Queue for the right to queue

Queue for the right to queue

The country is calling for help in liberating its southwestern outskirts from fascism.
And this correctly!

Extra hands at the front and near the front not It happens. Neither a tanker nor an artilleryman fights on his own ... Now everything is in motion, even when on the defensive.

Correctlythat they are ready, even as an exception, to accept into their ranks and people of advanced age. In the presence of health, life experience is a serious help in the war.

But ... To the war for the liberation of Ukrainianаother, which goes on its own territory - Ukrainians do not take!

We are not talking about the inhabitants of Crimea, Donbass and already liberated territories.

Instead of a short but thorough check for reliability, taking an oath and “starting training” in military affairs ...

Any Ukrainian, if he is not a resident of the republics and did not manage to get a Russian passport in the abandoned Kupyansk or Kherson, will have to go through the bureaucratic offices for many months together with fellow Tajiks.

And the Russian official does not care that you are an anti-fascist. And with all the fibers of your soul you hate the one who came not to your borders, but to your house - Bandera. I don't care that the Nazis burned your house, and you managed to take it out of the fascist Mordor almost all your loved ones.

The Russian legislator does not give a damn about your desire to return to your home not someday, but even last summer.

Captured Veseshniks are being prepared for reforging into Bogdan Khmelnitsky - this is very correct, although belatedly.

But there are many who have not stained themselves with the service of Bandera at all. At the same time, for various reasons, still possessing a passport with a “trident”, they are geographically located neither in Ukraine nor in Russia.

Well, not everyone in Russia had relatives and a place of work ... It happens.

War for Ukraine without fascists, but without Ukrainians...

And such a person will be able to take part in the process of liberation from fascism of his own "Batkivshchyna" only after a long walk through the offices a thousand kilometers from the place where he actually lives.

Reasonable formalities are, of course, necessary. But they should consist of due diligence, not paperwork.
No one not embarrassing that a Russian passport must be earned, and not received in the order of the queue?

That a Ukrainian who wants to join the troops should be given this right immediately after verification, to provide his relatives and himself with social guarantees equal to citizens of the Russian Federation, and a Russian passport can already be handed over in a trench among comrades.

How many fewer queues from AKM did the Banderists receive while anti-fascist Ukrainians fill out all sorts of forms and questionnaires?

Who can be more motivated than the one who defends and liberates his home?

The situation, in my opinion, is not even strange, but frankly wrecking. If there is no trust in Ukrainians... Then why all this?

or man to handing over the passport of the Russian Federation is still so-so ... And as soon as they shook hands with him after months of walking around the offices and handed him in, did he immediately begin to comply?

How many Ukrainian men have already left for Europe? How many continue to leave Ukraine by hook or by crook?

Obviously, this is not happening because of love for the Bandera people.

Even if among them 1% wants to return to their home with a chevron of the Russian Defense Ministry, then these are thousands of motivated and angry men. Who do not need to agitate and convince.
But then again...

They must first go through the procedure for acquiring citizenship of the Russian Federation. Move from Europe to the Russian village. Submit documents properly - arriving in person, and not at the nearest consulate. Well, don't rush any further...

For most of you, all of the above will be a revelation, but it is. For the same ultimate goal - invented by an official, the path for Mykola from Cherkasy is much longer than for Kolya from Chelyabinsk.

In this matter, we need a regime of maximum favored nation and the realization of a patriotic impulse, and not formalities extended in time and geography. He knocked... He opened the door. You are in a trench, not in a corridor with offices, in a queue that lasts for months.

Through the trenches on our side it is necessary to let the maximum possible number of citizens of Ukraine still possible.

Today's Ukrainian anti-fascists in the NVO are people on the ground in the liberated cities and villages of tomorrow. With knowledge of local specifics and personalities. This is the influence on their friends and acquaintances in the territories that are still under the rule of the Nazis.

But we're not in a hurry, are we? All according to plan?

And here I want, bypassing the Russian village and homelessness at the station in anticipation of obtaining citizenship, to return with the Russian army to my little Russian village / city.
To earn in practice and already there to receive Russian citizenship with the same as me.
Well, the last.

