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Why Mikhail Lomonosov was sentenced to death?

Why Mikhail Lomonosov was sentenced to death?Why Mikhail Lomonosov was sentenced to death? And who was interested in the abduction of the scientific library of Mikhail Lomonosov and in concealment, and, most likely, in the destruction of his numerous manuscripts, on which he worked throughout his life?

Mv Lomonosov fell into disgrace because of his disagreements with the German scientists who formed the backbone of the Academy of Sciences in the 18th century. Under Empress Anna Ioannovna, a flood of foreigners poured into Russia.

Beginning with the 1725 year, when the Russian Academy was established, and until 1841, the foundation of the Russian stories The following “benefactors” of the Russian people, who flooded the historical department of the Russian Academy of Sciences who arrived from Europe who spoke badly in Russian, but quickly became experts in Russian history, reworked:

Kohl Peter (1725), Fischer Johann Ebergard (1732), Kramer Adolf Bernhard (1732), Lotter Johann Georg (1733), Leroy Pierre-Louis (1735), Merling Georg (1736), Brem Johann Friedrich (1737), Merge George (1738), Brem Johann Friedrich (1740) Gaspard (1749), Crusius Christian Gottfried (1779), Moderah Karl Friedrich (1782), Stritter Johann Gotgilf (1795), Gakman Johann Friedrich (1798), Busse Johann Heinrich (1804), in a non-rescuer, in a non-secured, non-financial, non-financial, non-financial, and Johann Heinrich X. Julius (1805), Carl Herman Gottlob Melchior (1805), Johan Philippe circle (1807), Lerberg August Christian (1817), Heinrich Karl Ernst Keller (1818), Fresnes Christian Martin (1820), Graefe Christian Friedrich (1829) , Schmidt Issac Jakob (1829), Shengren, Johann Andreas (1832), Finnish Bernard (1835), Fleischer Heinrich Leberecht (1835), Lenz Robert Hristianovich (1837), Brosay Marie-Felisite (NNXX), HE Lense Robert Xris (1839), Brosse Marie-Felisite (NNXX), the LNC Robert Hristianovic (XNUMX), Brosse Marie-Felisite (LN) XNUMX). The brackets indicate the year of entry of the named foreigner into the Russian Academy.

The ideologists of the Vatican turned their attention to Russia. Without fanfare at the beginning of the 18th century, the future creators of the Russian “history”, who later became academicians, G.F. Miller, A.L. Schlozer, GZ Bayer and more etc. In the form of Roman "blanks" in their pockets lay: both the "Norman theory", and the myth of the feudal fragmentation of "Ancient Russia" and the emergence of Russian culture no later than XNX AD. and other rubbish. In fact, foreign scholars argued with their research that “in the 9th-10th centuries, the Eastern Slavs were real savages, saved from the darkness of ignorance by the Varangian princes.” It was Gottlieb Siegfried Bayer who advanced the Norman theory of the formation of the Russian state. According to his theory, "a handful of Normans who arrived in Russia in a few years turned the" dark country "into a powerful state."

Lomonosov led an irreconcilable struggle against the distortions of Russian history, and he found himself in the thick of this struggle. In 1749 - 1750, he spoke out against the historical views of Miller and Bayer, as well as against the German-imposed "Norman theory" of the emergence of Russia. He criticized Miller’s thesis “On the Origin of the Name and the Russian People,” as well as Bayer’s works on Russian history.

Lomonosov often quarreled with foreign colleagues who worked in the Academy of Sciences. His phrase is quoted here and there: “What vile dirty tricks such beasts allowed in them in Russian antiquities!” The phrase is said to be addressed to Schlozer, who “created” Russian “history”.

M. Lomonosov was supported by many Russian scientists. A member of the Academy of Sciences, an outstanding Russian machine builder AK Martov filed a complaint with the Senate against the dominance of foreigners in Russian academic science. Martov’s complaint was joined by Russian students, translators and clerks, as well as the astronomer Delille. It was signed by I. Gorlitsky, D. Grekov, M. Kovrin, V. Nosov, A. Polyakov, P. Shishkarev.

The meaning and purpose of their complaint is absolutely clear - the transformation of the Academy of Sciences into Russian is NOT ONLY ON THE NAME. At the head of the commission established by the Senate to investigate the charges, was Prince Yusupov. The commission saw in the speech of A.K. Martov, I.V. Gorlitsky, D.Grekov, P.Shishkarev, V.Nosov, A.Polyakov, M.Kovrin, Lebedev, and others, “a revolt of mob”, which rose against the authorities ”[ 215], p.82.

The Russian scientists who filed the complaint wrote to the Senate: “We proved the charges on the first 8 points and we will prove the rest of the 30 if we get access to the cases” [215], p.82. “But ... for“ stubbornness ”and“ insulting the commission ”were arrested. A number of them (I.V. Gorlitsky, A.Polyakov, etc.) WERE CONSTRAINED IN KANDALS AND “PLATED ON A CHAIN”. They spent about two years in this position, but they could not be forced to give up testimony. The decision of the commission was truly monstrous: to award Schumacher and Taubert, GORLITSKY'S EXECUTIVE, COOKOVA, POLYAKOVA, NOSOV HARDLY PUNISH BY THE PLAINS AND SALT TO SIBERIA, POPOVA, SHISHKAREV AND OTHERS, TO LEAVE THE PERSON OF THE PERSON, TO PERSON, TO SHIRKHAREV AND OTHERS, TO LEAVE TO THE PERSON OF THE PERSON, TO PERSON, SHISHKAREV AND OTHERS, TO LEAVE THE PERSON TO THE PERSON, TO THE PERSON IN SIBERIA, POPOV, SHISHKAREV AND OTHERS, TO LEAVE THE PERSON TO THE PERSON, TO THE PERSON IN SIBERIA, POPOV, SHISHKAREV AND OTHERS

Formally, Lomonosov was not among those who filed a complaint against Schumacher, but his entire behavior during the investigation shows that Miller was hardly mistaken when he stated: “Mr. Adjunct Lomonosov was one of those who filed a complaint against Mr. Schumacher’s adviser and called the appointment commission of inquiry. " Probably not far from the truth was Lamansky, who asserted that Martov’s statement was written mostly by Lomonosov. During the work of the commission, Lomonosov actively supported Martov ... It was precisely this that caused his stormy clashes with Schumacher’s most zealous minions — Vinzheim, Truskot, Miller.

