Liberals - no, Sharia - yes!

On Friday last week, members of the Egyptian Constitutional Commission approved the draft constitution of their own country.

The promotion of the draft Basic Law is proceeding at an accelerated pace. On Saturday, Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi signed the Friday draft. At the same time, the “Pharaoh” appointed a referendum on the draft Basic Law to 15 December.

The basis of the document was taken constitution 1971, which has undergone some changes. Opposition parties did not participate in the consideration of the project, which lasted more than sixteen hours. Their members are sure: the document undermines the foundations of the state.

Liberals - no, Sharia - yes!

In the draft Egyptian Basic Law, the former deputies of the National Democratic Party, who were in it in the days of the “Egyptian revolution 25 of January”, are forbidden to hold any political office for ten years.

Essam El-Erian, the Muslim Brotherhood, said:

“This constitution represents the diversity of the Egyptian people. All citizens of the country, both men and women, will find themselves in this law. According to this Constitution, we will abide by the laws of God, which were previously only written on paper, and respect the freedoms of citizens. ”

“Diversity” actually comes down to absolute monotony. The draft approved by Mursi states that Islam is the state religion of Egypt, and the principles of sharia are the main source of legislation. The right to interpret “issues related to Sharia” is enshrined in the project for the mosque and Al-Azhar University (the center of Islamic jurisprudence in Cairo). Experts regarded the draft Egyptian Basic Law as the basis for the creation of an Islamic state on the model of Saudi Arabia, and the head of the Egyptian branch of the human rights organization Human Rights Watch, Heb Moraief, noted that the new bill could curtail freedom of speech. The document contains two articles about insulting the Islamic prophet, which can cause a wave of criminal prosecution of, say, atheists or non-believers who have decided to express their opinions.

Opponents of Mursi formed the "Front to Rescue the Motherland", which was headed by former presidential candidates Amr Musa and Hamdin Sabbahi. The leadership also includes the former director of the IAEA and the leader of the Constitution Party, Mohammed al-Baradei, and the former leader of the Brothers to Save the Homeland party, Abdel al-Futuh, who earlier supported the candidacy of Mohammed Mursi in the elections. Comrade Sabbahi has already said that "the people will not accept the hastily concocted Basic Law of the country."

“We categorically reject the president’s constitutional declaration and the draft constitution,” noticed he. “Unfortunately, we see, and this was confirmed by the last interview of Mohammed Mursi to Egyptian television, that he does not want to hear us and is ready to listen only to his supporters.”

Egyptian political scientist Hani Iyad says:

“Now the Egyptian society is divided into two camps: the Islamists and their supporters and those who are against them. Now the Islamists have already reached a dead end, and this explains their unreasonable act with haste in the development of a new draft constitution. With the adoption of the new constitution, Mohammed Mursi automatically cancels the constitutional declaration that caused the protests and seems to be bringing the Muslim Brotherhood out of the impasse. However, now a wave of mass protests broke out all over the country against the new constitution and, apparently, it is unlikely that it will be held in a referendum. Interestingly, even the judges, who should control the referendum process, are not going to participate in it ”.

The people wanted freedom and democracy, the analyst believes, so he went to rebel in Tahrir,

"And now we are made slaves."

Mursi himself считаетthat the constitution will open a new page in stories countries and the establishment of a solid democracy in Egypt.

On Tuesday, the opposition, including members of the Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt, plan go to the presidential palace with a protest. Many in Egypt believe that since the January revolution of 2011, almost two years in the country have not had such political upheavals as today. Now in Egypt there is a general indefinite strike of judges, which began last week in protest against the “attack” of Mursi on the judicial system.

Negad Borai, director of a private law firm and human rights activist, says:

“We live in a country without courts, and the president has all the powers in his hands. This is a complete dictate. ”

The Club of Judges is the union in which the 9500 members are members, declared that the judges would not, as usual, observe the referendum and generally engage in supervisory activities. The judges say that they will continue to strike until Mursi cancels his decrees - the ones about which he said that they are temporary and necessary to protect the country's transition to democratic rule. Now they were joined by judges of higher instance.