Doesn't it seem to anyone that a man with a trident on his passport, fighting against Bandera, today is many times more legitimate than all possible options?

For Banderlogs, who do not know, what destroys their worldview most of all is when you crush them, being the same "hulk of Ukraine", and even communicate with them in the language of language. And if this also happens with fellow countrymen, and with knowledge of local specifics not from the Internet, then panic and a pig squeal begin on the side of the banderband.

Unfortunately, having taken up the decision of the main thing a year ago, we missed a lot of the most important trifles, in which this main thing stalled. I understand perfectly well that this issue requires detailed study, but it was decided not as it should, but as easier for someone.

Who benefits from the current state of affairs in this matter?

And none of those who our the side.
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  1. +8
    18 March 2023 05: 33
    In Crimea, there were cases when pro-Bandera waiters refused to stand up at official events during the demonstration of the anthem and the flag of Russia.
    Something needs to be done about this ... this rot, like gangrene, will corrode the body of our society from the inside.
    1. +5
      18 March 2023 07: 39
      Quote: Lech from Android.
      when pro-Bandera waiters refuse to get up at official events during the demonstration of the anthem and the flag of Russia.

      Too often, on business and more often not on business, we play the anthem and, moreover, the tricolor “waves”, which I have an extremely negative attitude towards. it symbolizes the traitors who fought on the side of the Nazis and killed my grandfather in the Second World War ...

      In the USSR, the state flag could be hung out on holidays only at state institutions. This principle needs to be brought back.

      In the immortal regiment we carry portraits of our heroes, and a Vlasov rag is blowing over them ... how is that? Outside the "regiment" - this is a state symbol and we are obliged to respect it, but in the ranks of the "regiment" - this is the banner of traitors who killed those in the portraits ... People, change your mind! What do you do every May 9th, who do you honor?

      On this topic.

      Quote: Red Biker
      Doesn't it seem to anyone that a man with a trident on his passport, fighting against Bandera, today is many times more legitimate than all possible options?

      That's just not necessary to measure legitimacy.

      Together we will liberate this territory from wickedness, hold a referendum on it, find out the opinion of the people, whether they are part of Russia or in an updated pro-Russian Ukraine, then your issue will be resolved by itself.
      1. +9
        18 March 2023 08: 38
        Boris Leontievich, for the first time, I agree with your comment. hi
        1. +5
          18 March 2023 15: 36
          Again, a problem sucked from the finger ... no more urgent questions? For example, it would be extremely patriotic to return the period of pensions for men to 60 years. You can start with the families of NWO participants.
          1. +1
            18 March 2023 18: 45
            Fully agree with you.
            There can always be something more important than the most important thing.
            But how does the question raised by me interfere with the one that you raised, and without a doubt it is no less important.
          2. +3
            20 March 2023 12: 40
            For example, it would be extremely patriotic to return the period of pensions for men to 60 years.

            In the 1st Chechen, the fighters were considered to have retired 1 to 3. I don’t know if this benefit remained or not. It will go to the military in any way, it is necessary that the mobilized have the same
      2. +8
        18 March 2023 12: 30
        I almost agree with you.
        The Soviet, Red banner should become more.
        But at the same time, I would avoid categorical judgments on the tricolor.
        Regarding "measuring legitimacy" ...
        I believe that before the Russian passport should be issued quickly, but some intermediate document that would allow the Ukrainian to immediately take part in the liberation of their homeland, and the formalities and obtaining citizenship should take place in parallel.
        1. +2
          18 March 2023 20: 07
          Quote: Red Biker
          The Soviet, Red banner should become more.

          The current government simply uses the red banner. Quite interestingly, Semin described this in an interview.
        2. +2
          18 March 2023 21: 02
          Quote: Red Biker
          I believe that before the Russian passport should be issued quickly, but some intermediate document that would allow the Ukrainian to immediately take part in the liberation of their homeland, and the formalities and obtaining citizenship should take place in parallel.

          I fully agree with you, but from the point of view of the bureaucretin, this is not so because:
          1. And how can he (the bureaucrat) demonstrate his significance?
          2. And how can the bureaucretin receive gifts (kickbacks)?
          3. Why do you need to work quickly if you can get pleasure from the first two points without straining?
        3. 0
          20 March 2023 12: 44
          The Soviet, Red banner should become more.

