The last fight of our Alexei Kuznetsov

The last fight of our Alexei Kuznetsov

Commentators knew him as Aleks TV, readers and colleagues as Alexei Kuznetsov, and in life his name was Andrey Batalov. Why? Well, this choice was made by him a long time ago and the person followed it. And today it’s easier for me to talk about him precisely as Alexei Kuznetsov, our reviewer author, expert and colleague. And Andrei Batalov - well, this is someone else, a person completely unknown to me.

It is very difficult to speak/write about a person whom I have known for years and who just burned out like that. Like a booster. Not otherwise, Alexei did a lot for our publication. And on the evening of February 14, he was gone. 51 years old In general, not age, which is very disappointing.

Not fair. Sometimes stunning mediocrity smokes the sky for decades, and people like Alexey leave in the prime of life. Not fair.

On the other hand, you can envy. A man gave his whole life to what he sincerely loved: his tiny family world, which he appreciated both the shore and tanks. "My Turtles" was the filling of his world outside the home. Tanks in all forms. One could talk, write, think about tanks. What, in fact, Alexei did, moreover, he generously shared his knowledge with others.

Usually in such cases it is customary to tell a biography in detail. Born, studied, served... Yes, I was born in a military family, graduated from a tank school, served. He did not hide and was not silent, and therefore the lieutenant colonel. To be honest, Andrei Batalov's combat path is not known to me enough to talk about it. We discussed many moments of various conflicts in which he took part, but impersonal. He did not like to talk about himself very much, and there was no point in insisting. In general, we understood each other quite well in this regard, everyone has something to keep quiet about.

He was sent to a well-deserved rest after Syria, but he was eager to go to Ukraine, and not so much to fight as to pass on his vast experience. “They will go, young, not knowing, they will be burned. We must tell, we must explain, we must teach.” This is one of our disputes with him, of which there were quite a few.

Alexey did a great job for the tank troops. Expert. Very often he complained that their opinions were split on budgets, that instead of normal decisions, frank nonsense was made that would not make things better, but only aggravate the situation. But who is in the subject - he read his articles about the same "peaks". Aleksey often used our pages as a platform, and in the case of the "visors", unfortunately, he turned out to be right.

And in the end, in Ukraine, he still got it. Very high quality, and the body simply could not withstand the extreme loads that he had to endure. And Alexei was sent home. They treated me a little and recommended to engage in scientific activities, to write a dissertation. They promised to give a training ground and equipment for testing.

And the healing/recovery began. Alexei joked that he needed time to come to an agreement with the body and they began to act in a coordinated and joint manner. He believed that all the problems were the consequences of his shell shock, which he had more than enough.

I will not say anything about our Ministry of Defense and military doctors, everything, in fact, turned out, as always. While a person was needed, something was depicted with him. As it became no longer needed - everything, with a kick over the gate.

In December, Alexei was accidentally diagnosed with liver cancer. Yes, and with entry into the lung, which he complained about for a long time. I don’t know what kind of “doctors” looked after him, how they treated him and for what, but it was discovered quite by accident, by a specialist in a regular clinic. Just an ultrasound specialist did his job a little beyond the norm. And saw.

The Ministry of Defense, of course, merged. As Aleksey calmly explained to me, “they told me - let’s go in the order of the general queue, we don’t have time with the wounded here, you understand ...”.

And the small army of the Batalovs accepted this battle.

Everything possible was done: tests, doctors, we took Alexei to the Research Institute of Radiology in Obninsk. There, the doctors took up the treatment (it is probably worth saying that before the MRRC named after A.F. Tsyb there were several refusals), because Alexei turned out to be inoperable by that time. It took time to put the body in order and make the operation possible. They calculated chemotherapy, purchased prescribed drugs in Moscow (there were none in Voronezh), and started taking them.

We, friends and colleagues in the Military Review, tried to do everything to help in this war.

Alas. On February 1, we went to Obninsk, and on February 14, Alexei's body stopped resisting. We, all those who wished Alexei life and health, simply did not have enough time.

At such moments, it is usually said that it is worth remembering. Alexey dreamed and spent a lot of effort to ensure that the Military Review had its own technical department. So that there are experts who impartially and professionally evaluate articles before publication, and help the authors in writing. Alexei spent just a huge amount of time explaining, explaining, convincing everyone who turned to him for an opinion about tanks and armored vehicles in general. His theoretical and practical knowledge of armored vehicles from different countries was accessible, and most importantly, useful to both authors and readers.

