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As a policeman from Kolyma, the Ukrainian drug lords won

As a policeman from Kolyma, the Ukrainian drug lords won

What can be done with drug trafficking in a single village?
“My war began when domestic goats began returning with stuck syringes,” says Victor Kaminsky. But thanks to the Russian pensioner, in one Odessa village they managed to defeat a narcotic evil.

... Nobody wants to take me to Korsuntsy, Odessa suburb. “What are these Korsuntsy?” But if I say “Palermo”, taxi drivers vying offer services. A small village in the early 90-X was called in honor of the city of the Sicilian Mafia, and his original name for years to come Odessans forgotten. And for good reason.

Heroin Smiles

The human river flowed from all over into this tiny village, where every gypsy hut was selling drugs. 36 hangouts! Corpses - who died of an overdose or poor "Shirky" - lay in the streets, their pecking crows and dogs are tormented. One or two, often unidentified, bodies were taken out of Palermo every day. Along the streets in a familiar pose squatting caught a dose of happiness lift up people. One day, a whole car flew into the local river Rates - and on the faces of drowned people who did not even notice death, blissful smiles of a heroin buzz were playing.

“The whole earth was strewn with bloodied syringes, which the nahriks, pricked, threw right there, - and they fell into the neighboring yards, where children played, the little ones could accidentally stab,” recalls Victor Kaminsky. - The entire gentle slope of my house was littered with high-lying bodies: children, ranging from 13 years, old people who barely turned 25, girls - on smelly mattresses or just on the grass - they swam into their nirvana. Prick, wherever they could - from the legs and ending with the genitals. If I hadn’t seen it myself, I didn’t believe it: the boy was still clapping himself on the leg and begging for a wreath to tears: “Well, show yourself, show yourself!” For doses, someone drove up in posh cars, and someone crawled on all fours. Once I saw two people dragging a buffet on their backs - there was no money, they decided to change the dose. Here every Gypsy were 3-4 slave - injected themselves and cut customers brewed concoction and dead like a dog ...

So, once I sat down at one Gypsy point and started putting aside a match for everyone who came for a dose - I spent several boxes, the 180 man turned out! It had to stop. And when our goats began to come home with stuck syringes, I said: basta!

"Son put on the needle"

He often used to say this word - a retired lieutenant colonel, a former policeman from Kolyma. “I used to follow the trail of runaway criminals through the taiga, I found it - and, you know, I didn’t always give it back: I took my measures”. In 1991, he retired and came with his wife to Korsuntsy. Irremovable khaki uniform, Cossack cap and tube-cradle, the old hard drive to the wall ... Hands demanding business - not used to sit just so. And in Palermo there was something to do. Victor Kaminsky unleashed a victorious war against the Odessa drug mafia.

- At first I was anger that nobody do not need anything, but then I lifted up my lads, Cossacks, came right people to the police station - and began to spin. We beat out a support point from the authorities - we remade it from a closed rural club. There, they were on duty day and night, taking calls, the 30 cell was sometimes full of people. They made lists of points and simply did not allow drug addicts to the houses where they were selling.

Blocked cars entrance. They were not allowed to be pricked: they beat syringes with them, took the brew cans, which they poured and set on fire with them. They beat windows and punctured the tires to taxi drivers who drove junkies in batches. The boys lived in ambushes - with night vision devices. They walked armed with rubber batons. And threatened us: Sergey Gutselyuku car burned, throwing Molotov cocktails, my younger son had promised to put on a needle ...

Do you want the truth? - continues the lieutenant colonel in resignation. - I regretted that it was impossible to apply a whip ... We also had the methods of the Gestapo, on the verge of the law, and maybe even beyond its limits, but neither I, nor anyone will tell you - otherwise they will close me, and I’m old I do not need a separate camera. They took harsh measures here, but did not kill anyone, did not cripple anyone. Yes, I have something to pinch, but the main thing is that we expelled this creature, and you can do the same thing everywhere. Unless, like us, will combine the normal people with normal police, to fall on the whole world.

Now in Palermo there is only one point where they sell drugs: “But nothing can be done with it - there are too many small children in the courtyard ...” The rest of the boarded up gypsy huts are looking through the blinded windows. If a drug addict appears on the streets of Korsuntsev, then from the recently released from the zone, who still do not know about the end of Palermo, he wanders through the old memory of a familiar drug trail.

“Yes, maybe some of those who died on these streets died because we didn’t give them a shot, and maybe I’ll burn for it in the damn griddle in hell, but what is this - a murder?” Who knows ... I have my own methods. The fact that they give out for kindness and humanity - in fact, foul indifference. They breed lawlessness.