          Everything Soviet was lied to and vulgarized, the red flag in the eyes of people is not a shrine, except maybe the Banner of Victory.
          One of the Ukrainian politicians said: “When I saw that the Russian armed forces were entering Ukraine with Red flags, I immediately decided to run away. Because the brainwashing did its job and this flag is associated with Stalin, occupation, famine, etc. “And if the army uses it, it means that the authorities have absolutely no control over the situation in the country and do not know real life.”
          1. 0
            21 March 2023 00: 27
            The fact that there was no analysis of the situation in Ukraine before the war is unfortunately true.
            More precisely, there was analytics, but without leaving the Moscow offices.
            Even now, trying to explain to some "Moscow political scientists" some of the features of the life of the Ukrainian serpentarium, one comes across arrogance, to put it mildly...
            “They say that you know about yourself there on the spot ...
            We are from Moscow, it is better to see "
            Regarding the Red Banner and the ideas of Socialism ....
            You're wrong.
            All decent and reasonable people in Ukraine are well aware that only the path to the restoration of social justice will allow us all to be pulled out of the bloody capitalist swamp
      3. The comment was deleted.
      4. -3
        18 March 2023 22: 35
        Why didn't you like the tricolor? Referring to all sorts of historical incidents is not serious. Do you want a red flag? So a huge number of Russian citizens will not agree with you. There is a symbol of the State and it must be accepted and respected, and not "dig the old".
        1. +5
          20 March 2023 11: 11
          Quote from: Derbes19
          Why didn't you like the tricolor?

          Two wounds of my grandfather in battles with his carriers - enough?
          That the collapse of the USSR robbed me of the future I dreamed of?
        2. 0
          21 March 2023 00: 34
          For "measuring flags" the moment is the least suitable, I think.
          As I wrote about the passport and citizenship, they do not affect the desire to strangle the fascist reptile.
          So is the flag, which is tricolor, which is red - they are BOTH OURS
          We would have to pull off the Bandera rag from the flagpoles of all Little Russian cities.
      5. -4
        18 March 2023 22: 39
        You just called one of the main symbols of Russia a rag. Who are you after this?
    2. +3
      18 March 2023 12: 34
      Maybe I'll seem radical...
      If he does not observe traditions and shows disrespect, then ...
      Check your hearing and if everything is in order, then deportation or for improvement, for public works.
  2. +1
    18 March 2023 05: 37
    There are no pitfalls in this matter. They don’t do such things with a kandachka, and so many riffraff have come in, work for special people for years!
    1. 0
      18 March 2023 06: 16
      That's right, before you get in line, you need to check and double-check to get a weapon. I have a question for the author about the "wonderful people" - Odessans. Well, how did they (just in the subject of the article) demolish the monument to Catherine? visiting westerners..
      1. +25
        18 March 2023 07: 09
        And how much could these "wonderful people" - Odessa citizens do against the demolition of the monument? They tried once, they just burned them. Then I have a question, how could other "wonderful people" also allow the construction of the "Alkash Center"?
        1. 0
          18 March 2023 08: 08
          You are not aware that the author some time ago claimed that the inhabitants of Odessa would not allow the demolition of monuments
          1. +5
            18 March 2023 08: 28
            No, I don't know, maybe I didn't pay attention. In general, Odessa is a peculiar city with its own traditions, at least it used to be like that. If our "wheels" had officially declared that in any case we would return Odessa to Russia, I think then the monument would not have been demolished.
            1. -6
              18 March 2023 08: 31
              Quote: Vladimir M
              If our "wheels" had officially declared that Odessa would return to Russia in any case, I think then the monument would not have been demolished.

              Are you listening to Putin? It was repeatedly said about the goal of the NWO and not only by Putin.
              1. +13
                18 March 2023 08: 41
                The last goals announced by the GDP were the liberation of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, about the goals announced on February 24, 2022. no longer remember. And it was also stated that there is no goal of a change of power in Ukraine. How then can you achieve the goals announced on February 24.02.22, XNUMX?
                1. -12
                  18 March 2023 09: 03
                  Quote: Vladimir M
                  about the goals announced on February 24, 2022 no longer remember.