Thanks to the imperceptible work of Alexei, Military Review has really taken a step forward. And we will always remember that.

How will everyone who personally knew Alexei remember his extraordinary warmth and responsiveness, his readiness to help at any moment, both with advice and simply with his hands.

And we will be left with his articles in which he wrote about his favorite tanks, wishing only one thing: that our tank troops really be the best in the world.

There is such a common expression: "A person is alive while the memory of him is alive." More than one person from our past is fighting for authorship, but in fact, this is an expression from the ancient Tibetan Book of the Dead "Bardo-Thedol": "A person does not completely leave this world as long as there are those who remember him."

Alexey Kuznetsov will not leave this world, because in addition to completed combat missions and trained fighters, more peaceful things will remain: articles on the Military Review, knowledge transferred to colleagues.

We will not forget Alexei. And we will remember as friends who have gone forever are remembered, because Alexey was a true friend to many of us.

Probably worth mentioning about the photo. Yes, he is very old, but here's what is - that is, he had such a jump: it was impossible to drive into the camera lens. Because this photo, selected by us from several provided by his wife, is like this.

Everlasting memory!
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  1. +36
    18 February 2023 03: 35
    Today I didn’t sleep yet, I went in, read it and ehh ..., a little older than my son, 51 years old, how early.
    1. +35
      18 February 2023 04: 29
      And so always and everywhere - a person is needed, does not bring problems, but on the contrary brings one benefit and helps the authorities - they portray caring for him, they depict it - they pretend and even so that it would be cheaper, mostly in words. And a person began to bring even the slightest problem, began to strain the authorities for actions or demanded care - they immediately try to get rid of him, put him out of the gate and, as the proverb says: "out of sight, out of mind."
      1. +40
        18 February 2023 06: 58
        Sleep well, warrior Alexei. Glory and memory to you. And the shame of the Ministry of Defense. With such military managers, there is no need for enemies. They wrap everything up. With an honest look. And then some idioms about huge stars. I rarely agree with you. But here you are 100% right.
      2. +34
        18 February 2023 11: 07
        Liver cancer took my wife too. This is a very insidious sore, since it does not hurt, which is good, but it is more difficult to notice it, and it is impossible to cure it in the Russian Federation. It’s just that in the spring of 2019, mine lost optimism - instead of a whole day in the garden, I went home in a couple of hours. (before that, the beauty, who was carried away by grooming roses, had to be taken home due to darkness, although she assured that she saw plants and distinguished weeds from roses) Or she would program for a few hours and take a nap. In the summer, I began to whine that I should at least get to the clinic. But Irinka insisted that nothing hurts, but the program needs to be written, and there is a new sale on Yoks, it needs to be studied. In general, when the liver began to clearly grow in size and weakness began, in August, literally dragged me to the doctor by the hand ...
        "A man is alive as long as his memory is alive."

        Therefore, almost all of my texts are signed with the name of my wife, although this is surprising. Except the most controversial from my point of view.
        Quote from Alexwar
        Sorry. MO, as usual, spares no one, in line

        This is not the Moscow region, but "the reform of medicine named after Medvedev." Now you can not make an appointment with an oncologist - only a therapist, two weeks of e-mailwho will write to the oncologist, two weeks of e-mail, and he will write it down for an ultrasound scan in another two weeks. Moreover, in our case, the oncologist said that "the computer system does not allow you to register for an ultrasound of the liver, the monthly quota has been exhausted, I will write it down for the uterus and give a note with a request to see the liver instead of the uterus." They convinced an ultrasound scan to look at the liver - it even turned pale.
        he had such a jump: it was impossible to drive into the camera lens.

