The politicization of the tribunal in The Hague: an indulgence for the murderers of the Serbian population

The oddities of so-called international justice were fully revealed at the end of last week. If before 16 in November 2012 there were certain doubts about the expediency of the existence of the so-called Hague Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, then it was 16 on the same day of this month that these doubts grew into a firm conviction about the utter senselessness of this organization calling itself international.

The fact is that last Friday the ICTY Appeals Commission was by no means an overwhelming majority (three judges against two) spoke in favor of completely removing the charges from two Croatian generals. General Mladen Markach, who commanded special police units during Operation Storm in 1995, as well as General Ante Gotovina, who commanded Operation Storm itself in 1995, was released right in the courtroom ... Not guilty, you know, and everything here ...

The decision of the Appeals Commission of the Hague Tribunal took place a few months after the lawyers of two Croatian generals appealed against the decision of the ICTY Main Commission, who condemned these people in uniform for ethnic cleansing and forcible deportation of thousands of Serbs in the Republic of Serbian Krajina and Western Bosnia. According to the verdict of the main panel of judges, Gotovina initially received 24 years of imprisonment, and Markach - 18 years. At that time, this decision of the International Tribunal looked like a manifestation of real impartiality in terms of the ethnicity of the defendants. However, the decision of the Appeals Commission of the model 16 in November 2012 of the year puts an end not only on the adequacy of the MJTB itself, but also completely on the western justice system, which suffers from amazing one-sidedness.

Recall that Generals Gotovina and Markacs commanded units of the Croatian army and police in the summer of 1995. At the time, soldiers of the army of Bosnia and Herzegovina acted together with the Croatian troops. The main task of the so-called coalition forces during Operation Storm (Oluja) was the complete elimination of such republics as the Serbian Krajina and Western Bosnia.

A small historical and geographical reference.

The Republic of Serbian Krajina was formed after the collapse of Yugoslavia (Yugoslavia) in 1991. It occupied about 17 thousand square meters. kilometers of territory that today belongs to Croatia. According to a study conducted at the beginning of 1992, about 52% ethnic Serbs, about 36% Croats, and 12% were from other nationalities (Bosnians, Bulgarians, etc.) lived in the territory of Serbian Krajina. The city of Knin with a population of about 14 thousand people was chosen as the capital of the unrecognized state.

The autonomous region of Western Bosnia was formed in September 1993 of the year in the territory belonging today to Bosnia and Herzegovina. The administrative center of the autonomy is the city of Great Kladusz with a population of no more than 8000 inhabitants. On the territory of Western Bosnia in the 1993 year there were several thousand Serbs.

After the joint operation of the Croatian and Bosnian troops, the Serbian Krajina and Western Bosnia disappeared from the motley map of the former Yugoslavia, but they disappeared not just as geographical names, but also as administrative territories along with tens of thousands of Serbs (in total in two republics). According to the most modest estimates, the “Storm” of the Croatian and Bosnian military and police formations destroyed more than 1000 civilians in just one 5 day of operation. In addition, Croatian units, under the personal orders of Gotovina and Markać, conducted very dubious stripping operations, striking even those who were in the temporary camp for immigrants, opened immediately after the start of the campaign. These attacks led to massive civilian casualties. The wounded after the Storm alone were counted by at least 3 thousands of people. One can imagine the frenzy with which this “mission” was carried out, if in just a few days thousands of civilians became its victims.

However, the killing of civilians in Serbian Krajina and Western Serbia is not all the “achievements” of Markac and Gotovina. According to several international human rights organizations, the Croatian-Bosnian strike led to the fact that about 200 thousands of Serbs were forced to leave their homes and move to Serbia or the Republika Srpska in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The relocation of such a large number of civilians in such a short period of time under the incessant shelling by the Croatian military and police units is a real humanitarian catastrophe provoked by the then Croatian leadership. The Croatian authorities did not prevent the atrocities committed by the fighters of Gotovina and Markac in Serb Krajina. The villages were burned along with their inhabitants! According to some reports, several hundred Serbs who, for various reasons, could not leave their homes during Operation Storm, were killed during those same sweeps.