                  The fact that every morning does not start with Putin's speech about the goal of the NWO does not mean that ultimate goal of the has changed. The demilitarization of Ukraine is in full swing. We started the demilitarization of Europe. Our proposals to the West, set out on December 15, 12, remain in force. We are always ready to return to negotiations on them.

                  Quote: Vladimir M
                  How then can you achieve the goals announced on February 24.02.22, XNUMX?

                  As soon as possible. What a question, such an answer.
          2. +1
            18 March 2023 19: 29
            I am sincerely grateful that you are interested in my modest articles.
            But it is a pity that you are extremely inattentive reader.
            There is not even close to such as "Odessites will not allow"
            What can be "prevented" as a civilian in an occupied hometown?
            "Ekaterina" in this situation, oddly enough, was more needed in its place by Banderlogs.
            And I partially explained why in the article.
            Well, what can you say if they turned out to be complete nerds.
            And they continue to make mistakes in Odessa one after another, thereby making it easier for us to solve many problems tomorrow.
            So to speak...
            I was sure that the monument would NOT be demolished, because. greatly overestimated the mental abilities of the local Gauleiter and K.
            By the way, the leadership of the junta also drew attention to this.
            A couple of days ago, this clown was removed ... And they took care of the local Bandera activists who had lost their edges.
          3. 0
            18 March 2023 20: 43
            I am flattered that you are reading my articles.
            But it is a pity that it is NOT attentive.
            In this article that you mentioned - nowhere does it say that "Odessites will not allow"
            And yet it would be right to discuss the article in the comments to it.
            But following your lead, I'll answer here.
            I really, sincerely considered the local Bandera lackeys smarter.
            And he could not imagine that the banderlogs would turn out to be so cretins that they would demolish Ekaterina and Suvorov in Odessa. By the way, this did not bring them any political dividends at all.
            That they will arrange a hunt for people on the streets.
            They will not stop in the oppression of the Russian language, talentedly bringing ALL their undertakings to sheer absurdity.
            Imagine that you are a completely apolitical resident of Odessa and try on at least some of the above.
            In which direction will your antipathies begin to move?
            "Evil Putin" is far from you, and local degenerate banderos mock you 24/7
            Do you understand the train of thought?
      2. +1
        18 March 2023 19: 10
        About checking, double-checking and then checking the inspectors - I agree.
        Regarding Odessans, your information is either incomplete or distorted.
        Let's even take a "survey" although it is clear to everyone that the fate of the monument was decided before its results.
        So, even under the conditions of the terror of the junta, out of only 7 thousand who took part in the survey (for a million city), half spoke in favor of "do not touch the monument"
        What actions do you propose in that situation to prevent the demolition?
        Well, he was directly involved in the dismantling of a dozen roguls, who, for money, will demolish a monument even to their own mother.
    2. +4
      18 March 2023 09: 46
      Quote: Alien From
      ... and so many riffraff have come in, work for special people for years!