        Likewise. She said that she knew me, that I would show off her photo to my friends.
        1. The comment was deleted.
          1. +3
            18 February 2023 16: 34
            The main source of energy for the tumor is glucose, and it is produced from carbohydrates. Therefore, it is urgent to sit down on a carbohydrate-free diet. It's easy. But in addition, it is desirable to use the use of the so-called oncolytic viruses, and this is already not easy, this is only in an oncological clinic, and only if the doctor agrees.
            Thanks to Roman for the article.
            1. +1
              18 February 2023 20: 51
              Quote: Fan-Fan
              The main source of energy for the tumor is glucose, and it is produced from carbohydrates. Therefore, it is urgent to sit down on a carbohydrate-free diet. It's easy. But in addition, it is desirable to use the use of the so-called oncolytic viruses, and this is already not easy, this is only in an oncological clinic, and only if the doctor agrees.

              For any disease, a protein diet is more preferable than a carbohydrate one. As for cancer, it is overwhelmingly:
              1. the result of slagging of the body with refined products, processed products, as well as products stuffed with chemicals, that is, a person’s unwillingness to switch to natural products;
              2.: chemical slagging of the body due to long-term medication against the background of a chronic disease, that is, unwillingness to change lifestyle is replaced by drugs;
              3. heredity.

              You can have a bad heredity, but, excluding the first two points, live a long and, most importantly, a full life.

              Thank you for your comment, even though we were both downvoted!
              1. +2
                19 February 2023 10: 10
                Yes, you need to fill your face for the nonsense that you are talking about. At the Petrov Oncology Research Institute, I saw the sad results of the activities of such individuals.
                1. +2
                  20 February 2023 17: 35
                  Quote: Mother Teresa
                  Yes, you need to fill your face for the nonsense that you are talking about.

                  Don't waste your nerves. When there is a problem with evidence-based medicine and quality doctors, people try to save themselves by any means understood by their education.
                  “Breast cancer, metastases in the lymph nodes, two operations, a couple of metastases were killed with a gamma knife, drugs .... everything is according to plan, slowly but surely ... half a year of rehabilitation ... three weeks before discharge they brought the priest ... he read a prayer and ... who cured the patient?"
                  May the Gods and Alexei forgive me. God willing, he sees and understands everything.
          2. +5
            19 February 2023 12: 18
            By the way, yes! My aunt was cured of cancer in this way - by fasting. She was also given a year of life at the most during treatment. She went to the village and there she first changed her diet to honey and drank decoctions in preparation for starvation and then she began to starve. All dried up. They thought the horses would move. But no, then after 40 days she began to come out of starvation, she quickly recovered. Cancer was not found during examination. Lives for 20 years after that and no problems. The truth has moved to the village. Kirov region.
        2. +8
          18 February 2023 15: 45
          I always spoke about the budgets of the Russian Federation: it is difficult to increase the salary of doctors, because you can’t steal there, but, for example, on roads - please, sawing is traditionally possible there. A family friend died of lung cancer, as the tomograph doctor was unable to see signs of the disease in the picture, and his colleague in Moscow saw the same picture, but time had already passed.
        3. +6
          19 February 2023 09: 24
          Quote: eule
          This is not MO, but "medicine reform

          Unfortunately this is the case...

          I offer my condolences to you, Andrei's family and many others who lost the fight against this difficult and insidious disease.
      3. +3
        20 February 2023 17: 18
        Quote: Monster_Fat
        And so always and everywhere - you need a person, it doesn’t bring problems, but on the contrary it brings one benefit and helps the authorities - they portray caring for him, they portray it - they pretend and even so that it would be cheaper, mostly in words. And the person began to bring even the slightest problems, began to strain the authorities for actions or demanded care - immediately from him with

        I will explain to you exactly why, most likely, both the doctors and the "bosses" were powerless here.
        Liver cancer itself is an extremely rare thing ... well, very much. Most often, metastases there and in the lungs are thrown by pancreatic cancer. It's a scary, hopeless, and fast problem. Speed ​​strongly depends on the "strength of the spirit." Doctors could anesthetize so that the quality of life would not make you bite your tongue in pain. If they did, then ..... dying with a smile must be earned from God.
        Well, liver cancer, most often (but rarely !!) happens as a result of hepatitis C. I won’t say anything about the rest .....
        I would personally shoot 20-30 percent of medical workers. And this is not hyperbole, I know these "souls" from their cemeteries. But these are not enough for half.
  2. +28
    18 February 2023 04: 04
    Death has good taste - it takes the best. And do not argue that we will all be there - we will all be, but the militant dullness will live for a long time, although it is not necessary, and the people are bright, interesting, it is those people who make life LIFE, rush like meteors in the night sky and disappear ...
  3. +36
    18 February 2023 04: 11
    Land rest in peace, condolences to his family and friends ....