"The judges of the Supreme Constitutional Court have no choice but to declare to the glorious people of Egypt that they cannot fulfill their sacred mission in such a tense atmosphere," said a statement voiced by the state news agency MENA.

But supporters of Mohammed Mursi, a native of the Muslim Brotherhood, accuse judges of loyalty to Mubarak - the one who appointed them, and then accuse them of trying to thwart Egypt’s transition to true democracy.

Liberal activist and former MP Amr Hamzawi warned that in the future it could be even worse than now:

“The president and his supporters (the Muslim Brotherhood) lead Egypt in the darkest period of its history,” he said. “He (Mursi) dictatorily decided to hold a referendum, where the issue is the illegal constitution, which splits the society and blocks the judicial system ...”

The opposition promises that on Tuesday at least 200.000 protesters will come out in Cairo to Tahrir Square.

Egyptian Islamists began their rallies in support of President Mohammed Mursi on Saturday.

“People support the decision of the president!” - chanted crowd at a rally at the University of Cairo, organized by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Tens of thousands of people gathered there. Many were holding banners with slogans: “Yes” - stability ”and“ Yes ”- Islamic law”.

Muslim radicals in Egypt approve and support the decisions of Mursi.

For example, Salafi Yasir al-Borhemi, a member of the Constituent Assembly, declaresthat the president’s decision to pass the draft Egyptian constitution for a national referendum is “the right step to achieve stability in Egypt.” Jalal Mora, the secretary general of the Salafi Nur party, explained that the Egyptians, tired after almost two years of waiting and weary of political instability, were delighted by the president’s “long-awaited” decision to put the draft constitution on a popular vote. Mora calls on the Egyptian people to work together to achieve revolutionary goals, which include social justice, freedom, and the creation of fully functioning state institutions.

Mohamed Ibrahim, a simple accountant, shows to the crowds of protesters in Giza and tells the reporter:

“These are the people of Egypt. Is not the people a source of power? I thought the Supreme Constitutional Court receives legitimacy from the people. "

“People want the sharia of God” and “Egypt will be Islamic against the will of the secularists and liberals,” they chant.

Here is Mahmoud Said. He says:

“I am against secular society because it is morally decayed. Egyptian people against corruption and corrupt people. "

Opposition leaders, such as Nobel laureate Mohammed al-Baradei and former presidential candidates Amr Moussa and Hamdin Sabbahi, were accused of serving foreign interests and called "agents."

“Who are these people who dare to talk about the president who is upholding the interests of his people?” Asked Ahmed Abdel Alim, a farmer who came from Upper Egypt to join the rally of solidarity with President Mursi.

Hassan Shaty, the head of the tax authority, shares the opinion of many at the rally that the judicial system was prejudiced against Mursi:

“Mursi defended Egypt from becoming a state without institutions. How can we blame the president-elect who we are trying to defend the country? ”

Mohammed Salem, a plumber who also took part in the rally, says:

“We chose him, and we are with him, as long as he cleans everything corrupt and leads us to stability.”

Demonstrators see the seizure of power by the president as a viable transitional solution, the ultimate goal of having stability. Although they recognize that the constitutional declaration gives Mursi absolute power, his supporters say that they adopt this temporary measure, which will continue until the constitution adopted in a referendum cancels the declaration.

With a firm belief in the intentions and decisions of the president, the crowd chants:

"You are not alone, Mursi, we are with you."

Hassan Ammar Tabet, owner of a chain of stores in Maadi, says:

“Sharia is a way of life that fits our culture. Egyptian customs and traditions are built on sharia. Egyptian society does not accept Western liberalism. ”

Some Egyptians say they support the president not for “who he is,” but because he stands for Islamic law.

But Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf believesthat Mursi, having come to power as a representative of the Muslim Brotherhood, now decided to put himself above the law - which violated one of the basic principles of Sharia and endangered Egyptian democracy.

The Egyptian President promised, Rauf writes, that he would create a government based on Islamic law, but, ironically, by giving himself broad powers, including immunity to his own decisions, he violated one of the central principles of Sharia: no one is above the law.

Therefore, one should not be surprised that protesters, including even some members of the Brothers, who also condemn the seizure of power, took to the streets of Cairo.

“If Mursi is ready to break God's law, then isn't he just another dictator of the pattern Hosni Mubarak?”

Throughout the Muslim world, the imam continues, people look at Egypt. The ability of a democratically elected government of one of the most important Muslim countries to create a modern society based on Sharia would be a fairly powerful political application.

“Over the past six years, I have collaborated with some leading Muslim scholars, creating an Sharia index to determine how a true Islamic state should look like, built on traditions. Most of our scholars have concluded that representative democracy, which can express the collective will of the people, is the best modern way to determine the will of God. ”

The Imam emphasizes that this is a type of “healthy democracy” with a system of checks and balances that is “known to the Americans.” Especially important, in his opinion, is the independence of the judiciary.

That is why the decree of Mursi, banning the courts to consider his decision, according to the traditional concept of Sharia, is bad.

"Since the times of the Prophet Mohammed, the court has always had an independent role in verifying the authority of the executive branch."

The author cites an example: in the era of the Ottoman Empire, under Sultan Sheikh-ul-Islam, who united the judicial and religious branches into a single whole, the judicial-religious authority had the right to even cancel the decision of the executive branch.

The law of God, the imam believes, in an Islamic state is ideally represented by an independent judicial system, which acts to ensure justice and serves as an auditing authority in the legislative process.

Thus, in Egyptian society there is a split and polarization. One party, now in the camp of the opposition, advocates the ideals of the January 2011 revolution, the other rejects Western liberalism and stands for a constitution built on the principles of Sharia. For the triumph of Islamic law, supporters of M. Mursi are willing to accept the temporary dictatorship. As for the particular point of view, it is represented by Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf, who believes that Sharia has much in common with the principles of American democracy.

Observed and translated by Oleg Chuvakin
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    1. +5
      December 4 2012
      Hm! American democracy is leaving and Sharia is coming! Further we go, worse it becomes!
      1. +4
        December 4 2012
        History is cyclical: cross European "educational" campaigns end, and the Middle East, Islamic - begin
        1. Sardanapalus
          December 4 2012
          The base for a civil war has been created! Everything is as usual; divide and conquer!
        2. mda
          December 4 2012
          Quote: RedDragoN
          European "educational" campaigns are ending,