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  1. tronin.maxim
    tronin.maxim 4 December 2012 07: 05
    And one warrior in the field!
    1. Captain Vrungel
      Captain Vrungel 4 December 2012 09: 56
      Mr. Ivan Polynin! Article class. But to be honest, was it really so. "The path of life" passed (you cannot go otherwise) 5 meters from the entrance to the Suvorov regional police department, crossed the railway line, an easy landing and fanned paths through a narrow plowed field, diverged to the houses of merchants. The landing was a "hobby club" junkie and littered with syringes and bodies, the police reacted poorly. Sometimes, at the outraged demands of the residents of the microdistrict, sluggish operations were carried out in Palermo. They drove up, stood waiting, while the gypsies rush from house to house and hide the ends. Why were they waiting, everything was simple, they covered. The gypsies left Korsuntsy not because of the heroic struggle of the Cossack (He remembered his heroic struggle 10 years later, as the last family of traders left Korsuntsy. Why did the gypsies leave? They were scared? No. It's all simpler. They scattered all over Odessa (for the convenience of buyers) and continue to trade. All their new points are known to Odessa residents, but ... the police pretend not to know. A Cossack lives in Palermo, my classmate, chieftain Saulyak. But the gypsies migrated before the Cossacks were born. The parents' apartment on the 8th floor, from the balcony Palermo and the whole life in it are clearly visible.Militia colleagues would clearly explain to a retired policeman who is the boss in the house.And even now in any pharmacy you can buy everything for the soul.
      1. xzWhiteWolf
        xzWhiteWolf 4 December 2012 11: 42
        Is everything in Ukraine so bad with this?
        I thought we have "police" (like dirt on the tongue - this is a new word) does nothing .. But still it tries to cope with drug addicts.
        1. crazyrom
          4 December 2012 14: 20
          Well done man. If everyone did 5% of what he did for his city, the situation would be completely different.
      2. mox
        mox 4 December 2012 21: 53
        Type in the search engine "Nezhinskie robinguda".
        And it will become clear to you who the police are fighting.
    2. xzWhiteWolf
      xzWhiteWolf 4 December 2012 11: 39
      And one warrior in the field!

      He was not alone. He is trying in this article to shout to people that alone in the field is not a warrior. And that you need the right people in the organs, and so on, that even in some places you sometimes need to cross the law to destroy the degenerates. It is good that good people nevertheless came to such places. It is necessary to eradicate such degenerates as heresy in the Middle Ages.
      1. Jaromir
        Jaromir 4 December 2012 13: 36
        Fighting drug dealers by legal methods is an empty matter. This is war. And here you need grenades. A day or two bombing and the charelles will evaporate, you will not find!
        1. alexng
          alexng 4 December 2012 16: 24
          In Irkutsk, residents burned gypsy houses in which there was a drug trade. And what is most remarkable, is that no one was looking for arsonists, because this lair already got everyone.
  2. vladsolo56
    vladsolo56 4 December 2012 07: 05
    Here is a man who would have more of them. And then talk a lot, but the thing to do
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 4 December 2012 07: 21
      Quote: vladsolo56
      but the thing to do

      I was in Nakhodka, there is a cop on the first floor of the dormitory, so the drug people were so sick that they were stabbing right on the cop's bench near the entrance to the department. It all depends on the bosses and on individual people.
      1. Sardanapalus
        Sardanapalus 4 December 2012 14: 56
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        shot right on the cop's bench near the entrance to the department

        Where they bought, there they were injected !!! The main problem in the fight against drug mafia is corrupt cops. You have to start with them.
  3. MilaPhone
    MilaPhone 4 December 2012 07: 13
    Quote from the author:
    Along the streets, in a familiar squatting pose, descending people were catching their dose of happiness.