The Synod of the Orthodox Christian Church also accused the great Russian scientist of spreading anti-clerical works in accordance with Art. 18 and 149 Military Article of Peter I, which provided for the death penalty. Representatives of the clergy demanded the burning of Lomonosov. Such severity, apparently, was caused by the too great success of the free-thinking, anti-church writings of Lomonosov, which indicated a marked weakening of the authority of the church among the people. Archimandrite D. Sechenov - Empress Elizabeth Petrovna's confessor - was seriously alarmed by the decline of faith, the weakening of interest in the church and religion in Russian society. It is characteristic that Archimandrite D. Sechenov, in his libel at Lomonosov, demanded the burning of the scientist.

The commission stated that Lomonosov “for repeated disrespectful, dishonorable and nasty actions both in relation to the academy and to the commission, and to the German Earth” is subject to a death penalty, or, as a last resort, to punishment and deprivation of rights and conditions. By decree of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna, Mikhail Lomonosov was found guilty, however, he was released from punishment. He only had his salary reduced by half, and he had to “for the inactivity committed by him” to ask the professors for forgiveness.

Gerard Friedrich Miller personally composed a mocking “repentance”, which Lomonosov was obliged to publicly pronounce and sign. Mikhail Vasilyevich, in order to be able to continue research, was forced to abandon his views. But the German professors did not calm down on this. They continued to seek the removal of Lomonosov and his supporters from the Academy.

Around 1751, Lomonosov began work on Ancient Russian History. He sought to refute the theses of Bayer and Miller on the "great darkness of ignorance," allegedly reigned in Ancient Russia. Of particular interest in this work is the first part - “About Russia, before Rurik,” where the doctrine of the ethnogenesis of the peoples of Eastern Europe and, above all, of the Slavic Rus was set forth. Lomonosov pointed to the constant movement of the Slavs from the east to the west.

German professors and historians decided to achieve the removal of Lomonosov and his supporters from the Academy. This “scientific activity” has developed not only in Russia. Lomonosov was a world-famous scientist. He was well known abroad. Every effort was made to defame Lomonosov before the world scientific community. In this case, all means were put into circulation. They made every effort to downplay the significance of Lomonosov’s works not only in history, but also in the natural sciences, where his authority was very high. In particular, Lomonosov was a member of several foreign Academies - the Swedish Academy from 1756, the Bologna Academy from 1764, [215], s.94.

“In Germany, Miller inspired speeches against the discoveries of Lomonosov and demanded his removal from the Academy” [215], s.61. This was not possible at the time. However, Lomonosov’s opponents managed to achieve the appointment of Schletzer [215], page 64, ACADEMICIAN OF RUSSIAN HISTORY. “Schlozer ... called Lomonosov“ a rude ignoramus who knew nothing but his chronicles ”” [215], p. XXUMX. So, as we see, Lomonosov was blamed for the knowledge of RUSSIAN CHRISTIANS.

“Contrary to the protests of Lomonosov, Catherine II appointed Schlozer Academician. AT THIS, IT DOES NOT ONLY GET INTO UNCONTROLLED USE OF ALL THE DOCUMENTS IN THE ACADEMY, BUT AND THE RIGHT TO REQUEST EVERYTHING THAT IS NECESSARY, FROM THE IMPERIAL LIBRARY AND ORGANIOLOGICAL ORGANIOLOGY IN THEIR TOURNAMENT TOURNAMENT TOURNAMENT TOURNAME Schlozer received the right to submit his works directly to Catherine ... The draft note, compiled by Lomonosov “for memory” and accidentally avoided confiscation, clearly expressed feelings of anger and bitterness caused by this decision: “There is no need to save. Everything is open to Schloser madcap. There are no more secrets in the Russian library »» [215], p.65.

Miller and his associates had full power not only at the university in St. Petersburg, but also at the gymnasium, which was preparing future students. The high school was run by Miller, Bayer and Fisher [215], p.77. In the gymnasium "TEACHERS DIDN'T KNOW THE RUSSIAN LANGUAGE ... THE PUPILS DIDN'T KNOW THE GERMAN. ALL TEACHING SHOWS EXCLUSIVELY IN THE LATIN LANGUAGE ... For thirty years (1726-1755) the gymnasium has not prepared a single person for entering the university ”[215], p. XXUMX. From this the following conclusion was made. It was stated that “the only way out is to discharge the students from Germany, since it is impossible to prepare them from the Russians anyway” [77], p.215.

This struggle continued throughout Lomonosov’s life. “Thanks to Lomonosov’s efforts, several Russian academics and adjuncts appeared in the Academy” [215], p. XXUMX. However, "in 90, according to the denunciation of Taubert, Miller, Shtelin, Epinuss, and others, another Empress of Russia, Catherine II," EVEN WAS FIRING LOMONOSOV FROM ACADEMY "[1763], p. 215.