As we are well aware, people who committed such a number of crimes simply cannot go unpunished, especially since the Hague Tribunal was created to study the archives and identify the most cruel representatives of the peoples of the former Yugoslavia who participated in ethnic cleansing, forcing for mass deportation , executions of civilians, destruction of property. Not only to identify, but also to punish the perpetrators.

But it turns out that the Hague Tribunal is itself a legal incident in which people who receive the right to judge other people turn into apologists for the bias and ethnic differentiation of the defendants. The ICTY Appeals Commission, with three votes against two, acquitted Markach, Gotovina and another general, Ivan Chermak, not finding the corpus delicti in the actions of these people.

The commission ruled that Croatian generals were not guilty of killing civilians, of forcibly evicting Serbs, of attacking columns of refugees, or of destroying property left from Serb residents of the Republic of Serbian Krajina. Moreover, some of the “proofs of innocence” of generals are completely unaffected by criticism. In particular, a certain working group of the International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, which included some “technical experts”, was able to answer why so many civilians died as a result of a fairly short-term operation. The experts came to a startling conclusion: it turns out, Croatian generals gave the order to fire artillery shells solely on the Serbian military units, but the wind in August 1995 of the year blew so that the shells literally drove down on the houses of peaceful Serb residents. When other experts said that such a conclusion of the commission is more like the reports of a branded person who does not understand anything about military equipment, the “experts” were the first to decide to strengthen their position. They provided calculations that, in addition to the wind against the Serbian civilians, it turns out, the air temperature also came out ... They say that the shells under the influence of the high temperature of the air masses, as well as under the influence of the winds, carried it away only to where the civilians were. In general, in this situation, how can Croatian generals be to blame? .. Here you can make a claim to Newtonian physics, the theory of thermal motion of microparticles, the wind rose on the Balkan Peninsula, but not Gotovina, Markac and Chermak and their punishers ...

Such a decision of the ICTY Appeals Commission, to put it mildly, surprised not only the Serbs, but also some very reputable representatives of the Hague Tribunal itself. In particular, the judge of the ICTY, Fausto Pocar (Italy), said after the commission’s acquittal was passed: “I totally disagree with the decision of the majority, which contradicts any understanding of justice.” Pocar and a number of other judges of the Hague Tribunal cannot understand at all how to justify the people who themselves, judging from the numerous documentary evidence, gave orders to destroy the civilian population and level the whole Serbian villages ...

However, by and large, the decision of the Hague Tribunal is not surprising. The fact is that it could long be renamed the International Tribunal for the crimes of predominantly Serbs.

Judge for yourself, over the years of the existence of this unique international body working under UN patronage (since 1993), 100 processes against Serbian politicians and military personnel have been and continue to go on here. The proceedings were against such people as Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic, who according to the official version died during trials about his involvement in crimes, General Dragomir Milosevic (received 33 of the year in prison), President of the Serbian Krajina Milan Martic (received 35 years of imprisonment), Prime Minister Serbian Minister Nikola Shainovich (received 22 year of imprisonment). Dozens more Serbs have been convicted.
During the same time, 2 Montenegrin was convicted. Another one was also accused (captain of the 1 class Kavachevich), but he was declared insane.
In the ICTY, the cases of 32 Croats were heard, among which there were no representatives of the country's highest political authorities. At the same time, less than half of Croatian defendants received real terms. 6 processes have been postponed or completely stopped for obscure reasons.

5 representatives of Bosnia, 1 Macedonian and 3 Albanians were convicted. Moreover, the court panel issued acquittals to such representatives of the Albanian side of the conflict as the guards of the concentration camp, as well as the general of the Croatian army. Apparently, in the ICTY in general, the Croatian generals breathe unevenly, no matter where they are during the conflict.

