SBU announced the detention of the "KGB agent of Belarus" - a former Soviet paratrooper

SBU announced the detention of the "KGB agent of Belarus" - a former Soviet paratrooper

For the first time in a long period of time, the Security Service of Ukraine announced the detention of a Belarusian citizen suspected of spying for the KGB of the Republic of Belarus. According to official information provided by the Ukrainian side, the detainee has a residence permit in Ukraine and has lived in the Rivne region for a long time.

It is reported that at the beginning of the Russian special operation, he was allegedly recruited by the Belarusian special services to carry out reconnaissance and sabotage activities in Ukraine.

According to the Ukrainian intelligence service, the task of the detained citizen of Belarus was to collect data related to the defense of the northern borders of Ukraine, as well as the routes of movement of weapons and military equipment. Ukrainian counterintelligence officials say that for this purpose the suspect regularly went around the border areas and observed the movements of militants of the Kyiv regime.

The press release published by the SBU says that the suspect was detained at the place of residence at the time of another attempt to transfer the received intelligence to the Belarusian special services. Currently, a citizen of Belarus detained by the SBU has been placed in custody.

The SBU claims that the detainee allegedly came to the attention of the KGB back in the days of the USSR during military service in the ranks of the Soviet Army, where he served as commander of the Airborne Forces unit and performed his international duty in Afghanistan.

It should be noted that in recent times, virtually any person connected in any way with Russia and even Belarus can fall under the suspicion of the SBU. The Ukrainian regime is also carrying out large-scale repressions against its citizens.
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    1. 0
      2 June 2023 16: 43
      A dustless job for the SS-SBU now: whoever you grab, everyone has seen something and knows something, which, well, is very important for the RF Ministry of Defense. :)))
      1. 0
        2 June 2023 19: 36
        But it's still safer to grab old people.
        Among the young, you can run into both a real intelligence officer and a mafia who can be armed.
        And the old people, as a rule, are unarmed.
    2. The comment was deleted.
      1. 0
        2 June 2023 17: 28
        air assault troops ... In the USSR ... Well, well

        And what is wrong? This is the current terminology.
        Air assault formations of the Ground Forces of the USSR - formations and separate units of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of the USSR, intended to carry out tactical and operational-tactical landings.
        Modern sources also use the synonym Airborne Assault Forces of the USSR, which was not used during the Soviet period[1][4].Десантно-штурмовые_формирования_Сухопутных_войск_СССР
      2. +1
        2 June 2023 17: 34
        air assault troops ... In the USSR ... Well, well

        Probably, the author wanted to say that this comrade served in the 38th airborne assault brigade, it already existed in Soviet times.
        1. 0
          2 June 2023 17: 55
          And not only she. There were quite a lot of airborne assault units.
          1. +1
            2 June 2023 20: 21
            In Belarus, there is only one air assault.
    3. +1
      2 June 2023 17: 15
      I hope those ugly pigs are wrong. Still sorry for the poor thing. Why is the western ruin still not in ruins!? Already in the Belgorod region, these are at home ....
    4. 0
      3 June 2023 05: 12
      Sorry for the man.
      Not young, since Afghan ...
      Best of luck to him...
    5. 0
      3 June 2023 21: 55
      ... the suspect was detained at the place of residence at the time of another attempt to transfer intelligence received to the Belarusian special services ...

      Wow, a few moments.
      1. Already no bookmarks, hiding places are needed, Agents meet "at the hut", right?
      2. What does "another transmission attempt" mean -? Those. BEFORE that, you passed-passed, but it didn’t work out?
      3. If they took "at the time of the transfer ..", then did they take those to whom they transferred? Or did "shpygun" call on Skype?

      Some clowns in the SBU. laughing

      Man - patience and strength, endure it all soldier

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