"Pantry of resources" and "terrible people": the ideas of Europeans about Russia, which were formed in the Middle Ages

"Pantry of resources" and "terrible people": the ideas of Europeans about Russia, which were formed in the Middle Ages

The "Russophobia" of the West, which manifested itself in all its glory after the start of our NWO in Ukraine, is by no means a new phenomenon. The thing is how the attitude towards Russians in Europe has been formed for centuries. It is so easy for foreign media today to put the image of a “Russian savage” into the heads of their compatriots, who poses a “threat” to the whole world, even based on centuries-old messages.

Even during the Middle Ages, Europeans had a lot of myths about Rus'.

For example, guests from "civilized" Europe, returning home, described Rus' and its population with very unflattering epithets.

Terrible people, rudeness, debauchery, ignorance and untidiness. All this could often be heard about the Russians.

Meanwhile, such statements were nothing but European narcissism and a sense of superiority over other peoples.

If we talk about "uneducated", then everything is just the opposite. Archaeological excavations have repeatedly confirmed the high level of development of Ancient Rus'. Literate people met here not only among the nobility and clergy, but also among ordinary townspeople and villagers. At the same time, in medieval Europe, even among the nobility, literacy was rare. Even individual European kings were not literate.

Concerning debauchery and untidiness. Such statements are all the more strange to hear from the Europeans of the Middle Ages, with their narrow streets turned into dumps, the lack of basic hygiene rules and legalized prostitution.

By the way, about the narrow streets of Europe, where people lived like "herring in barrels." Having visited Rus', the "Western guests" were surprised by the vast territories, as well as cities and villages with wide streets, along which not many people walk. At the same time, many settlements were in close proximity to forests and wildlife.

It was from here that the myth began, about bears “walking freely” in the cities of Russia.

At the same time, it is worth noting that, no matter how “wild” Rus' was represented in medieval Europe, they were well aware of its colossal natural wealth.

Therefore, it is not surprising that, despite all the prejudices about the population of Muscovy, the Europeans "saw" in it an important trading partner, or rather a "storehouse of resources" capable of providing them with many goods and raw materials that "old Europe" is not so rich in.

As a matter of fact, even hundreds of years later, the West's view of Russia has changed little. This is noticeable even in the publications of Western journalists and bloggers, who, when they come to Russia, are seriously surprised by the almost ubiquitous coverage of the country by the Internet, store shelves filled with food and other goods, and the presence of cafes and restaurants.

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  1. +6
    April 1 2023 09: 54
    Oh yes, we are terrible people! We do not tolerate hypocrites and scoundrels.
    1. +3
      April 1 2023 10: 03
      Unfortunately, we have enough of this goodness. The point is different - we are different in spirit. This is metaphysics.
      1. -2
        April 1 2023 10: 25
        We are "spoiled" by the communists, in each of us there is equality, brotherhood, internationalism, they tried to instill in us - me and mine, and we all rot - we and ours!
    2. old
      April 1 2023 11: 42
      The worst thing is not this, but the fact that we are trying to comply with the agreements, even when our European "partners" have already left them..
  2. +1
    April 1 2023 10: 03
    "Pantry of resources" and "terrible people": the ideas of Europeans about Russia, which were formed in the Middle Ages
    . Well, yes, and the gay Europeans are such wonderful, wonderful, kind guys ... that's who would talk about this, but not them.
    There is nothing to discuss, a complete lie.
  3. +2
    April 1 2023 10: 05
    Several excerpts from L. Lyubimov's book "In a foreign land" about France
    So listen to a purely French story from "Russian life."
    “There lived a Russian family: the father was a Muzhik, his wife was Baba and the child was Popov. They somehow go out onto Nevsky and see the tsar passing by in a sleigh. Suddenly a pack of wolves round the corner: they are catching up with the sleigh, now they will tear the king to pieces!
    Terrible moment...
    A man does not think: grabs the child Popov and throws it to the wolves.
    The king is saved. He orders to stop the sled, pulls a quarter out of the back pocket and calls the Man:
    “I favor you with vodka from my own royal pocket. Drink and enjoy with your wife Baba. Your deed is beautiful, your deed is great, your deed is almost worthy of a Frenchman.