Many Serbian politicians and journalists see in such an electoral system of administration of justice that the tribunal in The Hague has never been an independent punitive body. It is more dependent on the political mood of the West. And in general it is difficult to imagine the work of the Tribunal independent after the NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999. Today, by the way, the ICTY is headed by the American Theodore Maron, who would not be amiss to raise the archives relating to those events when American bombers dropped multi-ton bombs on peaceful Serbian cities. It is difficult to understand the logic of finding a person from a country at the head of the International Tribunal who made every effort to really blow up the Balkans ...
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  1. YARY
    20 November 2012 08: 37
    This is not a court but a court!
    And the ghouls of this coven will burn in hell!
    There is no curse which they are not worthy!
    1. +7
      20 November 2012 08: 45
      How far the world has come!
    2. +9
      20 November 2012 08: 48
      Quote: Ardent
      This is not a court but a court!

      The Hague Comedy Theater has surpassed itself! Bravo, gentlemen, artists!
      The last remnants of their reputation slammed the folder with this case.
      1. +2
        20 November 2012 11: 46
        Only in this comedy are the destinies of people truly distorted ...
    3. +5
      20 November 2012 08: 57
      Quote: Ardent
      This is not a court but a court!

      This is not even a trial, but an absurd theater at the request of shabby users.
      It didn't even make sense to expect a different decision in this "alleged court".
      1. YARY
        20 November 2012 10: 29
        Draw conclusions? Or do not?
        The entire "west" is aimed exclusively against the Slavs. Moreover, our total destruction since the time of any "knightly" orders is the main task of any actions of the "West".
        The answer is logical, in case and if possible in any conflict or war, "Take no prisoners"!
        Impudent Saxons and others like them are worthy of only total reciprocal destruction!

        AS VIEW
        1. mda
          20 November 2012 17: 29
          Quote: Ardent
          Draw conclusions? Or do not?
          The entire "west" is aimed exclusively against the Slavs. Moreover, our total destruction since the time of any "knightly" orders is the main task of any actions of the "West".
          The answer is logical, in case and if possible in any conflict or war, "Take no prisoners"!
          Impudent Saxons and others like them are worthy of only total reciprocal destruction!
          AS VIEW

          As a species of impudent Saxons do not exist at all - this is an unidentified breed of beast lol
        2. Kaa
          20 November 2012 19: 04
          Quote: Ardent
          The entire "west" is aimed exclusively against the Slavs.

