Ukraine intends to expand the mined strip along the borders with Russia and Belarus

Ukraine intends to expand the mined strip along the borders with Russia and Belarus

In Kyiv, they are seriously afraid of the offensive of the Russian army from the border regions of the Russian Federation and in the north, from the side of the Republic of Belarus. In order to contain the possible advance of units of the RF Armed Forces in these directions, a decision was made to expand the mined strip along the borders with Russia and Belarus.

The installation of additional minefields along dangerous areas is reported in the official telegram channel of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine. Moreover, the decision to expand the border minefields was made not by the command of the border service, but by the Verkhovna Rada in the form of a separate law.

The strip along the Ukrainian-Russian and Ukrainian-Belarusian border will increase to two kilometers in width. In practice, it will be a mined area

- reports the border service of Ukraine.

In addition to enhanced mining of borders, the law provides for the involvement of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard and the National Police forces to carry out tasks to protect the state border. The place of border guards in the general system of the Defense Forces of Ukraine during martial law has also been determined.

Earlier, on February 22, the State Border Committee of Belarus reported about mining by the Ukrainian military in the adjacent territory. The laying of an additional row of anti-tank mines in addition to those already laid last summer on the roadbed in front of the Vystupovichi checkpoint (from the Belarusian side - Novaya Rudnya) was carried out by Ukrainian sappers in a demonstrative and defiant manner, the Belarusian border agency said in a statement.

In addition to creating minefields, Ukrainian border guards are building fortified fortifications near the Belarusian border, including round-the-clock video surveillance points. The statement of the border service of Ukraine dated February 23, in particular, says:

Our fighters are equipping engineering shelters for personnel and equipment, structures for observation and firing, barriers in the likely directions of an enemy offensive.

Earlier, the State Secretary of the Belarusian Security Council, Lieutenant-General Alexander Volfovich, said that the West was deliberately aggravating the situation in the border areas of the republic. On February 21, Colonel Valery Revenko, Assistant Minister of Defense for International Military Cooperation, announced the concentration of a significant grouping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near the border of Belarus with Ukraine.

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  1. -11
    25 February 2023 13: 32
    Will they expand the mine strip to Moldova?
    1. +1
      25 February 2023 14: 49
      Quote from DefenderofTruth
      Will they expand the mine strip to Moldova?

      Yes, let at least the entire territory in three layers and without mapping mining.
      A very tempting "business": it is almost impossible to check whether it was buried or stolen.
      1. 0
        27 February 2023 08: 50
        Even more intensively they mine the Ukrainian land with their "200s" ..
  2. The comment was deleted.
  3. The comment was deleted.
  4. 0
    25 February 2023 13: 44
    You just can’t think of something that would not be sent to the Donbass slaughterhouse. Already in Transnistria they are gathering five hundredths, it’s not like fighting the Wagnerites, several thousand without heavy equipment and combat experience, easy prey. And the West does not give a go-ahead, as long as we support Moldova because of Transnistria, it does not want to spend itself. Where should the poor thief go.
  5. 0
    25 February 2023 13: 44
    Where is their rabbit? We need to let him go to the feeder, let him grab more, the main thing is that as little money as possible is left for the APU.
  6. +1
    25 February 2023 14: 10
    Now, if you spread a rumor that Russia is going to take Kyiv by landing a couple of parachute divisions on it, Bandera and Kyiv would be surrounded by mines, to the very roofs.
    I don’t know if it’s just psychosis or a new sport, multi-tiered mining.
    1. -2
      25 February 2023 15: 44
      I don't know if it's just psychosis or a new sport

      In fact, this is a normal preparation for war. Our leadership had a psychosis when the blitzkrieg failed in the spring of 2022. They still haven’t come to their senses. "How so!? Ukrainians are fighting! Yes, and competently too. We did not agree on that."
      1. 0
        25 February 2023 18: 12
        Quote: dauria
        still haven't recovered. "How so!? Ukrainians are fighting! Yes, and competently.

        Fair enough, how is it? Hiding behind peaceful civilians? Bombing peaceful sleeping city blocks? Yes, it works, it works well, there is an effect, I won’t argue ... but such “literacy” does not do credit to its user, but transfers him to the category of nonhumans. It is strange that you praise the Ukronazis for such methods of warfare...
        1. The comment was deleted.
  7. -1
    25 February 2023 14: 13
    If Westerners are worried about anything, a push from Belarus will complicate supplies. And in light of the lack of Kabrs in the Armed Forces, mining and transferring drugs from there looks sensible. From bl, at least with harassing raids, they would have strained the dill so that they kept the hp longer, and since now, well, it will be harder for us to dispose of new reinforcements.
  8. Eug
    25 February 2023 14: 36
    I was very surprised by the trench in the bottom photo - the one with the lining and frames of the floors (?) made of logs. If this is not a trench, but a message or an NP - does it matter what its height is and how to shoot from it - bouncing or just sticking the barrel up? And such a moment - when we were still at school, a military instructor - fought at the age of 15 - he said that lining the trenches with half-logs turns them into a secondary damaging factor during shelling. As an example of a front-line "reason", he cited shields woven from young growth of tree trunks up to 2 cm thick soaked in water (what is called a "vine"). They are universal in application - to the bottom of the trench, if there is water, to the wall - if it needs to be strengthened, several shields stacked on top of each other can fully withstand the weight of a person, those that have become unusable are easily replaced and certainly do not pose a serious danger during shelling. And the most important thing on this topic - from his own "science" - any shelter in the combat zone should be such that, if necessary, it was possible to fire from it, preferably all-round ...
    1. 0
      25 February 2023 14: 57
      Quote: Eug
      what is its height and how to shoot from it - bouncing or just sticking the barrel up?

      They will shoot along.
      With any suspicious rustle. laughing
    2. 0
      25 February 2023 23: 45
      If this is not a trench, but a message or an NP, it doesn’t matter what its height is and how to shoot from it

      if this is a message course, then it is not necessary to shoot from it. Connects two points of defense. And it looks like it's not finished.
  9. -1
    25 February 2023 18: 57
    It's amazing how much bad energy the idiots who run Ukraine and the people dying in packs for this power have. Was it worth jumping on the Maidan for this?
  10. -2
    25 February 2023 23: 41
    In order to contain the possible advance of units of the RF Armed Forces in these directions, a decision was made to expand the mined strip along the borders with Russia and Belarus.

    It is unlikely that this will hold back progress if this happens. But if he slows down and gives time for the transfer of reinforcements - completely.

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