In Primorye, near the military unit, a headless body of a serviceman was found.

In the Primorsky Territory, military investigators opened a criminal case on the fact of the brutal murder of a serviceman. The corpse of an employee of the Ministry of Defense was found in the vicinity of one of the military units in the Fokino area. In this city, which is a closed administrative-territorial unit, is the base of the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy.

A terrible find was made by the military, Interfax reports, citing a representative of the investigative authorities of the Primorsky Territory.

"A body without a head and hands was found by servicemen. The legs of the deceased were tied with an iron cable," the investigator explained.

According to him, the deceased found the documents of an 23-year-old contract soldier. However, it will be possible to accurately determine the identity of the deceased only after the examination.

The criminal case was instituted under part 1 of Art. 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (murder).

Fokin officers became defenseless victims of crime

Last year, the military base in Fokino has already got into the criminal chronicles. Then the law enforcement agencies reported on the liquidation of the gang of “saboteurs” -purers, whose victims were naval officers.

For about a year, the criminals kept commanders in various parts of the territory of Fokino and Shkotovsky district in fear. Defenseless soldiers were extorted large sums of money, finding a variety of reasons for this.

For example, one of the officers quarreled with a resident of Vladivostok and turned to a local crime boss from Fokino for help. He "settled" the situation, but a month later two fellow countrymen of the "authority" came to the officer, originally from Dagestan, and demanded, under the threat of murder, to write a promissory note for 250 thousand rubles. Frightened by such a turn of affairs, the Russian officer meekly agreed.

“If a person did not have the necessary amount, expensive things were taken from him, and more often they were forced to take loans from a bank,” said the press service of the Interior Ministry’s department for the Primorsky Territory. “The criminals took the car from one of the officers.”

Total victims of criminals were six soldiers, including even an officer of the space forces. The military did not go to the police for fear of reprisals. In addition, they amused themselves with the thought that they were the only victims. On top of that, the defenders of the Fatherland were afraid of ridicule in the event of publicity.

And some officers, intimidated by criminals and tired of requisitions, “turned to stampede”: they left the service and left the region, fleeing local crime.

During searches in the apartment of one of the suspects, I received IOUs for amounts from 300 to 700 thousand rubles. The actions of the extortionists, who managed to keep the whole military garrison at bay, were compared by the police with the intrigues of the saboteurs, as the defenses of the Russian state suffered from them. "The consequences of the unlawful activities of criminals jeopardized the recruitment of military units and their combat readiness: there are cases when soldiers were forced to resign, fearing to become victims of extortionists," summed up in the management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
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