          Croats and Bosnians, too ... Slavs. What then differ from the Serbs and Montenegrins - only one - ORTHODOX. Everyone will make a conclusion for himself ...
        3. +3
          21 November 2012 00: 45
          It seems to me - not entirely against the Slavs, namely - against the Russians and those Slavs who unconditionally support them. The rest are trying to "polonize". And in many ways they succeed. Serbs and sabras are the closest to the Russians and the most devoted. So there is nothing to be surprised at. And to believe and trust others is no longer worth it. So many lessons have already been learned. It's time to draw conclusions.
    4. +2
      20 November 2012 11: 45
      I completely agree! Such judges themselves must be judged !!! But the judgment of man cannot always punish, but no one will leave the judgment of God ...
      1. Hans grohman
        20 November 2012 13: 02
        The judgment of God is, of course, good, but as the saying goes: "trust in God, but do not make a mistake yourself." Such things cannot be ignored, and it's time for us to DO something, or am I wrong?
  2. +12
    20 November 2012 08: 39
    If you plead guilty, the war against Yugoslavia and Serbia will not automatically be recognized as legal. Initially, the trial was directed against those who tried to uphold the integrity and independence of Yugoslavia, and later on Serbia.
  3. +5
    20 November 2012 08: 43
    stupid court-The Hague court!
    Whom do gentlemen judge? You must judge yourself!
  4. UPStoyan
    20 November 2012 08: 45
    A tool of punishment of the objectionable, fully purchased with Western money. For 15 years, participants in the war in the Balkans have been tried, but for some reason there are no war criminals besides the Serbs.
  5. borisst64
    20 November 2012 08: 48
    Yeah! As the classic wrote, "Who are the judges?"
  6. +9
    20 November 2012 08: 48
    Yes, and now the Serbs are feeling that they themselves have given to tear to pieces their heroes. They judge the vanquished, not the victors. At one time, fighting had to be done for their land to the end.
    1. YARY
      20 November 2012 10: 57
      True Alexander.
      I wrote, yes I repeatno one can be a greater Serb than the Serbs themselves!
      And if every house had a weapon for self-defense, then God knows how it happened.
      A state that is afraid of its citizens, a non-granting right, granted by birth, to defend itself, is a weak state!
  7. +5
    20 November 2012 08: 48
    I think the world needs to carefully look at this disgrace, and very clearly realize that the truth in the West IS AT ALL AND WILL NOT BE. And proceeding from this, build your relations with them.
    As with liars, hypocrites, and criminals.
  8. +9
    20 November 2012 08: 51
    I heard this news the day before yesterday on the radio, except for the mates, I didn’t call anything .... About the Serbs who left their homes, the judges said that no one forced them to move .... All these judges burn in hell !!! We observe the genocide of the Slavs, which began during the Second World War and continues to this day !!!
  9. +11
    20 November 2012 09: 08
    nothing surprising - the winner crushes everything for himself, and he decides the fate of the defeated ... what honesty and justice from the Anglo-Saxons can we talk about! ?????? it’s just that no one can stop this vandalism, they haven’t grown yet - so they set up a sabbath ... during the Union - not that there couldn’t be there — there wouldn’t be such a war, or it would be the last for humanity
  10. +3
    20 November 2012 09: 47
    Well, the fact that the West will once again demonstrate "impartiality and the rule of law" did not cause doubts in me before, but the Serbs, or rather their leadership !!! ... What kind of corrupt politicians do you need to be to, no matter what, still beat the thresholds of Strastburg, in pursuit of handouts, in the form of entering the eurozone. Ours will forgive ... of course not better, but at least we were not bombed by NATO peacekeepers.
  11. +3
    20 November 2012 09: 59
    Is the Hague court where the judge with the horse's face was sitting? I forgot her whooper.
    Do you want justice? From tolerant idiots. DO NOT HOPE!
    They understand only power and reckon only with it.
  12. merkel1961
    20 November 2012 10: 19
