At night, fire damage was inflicted on enemy deployment points from the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the “offensive guard” in Konstantinovka and Kramatorsk

At night, fire damage was inflicted on enemy deployment points from the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the “offensive guard” in Konstantinovka and Kramatorsk

The Russian Armed Forces have intensified the process of delivering strikes against enemy troops to the west and north-west of Artyomovsk (Bakhmut). At night, fire damage was inflicted on the points of accommodation of the personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the so-called "offensive guard" in Kramatorsk and Konstantinovka.

The day before, information appeared that the Ukrainian command sent additional forces to these cities in order to try to develop success in the area of ​​​​Kleshcheevka and Bogdanovka. A few days earlier, the Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to take control of several square kilometers of territory near these settlements, and the curator of the Wagner PMC, in this regard, made accusations against the command of the RF Armed Forces, which called the retreat from a number of positions a transition to more advantageous lines.

Artillery strikes and air strikes were inflicted on regular enemy groups that entered the western part of Maryinka, as well as on units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the area of ​​Georgievka and Krasnogorovka. The strikes prevented an attempt to increase the concentration of enemy troops in this direction.

According to the latest data, in Marinka and its environs, as a result of fire, the enemy lost at least 80 servicemen and several American-made armored combat vehicles (AFVs). A Ukrainian Armed Forces tank and at least 4 mortar crews were also destroyed.
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    1. +3
      18 May 2023 08: 09
      It’s good that the blows are delivered both on the front line and on the rear, if only there was enough WILL and WEAPONS.
    2. -4
      18 May 2023 08: 19
      There is a heavy positional war - the mutual grinding of each other's forces and means.
      Both sides suffer significant losses, primarily in human reserves.
      However, the human resource of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the resource of weapons of NATO have so far been significantly and have not decreased to such a level when a turning point occurs.
      With such a strategy, the outcome of the war will depend on which side reaches the limit of replenishment of resources.
      1. +2
        18 May 2023 08: 31
        AlexKruglov1976 hi, there is another option, the coming to power of a traitor and, accordingly, draining everything and everyone.
      2. 0
        18 May 2023 08: 51
        there, the Poles and Tribalts have already been ordered to prepare for the limit of replenishment of resources
    3. +6
      18 May 2023 08: 44
      The calibration night was once again a success. This time we decided to start from South Palmyra - and the concert was a success. They hit targets both in the city itself and in the region - and this time hangars with equipment and ammunition fell under the batch. Local residents noted that for some time in Odessa it became as bright as day.
      Air defense, remembering the sad fate of the capital's "Patriots", decided this time to pretend to be a rag and not to shine - and this, as practice has shown, was an absolutely justified decision.
      A little later, the border area woke up - and Mr. Belgorod conveyed several powerful fiery greetings to Kharkov.
      There was a sharp smell of geranium in the air - especially sharp in the Kirovograd region. The buzzers flew for several hours - and as a result they also got to the right place - through the warehouses.
      It would seem that is enough? But no - heavy strategists took to the air. Frightened non-brothers counted almost fifteen pieces. How many there were in reality - God knows, but the gifts they sent burst into the neighbors like a fox into a chicken coop, and, passing like a knife through butter, hit the target in the western part of the country.
      Yes, warehouses again!
      But now we know why there is still no long-promised offensive :)
      1. +1
        18 May 2023 08: 53
        Good news and text
    4. +1
      18 May 2023 09: 46
      I think that it is advisable to strike at the enemy mainly in the daytime, when the concentration of banderlogs on objects is higher. Only duty groups stay overnight, the rest leave for the night (this can also be seen on satellite images - in the daytime the number of parked cars is many times higher). Maybe our brilliant leadership of the MO does not want to know these simple things ?!
      1. 0
        18 May 2023 12: 32
        Yes, no, it’s better at night: so as not to let them sleep.

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