same month that U.S. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan met with CCP Politburo member and Chinese diplomat Wang Yi in Vienna. The meeting was not announced by the White House until after has not ended.
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  1. 0
    2 June 2023 19: 21
    War is war and the economy of Western countries wants to eat ... without cheap natural resources of Russia, nothing, without cheap labor and goods from China, too.
    1. 0
      2 June 2023 19: 44
      Well, actually what they need, they eventually get.
      1. 0
        2 June 2023 21: 08
        This is, in fact, the consequences of obtaining the American presidency by an elderly senile.
        A little the power of the United States has weakened - and the British are immediately ready to betray them.
        However, it would be strange to expect something else from the British.
  2. -1
    2 June 2023 19: 24
    Everything is as always - the Slavs shed blood, and everyone around is cashing in on our victories and defeats, tearing trophies out of our hands and pieces of meat from bodies that have not yet cooled down.
    1. 0
      2 June 2023 19: 29
      Quote: ManFrom Afar
      Everything is as always - the Slavs shed blood, and everyone around is cashing in on our victories and defeats, tearing trophies out of our hands and pieces of meat from bodies that have not yet cooled down.

      Our rulers gave Ukraine to the Anglo-Saxons ... our rulers withdrew troops from Eastern Europe, our rulers did everything to make the USSR collapse ... the people could not do anything against it ... request
      We have no one but ourselves to blame for this ... the strongest survive in the struggle.
      We haven't lost this fight yet...
  3. -1
    2 June 2023 19: 44
    "Rishi Sunak is trying to repair UK-China relations in a way that no one can see" Yep. He shoots a home video against the background of the Chinese flag and quietly uploads it to tiktok.
  4. -2
    2 June 2023 19: 44
    British PM tries to covertly restore ties with China -
    Bloomberg writes.

    Does China know about this? Or is it so secretive that even "Uncle Xi" is not aware of ...
    1. 0
      2 June 2023 19: 46
      Knows-knows. China does what China needs. If they need to maintain relations with the West at a certain level, they will.
      1. 0
        2 June 2023 20: 38
        Yes, by and large, I didn’t talk about this, but about the fact that we trust the Western mass media too much. After all, they lie shamelessly. And we often take everything from the article at face value. hi
  5. -1
    2 June 2023 19: 47
    And what else is left for them, painfully cheap consumer goods and energy resources with labor compared to the West in China. And out of habit, it will not work to get around China for a long time - it was inappropriate to piss off with the Russian Federation.
  6. 0
    2 June 2023 19: 56
    You can hide only a venereal disease, but not from your wife and the court.
  7. 0
    2 June 2023 21: 50
    Campaign money flowed too quickly from countries)) it pleases
  8. -1
    3 June 2023 19: 06
    That's because the "Damned" Indian. The tihar tries to shake the foundations of the crown. Interestingly, at the end of the term, the British will shoot them from a cannon? what
    1. 0
      6 June 2023 18: 14
      The Indian does everything right. Good relations with a rich country are always more profitable than bad relations. We would like to learn how, but for now our Lavrov only puffs out his cheeks and not one ally has been added to us.

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