But soon the decree about his resignation was canceled. The reason was the popularity of Lomonosov in Russia and the recognition of his services by foreign academies [215], s.94. However, Lomonosov was removed from the leadership of the geographical department, and Miller was appointed instead. An attempt was made to “TRANSLATE THE MATERIALS OF LOMONOSOV IN LANGUAGE AND HISTORY TO THE ORDER OF SLETS” [215], p.94.

The last fact is very significant. If even during the lifetime of Lomonosov, attempts were made to get to his archive in Russian history, then what can we say about the fate of this unique archive after the death of Lomonosov. As was to be expected, the LOMONOSOV ARCHIVE WAS IMMEDIATELY CONFISCED IMMEDIATELY AFTER HIS DEATH AND ITS FAILED. We quote: “FOREVER DAMAGED BY CATHERINE II THE LOMONOSOV ARCHIVE. The day after his death LIBRARY AND ALL PAPER LOMONOSOV were sealed orders CATHERINE GR.ORLOVYM, moved to his palace and disappeared without a trace »[215], s.20. Preserved letter Taubert to Miller. In this letter “without concealing his joy, Taubert reports on the death of Lomonosov and adds:“ ON ANOTHER DAY AFTER HIS DEATH, Count Orlov ordered that the seal be attached to his office. Without a doubt, it should contain papers that do not wish to be released into the wrong hands ”[215], p. 20.

The death of Mikhail Lomonosov was also sudden and mysterious, and rumors circulated about his deliberate poisoning. Obviously, what could not be done in public, his numerous enemies completed it secretly and secretly.

Thus, the "creators of Russian history" - Miller and Schlozer - got to the Lomonosov archive. After that, these archives naturally disappeared. But then, after the seven-year-old wire was finally published — and it is absolutely clear that under the full control of Miller and Schlozer — Lomonosov's work on Russian history. And then only the first volume. Most likely, rewritten by Miller in the right way. And the rest of the volume simply "disappeared." So it turned out that the “Lomonosov's work on history” that we have at our disposal today is strangely and surprisingly consistent with Miller's point of view on history. It is even incomprehensible - why then did Lomonosov argue so furiously and for so many years with Miller? Why blamed Miller for falsifying Russian history, [215], s.62, when he himself, in his published History, was obediently AGREING with Miller on all counts? Comfortably assures him in each of his lines.

The history of Russia, published by Miller on “Lomonosov drafts”, can be said to be written as a carbon copy, and practically does not differ from the Milerovsky variant of Russian history. The same applies to another Russian historian - Tatishchev, again published by Miller only after the death of Tatishchev! Karamzin, almost literally rewrote Miller, although the texts of Karamzin after his death were repeatedly edited and altered. One of the last such alterations occurred after 1917, when all information about the Varangian yoke was removed from its texts. Obviously, in this way, the new political power tried to smooth out the discontent of the people, from the dominance of foreigners in the Bolshevik government.

Consequently, under the name of Lomonosov it was imprinted entirely not what Lomonos really wrote. Presumably, Miller with great pleasure copied the first part of Lomonosov's work after his death. So to say, "carefully prepared for printing." The rest is destroyed. Almost certainly there was a lot of interesting and important information about the ancient past of our people. Such a thing that neither Miller, nor Schlozer, nor the other “Russian historians” could ever publish.

Norman theory still adheres to Western scientists. And if you remember that for criticizing Miller, Lomonosov was sentenced to death by hanging and spent a year in prison waiting for a sentence until the royal pardon came, then it is clear that the leadership of the Russian state was interested in falsifying Russian history. The Russian history was written by foreigners, specially written for this purpose by Emperor Peter I from Europe. And already in the time of Elizabeth, Miller became the most important “chronicler”, who became famous for the fact that under the guise of the imperial charter, he traveled around Russian monasteries and destroyed all the ancient historical documents that remained.

The German historian Miller - the author of the “masterpiece” of Russian history tells us that Ivan IV was of the Rurik dynasty. Having made such an uncomplicated operation, Miller was already easily cut short the family of Rurikovich with their non-existent history to engrave on the history of Russia. Rather, cross out the history of the Russian kingdom and replace it with the history of the Kiev principality, then to make a statement that Kiev is the mother of Russian cities (although Kiev, according to the laws of the Russian language, had to be the father). Ruriks have never been kings in Russia, because such a royal family never existed. There was a rootless conqueror Rurik, who tried to sit on the Russian throne, but was killed by Svyatopolk Yaropolkovich. The fake Russian history is striking immediately when reading the “Russian” “chronicles”. It affects the abundance of names of princes who ruled in different places of Russia, which are given to us as centers of Russia. If, for example, a prince of Chernigov or Novgorod, was on the Russian throne, then there must have been some continuity in the dynasty. And this is not, i.e. we deal either with a hoax, or with a conqueror reigning on the Russian throne.

Our mutilated and perverted history of Russia, even through the depth of multiple Miller's hoaxes, shouts about the dominance of foreigners. The history of Russia, like the history of all Humanity, was invented by the aforementioned “historians”. They were not only specialists in falsifying stories, they were also experts in fabrication and falsification of annals.

As one of our members of the community, Lyudmila Shikanova, correctly noted in her commentary: More and more facts appear that the history of Russia was deliberately distorted. Many find evidence of the high culture and literacy of our ancestors in ancient times. Found bark letters written in the verb (our native alphabet, not the Cyrillic alphabet imposed on us) and letters written by ordinary peasants. But for some reason it is hidden. We know the detailed history of our country only from the reign of Rurik, and that before that we knew almost nothing. Why it is done and to whom it is beneficial, that is the question.

And now in our schools and higher educational institutions, pupils and students study the history of Russia from textbooks, largely written with money from overseas philanthropist George Soros. And as you know, "who pays for the banquet, he orders the music!"