      Do you think that more than from Central Asia, the Caucasus and Kazakhstan?
      I do not deny that there are a certain number of "mishandled Cossacks". But just do not write down all Ukrainians in them. I thought and still think that it is precisely the newcomers from Sr. Az. and Caucasus
    3. +3
      18 March 2023 12: 44
      Here I am about the same.
      Then in Kherson they handed out Russian passports - quickly and indiscriminately.
      And even the propaganda meaning of this action today looks doubtful.
      And in the variant when the same Ukrainian is ready to designate his life position as more than filling out a form, the “pull the rubber” mode is turned on
      I think that for the mandatory verification of the applicant by the relevant structures, it will take not months, but hours.
  3. +6
    18 March 2023 06: 23
    We have hundreds of cars with DNR, LNR numbers "rolling" around the city. The owners not only don't change their citizenship, they don't even put Russian numbers!
    People are already timid - our boys are fighting there, and these guys are "rolling" here. And they probably still receive benefits. For 8 years now, the city has been crammed with similar machines. hi
    1. +7
      18 March 2023 07: 19
      Here, of course, it is necessary, I didn’t change my citizenship in time - under my back foot and send it to that part of Ukraine. But there is a moment here, if they had received Russian citizenship then, they would have lost their Ukrainian work experience. But when obtaining citizenship after the entry of the republics into Russia, the seniority is preserved. A trifle, of course, but not pleasant. Well, you need to send them to the NWO. It would be necessary to pass a law, people from these republics who did not participate in the NWO cannot hold positions in power, law enforcement agencies, be deputies .... As a rule, such people will then crawl into power.
      1. +3
        18 March 2023 11: 26
        Four years ago I stopped in Yalta. I saw cars with Ukrainian numbers. For the sake of interest, I approached the owner of Kalina in the parking lot near Bristol to ask. do not shine with Russian nlmers .. Something like this
      2. +6
        18 March 2023 12: 46
        Participation in the authorities and state structures of Russia should be ONLY through participation in the NWO
        1. +1
          18 March 2023 22: 26
          "authorities and state structures" are for the most part protected from SVO by law.
          Maybe it's from a parallel universe?
  4. -1
    18 March 2023 06: 40
    The fact that we take a lot from other countries has already been lost on them. It has become a common formality. So it will be with us. People are brought up by the environment. And it would be nice to remember who the Russian people were, what Russia was like. Russian people did not suppress anyone with their nationality. Honor and justice were at the head of the Russian army. colonies. Do we need such a policy? A Russian person has always appreciated everything new received from a neighbor. Whether he is of any nationality. Russia never raised its voice either to enemies or friends. It spoke with everyone in an even voice, putting its authority above all else.
  5. -3
    18 March 2023 07: 00
    It is dangerous to recruit such people, even a recent Russian passport does not say anything.
    1. +2
      18 March 2023 12: 53
      How do you see the solution to this issue?
      Leave as is?
      By and large, even obtaining a Russian passport by birth does not guarantee anything regarding proper upbringing and patriotism.
      If a person already wants to go to war against fascism, then it is necessary to facilitate this in every possible way, and not send him to walk around the offices
      1. +2
        20 March 2023 11: 08
        Quote: Red Biker
        By and large, even obtaining a Russian passport by birth does not guarantee anything

        That's right!
        Several times a person will get "in the face" from officials, lose one of his relatives and friends because of the ranks, and immediately an epiphany.
  6. -3
    18 March 2023 07: 00
    In some ways, you are right, dear author, but just one diversion crosses out all your good undertakings.
    1. +2
      18 March 2023 13: 00
      Thank you.
      I may not quite understand your idea.
      How does a passport received half a year in line with fellow labor migrants promote patriotism and loyalty, in contrast to the right to take a place in the trench already and immediately (after a short but thorough check)?
    2. 0
      21 March 2023 00: 41
      Sabotage, unfortunately, and without reference to the passport, I grab
      The "fifth column" did not appear on February 24.02.2022, XNUMX.
      I think you will agree...
  7. Eug
    18 March 2023 08: 22
    It’s time to get used to the fact that in the Russian Federation officials exist primarily for a beautiful report to their superiors .. although a lot of ordinary people sincerely want to help and really help those who find themselves in a difficult life situation.
    1. +1
      18 March 2023 13: 05
      You can not get used to the arbitrariness of an official. Each of them has control.
      We just justify our laziness, indifference and legal illiteracy by the omnipotence of an official
    2. +4
      18 March 2023 21: 11
      Quote: Eug
      It’s time to get used to the fact that in the Russian Federation officials exist primarily for a beautiful report to their superiors .. although a lot of ordinary people sincerely want to help and really help those who find themselves in a difficult life situation.

      A little wrong. Officials do not help people, for which they are actually intended, but on the contrary, they create problems for people so that people turn to them again and again. For, the more often people turn to officials, the more they create the appearance of necessity, of the need for officials, of the terrible employment of bureaucratic people.
  8. +1
    18 March 2023 09: 55
    Instead of a short but thorough due diligence

    And such things happen? To thoroughly and quickly - it is necessary to have a large and well-established resource.
    Then not a person will walk around the offices, but information about him from the people in the offices. There is another difficulty - how to check the information given, if all the supporting documents are on the other side?
    As always, a previously unclaimed mechanism is being created slowly, given the scale of its application.
    If it is created, of course ...
    1. +1
      18 March 2023 13: 08
      A GUARANTEE system must be in place. Including
  9. +5
    18 March 2023 09: 56
    For a Russian official, Russian citizenship is, first of all, a profitable business, and even an opportunity to show their power. Therefore, he does not care about state interests and strategic tasks, he will hold on to his sinecure with his teeth.
    And I agree with Boris Leontyevich, Victory Day and the tricolor cannot be together.
    Isn't it because "gestures of good will" went on in our country, because the moneybags who have real power in the Russian Federation were afraid of this?