    Very colorful and poetically described. Unfortunately, this picture is familiar to me.
    In our city there is a whole district of such "hang-ups" - now all of them are "crocodiles".
  4. Fl000d
    Fl000d 4 December 2012 07: 14
    "Yes, maybe some of those who died on these streets died from the fact that we didn’t let them be injected, and maybe burn me for it in a damn frying pan in hell, but what is this - is it really murder?”
    it is suicide. they chose their own path.
  5. Magadan
    Magadan 4 December 2012 07: 18
    These people are the basis of the reviving Cossacks! And that is what the current Cossacks should do. Stop hoping for the state, and especially for prosecutors, judges, and verbiage lawyers. The world has become too tolerant and unfair. Such people should get together and act on their own. I’m sure worse than the police and prosecutors, they definitely won’t work.
    1. valokordin
      valokordin 4 December 2012 10: 21
      Magadan a lawyer is not a verbiage, but a breather
  6. DRY
    DRY 4 December 2012 07: 23
    apparently there was nothing to lose, or he or they and he made the right choice.
  7. Letnab
    Letnab 4 December 2012 07: 25
    The Man !!!!! More of these !!!
    In his experience, it’s necessary not only to attract the Cossacks, but to create self-defense units in each locality. You can really be a good judge!
  8. Forget
    Forget 4 December 2012 08: 21
    That's who should lead the power!
    He raised the masses, organized the work, and mind you, he did not cripple anyone and horror ....... did not ask the authorities for money.
    1. Bekzat
      Bekzat 6 December 2012 12: 32
      Greetings to all, for fun, + to you.
  9. Altor86
    Altor86 4 December 2012 08: 35
    In addition to all the good that this Man did, he would suggest that the drug dealers caught be put on a needle themselves and then not given a dose. am
  10. valokordin
    valokordin 4 December 2012 08: 53
    That's right, the only way to deal with this, but if the prosecutor’s office comes in, and she, as a rule, is for compliance with the laws, i.e. for the rights of drug addicts, then the fighter with this misfortune will sit. Like in Yekaterinburg. The authorities do not really need a fight — indicators are needed and sometimes it seems that drug police themselves are interested in the existence of drug addiction, because if it does not exist, then they will be reduced. And how many provocations they do, not test purchases, but provocations. For example, a policeman comes to a beggar, a drunkard, not a drug addict at all and offers him to pick up a bag of hemp for 300 rubles and bring it to him, he gladly goes into the field to pick up hemp and brings him, here he’ll end with handcuffs and selling drugs on an especially large scale .
  11. Fox
    Fox 4 December 2012 08: 55
    article + ... but there are quite a few similar stories in my operatic life ... BUT! my grandfather was lucky that the administration did not "help" him ... the authorities, they are more often than not, "also in the share."
  12. Averias
    Averias 4 December 2012 09: 12
    ACT! A person does not engage in talking, but does business. The criminal hypocrisy with which the authorities of some regions are "fighting" with drugs is bewildering (that's me softly). After all, everyone knows everything and does nothing. But how much pomp, when they catch some drug, the hype in the media is as if the Colombian drug lord was taken. Where the STC looks in relation to smoking mixtures and salts, this is complete darkness, the consequences of their use are terrifying. This American who synthesized canabinol (JWH) should hang it on a pole. Europe is already mired in this rubbish, we have where to spit. An excuse about what they say does not fall under the article is an excuse. Well, what a multiformula, just enter an article on all derivatives and that's it. No, it's understandable, such grandmothers.
  13. valokordin
    valokordin 4 December 2012 09: 24
    The author correctly noted that if before the gypsies lived by fortune telling, fraud, begging, theft, speculation in the Soviet era, now the main occupation of the gypsies is the drug trade, not only in Russia but also abroad. What to do with gypsy on the reservation as Indians? No they say a violation of human rights, but you can kill others. No measures other than radical
    then evil cannot be defeated.
    1. SAVA555.IVANOV
      SAVA555.IVANOV 4 December 2012 14: 45
      They say this trash was expelled from Kerch in the 90s. There are still no grimy faces, houses are empty, afraid.
  14. Borodach
    Borodach 4 December 2012 10: 08
    I can't say anything about the role of the Cossacks in the fight against drugs in Palermo, but I worked as a duty officer in the Suvorov District Department of Internal Affairs in Odessa for 2 years (geographically, Korsunts are located on the territory of this district department), but I can tell you for sure that the end of Palermo did not begin with the Cossacks, I don’t remember the name of this general, he took a position before Epur, he gathered his deputies and said that he gives 24 hours to those who had an interest in Palermo to quietly retire, otherwise prison and lice .Who heard, left, the rest were gradually replaced. But a week after this meeting, all the cops received the green light in the fight against drug trafficking. And so together they ended the drug lawlessness in Odessa. By the way, Palermo was just on everyone's lips, and there was Kryvaya Balka, Slobodka, 1,2 Zastava are places that were not inferior to Palermo, it's just true that in Palermo, all the troubles were created by the gypsy. By the way, the gypsy Dora is still trading, she has a roof in Kiev and Odessa UVB. But fortunately, this is an isolated case.
    1. Captain Vrungel
      Captain Vrungel 4 December 2012 11: 16
      You mean Lieutenant General Yuri Ivushkin. By the way, not a policeman, but a career officer of the internal troops.
      1. Borodach
        Borodach 4 December 2012 11: 33
        Exactly. Ivushkin. For VV did not know, especially not interested in the biography of the leadership.
        Then I myself understand why the police did not like him, his hand was tough.
  15. Sasha 19871987
    Sasha 19871987 4 December 2012 10: 17
    well done dude, our country also holds onto such
  16. kush62
    kush62 4 December 2012 10: 38
    The article is good, but still I am for the realistic reviews of captain Vrungel and the bearded man! We love heroes and beautiful stories!
  17. Splin
    Splin 4 December 2012 11: 10
    Welcome to hell:
  18. Vanek
    Vanek 4 December 2012 11: 40
    Yes, I have something to pinch, but the main thing is that we drove this creature...........