    The West and the United States have long stood on their heads, shaking their legs and thinking about their exceptionalism. Tribunal in The Hague, the brainchild of an old woman with a scythe Madlyusha the bastard, was created to blacken the white, whitewash the black. Having carried out the genocide of the Serbs, sharing Yugoslavia, NATO completed the creation of its bridgehead in the south .Europe has gained the growth of drug trafficking and prostitutes from Albania, now it is reaping the benefits through the internal corruption and political insanity of American puppets, whose fate depends on overseas uncles who understand a lot about restructuring the world.
  13. +4
    20 November 2012 10: 30
    Our leadership needs to loudly declare that the Hague Court has completely discredited itself and that its decisions for the Russian Federation are an empty phrase. In addition, bring the ECHR here. To remind these "comrades" that England has not yet betrayed a single monster, hiding behind lofty matters. In short, spit in their faces.
  14. +3
    20 November 2012 10: 38
    The Hague Tribunal, the UN have long mutated into "Chinese dummies", and are needed solely in order to serve the interests of the self-aware.
    Only able to "express concern" and "call for an end." A bunch of hypocrites ...
  15. +3
    20 November 2012 10: 44
    I don’t have any words ... And our politicians will keep silent or they will mumble again in a piece of paper ... It’s a pity ... I would like to hear a statement about the loss of confidence in this organization with the subsequent ignoring of its decisions ... When we begin to respect ourselves, we start to respect others.
  16. +22
    20 November 2012 10: 51
    Shame on the stranglers and their protectors of our Serbian brothers ......
    Another Slavic spirit will rise!
    1. arthur_hammer
      20 November 2012 12: 34
      Slobodan is 100% right
  17. +2
    20 November 2012 11: 00
    Rave! The Hague court themselves must be given to the tribunal ....
  18. +6
    20 November 2012 11: 00
    Small fish ... This is just a leash performers, this is just a leash tool ... We need to find a customer, a puppeteer .. Which, according to Russian tradition, is quartered with his minions.
    Unfortunately, so far there are notions of Good and Evil in the World, we will not see it, but if for the World it will be necessary to play the "Old World" which undoubtedly sponsored this theatrical performance in Yugoslavia. So my grandfather told me how he did it for free in Berlin, how he taught people Good and Peace.
    In general, they are still afraid of the Eastern Slavs, they saw what our people endured from 1941-1945, they saw that we only know how to win, so all over the world there are stories about "bad Russians" about "evil Russians" "about dense Russians ". That's just a tradition has developed every 100 years to come to us to "stir up the bear" and sweat to rake on the very nebal ...
    I will educate my children and prepare for this, and I see that I myself am not weak enough to die from a bullet like a warrior.
  19. Dimon Lviv
    20 November 2012 11: 00
    Western international organizations have long turned into a means of justifying the crimes of the West.
  20. Yarbay
    20 November 2012 11: 09
    The trouble is that to a large extent all the countries of the world that feel power are committed to double standards !!
    And all sorts of international institutions and courts have long discredited themselves !!
    One thing is clear, if you want security and live peacefully be strong!
    But along with power come ambition!
    1. 0
      21 November 2012 12: 09
      I welcome you Alibek, I have not been on the site for a long time. How is your health?
      In the West, in high-ranking people, Coca-Cola ate brains, once such decisions are made.
  21. +2
    20 November 2012 11: 11
    The more events occur in the world, the more often the glance goes into the distant past. "Sodom and Gomorah" comes to mind
  22. +4
    20 November 2012 11: 33
    If, on the basis of psychological characteristics, new biological species could be recognized, then the Slavs with impudent Saxons would have been completely different species. We are so mentally different with them that about any partnership, friendship, etc. and there can be no question. This is a fundamental confrontation, as in the Middle Ages between Christians and Muslims, and there can be no compromise. Either we are them, or they are us.
  23. Eric
    20 November 2012 13: 00
    "Who are the judges?" (FROM)