The editorial board of Voenniy Obozreniye urgently needs a proofreader. Requirements: impeccable knowledge of the Russian language, diligence, discipline. Contact: [email protected]

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  1. boris.radevitch
    boris.radevitch 29 November 2012 16: 00 New
    Lomonosov is a pure Russian genius of the century !! love
    1. YARY
      YARY 29 November 2012 16: 27 New
      I agree with each letter!
      It’s not a sin even now for the current government to throw out ALL ALL funds and grants from foreign benefactors to X ... And always close all loopholes for such humanitarian sabotage !!!
      1. Kaa
        Kaa 29 November 2012 16: 45 New
        Quote: Ardent
        It’s not a sin even now for the current government to throw out ALL ALL funds and grants of foreign benefactors

        This is how many academics and professors will be left without a livelihood, how many tons of dissertations and monographs in waste paper necessary throw it away! would only Political will, and there are specialists to "separate the grain from the chaff". Here sometimes such facts and opinions are laid out by colleagues - just a sight for sore eyes, although not professionals write ... good
        1. Yeti
          Yeti 29 November 2012 17: 17 New
          Quote: Kaa
          just a peek, although not professionals write.

          But professionals carry such a heresy! .. And you will not move! They have grown to death in their departments.
        2. The comment was deleted.
        3. Fox 070
          Fox 070 29 November 2012 18: 29 New
          Quote: Kaa
          there would only be political will, and there would be specialists to "separate the wheat from the chaff".

          The problem is that there is still no political will on these issues and while the head of state is silent on this issue, not many archaeological and archival finds that scientists have managed to make are destroyed. And not a small role in this "destruction" is played by the DAM - far from the last person in the Russian political beau monde. His "Commission on Counteracting the Distortion of History" alone was worth ...
      2. Alex_g23r
        Alex_g23r 29 November 2012 18: 51 New
        Pay attention to the empress’s actions regarding Lomonosov. Nowadays there are even more advisers at today's hands.
    2. vic011
      vic011 29 November 2012 20: 03 New
      It is a pity to realize that the Germans rewrote our entire history.
      About the same golden horde, it simply did not exist. This was the name of the Russian army.
      You can search the Internet on this subject. It is unclear what is being taught in schools ...
      1. alexng
        alexng 29 November 2012 21: 45 New
        So it is necessary bit by bit archival and chronicles to restore the authenticity of Russian history. Enough for these Western liars to trust our past. It's like starting a goat in a garden.
  2. baltika-18
    baltika-18 29 November 2012 16: 01 New
    Everything is correctly stated in principle. We do not know our true story. History has long turned from science into a part of politics.
    1. klimpopov
      klimpopov 29 November 2012 16: 13 New
      In my opinion, she served politics ...
    2. Nicotine 7
      Nicotine 7 29 November 2012 23: 16 New
      A lot of things are destroyed, true, but I do not agree to say that we do not know our past at all.
  3. bubla5
    bubla5 29 November 2012 16: 06 New
    And now their offspring having changed their names to Russians humiliate the indigenous population, and you’ll understand who the hell is who
    1. Ross
      29 November 2012 16: 57 New

      And now their offspring having changed their names to Russians humiliate the indigenous population, and you’ll understand who the hell is who

      Remember Gordon’s program a few years ago about Arkaim. The main Russian historian at the Academy of Sciences (he was on the show) is a Jew, like most of his colleagues. They know Russian history better than Russians.
      1. Kaa
        Kaa 29 November 2012 17: 51 New
        Quote: Ross
        They know Russian history better than Russians

        Because they themselves have composed it ...
        1. Ross
          29 November 2012 18: 00 New

          You can’t say better soldier
      2. Fox 070
        Fox 070 29 November 2012 18: 40 New
        Hi Zhenya! Great article !!!
        Quote: Ross
        They know Russian history better than Russians.

        And most importantly, they know perfectly well how to distort its (history) beyond recognition and thereby humiliate the dignity of the Russian man, presenting him as a "dark lapotnik".
        In addition to my words, I want to bring to the attention of members of the forum a completely fresh information from our "partners":
        The Institute of Linguistics in Tartu (the former Academy of Linguistics of the USSR) announced that Russian could be excluded from the list of world languages ​​in the coming year.

        Monitoring conducted annually by the institute staff showed that the Russian language has ceased to meet the minimum requirements for self-identity, wealth of vocabulary and scope.

        If the picture does not change during 2013, then the Russian language will be declared dead language, with all the consequences that follow: the closure of Russian language courses in Europe, its exclusion from the official languages ​​of world organizations (UN, UNESCO) and a ban on its use in embassies to communicate with the Russians.

        It must be said that the Institute of Linguistics has annually warned the Russian authorities about the high probability of the development of events in this scenario over the past five years, but all of its appeals have remained unanswered. According to the UNESCO classification, there are several stages of the death of a language, and Russian fully corresponds to the most difficult of them: the Russian language has turned into a contextual-situational set of grammatical forms.

        IMPRESSIVE ???
  4. Locksmith
    Locksmith 29 November 2012 16: 17 New
    If history were to be written the way it was created, and not how convenient it was to attach it to the rulers, a lot, if only not everything fell into place. And why did Russia not have its own fleet, that Peter had to (allegedly) secretly learn — he asks why the empire should build a fleet in the forest, if it can be built near the sea. And why is the Latin alphabet called "Permian". These "writers" perverted and forged everything so much that now supercomputers are thinking for a long time to digest and clean up this lie. Well done Fomenko and Nosovsky, they removed such a layer of lies from our history, still there would be enough will and force historians to reconsider all this husk.
    1. vadimN
      vadimN 29 November 2012 16: 43 New
      Quote: Locksmith
      still would have the will and force historians to review all this husk.

