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The President of Russia signed a law on social support for the spouses of servicemen who died during a special operation

The President of Russia signed a law on social support for the spouses of servicemen who died during a special operation

A new federal law will be in force in the Russian Federation, which provides for the receipt of social support by widows and widowers of servicemen who died during a special military operation. The corresponding law was signed today by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, it is published on the official portal of legal information.

The law amends the federal law "On Veterans". The current situation required the state to quickly adjust the legislation in the direction of social support for both military personnel participating in hostilities or who took part in them, and their family members, as well as widows and widowers.

According to the law, widows and widowers of fallen soldiers will receive social support measures, regardless of the composition of the family in which they live. For example, if the widow of a serviceman lives with adult children, this will not affect the provision of social support to her by the state. Similarly, assistance will be provided to widows of military personnel living with their own parents.

Prior to the adoption of the law, such widows could not count on receiving social support in the same amount as the widows of dead servicemen living separately. Now this problem has been solved and all categories of widows and widowers of the dead military have been equalized before the state in terms of providing them with social assistance.

At the same time, social support will apply only to those widows and widowers of dead servicemen who have not remarried. This is also a very fair decision.
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  1. Elephant
    Elephant 17 February 2023 15: 21
    All this is good, the social component requires the attention of the Supreme. And what about the mobilization of the economy, I don’t observe any serious changes?!
    1. DefenderofTruth
      DefenderofTruth 19 February 2023 00: 39
      Having gone through all the rake of waiting for negotiations with dear Nazi partners without preconditions and having received very sensitive blows to Moscow and other large cities of the Russian Federation, the Supreme Commander will be convinced of the absolute impossibility of freezing the Ukrainian conflict again on the current front line and then new waves of mobilization and the economy will follow, including .
  2. AdAstra
    AdAstra 17 February 2023 15: 41
    So it looks like it's already there. request "" ""
  3. Xnumx vis
    Xnumx vis 17 February 2023 15: 45
    Widows are understandable. But it would be even better if the children of the dead soldiers were led and supported until they came of age, and when they entered the university, the state would pay for their education. Or help them get a decent profession.
    1. Planem
      Planem 17 February 2023 16: 34
      Everything is correct. The priority should be the children of the dead military personnel, then parents, especially if they are of retirement age, and only then widows. The widow may not formalize the official marriage relationship with the new chosen one, as a result of which it will be unfair to receive significant social assistance at the expense of the state, and therefore, of the whole people. Parents and children are forever, but marriage in the modern era can end at any moment.
  4. DefenderofTruth
    DefenderofTruth 19 February 2023 00: 36
    Yes, there will be many, many of these now.
    But do not forget about children either - the doors of the best universities in Russia should be opened before them!