    "Little Larousse" is a one-volume encyclopedic dictionary, which is available in every French bourgeois family.
    Everything is correct about Ivan IV, but every word about Boris Godunov is a stunning sensation: “he poisoned Tsar Fedor” (!), “committed suicide” (!!!)

    About Lomonosov: "Russian poet and writer." And that's it.
    About Pushkin: "Lyric poet". Yes, lyrical and all.
    It is said about Mussorgsky that his name was simply "Petrovich". Mussorgsky (Petrovich) is a Russian composer.

    And not a word about Nekrasov, Herzen, Belinsky. Not a word about Pavlov, Popov, Sechenov, Chebyshev, Michurin, Timiryazev.
    1. +1
      April 1 2023 10: 20
      Limited people, what to take from them.
      But why do they love Dostoevsky and Tolstoy ... Leo
  4. +1
    April 1 2023 10: 17
    "Millions - you. Us - darkness, and darkness, and darkness.
    Try it, fight with us!
    Yes, we are Scythians! Yes, we are Asians
    With braces and greedy eyes!

    For you - centuries, for us - a single hour,
    We are like obedient slaves
    They held a shield between two hostile races,
    Mongols and Europe!..."
    1. 0
      April 1 2023 10: 27
      And those who are bohemia, high society, have always considered themselves the most, the most and did not bother to plunge deeper, to the origins, in order to truly understand what the RUSSIAN SOUL is, what kind of cross / quest the people carry on themselves.
  5. 0
    April 1 2023 10: 17
    You will be "terrible" here, walking and walking from Europe to us several times every century - they're sick of it!
  6. +2
    April 1 2023 10: 34
    Everything is very simple here. Envy, greed, malice and fear. These features of the West, hidden behind hypocrisy, have always been inherent. Especially to rich neighbors. And Russia has always been rich in resources. Especially after the split of the church, the fall of Constantinople and the announcement of Moscow as the third Rome, the Vatican actively joined in this, which declared Moscow heretics and, in fact, the Crusade. As you know, during the Time of Troubles, the Vatican actively participated together with the Poles. As in the time of Napoleon and Hitler, so there lies about Russia have been put on stream since the 12th century.
  7. +3
    April 1 2023 20: 08
    Europeans do not change their policy for centuries. But with us it regularly changes by 180 degrees.

    And every time the question arises - - Will God have mercy this time or have you finally reached the final result?
  8. -1
    April 1 2023 20: 58
    Over the course of many centuries, the discovery has been regularly made that the West does not like us. But to hell with them forever.....

    "Dear compatriots" thirty years ago rushed about with their Yeltsin like with a written bag, just like later with Putin, and now they rush about with Prigozhin ....

    And even now they read patriotic articles and overflow with national pride ....... Fools with their pathological stupidity took 32 years from normal people and continue in the same spirit ...
  9. 0
    April 2 2023 00: 23
    When I started reading, I started flipping through. With confidence that again there is no author.
    But no ... There is an author.
    I didn’t like the fact that the syllable is very simplified and the one-sidedness in the point of view.
    Brief personal opinion...
    The Novgorodians did not like the Pskovites and the Pskovites did not like the Novgorodians.
    The Hanseatics deceived the Russians, and the Russians robbed the Hanseatics.
    Savages from the east and non-Russian Germans. Schismatics and gold-loving papal Catholics.
    Author! Weak text! Weak! And do not make gods out of Russians, but devils out of "Germans". In every country, in every religion, in every ruler and in every person there is a mind, honor and conscience. But shit is also present in everyone.
  10. 0
    April 2 2023 12: 19
    I worked at an enterprise where there was German equipment and German specialists. Our translator was with them, she worked with the Germans for a long time, organized leisure activities for their families here in Moscow, took them to museums, etc. She said that at first the Germans were very surprised, seeing around them not slanted Asian faces, but quite European, pretty, with regular features. The museums were very surprised by our ancient culture - for them, civilization in Russia began 300 years ago in the era of Peter, before that there was savagery and poverty, the Stone Age.
    And they had such an opinion about Russia not 500 years ago, but quite recently, at the end of the 20th century!!!

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