      Unfortunately, if this happens, it will not happen very soon ... The official historians have defended so many dissertations, gained so many degrees, eat so many grandees .. and suddenly admit that all this does not fit in with reality !? Yes, they never will.
      Besides, politics and ideology interfere here. Many people in this world need and it is important that the Russians carry the complex of a slave, an unfinished person who is not able to live and think without the direction of "civilized" people. This is a strategic line, which is stubbornly achieved by maintaining the "official" history of the grandees of the same Soros and others like him ...

      There are a huge number of examples of hushing up historical facts, finds and research that reveal the true history of Russia ... The same birch bark letters, written NOT IN KIRILLITS (and after that they prove to us that the Greeks Cyril and Methodius brought the light of letters to the wild Russians)! Or here's a simple example: Some time ago I happened to visit Arkaim in the South Urals. A huge excavation site, unique finds and ... a meager museum that tells about the life of a "certain tribe" ... And in behind-the-scenes confidential conversations, one familiar guide said that artifacts found in a huge number of artifacts indicating the Slavic origins of this people, high culture and scientific the knowledge of the ancient inhabitants of Arkaim - most of it was taken to closed storage facilities, in fact classified, and part of the excavation was generally ordered to BURN - Like, there was no history of the highly developed Slavs who built the city at a time when the Europeans were still living in huts!
      1. Ross
        29 November 2012 17: 11 New
        Vadim, he himself faced the same thing this summer in Arkaim!

        A typical portrait of Arkaimts, official science dates from about 19 century BC
      2. baltika-18
        baltika-18 29 November 2012 17: 45 New
        Quote: vadimN
        There are a huge number of examples of hushing up historical facts, finds and studies that reveal the true history of Russia ... The same birch bark letters written NOT IN Cyrillic

        It’s not only facts and findings that are hushed up. The Russian language itself is blackened. You see, the monks who invented it aren’t reasonable for us, the monks who came to teach us, taught us to write, put up monuments and hold public holidays, and it’s not in their house that (linguists know perfectly well) the Russian language a language in the world whose root system of words forms bushes, that is, there are many words from one root, and so on from each root, which are great in Russian. The Russian language has acrophonicity, which no other language of the world can boast. l is one intelligent person, the language of God is Hebrew, and the language of the gods is Russian.
      3. Kaa
        Kaa 29 November 2012 18: 00 New
        Quote: vadimN
        there was no history of highly developed Slavs who built the city at a time when Europeans still lived in huts!

        But actually, were the Europeans then?
        1. bart74
          bart74 30 November 2012 00: 05 New
          Dear After all, everyone still knows (as it still looks in practice). When the Slavs washed themselves in baths and lived separately, each clan in its hut, our enemies, the gray-Semites, still climbed palm trees. And you, the commander of the Nadim Nadim read the reports of archaeologists. Or do you think Humanity is 2 thousand years old? For every minus, if you please, the men report, and not hide like hamsters and trolls!
      4. GG2012
        GG2012 30 November 2012 02: 48 New
        Quote: vadimN
        Many people in this world need and it is important that the Russians carry the complex of a slave, an unfinished person who is not able to live and think without the direction of "civilized" people.

        For some inexplicable reason, for everyone historical the troubles of the Slavs (Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians), there is a church (or Jewish, or Catholic, or Christian, or Muslim).
        I myself wonder how the world would be if there were no religion and church. And I come to one conclusion, the world would be many times cleaner !!! Cleaner without religion and church !!!
        This is a paradox! But it is a fact!
        The Jewish god is said to be love.
        No!!! The Jewish god is greed, greed, deceit, cunning, blackmail, murder, .... BUT ONLY not love.
        It seems that Zionism and Christianity, like the flu, are transmitted through the air, like an infection that seeks to destroy the Slavic world by all means.
        It is not enough for them to destroy our history, they every day on the channel "Spas", "Blagovest", "Glas", etc. talk about the advantages of the Slave over the Man, and recruit the "electorate" to pay church tithes.
        The life story of Lomonosov is a vivid example of the struggle of the Slavic world with the Jewish one, the struggle of Light and Darkness !!!

        Victory through Knowledge !!!
    2. Ross
      29 November 2012 17: 01 New
      Near Voronezh, according to records, by order of Peter, all oak forests (for the local shipyard) were cut down and millions of trunks then rotted uselessly.
  5. crapiv
    crapiv 29 November 2012 16: 22 New
    Yeahhh, thanks for the article!
  6. IlyaKuv
    IlyaKuv 29 November 2012 16: 28 New
    And someone heard how Lomonosov broke the nose of a German professor for his anti-Russian bullshit. Eternal memory to the great Russian scientist who suffered for our true history.
  7. Forget
    Forget 29 November 2012 16: 30 New
    Mikhailo Lomonosov is a very good educational film.
  8. dmb
    dmb 29 November 2012 16: 38 New
    An obliging fool is more dangerous than an enemy. Why is it necessary, speaking of the Russian Genius, to try to adjust the facts to the wishes of the public? In the article, the mention of the "bloody hand of the Vatican" is alarming, because even a superficial study of the biographies of the authors of the Norman theory gives the least reason to accuse them of Catholicism. Schletzer and Miller are generally from pastor families, and there is no mention of Bayer-Catholic anywhere. Unfortunately (or fortunately), genius is not always combined with extremely positive character traits. As one of the bards sings: "And Mussorgsky booze." Lomonosov is no exception. In general, squabbles in the scientific world are a widespread phenomenon and are far from always associated with the desire to direct the country, which gives you the opportunity to live comfortably, into the darkness of ignorance, for the sake of the interests of a united Europe, which, like Germany, did not exist at that time. More often these quarrels were caused by the division of state firewood and other goods. For the sake of objectivity, it should be remembered that not only Lomonosov, but also Miller was "tapped" by the results of the squabbles.
  9. sergo0000
    sergo0000 29 November 2012 16: 49 New
    Wonderful article! It once again shows that history is repeating itself. AND HOW STRONG ENEMY IS IN RUSSIA.
    Almost the whole history of Europe is a war with Russia! Glory to the genius of Lomonosov. And if our land gives birth to such geniuses, then not everything is still lost with us!
  10. sniper
    sniper 29 November 2012 16: 59 New
    So, even in those days (and to our days) our people were deprived of history in order to erase the very idea of ​​Russian statehood ... It would be easier to rule, to remove a strong competitor from the world stage ... Now we have to impose same-sex marriages and soon no one will remember that there was once a Great Russian People .... They know how to clean history, won the Second World War already .... And the most bitter thing about all this is that many of our compatriots enthusiastically clap their hands applauding another distortion of history ...
  11. Ross
    29 November 2012 17: 17 New
    Unfortunately, another piece of dirty news from the front of an invisible war with the Russians:

    Russian is no longer a language
    "The Institute of Linguistics in Tartu (formerly the Academy of Linguistics of the USSR) announced that the Russian language may be excluded from the list of world languages ​​within the next year.

    Monitoring conducted annually by the institute staff showed that the Russian language has ceased to meet the minimum requirements for self-identity, wealth of vocabulary and scope.

    If the picture does not change during 2013, then the Russian language will be declared a dead language, with all the ensuing consequences: the closure of Russian language courses in Europe, its exclusion from the official languages ​​of world organizations (UN, UNESCO) and a ban on its use in embassies to communicate with Russians. "
    1. vadimN
      vadimN 29 November 2012 17: 39 New
      I read the reference ... Yes ... It's sad. But, admittedly, the situation is described correctly ...
      1. Ross
        29 November 2012 17: 51 New
        Everything is so Vadim, but for us the Russian language is more than just linguistics, it is the soul of the Russian and his history, connection with ancestors.
  12. wave
    wave 29 November 2012 17: 21 New
    A very interesting article about our so talented Mikhail Lomnosov. I wish that Lomonosov, while alive, broke his nose even to Miller
    1. bart74
      bart74 30 November 2012 00: 12 New
      And he and Miller seemed to be friends. Mikhail Vasilich, was anyone (chemist, alchemist, writer, physicist, etc.) like a mathematician was never. Correct if not right. For every minus, if you please, the men report, and not hide like hamsters and trolls!
  13. Horde
    Horde 29 November 2012 17: 28 New
    as before, Russian history is explored by HISTORIANS !!!

    Valery Ivanovich Zhiglov - Ph.D., Doctor of Philosophy, Academician of the International Academy of Information, Communication, Management in Technology, Nature and Society, Cavalier of the International Order of the Polar Star (Pole Star) "For his personal contribution to World Science and the popularization of scientific knowledge ”, Laureate of the II Mechnikov medal of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences“ For a practical contribution to strengthening the health of the nation ”, laureate of medals named after K.E. Tsiolkovsky, named after academician of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR MV Keldysh and named after the USSR pilot-cosmonaut Yu. A. Gagarin of the Federation of Cosmonautics of Russia “For Merits to the Russian Cosmonautics”, holder of the Honorary badges “Inventor of the USSR” and “Veteran of the Cosmonautics of Russia”, full member of the Russian Geographical Society, author of over one hundred scientific papers, dozens of popular science articles and a number of monographs.

    so it turned out that at first I learned about your work from your scientific enemies, and immediately became interested, if they scold a Russian scientist, slander calling him a charlatan, then you must read

    What do we know about Lomonosov? The great scientist discovered the fundamental law in half (also a strange story) with Lavoisier - the conservation of matter, was engaged in experiments on the study of electricity, created a technology for processing glass and smalt for mosaics and panels. That's probably all that historical science in the person of academicians writing history books provides us with. What is written in the textbooks about Lomonosov’s large-scale history studies? NO. Why do the academic circles forming the worldview of the people for hundreds of years not provide people with the historical TRUTH? Well, under the Tsars of the Romanovs, in fact, it was a GERMAN dynasty, absolutely not interested in writing to the Russian people the historical TRUTH about their past, but why were they deceived under the Communists because it was the people's power?
    Already in the twentieth century, a story similar to the one with Lomonosov happened to the great Russian historian and encyclopedist Morozov Nikolai Alexandrovich, who was the forerunner of Fomenko and Nosovsky. Morozov, enraptured by the new Bolshevik regime, remained incomprehensible and was not accepted by the historical science of that time. Adherents of historiography understood what a deadly enemy Morozov was for their historical PARADIGM and therefore did everything in their power to make Morozov’s historical works forgotten. if not for the GENIUS Fomenko rediscovered Russian history.
    As in the time of Lomonosov, at the helm of Russian science, like the helm of the state are NOT RUSSIAN people, therefore, the people will not know any historical truth.
  14. Horde
    Horde 29 November 2012 18: 35 New
    by the way I read at the Finnish University, it turns out that the great Newton was also engaged in history and also with disappointing results for traditional Scaligerian history, he also reduced the duration of world history and believed that the traditional history is too long. Do we know something? NOTHING QUIET people don't need such a story.
  15. bubla5
    bubla5 29 November 2012 18: 37 New
    In fact, there were historians who wrote everything as it should be, in monasteries and monasteries, but for some reason these books were collected under Ivan the Terrible in one place and they disappeared, maybe someone needed it, but how difficult and dangerous Lomonosov was at that time can only imagine
    1. Horde
      Horde 29 November 2012 18: 59 New
      In fact, there were historians who wrote everything as it should be, in monasteries and monasteries, but for some reason these books were collected under Ivan the Terrible in one place and they disappeared