    The rest is without comment ...
    1. +23
      18 February 2023 09: 58
      We communicated very closely with Alexei for some time, he sent me his stories. About the war and without embellishment. Written in blood and pain.

      Kingdom of heaven, warrior...
      1. +3
        20 February 2023 10: 51
        Quote: major071
        he sent me his stories

        If they did not go to print here during their lifetime, maybe it is worth putting his stories into publication in memory of a person?
  4. +32
    18 February 2023 04: 21
    Rushed through life like an arrow. He lived quickly, fought desperately, loved to the point of insanity, shared his experience not only on the pages of VO, but also in ordinary life. And burned out quickly, like his favorite tank. In attack on the enemy. Earth rest in peace tanker! ..
  5. +32
    18 February 2023 04: 50
    And I will add that Alexei, despite his extremely difficult condition, literally until the last days monitored the Military Review and monitored the quality of the published articles. He did not leave his affairs until the very end and, as they say, he did not go into himself. A man of great courage.

    Our last conversation with you made a lot of sense. Kingdom of heaven to you.
    1. +21
      18 February 2023 09: 59
      It is a pity for a Russian officer devoted to the Motherland and a colleague in armored affairs, and even very young ....
      Everlasting memory!
      And for us, the living, an example.
  6. +17
    18 February 2023 05: 26
    Rest in peace, Alex! I sincerely grieve. Condolences to the family and editors
  7. +17
    18 February 2023 05: 39
    Kingdom of Heaven... I didn't know Alexei personally, but I always admired his articles. Big loss for everyone.
  8. +15
    18 February 2023 05: 40
    Rest in peace to Alexei!....
    Nothing more to comment!
  9. +14
    18 February 2023 06: 10
    It's a pity! There were excellent articles, a man lived with his tanks! Sincere condolences!!
  10. +21
    18 February 2023 06: 27
    Sleep well "brother" ... You fought for a long time and won the battle against the "bony" ...
  11. +16
    18 February 2023 06: 33
    My condolences to Alex's family.
    Rest in peace, Alexey, your work will be continued by people like you!
    The Kingdom of heaven...
  12. +16
    18 February 2023 06: 56
    Nikolai Mayorov wrote about him and about people like him:
    There is a sound of metal in my voice.
    I entered life heavy and direct.
    Not everyone will die. Not everything will be included in the catalog.
    But only let under my name
    The descendant will distinguish in archival rubbish
    A piece of hot land loyal to us
    Where did we go with charred mouths
    And courage, like a banner, carried.
    We lit fires and turned rivers back.
    We missed the sky and water.
    Stubborn life in every man
    Iron marked traces -
    So the signs of the past sunk into us.
    And how we loved - ask the wives!

    Centuries will pass, and portraits will lie to you,
    Where our life course is depicted.
    We were tall, brown hair.
    You will read in books as a myth,
    About the people who left, not having shared,
    Not having finished the last cigarettes.
    When not for battle, not eternal pursuit
    Steep paths to the last height,
    We would be preserved in bronze sculptures,
    In the columns of newspapers, in outline on canvas.
    But time passed. Rivers changed course.
    And we lived without wasting words,
    To come to you only in oral retellings
    Yes, in the gray prose of our diaries.
    We took the flame with our bare hands.
    The chest was opened to the wind. From the bucket
    Dragged water in full sips
    And they fell in love with a woman slowly.
    And they went forward, and fell, and, barely
    In the windings of rough legs dragging,
    We saw how women looked
    To our crazy trumpeter.
    And he trumpeted, not putting the world in anything
    (The belt slipped from the sloping shoulder),
    He also left a woman at home,
    Not even looking back rashly.
    The stone was hard, the ledges were stony,
    Surrounded on almost all sides
    Looked up - and the sky was clear,
    Like the bright forehead of an abandoned wife.
    This is how I write. Let the words be inaccurate
    And the syllable is heavy, and the expressions are rude!
    There has been a worldwide rumor about us.
    Thirst straightened our lips with heat.
    The world is like a window, open for air
    He passed us, passed to the end,
    And it’s good that our hands smell
    A sullen song of faithful lead.
    And no matter how many years the memory crushed
    We will not be forgotten forever
    What, doing the weather to the whole planet,
    We dressed the word "Man" in flesh!
  13. +20
    18 February 2023 07: 04
    The last fight of our Alexei Kuznetsov
    Almost without words: Eternal memory!
  14. +15
    18 February 2023 07: 11
    Communicated in a personal - an honest and indifferent person. Soul rooted for the country. Rest in peace and eternal memory.
  15. The comment was deleted.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  16. +14
    18 February 2023 07: 27
    It's a pity to live and live. I'll light a candle. As I understand it, he has enough material for a whole book. Maybe it's worth summarizing and releasing a section for tankers? I don't know, not my section, but I think what should be done....
    1. +4
      18 February 2023 11: 09
      And by the way, yes. I understand that the widow is not up to it now, but to beg to copy everything unfinished, and lay out the "memorial section of the name" ...
  17. +12
    18 February 2023 07: 30
    Eternal memory Alexey!!
    I read articles, always the highest bar !!
  18. +11
    18 February 2023 08: 44
    Rest in peace! May the Gods give a new rebirth and a new bright destiny!!! sad soldier
  19. +11
    18 February 2023 09: 16
    One of my favorite authors on VO. Great person and fighter.
    Condolences to the family.