          They do not end yet, but losses begin.
      2. Ruslan
        December 4 2012
        Two days ago, in a suburb of Damascus, Daraya, militants destroyed the T-72 (presumably an anti-tank missile with thermal guidance) Israeli production) We couldn’t come close to the tank. The crew died: the 25-year-old tanker Dia ..., who was planning to play a wedding the other day, as his cousin-tanker, gunner Ali Abud, a retired ensign, 51 years old, returned to the army to defend his country, and 31 and the one-year-old driver Joey, who has only been married for 15 days. You can see how the brother of the deceased killed snipers and militants on the first and second floors of a six-story building with accurate shots from a tank (according to the report of spotters). We didn’t have time to see how he will destroy the sniper on the 3rd floor
        The Jewish mafia is arming the Sunni radicals in Syria just as it was arming and arming the militants in the Caucasus, and Qatar and the Saudis are only intermediaries - they really want to be pulled into the main roles in order to hide the trace of the financial Jewish mafia system.
        1. +1
          December 4 2012
          And if it is supposedly "Cornet", which were supplied in large numbers to the Syrian army, or the Ukrainian "Skif", which is sold to anyone who pays? And in general, those who divert attention from their affairs shout a lot about the "Jewish mafia". Nobody talks about Jews in Serdyukov's team, and the guys are not sickly.
          1. Ruslan
            December 4 2012
            Quote: Aron Zaavi
            And in general, those who divert attention from their affairs shout a lot about the "Jewish mafia". Nobody talks about Jews in Serdyukov's team, and the guys are not sickly.
            BECAUSE THE JEWS WERE HEATED Berezovsky, Gusinsky, Abramovich, Fridman, Mendel (Medvedev) and others. Serdyukov, compared to them, petty punks
            1. -1
              December 4 2012
              Firstly, apart from your la-la, is there any fact of Medvedev's belonging to the Jews? Fact!
              As for Gusinsky and Birch, they have not been in the Russian Federation for a long time, so what? Have you seen a list of Russian billionaires? There, of course, there are Jews, but the Russians are 10 times as many. I repeat the cry about the thieves of the Jews raise their tights to distract attention from themselves.
              But here it is off. And the fact is that you take your colleagues on the forum to the "naked resolution", presenting someone's speculation as a fact.
    2. MilaPhone
      December 4 2012
      And our indifferent constitutional system of Egypt, sharks, etc.
      All the same, they will go to Sharm el-Sheikh - because it’s cheaper there than in Sochi!
      1. +9
        December 4 2012
        Quote: Milafon
        All the same, they will go to Sharm El Sheikh

        If the girls start to drive in swimsuits, then they will stop driving right away, it is impossible to make peace with fanatics.
    3. predator.3
      December 4 2012
      "The revolution is devouring its children" these words, said before the execution by the famous figure of the Great French Revolution, Georges Jacques Danton (1759-1794), were always relevant, basically all the revolutions ended with the establishment of a dictatorship, so Comrade Mursi decided to become an Egyptian Napoleon!
      1. Sardanapalus
        December 4 2012
        Quote: predator.3
        here and comrade Mursi decided to become an Egyptian Napoleon

        Rather, Hitler! And most likely he will not stand on ceremony with the demonstrators. It will shoot.
        1. Kaa
          December 4 2012
          Quote: Sardanapalus
          Rather, Hitler!

          "Big Brother" from the United States threw Hitlerenka to the "little brothers" in Israel. A couple of years of Sharia - and again the war for Suez and Sinai. They will be bombarded in Pharaonic times. Wall Street is bored without a war, and Comrade Trotsky is remembered with his theory of "permanent revolution", then - with the "world proletarian", now - with the "world Salafi". How to calm them down?
          1. MG42
            December 5 2012
            Quote: Kaa
            How to calm them down?

    4. +6
      December 4 2012
      I am convinced that the USA and the EU have made from Egypt - AFGHANISTAN-2.
      There will now be endless revolutions and a civil war will be necessary.
      The USA on freshly printed green candy wrappers will control this chaos and at the same time control the Suez Canal.
      1. WW3
        December 4 2012
        As for the Afghan-2 may No. but the terrain in Egypt is slightly different than in Afghanistan ...
        as for control, it will be a little more difficult for them to negotiate with the current regime ... there is a photo below ... the problems for amers have already begun there ... and the candy wrappers are also not very long-term prospects - it will be 17 trillion soon. debt ...
      2. Beck
        December 5 2012
        Well, where are those who shouted that it was the USA of Mubarak, they threw off Gadaffi. That this Amer’s dirty hand covered with the hairy growth of Zionism acted. It’s strange because now it turns out they threw off Mubarak, put Musri, now again Musri is thrown off. This is the logic of the patriots, if only to bark at someone.