      How do you know this story?
  16. Setrac
    Setrac 29 November 2012 19: 15 New
    Why don't you like the phrase "the bloody hand of the Vatican"? The Vatican is the author of the ideology of Germanization, and then the Catholicization of the Slavs, the Vatican is the author of the idea of ​​"divide and rule", the Vatican is the author of the Crusades, truly the Pope = Satan. And yet, the Vatican, the organizer of the invasion of Russia and the three hundred year yoke of the golden order, the Vatican in the bloodiest way planted Christianity in Russia and imposed a tribute on everyone - church tithes. Yes, yes, the so-called religious wars were fought for loot, this is our religion of the golden calf.
    1. dmb
      dmb 29 November 2012 23: 29 New
      As I understand it, this is addressed to me, and therefore I thought for a long time whether it was worth answering, because you did not seem to read the entire comment. And if they read, then they should pay attention that the opponents of Lomonosov were Protestants. There are not only scientific works about their good relations with Catholics, but also a mass of fiction that popularly sets out what the good Frenchmen of various faiths did on the night of St. Bartholomew. Pope and Satan may be, but I remember that he had nothing to do with the planting of Christianity-Orthodoxy in Russia. I did not hear about his authorship in the organization of a three hundred year old yoke. I will be infinitely grateful if you indicate a source that sheds true light on these papal disgraces as well.
  17. George
    George 29 November 2012 20: 27 New
    Yes, Michael got it, but he didn’t give up. I read with V. Pikul how Lomonosov studied abroad. The mentor providing his training allocates pennies, raking in himself the lion's share of the allocated money. Michael was a true enthusiast, eager for knowledge. And if my memory serves me right, then it was then that he began to write poetry in a new manner (which we still use by the way), thereby challenging Trediakovsky.
    A real Russian nugget.
  18. suharev-52
    suharev-52 29 November 2012 22: 21 New
    History is perverted. And for your story you must fight. And promote in every possible way. Well, the fact that the protégés of the Judeo-Masonic oligarchs are in power are visible to the naked eye. And while they are in power, we will not be a great state. Sincerely.
  19. Black
    Black 29 November 2012 22: 45 New
    History as a science b .... for even that. This is clear. Why Soviet historical science fostered false German nonsense, I do not understand.
    Anyone have any thoughts on this?
  20. wax
    wax 29 November 2012 22: 56 New
    Interestingly, a handful of Normans managed, and quickly, to make a dark nation a cultural nation only in Russia. Is it because the Russians were a cultural nation with a popular government, which turned out to be comfortable to attach to a handful of Normans.
    Lomonosov our bow.
  21. Locksmith
    Locksmith 29 November 2012 23: 03 New
    My dream is to let smart people quietly retell the CORRECT story from Nosovsky and Fomenko on the forum in the form of topics, it’s very difficult to read them, many will not stand it, but a brief and interesting retelling just right, maybe someone later gets the interest to overcome the whole thing.
    1. Ross
      29 November 2012 23: 48 New
      Nosovsky cannot be trusted in everything, he only finds inaccuracies in the classical version of history, but does not own all the information.
      1. shipbuilder
        shipbuilder 30 November 2012 10: 05 New
        Tell me, who owns? Maybe "Classical" historians? What are the inaccuracies?
        The works on the New Chronology do not deal with inaccuracies, but are more scientific, because they use scientific methods in their work, which cannot be said about the "classics".
  22. bart74
    bart74 30 November 2012 00: 21 New
    The most obscure science (or pseudoscience) is history. All rewrite it, rightfully strong. For example, my father says (he is 68 years old), when Stalin died - all the grandmothers cried. He was small, he was only 7-8 years old, he asked, why are you crying? And he was my great-grandmother, he remembered it for life! answers: With it, one bread is cheaper every year. Here is such a folk memory. Set aside this most important thing about bread. And so it was. Here is the story. (I am silent about everything else, industrialization and so on, both good and so on)

    For every minus, if you please, the men report, and not hide like hamsters and trolls!
    1. wax
      wax 30 November 2012 01: 06 New
      And for the pros - also report? And for the absence of both of them (for sighs), too? I declare that my plus is NOT related to the last sentence.
  23. Magadan
    Magadan 30 November 2012 01: 19 New
    "It is characteristic that it was Archimandrite D. Sechenov, in his lampoon against Lomonosov, who demanded the burning of the scientist." -
    Guys, you are all on a patriotic wave, plus the author, at the same time skipped this paragraph !!!
    Let at least someone bring at least ONE fact that the Orthodox Church burned at least someone at the stake! This dude is either sick on the head, or a provocateur!
    And since he lied here, then there is no need to read him further. Some strange stuffing. Remember - it’s best to instill a lie by disguising it among 90% of the truth
    The Orthodox Church burned on the braids !!! Survived, damn it! Even Komsomol-God-fighters of the early 20s didn’t think of such nonsense! Or they had more conscience than the author.
    Just in case: Lomonosov also wrote the ode "Morning Meditation on Divine Greatness", where he transposed the Book of Job and the Psalms into verses. And then someone else will blurt out that Lomonosov was an atheist ...
    The whole article is a lie and just a lie with the aim of attacking our history. Now we will agree that Lomonosov was almost burnt at the stake (!), And tomorrow we will be convinced that Alexander Nevsky was not there and in general our traditions, faith and of course, territory and our resources are some kind of misunderstanding, an urgent need to be fixed
    1. GG2012
      GG2012 30 November 2012 03: 07 New
      Quote: Magadan
      Let at least someone bring at least ONE fact that the Orthodox Church burned at least someone at the stake! This dude is either sick on the head, or a provocateur!