    Sleep well, Alex!
  20. +8
    18 February 2023 09: 24
    Bright memory!!! Those who are not indifferent, sincere in helping not in words, but in deeds, die! Rest in peace.
  21. +6
    18 February 2023 09: 35
    Rest in peace .....
    Condolences to loved ones...
  22. +8
    18 February 2023 10: 00

    Eternal bright memory... His work will not be lost, but will help the living.
  23. +8
    18 February 2023 10: 32
    A soldier, an officer, a Warrior and a real Son of the Fatherland, went to eternal promotion, fighting to the end. Eternal memory to a Man with a capital letter.
  24. +8
    18 February 2023 10: 53
    Fought as they say to the last. Sorry. MO, as usual, spares no one, in line, they are all the same for them. I'm sorry that this person is gone.
    1. +7
      18 February 2023 13: 26
      Quote from Alexwar
      Fought as they say to the last

      Like a meteorite in the sky - it flew and shone brightly for people !! I believe that his soul will be reborn in a new, wonderful person. Condolences to family and friends.
      MO, as usual, spares no one, in line, they are all the same

      The envy of dullness to bright personalities! How often it ruins the best of us. Nothing, and they will be rewarded, and their children, and grandchildren. Then let them not cry and do not shout "For what."
  25. +6
    18 February 2023 11: 38
    Earth in peace and the kingdom of heaven! A good man, I personally knew him, met in a cafe with him and Roma Skomorokhov, had a very nice conversation ....... condolences .... the best ones leave, what a pity ((
  26. +5
    18 February 2023 11: 46
    Probably read something behind his authorship. One way or another, rest in peace and rest in peace!
    Condolences to the families.
  27. +6
    18 February 2023 11: 50
    I sincerely feel sorry for Alexei, both as an author and as a person! Even talking in the comments, it was clear that he was a good person - our man. Was...
  28. +5
    18 February 2023 12: 18
    Kingdom of heaven and may the earth rest in peace...
  29. +6
    18 February 2023 12: 43
    Condolences to the families. The namesake, a professional in his field, has left ... His articles and comments will not be enough for VO ... Sleep well
  30. +12
    18 February 2023 12: 52
    Lord God .... Yes, how is it?!!!!
    To say sorry is to say nothing. Sleep well, Andrey Batalov, the Kingdom of Heaven and eternal memory, and condolences to family and friends from the bottom of my heart.
    1. -1
      18 February 2023 15: 32
      Quote: Andrey from Chelyabinsk
      Lord God .... Yes, how is it?!!!!