    And there’s nothing to add.
  19. jagdpanzer
    jagdpanzer 4 December 2012 12: 20
    there are also enough such villages throughout Russia, there will be demand and there will be a proposal to deal with this in other ways, they will close one point and others will appear, but the guy did not hesitate ...
    1. Mikhalych82
      Mikhalych82 4 December 2012 12: 55
      The worst thing is indifference! The more people like Viktor Kaminsky, the more chances our people, the country have!
  20. taseka
    taseka 4 December 2012 14: 24
    More and more often, in spite of the kindness of my soul, I am inclined to publicly shoot (up to 20 +) drug dealers and drug lords!
    1. Garrin
      Garrin 4 December 2012 17: 18
      Quote: taseka
      More and more often, in spite of the kindness of my soul, I am inclined to publicly shoot (up to 20 +) drug dealers and drug lords!

      And the drug addicts themselves, about 5 years old, per capita. I am sure each of them will "dial" by five. Yes, in a separate area and so that the guards themselves do not carry anything there.
  21. Stalinets
    Stalinets 4 December 2012 16: 31
    I respect you. Man.
  22. Megatron
    Megatron 4 December 2012 18: 04
    I suggest that gypsies be sent to Europe, the United States and other countries of developed democracy and tolerance.
    1. gojesi
      gojesi 6 December 2012 18: 12
      Quote: Megatron
      I propose to send gypsies to Europe, the USA

      there are two parasite nations on the planet Earth, gypsies and ..., try to guess who else :)))
  23. VadimSt
    VadimSt 4 December 2012 18: 11
    Quote: Captain Vrungel
    You mean Lieutenant General Yuri Ivushkin. By the way, not a policeman, but a career officer of the internal troops.

    Where did they get it? I know him, even when he was a police major - the chief of staff of the Lugansk regional police department.

    In the internal affairs bodies since 1987. In 1994, he graduated from the Donetsk Institute of Internal Affairs. In 1987-1996 - served in the following positions: engineer for special equipment of a separate battalion of departmental police, passport department inspector, instructor, security officer, senior security officer for especially important affairs of the SSBEP, deputy chief of the BNON department, deputy chief of staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Luhansk region. Etc.....
  24. WW3
    WW3 4 December 2012 20: 39
    By the way, an interesting topic ... where do the gypsies get their livelihood (not by fortune-telling on the hand and not on Tarot cards, of course, the vast majority do not work anywhere.) ... especially the gypsy barons ... that’s how the Romanian drug lords live ...
  25. WW3
    WW3 4 December 2012 21: 00
    And so they rest ... recourse How many kg of gold are there on the necks ...

    and on the throne ...
  26. TRON
    TRON 4 December 2012 22: 09
    Addicts need to give drugs in the clinic for free. This is Darwin’s law in action; nature must sift out morons somehow
  27. Megatron
    Megatron 5 December 2012 01: 00
    Addicts need to be sent to the New Earth, who did not watch the film, I advise.
  28. georg737577
    georg737577 5 December 2012 01: 13
    In Ukraine, the sale of drugs is what the police have in common with the Roma. ALL dealers cooperate with the police, this is their "common" business. Alas, this is so.
    1. MG42
      MG42 5 December 2012 06: 31
      Quote: georg737577
      In Ukraine, the sale of drugs

      In Ukraine, recently in the stalls it was possible to purchase smoking mixtures - it would fly off completely, drug addicts lined up in line - apparently synth additives.
      Now online delivery dealers are working.
    2. SAVA555.IVANOV
      SAVA555.IVANOV 5 December 2012 09: 24
      For thousands of our children killed by "garbage" with the help of drugs, they will never be forgiven, the creatures need to arrange the Nuremberg trials, deprive them of everything, as they do to their people, now these scum merge with "lumps", give them a "green light" and those in their turn infinite intimidate Ukrainians so that they can do anything again, in short, some kind of degenerates. Give them a pension at 45, plus for the title they almost all retire at least as majors, parasites.
  29. fenix57
    fenix57 5 December 2012 01: 52
    Bravo. Real Cop.