      Have a conscience! Defender of the Faith!

      The following is just a small example of what the Russian Orthodox Church did: (if necessary, the number of examples can be brought to ...)
      Heretics in Russia were tried according to the “city” law, but this, according to the historian N. M. Karamzin, was only one “decency”. The Orthodox Church sent heretics and disobedience to the bonfires with its own power, while secular power was only the performer of its demands and sentences. One of the founders of the Orthodox Inquisition, Joseph Volotsky, proclaimed that the king, who did not want to fight against heresies, was not a servant of God, but the devil. The Orthodox Church carried out its inquisitorial activities through the judicial bodies at the disposal of the diocesan bishops, through the patriarchal court and church councils. Although the Orthodox Church did not have such an inquisition apparatus as the Catholic Church had, but in the fight against heresies, it used real inquisition methods of reprisal - search and interrogation under torture and other methods of “learning the truth”, actively used burning alive. The order of the inquisitorial affairs was led by the proto-inquisitor, archimandrite of the Moscow Danilov Monastery Paphnutiy. The Order of the Inquisitorial Affairs had at its disposal its own clerk, its own guard, and its own prison. The Raskolnichesky office, which existed until 1764, was a real inquisitorial dungeon. More than 30000 people were killed in Russia in the XNUMXth – XNUMXth centuries (most were killed alive or died under torture). The official version of the Orthodox Church says that these victims killed themselves by practicing self-drowning, self-burial and self-immolation.
      sources: Kuraev A.V., protodeacon; MDA Professor Good Word on the Inquisition, Lee Henry Charles History of the Inquisition in the Middle Ages
    2. dmb
      dmb 30 November 2012 09: 44 New
      Well, one fact that immediately comes to mind, I bring. Protopop Avvakum with comrades. They burned solely because of disagreements with Comrade Nikon in matters of religion.
  24. Magadan
    Magadan 30 November 2012 05: 01 New
    I do not know where you get this info. I know one thing - I studied under the USSR and then in our schools, on our TV and in general everywhere, they poured mud on the church as soon as they could. But even then, the godless communists did not SPEAK in any textbook or anti-religious film that Orthodox The church burned at least one person at the stake! Doesn't that seem strange to you !? Well, even if there was even a hint in REAL History about such a fact, then in any way, the Communists would have unleashed this topic!
    About the fact that the Catholics burned at the stake "scientists" - yes I heard from the school course, but about the Orthodox never! Historians then did not know such facts, but now they do? Or did the communists hide these facts for some reason? Given that they fought against the church as best they could? Explain this nonsense to me!
    So your info - from the same sources from which all sorts of Suvorov, etc. their icebreakers write and other pseudo-historical crap.

    Quote: GG2012
    The order of the inquisitorial affairs was led by the proto-inquisitor, archimandrite of the Moscow Danilov Monastery Paphnutiy.

    N-daaaaa ..... The Monk Daniel Paphnutius, the founder of the Daniel Monastery, bore secret obedience, finding the dead without a church funeral service (vagrants, drunkards, etc.) and secretly burying them in the cemetery, where the Danilov Monastery was later built. What "proto-inquisitor" ???? The Orthodox have never had such "positions" before!
    You are telling lies, gentlemen - atheists. Because you have nothing real against our Church. You still can’t even name a single great man among atheists and not a single great scientist who referred to himself as an atheist. Lomonosov, including a man deep faith what I wrote about repeatedly. As well as Suvorov, Ushakov, Nevsky, Donskoy, etc.
    Therefore, stop slandering the church. If you believe that your ancestor is a monkey, then believe yourself, I don’t come up with all kinds of vile things about Darwin, Voltaire and Goldbach with Lenin
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 30 November 2012 05: 33 New
      Quote: Magadan
      Therefore, stop slandering the church.

      Magadan, do not pay attention to him, if he writes again, he will receive a warning, and the comment will be deleted. GG2012, I wrote to you in a personal and here I am posting it specifically for you. Read the rules of Saita ..................
      We strictly forbid racism, statements that can offend the religious feelings of people of a different faith.
  25. Svist
    Svist 30 November 2012 07: 08 New
    Quote: Wax
    For example, my father says (he is 68 years old), when Stalin died - all the grandmothers cried.

    I was 5 years old, but I remember this day all my life. Not grandmothers cried, all cried. That's why it struck me in my memory. And I do not think that this is due to the fact that bread has become cheaper ...
  26. Magadan
    Magadan 30 November 2012 07: 09 New
    Quote: Alexander Romanov
    Magadan, do not pay attention to him

    Yes, I’m not offended, Alexander! On the contrary, this is a great chance to dispel numerous facts of lies against the Orthodox Church. My feelings are not important, because God does not scold.
    It is uncomfortable for me to divert the discussion from the topic of distortion of our history, but I also cannot ignore such distortions. Since the charge has been brought against the Church of burning someone there at the stake, then let them prove it with any one unconditional historical fact. I say in advance - I read the articles of a certain historian Shatskiy, about his 95 "examples" in the course, of which only 9 cases have not been unambiguously refuted by facts. And those from the category "hell knows how it was." You can dig deeper, but I don't see the point because if such burnings were an unambiguous historical reality, then the godless fighters of the USSR era would have taken advantage of this. But they didn’t use it, it seems people were still more inclined to reality, and not to continuous inventions like "Icebreaker
  27. waleri
    waleri 4 June 2015 05: 03 New
    Hello! The article is useful at Putin’s meetings on the air, it is necessary to advise reading about M.V. Lomonosov, otherwise marketers from the American Senate already got it. Sprat for the price of meat. Maybe he will calm down his prime minister and tell him to study the works of K. Marx CAPITAL, which in Soviet times he and his parents did not study. so i think