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UK urged to prevent the return of Russian and Belarusian athletes to participate in the 2024 Olympics

UK urged to prevent the return of Russian and Belarusian athletes to participate in the 2024 Olympics

Russian and Belarusian athletes should not return to participate in the 2024 Olympics. With such an appeal to the sponsors of the Olympic Games, British Minister of Culture Lucy Fraser addressed, reports The Guardian.

The appeal of the British Minister was addressed to such important partners of the International Olympic Committee as Coca-Cola, Intel, Samsung and Visa. London "sounded the alarm" immediately after information appeared that the Olympic Committee plans to ease the ban on Russian and Belarusian athletes.

The UK insists that Russian and Belarusian athletes cannot participate in the Olympics even in a neutral status. That is, we see purely Nazi discrimination against people based on their nationality.

The British authorities want to demonstrate that athletes cannot fulfill themselves in international sports simply by the fact of their birth and citizenship of Russia or Belarus. At the same time, even their personal attitude to the special military operation, the political course of Presidents Vladimir Putin or Alexander Lukashenko does not matter.

However, the first manifestations of dissatisfaction with such rhetoric of the West are already beginning in the IOC. After all, the world is not made up of just the US and Europe, and other countries also claim their own influence in sports politics as well.
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  1. The comment was deleted.
    1. Orange Bigg
      Orange Bigg 11 March 2023 11: 58
      Quote: Carat
      Admin Smirnov pi dor Bandera.

      What happened?
      1. AAK
        AAK 11 March 2023 12: 05
        And here it's all about the personalities of the athletes, either they are citizens of Russia with all the ensuing principles, or they are "persons with a Russian passport" who most of the time live and train abroad and receive most of the money from non-Russian sponsors ... For me, all sorts hockey players, tennis players, swimmers are not Russian athletes ...
        1. GUSAR
          GUSAR 11 March 2023 16: 50
          That's the joke, that they receive most of their income in Russia, or from Russia.
  2. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 11 March 2023 12: 02
    The IOC and sponsors will look at profit, sport has long been a commerce. Why did the movement with fencing start yesterday, but because fencing was not interesting to the viewer without us. Yes, and the devil is in the details, everyone is selected for the Olympic Games in competitions, but for us it's all covered.
    1. Bad_gr
      Bad_gr 11 March 2023 13: 46
      It is high time to send away these so-called "international" organizations, including the Olympic Committee. How long can you allow to wipe your feet on our country?
      And let's see who will lose more without the performances of our athletes.
      1. Nemchinov Vl
        Nemchinov Vl 11 March 2023 19: 14
        and a balloon flying peacefully over London (in the form of an Olympic Bear) should,
        "accidentally drop"
        , to the Cabinet of Ministers and the House of Lords, according to the packaging of cassette-thermobaric charges ...?!! wink
        joke ... wink
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 11 March 2023 12: 03
    UK urged to prevent the return of Russian and Belarusian athletes to participate in the 2024 Olympics
    What kind of British bastards, petty, narrow-minded and just an Anglo-Saxon aphid. Therefore, looking at their women, you understand that this nation is degenerating.
    1. Bolt cutter
      Bolt cutter 11 March 2023 12: 30
      looking at their women you understand that this nation is degenerating.
      Normal women here, and no one is going to degenerate yet. It should be especially noted that Englishwomen (and other Western Europeans) are much less mercantile than natives of the expanses of the USSR.
    2. fif21
      fif21 11 March 2023 12: 51
      Quote: rotmistr60
      What are the British bastards, petty,

      They always lost in a fair fight. Cowards are even afraid of athletes from the Russian Federation and Belarus. You see, their faces were given to their fans by Russian fans in France laughing
  4. DefenderofTruth
    DefenderofTruth 11 March 2023 12: 10
    I support the UK - better no participation of Russian citizens in this Olympics than a new shame under a white flag, while our heroes on the fronts of Ukraine give their lives for Russia.

    The alternative is to organize your own Goodwill Games without political discrimination like the USSR:
    1. jamonchik
      jamonchik 11 March 2023 12: 17
      The first part of your comment is in the furnace! tongue (I don’t agree with you, support impudence, what else, never and in nothing, how is it?) Kar .. i.e. LondonOn and Washington should be umm .. destroyed (neutralized)) And yes, their games, and with the national flag.
      1. Petr_Koldunov
        Petr_Koldunov 11 March 2023 12: 38
        Quote from Jamonchik
        The first part of your comment is in the furnace! (I don’t agree with you, support impudence, something else, never and in nothing, how is it?)