      ...... and he had a voice - pay attention to yourself and do not expose the fate of God to scrutiny, because this is soul-damaging.
  31. +4
    18 February 2023 14: 48
    Everlasting memory! A good man has left us.
  32. +5
    18 February 2023 15: 25
    Condolences to family and friends. Unfortunately, most often diagnosed after ultrasound when the disease is already running.
  33. +4
    18 February 2023 15: 44
    Sad news. Rest in peace to you, Alexey ..
  34. +5
    18 February 2023 17: 20
    I can't believe... Eternal memory!
  35. +3
    18 February 2023 18: 57
    Kingdom of heaven ... as they say in the people. A new and bright life for him, for he was in our phalanx.
  36. +4
    18 February 2023 20: 02
    Though you are dead, you are still alive!
  37. +4
    18 February 2023 20: 20
    ," but it was discovered quite by accident, by a specialist in a regular clinic.
    I had a friend. He is ten years older than me. We used to meet regularly on holidays. Pop a bottle and we'll talk. But in one of the meetings, he refused to drink, simply. He did not complain about health. Then to the next meeting. I "did not climb under the skin", but in vain. Cancer! Half a year, and there is no person. As the doctor later said, he had developed cancer for three years. And when he turned, it was already too late to do something. Just for these three years he did not drink, but in vain. As the doctor later said, alcohol does not cure, of course, but it immediately exacerbates the disease. And if my friend had not refused alcohol, but immediately turned to the doctors. Then he may have had a chance for a dozen years, more. Meaning - you can't take care of yourself, and nobody needs you.
    Entered the vestibule of old age,
    Here the brooms smell great,
    And a broom from a spruce tree will still invigorate,
    Don't let it fade away too soon.
    Show your suitability
    Since childhood
    Be a step or a wall -
    Support in the right place.
    Let's all leave this life
    Alone like smoke
    Leaving a vision in mind.
    Others - not hoping for luck,
    From dancing their dance in full
    And they will drink their cup to the bottom.
    The main thing is not to live long
    And not to survive the children.
    And so that in the memory of children
    Maintain your suitability.
  38. +3
    18 February 2023 21: 46
    Kingdom of Heaven... Condolences to relatives and comrades...

    The men of our generation leave early. Too early...
  39. 0
    18 February 2023 21: 46
    There's nothing you can do, that's life.
  40. +2
    18 February 2023 21: 57
    It's a pity ... a sad event, rest in peace.
  41. +3
    18 February 2023 22: 47
    Very, very sorry.
    There are simply no words.
  42. +2
    18 February 2023 23: 34
    "Earth rest in peace ..." wish only enemies. "The kingdom of heaven to the warrior Alexei!"
  43. +2
    19 February 2023 07: 34
    My sincere condolences to the family and friends of Alexei!
    Calm down, Lord! your deceased servant,
    and forgive him his sins free,
    and involuntary!
    And eternal memory!
  44. +2
    19 February 2023 20: 01
    I lost two of mine to liver cancer. And they found it all by accident...
  45. +3
    19 February 2023 21: 29
    The earth rest in peace... It is a pity that such People "burn out" so quickly...

    Dear administration, Roman personally - all we can now is to help Alexei's family.
    Publish your wife's card - we will help... Help is needed! soldier It is a pity that this was not in the article itself, you can publish a separate material. hi
  46. +2
    20 February 2023 09: 06
    Rest in peace.
    He left very early.
    Too bad it was discovered so late.
  47. +1
    20 February 2023 17: 10
    Very sad. Lost a friend early.
    1. +1
      21 February 2023 12: 32
      until the last thought, bullshit, but he couldn’t do that, recently they talked in a personal, he asked everything about my mother’s health, and he himself ... well, how is it ... namesake .. well, you son of a pike, what have you done , after all, you are so needed, right now, I only know you on the phone, I remember your young voice, your excitement, only my youngest son saw you when I handed over food for ... immigrants from Makeevka on the highway. It’s a pity I didn’t have time shake your Man's hand, hug you like a brother... See you someday, and I'll tell you everything. You're a "rookie" against me... unfair.
  48. +1
    22 February 2023 14: 04
    Kingdom of Heaven, and eternal memory.
  49. +1
    23 February 2023 03: 36
    I work in the police, my colleague was diagnosed with cancer - by accident! He is not even 50 yet. They said it was the last step. At the same time, every year - prophylactic medical examination, i.e. professional examination by all medical specialists. The guy is fighting - I wish him victory.
  50. 0
    24 February 2023 13: 46
    We will not forget Alexei. And we will remember how we remember friends who have gone forever ...
    We will light candles in memory of them, eternal memory is the memory of the living!