        In Egypt, a Muslim country, after the overthrow of Mubarak, the movement continues from dictatorship to democracy, the movement through orthodox Islam, overcoming it. Of course, Islamists have supporters, but democracy has supporters. And the democrats do not want Egypt that development that will lead Egypt to the model of royal Saudi Arabia, Syria, the dictates of Assad or Iran ayatollah. Most likely, the enlightened Egyptians wish for their country, as an example, this is secular Turkey.
    5. +1
      December 4 2012
      And I think Mursi is right! Have seen enough of what leads democracies from the West! So he is trying to protect his people from new enlighteners. Their law, their religion, them and cards in their hands. And about the fact that there are already 2 articles prohibiting blaspheming the prophet - right! So that all kinds of snacks do not appear!
      1. +1
        December 4 2012
        Quote: Egoza

        And I think Mursi is right! Have seen enough of what leads democracies from the West! So he is trying to protect his people from new enlighteners. Their law, their religion, them and cards in their hands. And about the fact that there are already 2 articles prohibiting blaspheming the prophet - right! To prevent all kinds of snacks

        Lena, we seem to be in the 21st century, and not in the 11th. The case is certainly more theirs, but for me personally the Islamic culture of Egypt is much more attractive.
    6. ksandr45
      December 4 2012
      The phrase "We wanted the best, but it turned out as always" I think now in relation not only to Russia. It feels like the world is heading towards World War III.
    7. Footmansur86
      December 4 2012
      Damn people are completely brainless, why do they need this Sharia? They send themselves to the Stone Age. Although everything is exactly alright for me, even if I’ll wear loincloths and move on to a communal combat lifestyle, or feudalism introduces their narrow-minded business, and these are typical representatives of the crowd.
      Prophet Muhammad and Muslims called killers !!! Let's go prove the opposite and kill the American ambassador, we will burn cars and threaten everyone with violence; we are a peaceful religion)))
      1. +5
        December 4 2012
        Sharia to them then that they do not want to be pederasts, as in the liberal west. So they rushed to the other extreme
    8. +4
      December 4 2012
      Well, bullshit. Soon they will have nothing left except religion. It goes without saying that you need to litter the brains of the population with quality, explain where the food, computers, electricity and so on went.
    9. +4
      December 4 2012
      Well, the game of "good and evil investigator" has gained momentum. The "good" investigator is the homosexual-liberal West. He gave birth to the Wahhabis with al-Qaeda. And the people do not want to be homosexual-liberal and take the side of the "evil" investigator - the Wahhabi-Sharia. But both "investigators" work for one owner, as Libya has shown, and Syria is now showing. And the "owner" does not care which country will be homosexual and which will be Wahhabist. The main thing is the divorce of suckers, in the sense that they think we are.
      State Department and Al Qaeda are united !!!
    10. donchepano
      December 4 2012
      There is a terrible threat to humanity
    11. +2
      December 4 2012
      As a tourist country, Egypt seems to be over!
      Too many people have appeared in Egypt with a madly fanatical gaze.
    12. +4
      December 4 2012
      What is it that the Americans have a "crap" of some kind of wrong construction turned out. And it's still flowers ... the berries will be ahead.
      In this situation, they will soon be resting on their own resorts, but tourism for them is a gold mine.
    13. +5
      December 4 2012
      Yeah, about Egyptian resorts and our
      and Europeans can be forgotten for a long time! recourse
      Have to oversleep your resorts to tourists! smile
    14. Abel
      December 4 2012
      Here is another fairly progressive, civilized and secular (as far as possible in Islam) country is rapidly falling to the level of the Middle Ages (figuratively speaking) ...

    15. +3
      December 4 2012
      Quote: LiSSyara
      What is it that Americans have a "crap" of some kind of wrong construction

      a small picture on the topic - this is what real democrats do:
      1. +8
        December 4 2012
        Not really about Egypt, but about crappy democratization.
    16. brush
      December 4 2012
      Yes, there will be a new mess
    17. Saracen
      December 4 2012
      The US found a reason to invade Syria.