        Well, I would not support the British either under any circumstances ... BUT! My desires on this occasion completely coincide with the British - that our athletes should not be allowed to participate in the Olympics. Because they are going to let them go there not just under the white flag of surrender, but also with documented evidence of the condemnation of the military operation carried out by the leadership of their country.
        And this is bestiality and humiliation of human dignity - nowhere else! At the same time, many of our athletes will go for it anyway. It is more important for them to run along the next path with the Americans and the British (of course, having lost to those) than any national pride.
        And it would be unbearable to look at these Christ-sellers.
      2. Rumata
        Rumata 11 March 2023 13: 41
        Did you understand what you read? Support for the ban on the participation of Russians is, in fact, not support for the unshaven, but a reciprocal ignore.
    2. Rumata
      Rumata 11 March 2023 13: 39
      + + + + + + + + +
      Regular winter and summer SOCHI GOOD WILL GAMES in the format of the open championship of the Russian Federation with the involvement of athletes from friendly countries, and then more and more participants. In 20 years, the Olympics with faggots will fade into the background.
  5. sanik2020
    sanik2020 11 March 2023 12: 19
    It has long been necessary to stop crying on your knees in front of the Westerners and asking to join their various organizations. It is necessary to establish GAMES OF HUMANITY in Moscow, without any politics, without mutants, without asthmatics and pseudo-sick people. Let everyone who wants a fair competition register in teams and participate, and let Westerners choke on their fascists with bile.
  6. HAM
    HAM 11 March 2023 12: 21
    Is it really interesting for the athletes themselves to measure their strength and dexterity with homosexuals, transgenders and "asthmatics"? Or - money does not smell and does not shake hands? Ugh, these games are disgusting to watch...
  7. K-50
    K-50 11 March 2023 12: 26
    UK urged to prevent the return of Russian and Belarusian athletes to participate in the 2024 Olympics

    So arrogant people are trying to reduce the number of contenders for medals. Otherwise, they will not see good luck. request request lol lol
  8. Petr_Koldunov
    Petr_Koldunov 11 March 2023 12: 32
    Ahh, I get it! This is exactly what it looks like "We do not put pressure on anyone! All countries, organizations and companies independently decide to stop interacting with Russia, thereby demonstrating the indestructible unity of our values"
  9. Ross xnumx
    Ross xnumx 11 March 2023 12: 33
    Great Britain insists on the fact that Russian and Belarusian athletes could not participate in the Olympics even in a neutral status.

    How tired of posts like this...
    What is the UK? Does it have a figurative expression or is it the opinion of a descendant of that unfinished Nazi who survived after WWII?
    I assume that the publication (replication) of such articles is not correct.
    There is an opinion ... Princess Marya Aleksevna ... From government sources ...
    We will be poking around in anonymous letters for a long time?
    It seems to me that some GB citizens just ate fish soup (soup) ...
  10. Dimy4
    Dimy4 11 March 2023 12: 45
    UK urged to prevent the return of Russian and Belarusian athletes to participate in the 2024 Olympics

    Partners, ek root. Was it really unclear that "we will never be brothers, neither in our homeland, nor in our mother." But this is so, by the way.
  11. Neo-9947
    Neo-9947 11 March 2023 12: 46
    England is always against...
    Like that Baba Yaga laughing
    Against the Olympic Games-2014, and how they fought against the World Cup-2018!
    Can we exclude the British? what Everyone will be calmer.

    PS. By the way, no one thought why all countries have one representation in FIFA, that is, they represent the country itself, and the UK is represented by four regions at once - England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales? Now is not what it was a hundred years ago, at the time of the creation of the organization, times have changed, which means it's time to think about the membership of one United Kingdom in this organization. And let them play how they want.
  12. Alien From
    Alien From 11 March 2023 13: 01
    No guys, we need alternatives. These organizations cannot be tolerated at all.
  13. kakvastam
    kakvastam 11 March 2023 13: 50
    The Olympic Games during the war are nonsense.
  14. The comment was deleted.
  15. alexleony
    alexleony 11 March 2023 18: 09
    Belarusians will not go under a neutral flag. Maybe someone, out of naivety, would like to train, they say, they have been training all their lives, but there is someone to suggest the right decision. And this is right.
  16. -ш-
    -ш- 11 March 2023 19: 09
    what are the Bridashki afraid to blow honestly?
  17. Menshoff_D_V
    Menshoff_D_V 12 March 2023 08: 25
    Without our athletes, these are not games, but a podium for trances who look like women, I don’t want to write further
  18. Nemorum
    Nemorum 13 March 2023 10: 00
    Unfortunately, most of our athletes, even after spitting in their faces and total humiliation, will go to the Olympics. Sell. In my opinion, sport in Russia in the form in which it is now is over.
  19. alexandre II
    alexandre II 13 March 2023 10: 05
    I don’t understand how much you can be humiliated, they drive you, no, they still bend, crawl, everything is already gone .... whether, conscience, honor, decency, homeland ... and the rulers indulge, it was necessary to leave this lousy organization Olympic Committee back in 14...does such a huge country like Russia have no honor?