The US Department of Defense announced the completion of the operation to search for fragments of a downed Chinese balloon

The US Department of Defense announced the completion of the operation to search for fragments of a downed Chinese balloon

The US military department announced the successful completion of the search and collection of fragments of a Chinese balloon that was shot down earlier over the Atlantic Ocean.

An official statement from the Pentagon claims that the search operation, which was carried out in the ocean off the coast of South Carolina, was successfully completed on February 16. With the help of US Navy assets assigned to the Northern Command, it was possible to successfully locate and collect what was left of the downed Chinese reconnaissance balloon.

The press release also states that the collected fragments of the balloon destroyed on February 4 in the sky over the Atlantic, which had previously managed to cross the airspace over the entire land territory of the United States, were transferred by the military to the FBI research laboratory.

After the search process was completed, the involved Navy and Coast Guard ships left the area of ​​the operation. All previously imposed restrictions on flights and navigation have been lifted.

Earlier, the Chinese Foreign Ministry explained the appearance of its balloon in US airspace by an error caused by a significant deviation of the ball from the previously planned trajectory due to the wind and the impossibility of self-guiding the flying object.

Official Beijing promised to continue to maintain contacts with the US authorities, as well as "to properly resolve this incident caused by force majeure."
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  1. 0
    17 February 2023 21: 24
    The US Department of Defense announced the completion of the operation to search for fragments

    at the same time they collected bottles, they will hand over - they will replenish the budget of the Pentagon
    1. -1
      17 February 2023 21: 44
      collected fragments ... handed over by the military to the FBI research laboratory

      Now we are waiting for the intrigue of the investigation ... until the end of the US presidential election.
      With numerous rumors from "unnamed sources" about obtained evidence of espionage and clear alien intervention.
      Then they will report the result: "The collected fragments are components of plastic, metal and electronics"
  2. 0
    17 February 2023 21: 25
    In fact, such a ball, across the whole of America, is a force majeure for US air defense. China can play the fool. Blinkin must shoot himself out of anger.
  3. -1
    17 February 2023 21: 27
    Wait for the new ones painted in the tricolor and singing "Lube" to the whole of America .. It's a joke, but everything can be

    In general, the Amers will pay us a lot for blowing up the pipe
    Or we'll blow them up hi
  4. 0
    17 February 2023 21: 33
    Here is the test of Poseidon, only the United States lacked. You can use the Sarmatian to slander at the Kura training ground, in all its glory, with false targets.
  5. 0
    17 February 2023 21: 59
    It is not necessary to gloat, but to be prepared that they will definitely check us, in a similar way.
    We'll shoot down on approach and from the first approach, then we'll laugh. Well, it's still too early. Our Swifts fly to Kaluga.
  6. 0
    17 February 2023 22: 22
    The PRC recognized the balloon as its own. The United States shot down a balloon, collected what they collected, perhaps they added something extra. They stated that it was the Chinese military over the free thane that was engaged in intelligence. They handed over everything they found and, possibly, added it, not forgetting to inform the whole world that this was a Chinese military, to their laboratories.
    And after that, you can believe the reports from the United States about a reconnaissance balloon ???
  7. 0
    17 February 2023 23: 43
    What can be seen from a stratostat that cannot be seen from a satellite?
    1. 0
      18 February 2023 05: 35
      Quote: Michael
      What can be seen from a stratostat that cannot be seen from a satellite?

      From it you can not only look at, but also identify the nature of atmospheric pollution, for example.
      1. 0
        18 February 2023 07: 59
        and the composition of atmospheric pollution can tell a lot about the production that is located in a particular area of ​​the country. especially if this production does not want to shine.

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