    Just yesterday I watched the battles for Vukovar.
  24. +2
    20 November 2012 13: 38
    What kind of court is this - this is a puppet theater. Post-Soviet countries should generally admit in a consolidated way that the Hague Court is not legitimate and has no legal force on their territory! However, as well as the International Court of Human Rights - where the champions of "democracy" so often complain. International obligations must be fulfilled when they are equal, not biased and do not cause political, economic and other harm to the state!
  25. +4
    20 November 2012 14: 24
    The Western model of justice in action. In general, it takes a shock how little people need to cling to each other's throats. Yesterday these people (Serbs, Albanians, Croats) lived together and amicably, but suddenly non-people came to whom a happy state ruins life. As they say: there is people who feel bad when the other is good. And there was a massacre. Everyone imagines himself an exceptional national "downtrodden" and "squeezed" by the Serbs.
    The Yankees will soon begin to justify the Nazi criminals in such a way, and they will also blame us.
    1. akbarr
      20 November 2012 16: 01
      And what have you already forgotten about the existence of the Baltic states - this is the official mouthpiece of Fashington
      1. bart74
        20 November 2012 18: 43
        By the way, after all, we passed our Russian non-citizens in these Baltic states. And the question could be solved very simply. What would happen to these dwarf states if they had the same number of Jews in such conditions? I think the Israelis would decide everything very beautifully. And we have already achieved that the Baltic states became part of NATO. The NATO wanted to spit on the agreements that were concluded upon the withdrawal of our group of forces from Germany.
  26. +6
    20 November 2012 16: 07
    Magnitsky list, Magnitsky list - and where is the list of the Hague tribunal.
  27. vikruss
    20 November 2012 16: 07
    This is not a court of justice, but the Serpent's Nest and with its inherent offspring ... I wonder why Russia and China have not yet put the question "squarely" about the ligitivity of this (the organisation_that is, I wanted to say the organization) laughing generally. After all, the "blind man can see" that this mongrel works only in the interests of the liberal deranged and apart from a headache there is nothing to expect from them for Russia. This is one of those filthy, shameless, absolutely untrue, naked sources of lies of liberal thinking that the West is trying to "roll" into the consciousness of the whole world and this is their so-called concept of justice. A cesspool, (the hague is what does that mean?) Of a self-proclaimed court with its hypocritical personally baked notions of freedom, etc. All this "COURT" in black robes is nothing more than a paid masquerade and a rotten support for perverts and their concepts. Whoever is smarter ... he realized long ago that this (organzadnitsa, i.e. organization) ADVANCED had only one purpose, to defend ABSOLUTELY only one pro-Western-liberal side of views and so-called freedoms. And it is not difficult to understand Whose are they? ... and Which ones? .... and to whom these "dead souls" are sold in general. feel
  28. +5
    20 November 2012 17: 43
    While the Slavs are divided and commemorate petty grievances over us, they will scoff at us! Or simply put, to destroy them by all available means!
    But I think there is still a limit to the hypocrisy and arrogance that they will cross!
    Then it is as if the world shudders when it sees the highest justice restored by the hands of the Slavic peoples. Everything goes to this. Slavs unite. I believe in it.
    Notice. Less and less on our site are mutual accusations and insults among the fraternal peoples. This is a good sign!
  29. bart74
    20 November 2012 18: 38
    In the wild West, it has always been like this: the one who considers himself the winner is the one who is behind him.
    And Yeltsin simply merged the south in due time.
  30. Xtra1l
    20 November 2012 18: 48
    Can anyone say what Russia has done about this? or as usual "We do not want provocation, we do not want this, we do not want another"? I would not like to be an ally of Russia, because they will eat you, and Russia opens its mouth in the form of a yawn
  31. valeriysid
    20 November 2012 20: 03
    So, for this you can’t throw Assad!
  32. +2
    20 November 2012 21: 05
    It would be nice to have portraits, names and surnames of these "judges" so that later it would be easier to identify!
    1. Xtra1l
      20 November 2012 22: 08
      But the point is who it is for the authorities to dismiss them and they will be able to find out that way, you can enter both Brussels and the state depot, but with us, the sense of these names is worth it.
  33. 0
    20 November 2012 21: 15
    And who might be surprised? The winners write the story.
    and what, in Syria will be different? Let's leave them - Assad will receive either a bullet in the head or a loop. For what - the winners will find.
  34. Xtra1l
    20 November 2012 22: 24
    Slobodan Milosevic
    1. 0
      23 November 2012 05: 36
      This is not Milosevic, this is Voislav Sheshel. He, too, heroically defended himself in this court.
  35. gribnik777
    20 November 2012 23: 14
    The New Order of perfidy is glorious,
    Selling and servility with him in harmony:
    The assassins are verbally abiding on the Right,
    And victims are called to court.