      Syria began to prepare chemical weapons for military use

      and before that
      Obama threatened Assad with "consequences" for the use of chemical weapons

      Israel asks Jordan for permission to bomb chemical weapons depots in Syria

      Turkey raised the alarm of fighter aircraft due to complications on the border with Syria

      plus to that
      UN withdraws part of foreign personnel from Syria

      and here the brothers also came to this opinion
      US and Israel are preparing the reasons for the invasion of Syria

      And on top of that, it is already the third day since the "Assad giraffe" disappeared, there are no reports that he is alive.
      And to better manage the operation
      NATO Ground Forces Command Center relocated to Turkey
    18. Dimon Lviv
      December 4 2012
      Another country has disappeared for tourism.
    19. +3
      December 4 2012
      Liberals - no, Sharia - yes!

      Mouth Front, friends.
      So ... a country whose economy is 99,99% dependent on tourists is going to live according to Sharia law ... yeah ... so ...
      In my opinion, someone (as much as a whole country after all) will remain in the f * ck. fool
      And this someone is going to get into this f * ny categorically deep. Well .. Good Luck, as our overseas "friends" say.
    20. +2
      December 4 2012
      The US and the EU are consistently destroying the political leadership of countries with which Russia had close economic and military-technical ties.
      1. The multimillion-dollar contracts for the supply of arms to Libya signed with Qadafi were covered with a copper basin along with the colonel.
      2. In Tunisia, we built something.
      3. Egypt since the days of the USSR, as it is fashionable now, to speak as a partner in the Middle East.
      4. Syria is about the same as Egypt but closer and Tartus again.
      As a result, Russia in the Middle East remains alone against the United States, Israel and pro-Western puppet Arab states.
      And who is next after Syria?
      Iran? Kazakhstan? Uzbekistan? Armenia?
      The United States needs World War III to crawl out of that financial quagmire into which they have fallen head over heels. They did it twice already in the 20th century, while Russia and Europe came to their senses after the bloody baths, in Manhattan they calculated the profits for military supplies to the warring parties.
    21. WW3
      December 4 2012
      Rulers come and go, regimes change, and the Egyptian pyramids have been standing since 2630 BC ..... bully
      Well, in general, of course, people will regret that they overthrew the secular regime of Mubarak ... the amers felt the anger of the Egyptians at their embassy ...
    22. 0
      December 5 2012
      It will be fun if Egypt turns into, say, Somalia-2.
      There will be nothing for the people to eat, no work, no tourists.
      There is only one way out to take Kalash and "Alahakbar" for a couple of bucks, a ration or a dose.
      1. MG42
        December 5 2012
        Quote: GOLUBENKO
        It will be fun if Egypt turns into, say, Somalia-2.