    They definitely do not need such a victory, they will gladly prefer defeat if there would be an iron guarantee of the inviolability of their capital.
  10. 0
    18 March 2023 10: 37
    In my opinion, if Ukrainians wanted to fight for Ukraine, they would do it.
    Firstly, entry into contract service in the RF Armed Forces was previously possible, and after the start of the SVO, it was completely facilitated. You do not need to run for a passport for this. And it's easier to get citizenship. Maybe right in the trenches.
    Secondly, in the formations of the LDNR, before their inclusion in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, they also took everyone in a row, regardless of their passport.
    Thirdly, PMC Wagner is also not interested in having a Russian passport. It is a mistake on Prigogine's part to miss such a resource. Go and have enough lawyers, including those capable of assisting in obtaining citizenship of the Russian Federation.
    1. +2
      18 March 2023 13: 13
      Don't be lazy...
      Right now, dial any draft board or Wagnerites.
      Say that you came from Ukraine and want to fight.
      And as an honest person, tell me what you answered.
      Like it used to be, we don't talk now
  11. +1
    18 March 2023 11: 22
    Officials and bureaucrats are a common problem, and in many countries. With all their dislike for this estate, it must be admitted that they comply with the laws. Laws are adopted by completely different people in a different place, while proceeding from completely different considerations.
    1. +2
      18 March 2023 11: 38
      An official-bureaucrat works according to the principle - the law is like a drawbar.
      He is not looking for ways to help this or that person. He is looking for legal ways to refuse, or to force a bribe.
  12. +1
    18 March 2023 13: 50
    Give weapons to a person with a trident on the passport only after a comprehensive check. Apparently, there are not enough resources to quickly shovel such a volume of potential collaborators
  13. 0
    19 March 2023 07: 27
    Ukrainians are not taken to the war for the liberation of Ukraine, which is going on its own territory

    Given the total infection of the entire population by Nazism in Ukraine, serious verification measures are needed by the FSB of the Russian Federation - working out all ties with relatives in Ukraine, checking views, beliefs on a polygraph. SBU saboteurs must not be allowed to enter the front.
    1. 0
      21 March 2023 02: 09
      I agree with you.
      Although all of the above, even somehow humiliating, but NECESSARY
      An honest person has nothing to fear and worry about, but it will help to expose scoundrels
  14. +4
    19 March 2023 07: 31
    I believe that upon obtaining a Russian passport, the Ruins passport must be surrendered, BUT the system must be debugged. Because when I received the citizenship of the Russian Federation, they constantly demand Ruin's passport from me so that I can prove something.
    As for the army, there will be mobilization - I will go like everyone else. But after leaving my Kherson, voluntarily from Kherson - sorry, few people will go until they see that they plan to release him at all.
    2) I already somehow raised the topic that the Chekists keep on a pencil, first of all, those who are from the western Ruins. And you need to take into account the Donbass and Kharkiv. In Kherson, the hut after 2014 consisted mainly of pro-Ukrainian Donetsk and Luhansk residents. And also in the Kherson region they settled Crimean Tatars from banned organizations, gave land to ATO officers in Genichesk.
  15. -1
    25 March 2023 07: 11
    The occupying power will not be able to compel protected persons to serve in its armed or auxiliary forces. Any pressure or propaganda in favor of voluntary entry into the army is prohibited.

    Geneva Convention of 12 August 1949 for the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War, Section III, Part III, Article 51.
    1. 0
      April 4 2023 12: 42
      for me, a Ukrainian, Russia is a Liberator, not an occupier, and there is no need to encourage me, let alone force me.
      30 years of waiting for this.

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