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At the gates of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, services are held under the supervision of the armed police

At the gates of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, services are held under the supervision of the armed police

At the gates of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, where the next session of the work of the commission for the delivery and acceptance of church property is planned, a divine service is being held. In addition, the area near the main entrance to the monastery is cordoned off by armed police. The arrival of a commission specially created to transfer the premises of the main shrine of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church to the state is expected in the Lavra.

The confrontation around the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra began after the Ukrainian authorities decided to unilaterally terminate the previously existing lease agreement and demand that the monks of the canonical church leave their monastery before March 29. In addition, the clergy were offered to go to the schismatic Orthodox Church of Ukraine, created to serve political interests by ex-president Petro Poroshenko.

On March 30, the commission of the reserve was supposed to start working in the Lavra, but the believers did not let its representatives through. The UOC stated that the commission does not have the authority to work - breaking the lease agreement is impossible unilaterally, and there is no court decision on this matter.

As Metropolitan Pavel, the abbot of the Lavra, stated, the monks intend to fight to the end in defending their rights. The priest also added that the commission does not have the authority to terminate the lease agreement unilaterally without a court decision. The Ukrainian authorities accuse the priest of inciting inter-religious hatred and traditional "cooperation with Russia" in modern Ukrainian realities.

The other day, by a court decision, Metropolitan Pavel was sent under house arrest, effectively removing the Lavra from the territory in the hope that without their spiritual leader, the parishioners would not be able to actively prevent the actual seizure of the temple complex.

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  1. Buyan
    Buyan April 3 2023 14: 16
    The demons are chubaty, there is nothing more to say .......
    1. Machito
      Machito April 3 2023 14: 59
      The Metropolitan was arrested. I wonder under what article and what are they accused of? Prevented the raider seizure of the monastery, temples, icons, precious ancient church utensils?
      1. Aerodrome
        Aerodrome April 3 2023 15: 09
        In Ukraine, on April 1, with a scandal, the governor of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, which is considered to be related to the Moscow Patriarchate, Metropolitan Pavel (in the world of Peter Lebed), was sent under arrest.
        The hierarch is suspected of committing crimes under the Ukrainian Criminal Code: Art. 161 (incitement of interfaith hatred) and 436-2 (denial of Russian aggression) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.
        The reason for suspicion was the numerous insults against the autocephalous Orthodox Church of Ukraine (OCU), which Pavel allowed in his sermons.
        He called the national church recognized by the Patriarchate of Constantinople "a group of atheists", "demons" and "self-saints".
        Until recently, he accused the President and the authorities of Ukraine of killing “infants and millions of people,” and on the eve of his arrest, he threatened Volodymyr Zelensky, his family, and the “pack” with suffering and eternal death.
        The Metropolitan himself is called "Pasha Mercedes" in Ukraine for his predilection for dear life. During a search in his house, the Metropolitan found a lot of luxury items
  2. dmi.pris1
    dmi.pris1 April 3 2023 14: 24
    The whole of Ukraine is a territory of lawlessness, violence. You can’t leave a single inch of bastards there, everything will be reborn again. Negotiations with criminals in Kiev?
  3. The comment was deleted.
  4. Volunteer Marek
    Volunteer Marek April 3 2023 14: 45
    Probably, these are the last remnants of resistance to demons in Ukraine. They will crush. Without our help, there will be no life for them.