        Well, this is a completely pessimistic forecast. In Somalia, there really is nothing but pirates. Egypt has a different infrastructure.
        The main source of income for Egypt is not at all agriculture, and not even tourism, as many believe, but duties that are levied on ships passing through the Suez Canal. The second most important component of the Egyptian economy is oil exports.
        Tourism takes only third place. Despite the fact that the country is extremely rich in cultural values ​​and masterpieces of ancient Egyptian architecture, it is visited by only 5 million people a year.
    23. +1
      December 5 2012
      Gentlemen, comrades ... But what if you look at the Bacchobites revolution (let's call a spade a spade) from a slightly different perspective ... Yes, all this is so (article above) .. However ... It didn’t seem to you that the Sunni power (you understand if you understand) replaced by necks by force .. (through democracy). See .... In most past Sunken revolutions in supposedly unshakable Sunni countries ... The question is, why? The answer seems to me on the surface .. The world government needs to reduce the population and push all possible peoples and cultures together .... It is in order to reduce the world's population under diminishing natural resources. And the Sunnis are certainly more advanced in terms of civilization (I will not paint) .... So, if (done) to overthrow the Sunnis and put the Shiites (the hungry and uneducated mass) ..This thing will obviously be corrected. Look Beauty is what ... The war is on, the weapons are wearing out and new ones are being delivered, the economies of prosperous countries are working, the number (of the unnecessary population by the standards of the world government) is declining rapidly ... Moreover, the most passionate part of applicants for these same resources is dying. Science .. achievements in economics, politics. Everything is crumbled by Chinese and Romanian Kalashes ... Everything .... After such a revolution, the country is a “political corpse" for 30-40 years minimum ... And maybe forever because the democratic bacchobites will cut all the smart and intelligent after the revolution ... Thus, the "ram people" Sorry for sharpness and comparison. Those who choose "freedom" ... They choose the Middle Ages and absolute helplessness in military and economic terms before developed countries ... And Chechnya, by the way, was precisely under this template that the special services (you know who) worked ... It just didn’t work ... they ... then ... Due to the heroism of our men from all over Russia ... Cops, special forces, landing, infantry, double basses. And many other heroes .. By the way, Colonel Budanov, in my opinion, is a (personal) opinion of a hero. Sorry if I offended anyone. This is my opinion, and I am not ashamed of him. And now the "lads" in new places are "trying the scenario of Chechnya", and again on Russian territory. Create a new armed conflict .... Remember the Flags over Kazan from cars? What do you think this is? Under the laws of Capitalism, unfortunately, the most profitable is to produce weapons (remember Marx). And the contract of corporations that produce weapons of all types with the state (more precisely through it) with the credit and banking system. It leads to endless blood and grief of people around the world. There are no such sums that would satisfy military corporations ... There is no such grief that will stop them ... Think for yourself .......
    24. 0
      December 5 2012
      But the Wahhabis and other radicals adjust everything for themselves. The first believe that only Arabs are the highest Nation (does it remind you of anything?). Or a martyr who died for the faith (it is profitable for someone to call terrorists that way), etc. And the guardians of Ibn Saud's "pure Islam" generally come from one of the tribes (tribe) of Israel. And with whom these guys are connected you know. In a private conversation, one mid-level Interior Ministry officer from Gudermes said that in the ranks of the militants there are a lot of people with a criminal past and have Hence the reket, and the murder of Islamic priests of all levels. And the enmity of the Sunnis and Shiites, numerous sects of pseudo-Christians in the lands of Orthodox Christians. The third world war has been going on for a long time, only it is being conducted in other ways ...

    "Right Sector" (banned in Russia), "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" (UPA) (banned in Russia), ISIS (banned in Russia), "Jabhat Fatah al-Sham" formerly "Jabhat al-Nusra" (banned in Russia) , Taliban (banned in Russia), Al-Qaeda (banned in Russia), Anti-Corruption Foundation (banned in Russia), Navalny Headquarters (banned in Russia), Facebook (banned in Russia), Instagram (banned in Russia), Meta (banned in Russia), Misanthropic Division (banned in Russia), Azov (banned in Russia), Muslim Brotherhood (banned in Russia), Aum Shinrikyo (banned in Russia), AUE (banned in Russia), UNA-UNSO (banned in Russia), Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People (banned in Russia), Legion “Freedom of Russia” (armed formation, recognized as terrorist in the Russian Federation and banned)

    “Non-profit organizations, unregistered public associations or individuals performing the functions of a foreign agent,” as well as media outlets performing the functions of a foreign agent: “Medusa”; "Voice of America"; "Realities"; "Present time"; "Radio Freedom"; Ponomarev; Savitskaya; Markelov; Kamalyagin; Apakhonchich; Makarevich; Dud; Gordon; Zhdanov; Medvedev; Fedorov; "Owl"; "Alliance of Doctors"; "RKK" "Levada Center"; "Memorial"; "Voice"; "Person and law"; "Rain"; "Mediazone"; "Deutsche Welle"; QMS "Caucasian Knot"; "Insider"; "New Newspaper"