    Oh Serbia! My soul is ready
    In the fraternal squad for freedom to become:
    Who will separate us from the love of Christ,
    When are they killing us for Christ?

    The world is doomed, justifying the massacre!
    No conscience! No honor! No shame!
    The time has come - to live worthy in captivity,
    How to live in freedom under the fifth Jew!

    America! Servant of Hell!
    Your deeds are on your head!
    Power of evil! - One reward for you -
    See the hellish flame in reality!

    Do not say that they will not ask the strong.
    There is God's judgment! Prepare yourself for Him.
    You have little to say.
    Anathema - Carrying Death and Blood!
  36. viewer
    21 November 2012 13: 10
    The fate of the Serbs is the fate of the losers of the war. The winner is always right who rewrites history for himself.
    It's funny when North Koreans are called scumbags for not surrendering to the United States. Indeed, against them more than once, starting in 1950, the United States planned to use nuclear weapons, and not to use 1-2 warheads. So, MacArthur proposed atomic bombs to burn the border territory of the DPRK with the PRC and the USSR. Pyongyang planned to drop 6-7 atomic bombs into the DPRK capital. It was only in 1991 that tactical nuclear weapons were withdrawn from the Republic of Kazakhstan, which the US Senate wants to return to South Korea in 2013. In 2003, in the midst of an easy victory in Iraq, US President Bush wanted to end the DPRK at the same time, but according to American the military on the first day of the war, the losses were to be 1 million people on both sides, and for 90 days of the war about 1 million allied soldiers, of which 100 thousand Americans. In monetary terms, for the United States - $ 100 billion, and for South Korea 1 trillion. $. For Bush, these were unacceptable losses (loss of the Americans, he would have resigned to the loss of South Koreans) that would have cost him the presidency, as a result of negotiations that ended with the famous framework agreements on the US commitment to build 2 light-water nuclear reactors free of charge, in exchange for the graphite, built under a contract with USSR, the annual supply of 500 thousand tons of heating oil and food.
  37. 0
    21 November 2012 15: 26
    There is a total war against Orthodoxy. And the Croats (during the times of Austria-Hungary punitive units were formed from them) as early as the 2nd World War turned out to be in fact (the highest officers of the Yugoslav army) 5 columns. By the way, according to eyewitnesses, Bendery (essentially Uniates) exterminated primarily the Orthodox ...
  38. valeriysid
    21 November 2012 21: 48
    The Serbs did not lose, they were betrayed, we betrayed
  39. 0
    21 November 2012 23: 12
    Do not judge, but you will not be judged, for by what court you judge, you will be judged like that, I hope everyone will get what they deserve!
  40. 0
    23 November 2012 05: 40
    Over the frozen The Hague - a bloody dawn.
    Concrete halls scream the cold of death.
    Here is an unrighteous court. No justice
    In the casemates of fate, in the silence of the tribunal.

    Here the Last Hero was silent during interrogation,
    Staringly in the eye to the prosecutors.
    Freedom exchanged with the prison.
    This is for you, ordinary people, to wait for the sentence!

    Over frozen Europe - the last sunset.
    Your world of robbery and servility will soon collapse!
    You will hear the proud SLAVIC alarm,
    AND SLAVES the river will sweep over Europe.

    In the meantime, a cold fog is above the planet
    Colors the sky in the colors of the Yugoslav flag.
    ... Here comes the guard Protector of the Slavs!
    He's coming ... Get on your knees, The Hague!

    You see, a bright unearthly light flashed in the distance!
    Then in a crown of thorns, along painful paths
    He goes to Immortality - The Last Hero!
    He goes to Olympus ... on his knees, Europe

    I wrote this back in 2001, when Slobodan Milosevic, brutally tortured in his dungeons, was extradited to a bloody tribunal ...
    Now Vojislav Seselj has been convicted in this tribunal, General Mladic is fighting, the tribunal is judging Karadzic, and they have no chance of acquittal. The tribunal condemned Sheshel exclusively for words, because he did not hold any posts and could not take any decisions.
    And this tribunal acquitted the Albanian bandit Haradinia, who personally posed with the heads of the Serbs ...

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